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Ep 6 Translations

Discussion in 'KAPPSTH - Translations' started by sonal, May 4, 2008.

  1. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    Hey guys :hug: I know Im late with the translations, but I have some work to do before Im able to sit and watch the show. So I should have them up tonight. Stay Tuned.... :thumb:
  2. malukita7

    malukita7 Yeh ladka hai Allah!

    Re : Ep 6 Translations

    no problem Sweetu ;) take your time :hug:
  3. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    Take all your time sweetie :hug:, there is no hurry!

    Thank you :thumb:!
  4. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    :hug: thanks for all of your patience.... so here we go :D

    SRK: (enters on a skate board) Bless the kids, Salaam to the elders, and I am Shahrukh Khan here with Airtel Presents are you smarter than a 5th grader. I know that today you probably ate an eggplant, but did you ever think if it was a veggie or a fruit? You made loads of muscles going to the gym, but which is the body's biggest bone? Do you know? You have seen loads of butterflies fly, but have you ever counted their legs? If not then do so because if there are 4 or 6 legs, the butterfly wont care but you would because questions and answers like this can help you win 5 crores. Just like that there is a student from yesterday here who was trying to win the 5 crores, 18 yrs old Neha.

    Nice to have you back! When Neha was in our school our class yesterday, she had won 20,000 Rs. She is very smart and this is her medal. You had chosen your partner already so Dhairya come back fast.

    So I had seen this video where you sing a song to describe yourself.

    N: It was from your film
    SRK: Thats why it was good.
    N: (sings Chale jaise hawaien)
    SRK: Choose a subject....
    N: Class 2 Monuments and PLaces


    N: There is the Chaar Minaar in Hyderabad, but I dont remember when it was made.
    SRK: You dont remember?
    N: nope.
    SRK: its a class 2 question
    N: 1591
    SRK: You still have two cheats. Taak Jhaank or copy. so like i say when you cant use your brain, fake it.
    N: I want to use a cheat.
    SRK: You want to cheat. Look at his size. He is half of you.
    N: But since its allowed, why not?
    SRK: What do you mean allowed? You didnt think what would people think of you doing this? Youre saying it with such pride. I came cheating from a small kid.
    N: its better than saying that I came failing.
    SRK: Ok then. What do you want to do?
    N: Taak Jhaank
    SRK: Ok but you have to fix it and say that I want to cheat off a small child using Taak Jhaank
    N: (says it)
    SRK: Youve said it so happily so we'll show you Dhairya's answer on the board...he has written Char Minaar.
    N: Ok, why are you looking at me like that?
    SRK: Then tell me how to look? I only know how to look like this...
    N: Ill fix Chaar Minaar
    SRK: (at Dhairya) How confident are you?
    Dh: Confident
    SRK: He doesnt give the wrong answer so right answer!!!
  5. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: So you have won 50,000 Rs. So now you are playing for 1 Lakh Rs. So lets find out if he is smarter than a 5th grader.
    N: Before that I have one wish
    SRK: Tell me what the wish is
    N: My mother's name is Kiran...and there is that famous dialogue of yours...
    SRK: The one where I stutter
    N: Yes. I wish that you say it once for her.
    SRK: For your mother right...daddy wont feel bad? I love you k k k k kiran.
    Ok lots of love with your family, now chose the category for the next question...
    N: Lets go slow...so class 2 stories.


    SRK: Tell me the name of the Pandavs
    N: Who were they uh... Arjun, Yudhishtir,
    SRK: Tell me how many there were...
    N: 5
    SRK: 5!!! Your lucky number
    N: It should be Arjun
    SRK: Tell me all 5. You thought it was arjun, then the other was?
    N: yudhishtir
    SRK: There are three left
    N: But i think its arjun. im remembering Karan Arjun...
    SRK: so you think one pandav was karan?
    N: no...now im confused with pandav and kaurav
    SRK: you have three choices. You have a cheat, or you can guess but if youre wrong the you win nothing and game is over or you can leave with the money you have now
    N:Should i go with arjun or not?
    SRK: If you go or not thats your personal life
    N: i think i want to go with arjun
    SRK: you sure?
    N: yes. (she is and IDIOT!!!! Sorry had to put that in there, Its BHIM)
    SRK: Your family is here
    N: My brother.
    SRK: Aditya what do you think?
    Adi: I think its Bhim
    N: Its not Bhim (IDIOT!!!!!)
    SRK: Its not Bhim (imitates her)
    If you are wrong you will have to leave the class. The bad news is that Arjun is the wrong answer. If you would have copied, then Dhairya's answer is: Bhim. You came here and played well and I pray that you get all that you wish for. You have to finish that deal I had asked for at the beginning of the show...please dont feel bad and look like this... if anyone comes to the school and feels sad, i dont like it... Laugh for us
    N: It should come from the heart.
    SRK: Oh, its become a bit sour now
    N: Dil se...your film...
    SRK: You've been watching too many movies and studying less, ive noted.
    N: (says the promise)

    SRK: We do have a new student but Ill tell you after the tiffin break, but what must you do? Hw. So here is your first hw question...
  6. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back to my special school. The next classmate 38yr old from Thane, Vicky Rusi Driver. How do you feel?
    V: Very excited!
    SRK: Feeling good
    V: Very
    SRK: And youll try to win the 5 crores
    V: Definitely.
    SRK: How did you prepare?
    V: I took 5 days off
    SRK: Then who was collecting the tickets?
    V: Who ever is left.
    SRK: Everyone else... and you have two kids that are helping you?
    V: Definitely. They were tutoring me for the five days
    SRK: How old are they and what are their names?
    V: Older daughter is Monica Driver, 14yrs old, Zubeen, 11 yrs old.
    SRK: So theyve tutored you alot
    V: Alot.
    SRK: Ive heard that you do something really weird that is your favorite. Its the funniest thing about you that you do with your lips.
    V: Yes. Youd want to see it?
    SRK: Please?
    V: (does it)
    SRK: You look like a walrus

    (explains rules)

    V: Ill chose my son's look alike Dhairya
    SRK: Wow he is getting such love, Ill give him some too so maybe he'll start to like me
    V: Which is your favorite?
    Dh: Hindi, Stories, General Know.
    V: general Know.


