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Family is Family

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by Egyptian Fan 95, May 11, 2016.

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    Hi everyone. My name is Amira, a new member here. I have a story to write or a Fan fiction as you call it, it is about Shahrukh of course, i have read the instructions. Actually it is a dream i saw couple days ago:D. so i hope you don't mind me inserting my name in the story. I am from Egypt btw so English is not my Language. so don't mind my grammatical mistakes :D
    i am a bit nervous, trembling actually while writing those words but i hope you will enjoy it. Interested ?
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    ok here is the first part, i hope you enjoy it
    PS. I know a bit of Hindi, as we all do so i inserted some words, but they are easy ones. you won't find a problem with it.

    ‘Stop it girls, let me sleep’ said Preity covering her face with the blanket.
    ‘no more sleeping, it is enough’ said Kajol pulling off the blanket
    ‘she wants to sleep to dream of Prince Charming who will come riding a white horse’ Amira said sarcastically
    ‘stop making fun of my dreams, both of you are heartless, you know nothing about love’ Preity sat up and said angrily throwing a pillow over them.
    ‘of course we know what love is’ Amira said
    ‘yeah, we love food’ Kajol said and started laughing
    ‘yeah yeah, you both eat and I gain weight’ Preity said pushing them away from the bed to get off.

    ‘I will be downstairs, watch her and don’t let her go back to sleep’ Amira said leaving the room
    ‘ok boss’ said Kajol
    ‘I won’t go back to sleep but at least let me wash my face, I will follow you’ Preity said pushing Kajol out of the room laughing.

    ‘Good morning Rani’ Amira said hugging Rani
    ‘good morning sweetie’ said Rani smiling, Kajol followed her and said hi to Rani.
    ‘Where is Preity?’ Rani asked Kajol
    ‘I hope that she didn’t go back to sleep again’ said Amira
    ‘no she didn’t’ Preity said, she kissed Rani’s cheek ‘good morning didi’

    ‘Good morning girls’ said Arjit
    ‘good morning uncle’ they all responded, Kajol went and kissed his cheek ‘good morning papa’ Kajol said.
    ‘Where is Auntie?’ Rani asked
    ‘oh here she comes’ said Arjit smiling, he kissed Poja’s hand then they all sat down to the table for breakfast. Poja was on Arjit’s right side, Kajol on his left side. Rani was next to Poja and Amira was next to Kajol, Preity was on Amira’s left, Shivan and Meera’s seats in front of her and they are on Rani’s right.
    ‘Shivan, Meera, come to eat’ Rani shouted, two young children came running from the garden and went towards Arjit politely and kissed his cheek ‘good morning uncle’ they both said.
    ‘Good morning my sweet children’ he said smiling then both of them sat politely to the table.

    ‘How is your head now Kajol?’ Poja asked
    ‘it is better now mom, thanks. It was a terrible headache, but that magical syrup Amira made for me really helped, what was that Amira?’ said Kajol
    Amira smiled and said ‘it is one of my father’s secrets’
    ‘god bless his soul’ Arjit said in a sad tone, Amira gave him a short smile.
    ‘Why did you wake up late today Preity?’ Rani said while sipping her tea
    ‘she was watching a romantic film’ Kajol giggled and Preity rolled her eyes
    ‘stop playing with your phone and eat’ said Poja to Amira
    ‘she must be calling Shahrukh’ Preity said
    ‘I have been calling him all morning now and he isn’t responding, I don’t know what’s wrong with his phone’ said Amira in worried tone looking at her phone, Kajol patted on her shoulder ‘don’t worry, he will reply; maybe he is just busy. Now eat your breakfast and calm down, or he will think that we don’t feed you’
    Amira smiled and started eating, they all were busy with breakfast so no more topics were opened. Shivan and Meera were the first to finish breakfast ‘thanks mom’ they said
    ‘you are welcome my sweet pies’ said Rani smiling
    ‘I will get ready for work, thanks Rani for the breakfast’
    ‘you are welcome uncle’ she smiled and then looked at Kajol and Amira and said ‘it is your turn for Lunch’
    ‘yeah yeah’ they said at the same time
    Poja laughed and said ‘sometimes I feel that I have two daughters not one’

    Kajol hugged Amira and said ‘she is more than a sister to me not just a cousin’ Amira grinned and hugged her back, Preity hugged them too.
    ‘What about me?’ Rani said and hugged them too, Poja grabbed Amira’s phone off the table and took a picture of them.
    ‘I want to see it’ said Rani then she took the phone, Poja laughed and Rani showed the picture to the girls and they decided to print it and frame it. Anarkali the maid came from the kitchen and started helping them take the plates to the kitchen.
    ‘I will go upstairs to recharge the mobile’ said Amira
    ‘yeah you better do’ said Preity, Amira went upstairs and rushed to her room, her battery was dying so she had to move faster, she was waiting for Shahrukh’s call all day, he used to call her every morning, actually most of the day, so she found that weird.

    ‘The naughty boy is back’ Kajol and Preity shouted, Amira got out of the room and looked through the first floor, she thought that it was Saif who is back, Shahrukh’s friend; but it was Shahrukh. Standing in the middle of the living room looking up at her, smiling, wearing a backpack and holding two big bags. She ran downstairs with teary eyes; she hugged him tight and started crying.
    ‘Bhai’ she said through her tears
    he patted on her back ‘ok don’t cry, I am here now’ but what he said didn’t help and she cried harder ‘sweetheart I am here now, stop crying’ he said
    ‘two years is a long time Shahrukh, I missed you so much’ she said hugging him tighter
    ‘I missed you too darling’ he smiled
    ‘let the man breath, we want to hug him too’ Arjit said smiling, Amira let go off Shahrukh and started wiping her tears.
    ‘Welcome beta’ Arjit said, Shahrukh bent down and touched his leg, Arjit put his hand on Shahrukh’s head ‘Kush raho beta’ then Shahrukh touched Poja’s leg ‘Kush raho’ she smiled.

