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Discussion in 'Endorsements' started by phul, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Thank you Vegainko. :)
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  2. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

  3. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member

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  4. RizwanaShahrukh

    RizwanaShahrukh I love SRK

  5. srkgauri

    srkgauri Well-Known Member

    a part of the shooting happened at a public garden near my house , here are some pics we could take
    994218_10151725069714711_392078985_n.jpg 12058_10201962818093585_1787255460_n.jpg 972204_10201962817173562_258557420_n.jpg 1000373_10201962825973782_1842480775_n.jpg 1000992_10201976968527337_1331483027_n.jpg 1006208_10201976975127502_1115504375_n.jpg
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  6. srkgauri

    srkgauri Well-Known Member

  7. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member

    srkgauri, wow, you've seen how the shooting took place?? and how was it?
  8. srkgauri

    srkgauri Well-Known Member

    it was simply UNBELIEVABLE
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  9. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member

    And the more you can?????? I just shudder!
  10. srkgauri

    srkgauri Well-Known Member

    he was there for about 25mins danced a bit with the dancers and left , i was so happy seeing him dancing and smiling he was looking so gorgeous as always
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  11. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member

    I envy white envy you)))))
  12. Xeny

    Xeny ❤️‍ ART

    OMG! lucky you! can imagine how happy you were.
  13. Anjali72

    Anjali72 Thanx Shah Rukh!!!

    Congratulations to you!!!:cheer2::hug:
  14. srkgauri

    srkgauri Well-Known Member

    thank you so much
  15. Sofie

    Sofie Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much srkgauri!:) The pics turn out great. You're really lucky!:D
  16. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    nice experience srkgauri:)
    and a big thanks for the wonderful pics and the report:hug:
  17. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Wow!!! The way he's waving to you is sooo sweet!!!:heart: Congratulations Salma!!:hug::kiss:

    Thank you so much for sharing all these pictures Rizwana and Salma!!:)
    nika says thanks.
  18. Vegainko

    Vegainko Well-Known Member

    It is really GREAT!!!:heart: Congrats!:)
  19. Arpan Srk

    Arpan Srk Nam to suna hoga

    wow lucky you ! i can understand how happy and excited u were during seeing him beside your house ..superb :) thanx for taking pics and sharing with us :)
  20. RizwanaShahrukh

    RizwanaShahrukh I love SRK

    OMG! Salma!!!! Thanks a ton :hug: I am dying to hear the full story...please write it :D

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