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Everyone Likes MNIK !!

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Members' started by Lia, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Lia

    Lia Well-Known Member

    Before I watched MNIK, I already promoted this movie to my friends. and 2 of my friends who even aren't Hindi movies fans feel interested to watch, and finally they watched MNIK before me. I felt so curious if they will like it or not. then.. one of them messaged me... she said... " Oww.. it's a very great movie, Lia. my tears still in my eyes". I was so glad to hear that... they who even aren't fans of Hindi movies.... LIKE MNIK !! :target:

    I watched MNIK on 14th Feb twice in a day. First, together with 60 SRK's fans from SRK FC Indonesia in Centre Jakarta area. and the second times, I watched with my sister in different theatre in South Jakarta still in the same day. In my first watched, the seats 80% full. but on my second watched, it's 100% full !! I heard, in some Premier Studio also always full booked. The audiences.. not only NRI, but I found various people. Beside NRI, lots of pure Indonesians and even chinese.. all came to watch MNIK. And lately MNIK always in the headline on my local TV, Newspapers and websites in Indonesia. I'm so happy to know MNIK gets high appreciations in Indonesia.. and also in the other overseas.

    My Name is Khan.... is a very amazing movie and also a very brave movie with the social issue and religions inside. MNIK is a different movie by Karan Johar. So many messages and lessons in this movie. It’s about love, humanity, peaceful and.. making the world realize that Islam is not terrorist. Many religions in this world but they have same missions, teaching for the goodness. In this movie, we also can see the tolerations among people who in different religions and different races. This movie also teach us how to be good people. Karan has been proving that he is a great director not only for commercial movies but also for a story movie with social issue and religions. That’s very brave coz it will get high risk. How Karan try to tell the messages of this movies was so intelligent.
    The screenplay, the effect, and all in technicly are awesome. Seems I was watching a Hollywood movie. The music also awesome. For the casts….. perfect !! I love to see all the casts’s acting. They all so natural. Zakir, Zakir’s wife, Sarah, Reese, Sameer, Rizvan mother… they have been doing great jobs. Kajol… wow… I love to see her as Mandira, she’s doing perfectly and I think Mandira is only for Kajol. And Shahrukh?? Once again he’s proving that He is The King.. not only The King Khan or King of Bollywood but also The King of the world. Shahrukh once again proving that he can out from Rahul or Raj image. Those who always say that Shahrukh only can do stereotype, can shut up their mouth. It’s not easy to play an autist man with a lovely heart and intelligent brain. And Shahrukh did perfectly to play Rizvan Khan. When I watch Rizvan Khan I can forget that he is Shahrukh Khan, but he is only Rizvan Khan. Shahrukh undoubtly deserves to get the best actor in all awards next year.

    I’m planning to watch MNIK for the 3rd times this week with my other friends. And perhaps there will be the 4th or 5th times.
  2. Lia

    Lia Well-Known Member

    I'm just back from watching MNIK for the 3rd times with my another friends. So amazing.... My Name is Khan is more rocking !!! I almost didn't get the tickets. I got information that MNIK has been added from showing 4 times a day become 5 times a day in all Theatre in Jakarta. And.. I heard MNIK also will be coming soon showing to the theatres which not showing it yet. MNIK always full book in all time and all theatre in Indonesia. MNIK already become a Hot spoken here, all local TV and newspapers talk about MNIK. wow.... it's so amazing !! I amaze with this amazing respons. it's rare happened in here... the most booming bollywood movie in Indonesia is KKHH. I'm so happy now MNIK can be so success as KKHH here.
  3. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    great yaar, nice to see you liked that:hug:
  4. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    thanks for the nice review dear:hug:
    glad you like.
  5. Lia

    Lia Well-Known Member

    Thank you shereen and Meshanna... surely I love this movie and also everyone. will watch again for the 4th. I just open twitter and searching with key word my name is khan, I found lots of people in Indonesia talk about MNIK. everyone loves that movie... though many of them never watch bollywood movie. Well, I'm so happy and proud to be Shahrukh Khan's fans ... so proud MNIK got many good respons in Indonesia.

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