    He then moved to hug Preity ‘we missed you yaar’ Preity said happily
    ‘I missed all of you Preity’ he said then hugged Kajol
    ‘welcome back naughty boy’ Kajol said smiling
    ‘thanks Kaj’ he called her as he used to when they were young ‘how are you?’ he said pulling back a little.
    ‘I am fine’ she responded, Shahrukh put his arm around Amira’s shoulder, he sighed then said smiling ‘I am back home, finally; I missed you little girl’
    ‘I am not a little girl, I am 21 now’ Amira pouted
    ‘you will remain my beautiful little sister even if you became 50 years old’ he said and she smiled, resting her head on his chest.
    ‘Did you have breakfast?’ Poja asked
    ‘yes Auntie, thank you, all I need now is to have a shower and sleep’
    ‘you are lying, you are looking so pale and thin, you don’t eat well; come on I will feed you’ Amira said
    ‘since our parents passed away she is playing the role of my mother’ Shahrukh giggled
    ‘don’t change the topic, come and eat’ she said pulling his arm
    ‘I am full, I swear I ate during my flight; all I need now is to sleep’

    ‘Let him rest, he is here now’ Arjit said ‘see you when I come back’
    ‘ok uncle’ he said and was about the hold his bags but Arjit stopped him ‘Shekar will take the bags upstairs, and don’t go straight to the room; Anarkali will take care of it’.

    ‘Shahrukh, when did you come back yaar?’Rani said getting out of the kitchen, he went to hug her ‘Rani’ he said
    ‘I missed you so much yaar, how are you?’
    ‘now I am fine, I am home’ he smiled to her
    ‘ok, go now take rest and we will see you at night’ Rani said caressing his cheek, he smiled and went upstairs to have a bath.

    Kajol immediately hugged Amira; she knew how happy she is now, Shahrukh was her only family after their parents passed away. It doesn’t mean that she isn’t happy at staying with her uncle’s family, but Shahrukh and Amira were really attached to each other.

    Watiting for your feedback :D
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    Many Views , that's nice. :bounce: No replies yet, no problem.:) Two likes, Thanks Dea and Frenchfan.:D
    ok, here is the second part, or chapter 2 :D i pray to god that it doesn't look like any fanfiction here, and to make myself clear it is a dream i saw but i turned it into a story, a long one. so the first part is not the whole dream and that's all, I am not here to analyze it xD :D
    I hope you enjoy reading this and i am waiting for feed backs, if someone is reading :D :thumb:


    Shahrukh entered his sister’s room, he didn’t inform anyone that he is coming back on this day so his luggage were left there until they clean his room, he opened one of the bags and took out black sports pants and a black t shirt, he went in to the bathroom and ran a bath. Many things were running in his head, two years away from home, from his sister. Those two years have been very rough, Amira was right, he looked pale and thin. Actually He couldn’t sleep well or eat well, and he had to be working 24/7. His uncle has been very generous with him; he helped him to finish his studies and gave him a job, so he has to work hard to repay him. He also allowed him and his sister to live in his house. His uncle trusted him so he allowed him to supervise the accounts and the calculations in his company in London, which was the worst thing that have ever happened to him; people his uncle trusted cheated him and defrauded him and many calculations were wrong and false. That would put them in a big trouble with the tax firms, but thank god that Arjit had send Shahrukh right on time to solve this problem. Arjit was so kind with him and his sister, but Shahrukh hate to owe anyone anything, even his loving uncle.

    Shahrukh felt dizzy for standing for long time under the shower, he put off the water, dried his body with a towel, put on his clothes and stepped out of the bathroom. He headed towards the bed, lied down and put his head on the pillow and fell asleep at once.

    ‘Come on, you checked on him, let him sleep’ said Kajol, she was nearly whispering, Amira nodded and they shut the door of her room, where Shahrukh was sleeping.
    ‘You are still here? Why didn’t you go to college?’ Poja was surprised to see Kajol and Amira, they were coming down stairs.
    ‘I don’t have any lectures today’ Amira said
    ‘and I don’t feel like going to college today, and we have to help Rani in the kitchen today’
    Poja sighed ‘as you wish’ then Amira and Kajol headed towards the kitchen to help Rani and Preity went to the garden to play with Meera and Shivan.

    Amira didn’t stop smiling since Shahrukh came back, she felt like a piece of her heart was away from her body, and she finally felt safe. She was 21 years old but she will remain a child always in her brother’s view, he was so protective when it comes to his sister.

    There was a change in plans, they planned to cook some meals but now they have to cook Shahrukh’s favorite meals, it was Rani’s idea, she also noticed that he looked pale and tired when he came back and it is not from the flight, she knew that he didn’t eat well so she decided to make all the meals he like.

    Their routine was to wait for Arjit until he comes back from work then they all have lunch, or maybe dinner, they could eat some snacks in the middle of the day but lunch time is according to Arjit’s time. This all started since Poja was a new bride in this house, she used to wait for him until he comes back but after that everyone had to follow this routine. Shivan and Meera were out of this routine, they could eat all of them if they stayed hungry so they had to feed them early.

    ‘Papa has arrived, should we wake Shahrukh up?’ Kajol asked Rani while they were in the kitchen.
    ‘let him sleep for a while, he looked so tired’ Rani replied
    ‘no he isn’t’ Shahrukh said taking one of the Laddus (sweets)
    ‘no sweets before lunch’ Preity said slapping his hand
    ‘ouch, only one’ Shahrukh pouted
    ‘no’ Preity said firmly
    ‘Children’ Rani said shaking her head and Kajol laughed
    ‘Where is Amira by the way?’ Shahrukh asked, taking one of the laddus in secret
    ‘Amira is here, I was putting the plates out with Anarkali’ Amira said grinning ‘come on hurry up, uncle Arjit is hungry’ she said to all of them
    ‘ok , only one minute’ Kajol said
    Shahrukh put his arm around his sister’s shoulder, and ate the Laddu.
    ‘Rani!!’ Preity shouted and looked at Rani when she saw Shahrukh eating from the sweets.
    ‘Grow up both of you. Shahrukh get out and we will follow you’ Rani said, and then the girls went out with the pots and put them on the table.

    ‘Sit somewhere else, this is my chair’ Shahrukh said pushing Preity away jokingly
    ‘ugh, yaar this is so unfair, I like this chair; it is in front of Rani’ Preity pouted
    ‘why do you want to be in front of Rani? Can’t you eat alone? Rani has to feed you with her hands?’ Shahrukh said sarcastically, Poja and Arjit started laughing at them.

    ‘Now you have four children not only two’ Arjit said to Rani laughing
    ‘I am starving, discuss the seat issue later’ Kajol said pushing Shahrukh and Preity then she sat down to her seat
    ‘why so serious?’ Preity looked at Shahrukh questionably and they laughed.
    He sat down and looked at Kajol ‘this is how you say welcome to me after all this long time?’ she didn’t reply him; she just raised an eyebrow and started eating.
    ‘Ok, so ladies and gentle men, no presents for Kajol’ Shahrukh said firmly
    ‘presents? you are so sweet Shahrukh’ Rani said smiling ‘you shouldn’t have’
    ‘I wish I could bring more presents to all of you but I didn’t have much time’ he smiled
    ‘that is so sweet of you Shahrukh’ Arjit said ‘so how was everything there?’
    ‘I will tell you everything after lunch’ he responded
    ‘dinner’ Amira commented
    Shahrukh giggled then continued ‘and I have prepared a report about all what had happened there and all the calculations you need to know’ Shahrukh explained
    ‘I am so proud of you’ Arjit said smiling

    ‘tell him about what Amira did for Kajol, he will feel proud of her’ Poja said smiling
    ‘oh yeah, Kajol had a horrible headache, Amira made her one of your father’s syrups and it really helped, she is so like him, he always had interest in herbs and chemicals’ Arjit said
    Shahrukh smiled at Amira, put his arm around her, he closed his eyes and kissed her head then they parted and he started eating. Preity was about to grab the glass of water in front of her but Shahrukh took it and started drinking water.
    ‘There is another one in front of you’ Preity said, she tried to take the one in front of him but he put it away, all of them laughed.
    ‘Children’ Shahrukh and Preity said at the same time looking at Rani who laughed hard at them.
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    Chapter 3 :)

    After Lunch, or Dinner:D Sweets were served, and tea. All of them were in the sitting room, Shahrukh handed his uncle a file to look at.

    ‘that’s a big file’ Arjit said in a surprise widening his eyes
    ‘yeah’ Shahrukh responded ‘all the information that you will need is in this file, I don’t want you to worry; everything is settled now’
    ‘Oh Shahrukh, thank you very much’
    ‘you don’t have to thank me, it is my job’ Shahrukh gave him a short smile then opened his backpack.

    Shivan and Meera came running when they saw the toys Shahrukh brought them; they hugged and kissed him then headed to their room to play. Then he took out two beautiful Saris and handed them to Poja who was amazed with the beauty of the Saris. He took out two big books of the bag and gave them to Rani “the book lover”. Three romantic novels and a pink dress were given to Preity. A watch to Arjit, he was very happy with it, the backpack, painting tools and a purple dress were for Amira, she grinned and hugged him. He didn’t give Kajol anything.

    ‘I am sorry but I said that there are no presents for you’ Shahrukh pouted looking at Kajol.
    ‘I am not waiting for any presents from you’ she gave him a fake smile
    ‘I will go to the bathroom’ Shahrukh said and stood up.
    ‘Mom, I will be in my room, I have some things to prepare for college tomorrow’ Kajol said and kissed her mother’s cheek, then her dad’s and went upstairs. She was walking in the hall to her room, but Shahrukh called her.

    ‘Hey girl’ he said but she didn’t look at him ‘I am talking to you’ he uttered.
    She looked back at him ‘I have a name to be called with’
    ‘Kajol’ he nearly whispered and smiled, she came closerand he showed her a necklace made her gasp, it was a silver one, he knew how much she liked silver, Kajol never liked gold and he can’t afford diamonds, so silver was the best choice.

    He put her hair aside and helped her to wear it. She touched it with the tip of her fingers placing it on her chest and she smiled to him. He came closer and showed her earrings made her eyes widen, he placed them in the pierce in her earlobes, touching her neck by mistake with his fingertips, and they were so close that she could feel his breath on her face. He looked straight at her eyes and she lowered her gaze. He suddenly stepped back.

    ‘good night’ he said and left her standing alone in the hall, she wanted to slap him for spoiling the moment but she was happy with his presents, she smiled and entered her room. She sat on her bed, opened a drawer in her nightstand and took out a photo. An old one, It was her first day at school and Shahrukh was standing angry next to her. She remembers him saying ‘I don’t want to take a picture standing next to a girl, I am a man now. What would people say?’ she laughed hard on remembering this; she kissed the photo and put it back in the drawer. She touched the necklace on her neck, closed her eyes and thought of Shahrukh, her heart was dancing, it is full of love to Shahrukh but she didn’t let it show and she didn’t tell anyone. She sighed and then grabbed the book next to her and started reading.

    At that time Shahrukh was at the garden, sitting on the swing, closing his eyes and enjoying the air, he was also thinking of Kajol, god !! Two years had made her more beautiful and his love to her bigger and his life bitter!

    Rani cut his train of thoughts, she put her hand on his shoulder which made him flinch ‘let’s walk, you know how much I hate this swing’ she said and started walking; he stood up and walked next to her.
    ‘I am so happy that you are back, how are you?’ Rani asked
    ‘not okay, I need time to feel better, those two years have been very rough’ he continued ‘it has been a big responsibility for me, we would lose everything if I wasn’t there in the right time, uncle had trusted some bastards’ he sighed and said sadly ‘I couldn’t eat well or sleep well, I had to take care of everything myself, I couldn’t trust anyone, thank god that everything is okay now, and I am finally home’ he said closing his eyes and Rani patted on his shoulder.
    ‘it is okay Shahrukh, you are home now, calm down’ Rani said reassuringly
    ‘you have no idea, me and my uncle would be put in jail, there were many mistakes in the calculations, those bastards defrauded us, we would face a big problem with tax firms, I had to be very careful’
    ‘but uncle did this because he trusted you and he knew that you are the only one who can solve it, you are an accountant after all’ he didn’t say anything, he just sighed and she continued ‘forget the past, everything is okay now’
    ‘I know, and I will take time to feel better and forget, but I was miserable. It was a big responsibility. I was just thinking that I won’t be able to solve it, I was waiting for the moment I would see my hands in cuffs; but thank god I could put everything in its right way’ he paused then said ‘Rani, don’t tell anything to Amira, you know how sensitive she is. If she asked you, tell her that I am just tired and I will be okay in no time’
    ‘don’t worry Shahrukh’ she smiled
    ‘enough of me, how are you now? I mean after Anil… I am sorry I wasn’t there’ Shahrukh said in a sad tone.
    Rani shed a tear ‘I am the one who is miserable now, but I have to act normal all the time for the sake of Shivan and Meera’ she wiped a tear and continued ‘Meera is still thinking that her father is just out of town and he will come back soon. She writes letters for him and gives it to me to post it and when she asks me why he doesn’t reply; I say he is busy with work’ Rani burst out crying ‘I felt helpless in front of him, I am a doctor and I couldn’t help him Shahrukh’ she said through her tears and Shahrukh hugged her, he couldn’t say anything.
    ‘he had prepared me for his death, but I couldn’t believe it, I thought he would be better and he will come back to his normal life with me and the kids, but the damn cancer took him away from me’ she said holding Shahrukh tight, he was in tears
    ‘he is in a better place now Rani’
    ‘but I miss him so much, I feel that my soul is out of my body, I pray every day that I die and go to him, but I remember Meera and Shivan, they give me strength to live’
    ‘so you have to be strong Rani, Anil won’t be happy to see you in this condition, I just hope that we can do something’
    Rani pulled back and wiped her tears ‘we can’
    ‘I don’t understand’ he said furrowing his eyebrows
    ‘I will build a hospital for cancer patients, that will make Anil happy; right?’
    ‘Of course Rani, that’s a great idea’ he smiled and kissed her forehead
    ‘you will help me?’
    ‘Yes of course’
    ‘but don’t tell anyone, I want to surprise them’ she smiled; there was strength in her eyes.
    ‘Rani Can we stop walking please? I am afraid that we will find ourselves in Goa’.
    Rani finally laughed. ‘No I am serious, you really love walking, and I am tired’ he pleaded and she laughed again and they went back to the house.

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    Chapter 4

    Everyone was in his room now; Shahrukh went upstairs to check on his sister before he goes to his room. He knocked the door and came in. She was sitting on the ground, many colors and paintings around her.
    ‘How many times I asked you to draw on the table, you will end up hurting your back’ he said in anger and sat next to her.
    ‘You know this is the only way I can draw’ Amira replied, she wiped her hands and looked at him and smiled.
    ‘Nice paintings’ Shahrukh said smiling
    ‘thanks’ she grinned then caressed his cheek ‘are you okay?’
    ‘I am fine’ he smiled
    ‘you are not hiding anything from me?’
    ‘Of course not, why do you think like that?’ he said and kissed her hand
    ‘so you are okay?’
    ‘No, I think I need a hug’ he pouted, she grinned and hugged him
    ‘I will let you complete your work, good night sweetheart’
    ‘good night Shahrukh’ she smiled, he went out of the room and closed the door behind him. He headed to his room, opened the door, switched on the lights and came in. His clothes were still in his bags. He unpacked and started putting them himself in the wardrobe, he hated that anyone touches his things. He rolled his eyes when he found that many shirts won’t fit him now because the loss of his weight. After he finished putting his clothes in the wardrobe he sat on his bed and checked his phone, and started reading e-mails sent to him. There weren’t many e-mails so he didn’t take much time. He got off bed and went towards the dressing table; he looked at his picture in the mirror, his thin body, and the bags under his eyes and his tired and pale face. He sighed and brought a brush from his bag and started combing his hair. Amira has always laughed at this strange habit, why combing hair when you go to sleep? She has always asked, but there was no answer. He just loved doing this. He went back to the bed, rested his head on the pillow, closed his eyes and lost his senses. He still needed some sleep, he was still exhausted.

    At the same time Arjit was in his room, still checking the file Shahrukh gave him. It was a big one. He was shocked, he couldn’t believe that he was so deceived by the people he trusted. Arjit thanked god thousand times that everything was solved before it is too late and he found out how Shahrukh worked hard, which made Arjit more proud of him. He remained reading the papers in it till a late hour. Poja disturbed his concentration.
    ‘It is half past one now; you aren’t used to stay awake for late night!’ Poja was concerned
    ‘I was reading those papers’ he sighed
    ‘the same problem? You told me that Shahrukh solved everything’ she said and sat next to him on the bed.
    ‘Yeah he did, the boy worked very hard. Thank god I sent him to London in the right time or we would lose everything, we would face many problems with the tax firms’
    ‘thank god that everything is settled now and he finally came back safe and sound, but you have to be careful next time Arjit’ she patted on his shoulder, he smiled to her and continued reading.
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    Chapter 5

    Shahrukh was the first one to wake up, he started walking all over the house, as if he was saying ‘hi’ to every part of it, he had missed “home” very much. Actually it was a luxurious house, nearly a palace. Three floors, with many rooms, a wide roof. A big garden; where his uncle assesses his gorgeous parties and religious events. He was dying for Diwali to come so he can celebrate it finally with his family. There was also a stable; Arjit knew how much Kajol loved horses, so it was hers. Shahrukh always hated horses, once he rode one for Kajol’s sake but he fell off it and nearly broke his arm. He doesn’t like speaking about what he called “incident” and always stayed away from horses. He remained walking in the garden for a while, he was trying to enjoy his vacation before he comes back to work in his uncle’s company branch in India.

    ‘Good morning’ Preity said smiling
    ‘good morning Preity’ he smiled back
    ‘So. Are you ready for jogging old man? Or I will win as usual?’ she said pushing him
    ‘you wish’ he said pushing her jokingly and they started jogging in the garden for a while.
    ‘So, when should Saif arrive?’ she said panting
    ‘Yeah, I heard uncle saying that he will come to our home to show him some things for the new advertising campaign. You know uncle doesn’t believe in technology so Saif won’t send him an e-mail for the details. So I think he is coming’
    ‘I have no idea, but I will call him. Why are you asking?’
    ‘Oh, nothing. Just asking, he is a friend of all of us, Right?’
    ‘Yeah’ he smiled to her then they walked back to the house

    ‘Oh. God! Preity are you okay?’ Amira said when she saw her coming inside
    ‘what’s wrong?’ Preity asked
    ‘you woke up early! Shahrukh please check her temperature’ Amira said sarcastically, Preity slapped her arm jokingly
    ‘good morning sweetheart’ Shahrukh said and kissed his sister’s cheek ‘are you going somewhere?’
    ‘Yeah. Going to the college; Kajol is getting ready too, we are going by bus’
    ‘Yeah, we aren’t going by Kajol’s car’
    ‘is it going to take a long time to be repaired?’ Preity wondered
    ‘I don’t know, uncle is seriously thinking to buy her a new one. But with a driver of course’ Amira explained
    ‘why? What is going on?’ Shahrukh asked
    ‘oh, I didn’t tell you? Kajol had an accident couple days ago’ Amira replied
    ‘yeah and she hurt her head, but now she is fine as you see’ Preity added
    ‘oh’ Shahrukh said ‘ok I will take both of you to college’
    ‘you take rest, we will manage. Don’t worry’ Amira said
    ‘sorry to interrupt this important meeting but breakfast is served’ Rani said laughing
    ‘ok we are coming’ Preity said and all of them went to the dining table and all sat down and started eating, except Kajol; Shahrukh’s eyes were searching for her, but she came after few minutes.
    ‘Good morning papa’ Kajol kissed her father’s cheek then she sat down and started.
    ‘we have to hurry up’ Amira said to Kajol
    ‘don’t worry we won’t be late’ Kajol replied
    ‘I finished breakfast, I will go to bring my bag’ Amira said and went upstairs.

    ‘Ok guys, see you when I come back’ Kajol said to all of them then she headed to the bathroom to wash her hands.
    ‘I also finished my breakfast and I will go to wash my hands’ Shahrukh said and followed Kajol to the bathroom, when he arrived Kajol was drying her hands with a towel and was about to go out of the bathroom.

    ‘Why didn’t you tell me about the accident thing?’ Shahrukh asked coldly
    ‘Oh, Amira told you’ Kajol replied
    ‘I asked you a question’
    ‘come on it is no big deal, and I am fine now’ she smiled then said ‘did you follow me to the bathroom just to ask about this?’
    ‘No, I am here to wash my hands, now move a little’ he said and pushed her gently but coldly and entered the bathroom. She rolled her eyes and left.
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    Chapter 6

    Saif arrived after three days. Uncle Arjit promoted him, so Saif had to come to Uncle’s house to talk about the new position and work. Preity was right, uncle Arjit doesn’t believe in technology. He was old-fashioned and he believed in personal interaction. He never had a laptop or e-mail address, Shahrukh and Saif tried to help him with that but they failed. He also hated holding a mobile phone but Poja insisted he must buy one, and when he tried to use it; he took nearly a hundred photos of his legs by mistake, one of his nose and random pictures of the carpets in his office. Poja burst out laughing when she checked his mobile phone once and she said sarcastically ‘at least I can tell that you were at work’.

    Arjit also hated the crowd and the smoke; he always loved nature, so his house was really far from work. It takes two to two and half hours to arrive, three if there is a traffic jam. Any way Saif was forced to come personally to Arjit’s house, and it was planned for him to stay three days with them.

    ‘Good morning Saif’ Shahrukh said smiling when he was standing in front of the door.
    ‘Welcome back my dear friend, I missed you so much’ Saif said and hugged Shahrukh
    ‘congratulations for the promotion’ Shahrukh said and squeezed Saif’s shoulder happily
    ‘news spread very fast’ he said raising his eyebrows
    ‘Amira, obviously, when uncle Arjit told her she told everyone, if there were people on Jupiter I guarantee that they know about your promotion’ Shahrukh giggled
    ‘Pagli, I really miss this little girl’
    ‘little girl?’ Amira rolled her eyes and shook her head
    ‘oh, you woke up’ Shahrukh smiled to her
    ‘yes I did’ she said and yawned
    ‘Saif!’ Preity said when she was coming downstairs, her eyes were sparkling and her heart pounding as if it wanted to get out of her chest and hug Saif.
    ‘Oh, Preity’ Saif waved to her smilingly ‘good morning P’ that was the nickname Saif used to call Preity with, she smiled and went downstairs.
    ‘seriously Preity should consult a doctor’ Amira said
    ‘why?’ Saif asked furrowing his eyebrows
    ‘she has been waking up early for couple of days now’ Amira said sarcastically, Preity came near her and hit her shoulder jokingly ‘stop it’ Preity said and shook hands with Saif.
    ‘I hope that you are staying with us for a longer time’ Preity said smiling
    ‘yeah, I am staying for three days’ Saif smiled back, Preity was still holding his hand.

    ‘Should we act the role of the trees?’ Kajol asked laughing. Saif immediately pulled his hand off Preity’s and shook Kajol’s hand ‘good morning’ Saif said with a smile reaching his ears, Kajol smiled back; Saif was still holding her hand.
    Shahrukh, Amira and Preity were watching this scene, Shahrukh was leaning his arm over Amira’s shoulder, narrowing his eyes and speechless. Preity was boiling; smoke was nearly coming out of her ears. Amira was just watching; she has nothing against any of them.
    ‘Ok, can I take my hand back?’ Kajol giggled and said
    ‘Oh, yes of course’ Saif said and left her hand

    ‘Are we going to stay here for the whole day or can we go to have breakfast?’ Amira asked suddenly breaking the silence.
    ‘Oh yeah, let’s go’ Kajol said and left with Amira to the dining room, the others followed them.

    ‘Welcome Saif’ Arjit said
    ‘good morning uncle’ Saif bent down and touched Arjit’s leg
    ‘Kush raho’ Arjit said smiling, Saif also touched Poja’s leg ‘Kush raho beta’ she said smiling and then all sat down. Saif was given a seat next to Preity, and that made her very happy.

    ‘Where are Shivan and Meera?’ Saif asked Rani
    ‘they are asleep, it is Sunday so Shivan won’t be going to school so they stayed awake for a late hour playing’ Rani replied
    ‘ok, I will wait for them to wake up, I want to play with them on the play station and beat Amira as usual’ Saif said
    ‘ha-ha, in your dreams, if you want to win, play against Preity, she doesn’t even know how to play, find someone in your level’ Amira replied
    ‘I will teach her and she will beat you when I am at work’ Saif said
    ‘blah blah, blah’ Amira said shaking her head sarcastically
    ‘you are so quiet today Shahrukh!’ Kajol said to him
    ‘I am eating’ he replied coldly, Kajol shut up and regretted talking to him.

    ‘Thanks for breakfast’ Saif said and was about to stand up when Preity stopped him.
    ‘You didn’t eat well, didn’t you like it?’ Preity asked
    ‘I liked it so much but I am full’ he smiled to her and headed to the bathroom. When he came back they were taking the plates to the kitchen.
    ‘I will help you’ Saif said taking a plate from Kajol’s hand, he didn’t wait for an answer and touching her hand while taking the plate. She didn’t comment, she thought it was by mistake.
    ‘Saif? What are you doing in the kitchen?’ Rani wondered
    ‘I am trying to help’ he smiled then went out of the kitchen but his shoulder hit Kajol’s shoulder by mistake, she was holding some spoons and a knife in her hand but they fell on the ground, both kneeled to collect them.
    ‘I am sorry’ Saif said
    ‘it is okay’ Kajol said while collecting the spoons, but when she hold the knife she hurt her finger.
    ‘Are you okay?’
    ‘It is just a small cut, no problem’ she said and they stood up, Kajol headed to the kitchen and put everything in the sink then went out of the kitchen to heal her finger. Shahrukh came out of the sitting room and called Saif.
    ‘Leave everything and come to sit at the sitting room’ Shahrukh said grabbing his arm and taking him to the sitting room, they all sat down then Kajol came in and sat next to Amira and Preity. Rani was sitting next to Poja and Arjit and Shahrukh sat next to Saif.
    ‘What’s wrong with your finger?’ Shahrukh asked noticing a plaster on Kajol’s finger.
    ‘A small cut, it is no big deal. I am fine’ Kajol replied
    ‘I have something to announce now’ Arjit said and all paid attention to him ‘I want to tell you that Shahrukh has been promoted, he will be working in our company’s branch here in Mumbai and he doesn’t need to go back to London. Everything is settled there right now’ he smiled looking at Shahrukh.

    Shahrukh knew it even before Arjit say it, he worked really hard and he deserved this promotion. He smiled and thanked his uncle.
    ‘Congrats Shahrukh’ all said, he replied with a wide smile.
    ‘And we know that Saif also have been promoted and news were spread by Amira of course’ Arjit said laughing
    ‘I was happy for him uncle’ Amira explained ‘anyway I hope he can handle the hard work you gave him uncle’ she giggled and all laughed
    ‘speaking about work, let’s go to my study to speak there’ Arjit said and went out of the sitting room. Saif and Shahrukh followed him; they got inside the study, closed the door and started speaking about work.
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    Chapter 7

    ‘How did uncle Arjit allow him to stay with us in the same house?’ Rani said furrowing her eyebrows and crossing her arms.
    ‘Why? What is wrong with Saif?’ Poja wondered
    ‘I just don’t like this guy, I feel that he is a playboy’ Rani explained
    ‘but he is Shahrukh’s friend’ Preity said
    Kajol was silently listening to this conversation, Rani looked at her, Kajol gestured with her head towards Amira.
    ‘Oh, Amira darling, you aren’t going to tell Saif that, Right?’ Rani asked
    Amira sighed and said ‘fine, I won’t tell him’
    ‘who wants to drink tea?’ Preity asked, they all said yes and she said ‘I will make tea for Saif, Uncle Arjit and Shahrukh too’
    ‘it is a good idea’ Poja said then Preity went to the kitchen and asked Anarkali to make tea, after that Anarkali took a tray of tea to the sitting room and Preity took another tray to the study. Preity knocked the door with her leg gently and Shahrukh opened the door and let her in.
    ‘I thought you might need to drink some tea’ she said
    ‘thank you beti’ Arjit said, she looked at Saif and he smiled at her then she left the study closing the door behind her, leaned her back to it and closed her eyes and smiled. Preity’s heart was dancing from happiness.

    Saif is Shahrukh’s friend for three years now; they knew each other when they were trainees at Arjit’s company. Rani was right when she said that Saif is a playboy. He had many affairs and he knew many girls, but that never affected his work. He knows how to separate between his personal life and his work, he always worked hard so he deserved the promotion. It was the first time for him to stay at Arjit’s house. He always came to talk about work with Arjit, plays with Amira, Shivan and Meera for a while then he leaves so he didn’t have time to get to know the rest of the family. Preity loved him from the first sight, but she couldn’t spend any time with him, but they chatted from time to time so they get to know each other more, but the last days he was so busy to speak to her.

    Arjit, Shahrukh and Saif spent half the day in the study speaking about work, they didn’t feel the time except when Rani opened the door and told them that Lunch has been served. So they all left the study and headed to the dining room, they all sat down except Amira.

    ‘Where is Amira?’ Shahrukh asked Kajol
    ‘she won’t have lunch, she didn’t feel well and she had a stomach ache so she decided to sleep’ Kajol replied
    ‘Something serious?’ he felt worried
    ‘don’t worry beta, nothing serious. She has been sleeping for couple of hours now, she will be okay’ Poja reassured him and he moved to his sister’s seat, so he sat near Kajol and Saif and Preity did like him. As much as Shahrukh was worried for his sister but he was happy sitting near Kajol, she was also happy and taking the chance to steal glances.
    ‘Now you can sit in front of Rani’ Shahrukh said to Preity and she smiled despite she wasn’t thinking about the seat matter anyway.

    ‘Uncle Saif’ Meera and Shivan shouted and hugged Saif.
    ‘Oh, guys I missed you so much. Oh Shivan look at you, you are big boy now’ Saif said smiling
    ‘and what about me?’ Meera pouted
    ‘you are a superstar, right Meera?’ Saif said and Meera nodded happily ‘now we will eat then I will play with you’ he said and the kids went immediately to their seats and started eating.
    ‘wow, you have a great effect on them’ Preity said
    ‘I adore kids, you have no idea’ Saif smiled
    ‘you don’t seem like a family man, this picture doesn’t suit you’ Rani said sarcastically
    ‘everyone says this, but one day I will marry and have kids and become a family man, I won’t remain single forever’ Saif explained
    ‘wah, wah Saif sahib, two years have changed you completely’ Shahrukh said and laughed
    ‘no don’t worry, I am the old Saif but this is the effect of my parents, they have been convincing me to marry’
    ‘and did you find a good girl?’ Poja asked
    ‘not yet Auntie I didn’t find a suitable one yet, but I hope I can find one soon’ Saif said then rested his back to the chair and looked at Kajol, she looked away and hoped that what came in her mind was wrong, Shahrukh noticed what Saif did, but no one else noticed that, it all happened in a part of a second, but Shahrukh was burning from inside.

    ‘Do you want some more juice?’ Preity asked Saif
    ‘ok’ he replied
    ‘don’t you need more salt in your soup?’ she asked Saif
    ‘no, it is okay’ he smiled at her
    ‘don’t you need a lullaby before bedtime? Don’t you need a massage?’ Shahrukh said sarcastically and Preity hit his shoulder ‘ouch’ he said
    ‘stop making fun of her, she is showing great hospitality’ Arjit said to Shahrukh
    Poja leaned to Arjit and whispered ‘aren’t they a good couple?’
    ‘Who?’ Arjit wondered.
    ‘Shahrukh and Preity’ Poja said and Arjit burst out laughing
    ‘what are you laughing at papa?’ Kajol wondered
    ‘your mom has just told me a great joke’ Arjit said
    ‘so tell us the joke’ Kajol smiled and all paid attention
    ‘she said that Shahrukh and Preity are looking great together, she wanted to arrange their marriage’ Arjit said and burst out laughing again, Poja laughed too and slapped Arjit’s arm jokingly.

    Shahrukh felt that he couldn’t breathe and kept coughing, Kajol handed him a glass of water to drink. Preity was speechless, she just widened her eyes and nearly dropped her jaw.
    ‘Look at their faces’ Arjit said to Poja
    ‘nice joke, Auntie’ Preity gave her a fake smile, Shahrukh remained sipping water silently trying to stop coughing, Kajol kept patting on his back gently.
    ‘Why not’ Poja said looking at Arjit
    ‘Auntie you must be joking, Shahrukh is a brother to me’ Preity uttered
    ‘yes Auntie Preity is right, and I am not so desperate to marry her’ Shahrukh said
    ‘yuk, it is in your dreams to marry a beautiful girl like me’ Preity said in pride
    ‘you said marry, not to go to hell’ Shahrukh said and chuckled
    ‘shut up, and by the way you won’t go to hell, it will come personally to your door’ Preity said and laughed.
    ‘Amira will laugh hard when she knows that Auntie would make Preity and Shahrukh get married’ Rani said and laughed, Meera and Shivan laughed hard too.
    ‘You are laughing at me, hmm?’ Shahrukh laughed and sprinkled water at Meera and Shivan which made them laugh hard.
    ‘Poja is dying to see anyone getting married, she didn’t forget her work as a wedding planner’ Arjit said
    ‘of course I didn’t, but you know Arjit, the wedding I am dying to plan the most is Kajol’s wedding’ Poja said smiling and held Kajol’s hands and Kajol smiled back at her.
    Shahrukh couldn’t bear hearing that, knowing that Poja would never accept him as a husband to Kajol so he stood up ‘thanks for the lunch all’ he said and left to his room.
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    Chapter 8

    What happened at lunch was too much for Shahrukh, his Aunt’s joke or maybe hope, the way Saif looks at Kajol and maybe his intention to propose to her. Shahrukh loves Kajol very much, and he has a feeling that she feels the same. However he can’t even tell her that he loves her or propose to her. There is a big difference between them. He was also worried for his sister, so he decided to check on her. He went to her room but he didn’t find her. He thought that he may find her at living room, or the playing room for Meera and Shivan. The play station and all their stuff were there, so he decided to look for her there.

    ‘Oh you are here, how are you feeling now?’ Shahrukh said entering the living room, he found Amira there; everyone was there except Poja, Arjit and Rani.
    ‘I am fine, don’t worry’ Amira said smiling; they were all sitting around a small table forming a circle and helping Meera and Shivan with puzzle game.

    ‘put this one here Meera, oh very good’ Preity said to Meera
    ‘so Amira is here, are you ready to lose?’ Saif said to Amira with confidence
    ‘just put on the game and say your prayers’ Amira said sarcastically, everyone sat on the couch behind them, Saif and Amira sat on the ground in front of the TV and started a race.

    ‘I am the king of the races so I will never lose’ Saif said
    ‘we will see Mr. King of races’ Amira uttered
    they started the game; Shivan and Meera were shouting next to them and cheering for Amira.
    ‘Great job guys, but go shout next to him, make him lose concentration’ Amira said
    ‘oh, now you are cheating’
    ‘cheating or no cheating you will lose anyway’ She laughed then said ‘I win’ raising her hand in the air and Meera and Shivan jumping next to her.

    ‘Now you are with her? You betrayed me?’ Saif pouted looking at Shivan and Meera
    ‘I can smell fire’ Amira said and giggled
    ‘they cheer for the winner only’ Preity giggled
    ‘oh, what do you want to say?’ Saif raised an eyebrow and looked back at Preity.
    ‘you have to win and they will be your side’ Preity explained
    ‘why don’t we play fifa?’ Saif said to Amira
    she rolled her eyes ‘you know I don’t like it’
    ‘or maybe you are afraid to lose’ he said sarcastically then they started to play.

    Kajol was sitting in the middle between Preity and Shahrukh. Preity was busy watching Saif and Amira playing and cheering for Saif. Shahrukh was busy stealing glances and looking at Kajol and he was thinking “god! She is next to me but I can’t do anything, I can't touch her, can’t look at her without fear or speak love words to her. All I do, or what I must do is to behave normally, she is my cousin at the end? How could my love to her be imprisoned like that?”

    ‘I win’ Saif shouted, disturbing Shahrukh’s train of thought and Amira rolled her eyes, Meera and Shivan went to his side and Preity laughed hard. Kajol only smiled.

    ‘Come and play with him Shahrukh’ Amira said
    ‘oh no, now I will lose’ Saif said and laughed
    ‘ok’ Shahrukh said and sat on the ground next to Saif, Amira sat at Shahrukh’s place on the couch.

    ‘Kajol’ Amira said placing her palm on Kajol’s shoulder ‘why are you so silent?’
    ‘Nothing, I was watching you’ she smiled and said ‘you missed what happened at lunch today’ both Preity and Kajol laughed, Shahrukh and Saif were busy playing.
    ‘What did I miss?’ Amira said furrowing her eyebrows
    ‘Shahrukh and Preity were about to get married’ Kajol burst out laughing
    ‘what!’ Amira was shocked
    ‘yeah, my mom thought that there is something between them and thought of arranging their marriage. You had to see their reactions, Preity was speechless and you brother was out of breath and kept coughing from the shock’ Kajol explained.

    ‘Oh my god! Why did I sleep? I wanted to watch that’ Amira sighed
    ‘please don’t remind me’ Shahrukh said and looked to Kajol
    ‘it is in your dreams to marry a girl like me’ Preity said teasing him
    ‘ok, ok kick it you son of…’ Shahrukh said shouting at the screen
    ‘Shahrukh! Meera and Shivan are here, be careful’ Kajol uttered
    ‘yes mom’ Shahrukh said sarcastically
    ‘let’s play a ‘boxing’ game’ Saif said to Shahrukh, Shahrukh nodded and changed the CD. They played for a while.
    ‘I am bored’ Shahrukh said and stood up
    ‘ok, this is Kajol’s turn’ Saif said and looked at her
    ‘no thanks, I don’t want to play’ Kajol said
    ‘no you are afraid to play’ Saif said teasing her, she sat next to him on the ground ‘Don’t provoke me’ Kajol giggled and started playing. Saif was easy with her and let her win many times. Shahrukh sat back to his place on the couch, Amira was in the middle now and Preity was still in her place.

    ‘Let’s play soccer, I want to learn it and win against Shahrukh’ Kajol said smiling to Saif.
    ‘few seconds ago you didn’t want to play’ Saif replied
    ‘come on yaar, I enjoyed it’ Kajol pleaded
    ‘ok fine’ Saif said and hold her hand and started showing her how to play ‘then you press here to kick and here to pass’ he explained then they started playing. Kajol really enjoyed playing with Saif and he got chances to touch Kajol’s hand many times when they play. Shahrukh was watching all this silently. He had nothing to do and he should act normally. Preity was watching them jealously, she wanted to play too, and she wanted to have a chance also to hold Saif’s hands. Shahrukh and Preity looked at each other at the same time by mistake; both cleared their throats and looked away.

    ‘What is going on?’ Amira looked at Shahrukh and Preity
    ‘kuch nahi’ they both said
    ‘Shahrukh, don’t you want to play against me? I will win by the way’ Kajol said and he smiled, but before he could answer Preity interrupted ‘I didn’t play, and Saif you promised to teach me’

    ‘we want to play too’ Shivan said
    ‘ok guys, I will teach Preity a bit and then you can play’ Saif said and everyone stopped talking. Preity took Kajol’s place and Saif started teaching her as he did with Kajol. But it didn’t take much time because Amira interrupted ‘enough of playsation, let’s play cards’
    ‘poker?’ Saif asked, Kajol widened her eyes to Saif and gestured towards the kids
    ‘no, normal cards’ Shahrukh said, they all gathered around the table, left the playstation for Meera and Shivan and started playing and stealing glances. Few minutes and Meera and Shivan joined them to play until Saif started yawning.
    ‘I am going to bed’ Saif said
    ‘I will show you your room’ Preity said immediately
    ‘I think I will go to sleep too’ Kajol said

    They all stood up to get ready for bed ‘come on guys, you must go to sleep too before mom gets angry’ Preity said to Shivan and Meera, they did what she asked, said bye to all of them and headed to their rooms.
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    Preity and Saif walked for a while in one of the corridors until they stood in front of a door of one of the rooms.
    ‘So, here is your room. So close to mine in case if you need something’ she said smiling.
    ‘Thanks Preity you are really showing great hospitality’ he smiled back, she didn’t move and remained staring at him happily ‘ok Preity good night’ he said cutting her train of thoughts
    ‘oh, ok’ she smiled immediately
    ‘see you tomorrow’ she said, still smiling
    ‘bye’ he waved and got into his room and closed the door.

    Preity closed her eyes, still smiling. She shrugged her shoulders and started spinning in the corridor, and then she laughed and headed to her room happily.
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    OMG!! this is so sweet SRk is your brother i read the first chapter n i am touched , this is too sweet , but i have a question before i read further , i am a crazy fan of srkajol , so i hope Kajol is srk's lead in the story . plz plz say yes? :D
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    i am so happy that you liked it :hug:
    I can't meet SRK so at least i can be his sister in a Fan Fiction:bounce:
    Don't worry about SRKajol issue, wait and watch .. OR read and watch :D
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    i read the second chapter , and its awesome!! Srk had a difficult life and happy that he came back but i wonder why kajol is so cold towards him may be the headache :S n i love srk and preity fightings :D
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    Well the headache has another story and the cold way too.:bounce:
    enjoy reading :hug:
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    Ok i read all the chapters and i enjoyed it so so so much that i want more soon plz , like now :D , i am loving all the characters , Saif is cute n he likes kajol i guess Poor srk he cant do anything about it but why????? Felt bad for Rani that she is a widow sigh but love her kids , priety is cute she likes Saif hope he notices it n Amira is the cutest , want more plz!!!!! :cheer2::faint::dance::cheer2:
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    More more more more more:amen:
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    I am glad that you liked the story:bounce::hug::hug:
    you will find out further what is SRK's real story... be patient:eyebrows:
    I am happy that you liked the Characters and especially the character of "Amira" because i do behave this way... or this is the way i behaved in the dream:dance:
    i hope you enjoy the next chapters:D
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    Don't worry, i am working on them and i will be posting in couple of days :D :D
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    couple of days ???? :(:(:( , i love Amira :)
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    I am updating right now :D
    thanks, you are so cute :hug:
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