    SRK: Dhairya has fixed his answer
    V: I think its 5
    SRK: 5? You also have the three cheats (explains)
    V: I think ill fix it
    SRK: ok then fix it.

    Right answer for you and Dhairya!
  7. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: You can choose the next category
    V: History
    SRK: Indian History ok, but before that lets take a quick tiffin break and see if the head TTE wins 5 crores or not....take a tiffin break.

    Welcome back to our class room. I was playing with Vicky and he chose Indian History for his next question...


    V: The rashtrapati bhavan in Delhi
    SRK: yes
    V: near you
    SRK: I live in Mumbai
    V: But you do know something
    SRK: I know everything
    V: but some are lenient (conjugates the verb for feminine ending)
    SRK: must be but i am (in masculine conjugation)
    V: I think ill have to cheat
    SRK: let me tell you something, this little boy, when he needs to cross the road, he needs to be held.
    V: Ill do that
    SRK: but at this point he is holding your hand and you dont feel ashamed that you are doing this?
    V: Ill have to cheat
    SRK: Which one?
    V: taak Jhaank
    SRK: ok so you have to fix it and say i want to cheat off a small child
    V: (repeats it)
    SRK: Lets see his answer on the board. Edwin Lutens. You remember anything?
    V: Well it would be during the british time...ill go with Dhairya
    SRK: The railways were done by them too?
    V: Yes
    SRK: So lets see who made the rashtrapati bhavan (presidents home)

    You put all your faith in Dhairya. Dhairya, if you get it right, you want a side deal?
    Dh: yes 5 laps around the whole set.
    SRK: So if he gets it right, youll need to run around the set 5 times
    V: deal
    SRK: Its a deal?
    Dh; Yes
    SRK: Ok prepare your feet because its the right answer!
    V: I have to pick him up and run?
    SRK: If you want.
    Dh: No, without me.
    SRK: Ok then alone.....sit like this...
    Dh: On your marks...
    SRK: Ok wait...

    Vicky runs.... (so sweet)

    SRK: so Dhairya will go back and youll have to choose another class mate...
  8. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    V: Shriya, oblique of Monica.
    SRK: Your wife is also here.
    V: Yes
    SRK: Hello...what is your name?
    Wife: Paruchit Driver.
    SRK: Is there a simple name?
    Wife: Pearl
    SRK: Thank you. You liked it that he came here and excerised?
    Wife: a lot.
    SRK: he does this much at home?
    Wife: No.
    SRK: Im sure that he has cheated already, but from monica or shriya he wont.
    V: Geo.


    SRK: as you read the question, Shriya answered it. East would be?
    V: Towards west Bengal
    SRK: North?
    V: Jammu
    SRK: do it towards yourself so its easier...so head is north
    V: Yeah
    SRK: South?
    V: Chennai
    SRK: towards the feet
    V: yes
    SRK: Spread your hands for east and west.
    V: east here west here....indonesia or malaysia
    SRK: You think its one of those...
    V: yes
    SRK: Kids i think Vicky needs some support....Zor laga ke, Dum Laga Ke
    V: Where should i put force?
    SRK: East.
    V: East...i want to fix malaysia
    SRK: Fix that? if you are wrong then only shriya can save you if she is right.
    V: i ll go with malayasia
    SRK: was it a guess or pakka? (KBC terms lol)
    V: Not a guess, but if we moved Malaysia
    SRK: so if you move it about it would have fit...thats the wrong answer...your game can finish right here unless shriya is right...what has she written? Burma...if thats wrong, then your game ends here right now...if she is right you stay in the game.
    V: what ever god wants
    SRK: So pray that malaysia doesnt come up and burma doesnt move elsewhere....
    V: itll be right.
    SRK: If your that confident then its the right answer! Are you tensed now?
    V: yes
    SRK: You asked if i was lenient or not, i am so ill give you a small tiffin break so that you can warm up but for you at home there is no break, here is your next hw question....
  9. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. With us here is Vicky Rusi Driver who has won 50,000 with Shriya's help. Ive heard that you sing nice Vicky
    V: I sing...
    SRK: Sing something for us...
    V: (sings...well!!!! :D )
    SRK: Your song isnt towards me that Im asking hard questions? That Im breaking your heart?
    V: No.
    SRK: You sang a sad song...ill show you easy ones now...so please choose the next one
    V: Science


    SRK: Shriya has answered very quickly
    V: Water is tasteless....it evaporates. and it freezes also...
    SRK: Its a simple question. which class was it?
    Sh: 3rd
    SRK: 3rd, so its not hard. so its not rocket science
    V: i want to go with water.
    SRK: Ok then fix it
    V; water
    SRK: let me see what the kids have written. sreeporna wrote iodine, shriya wrote, she wrote water in hindi also...because you took longer. but if she is wrong...
    V: ill stick with water..
    SRK: youve already gone with it my friend...youre in the water. right answer!
  10. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Now choose the next student.
    V: Anubhav
    SRK: He is our dancer and is also very smart. Dance with me once...
    V: there is a dance subject?
    SRK: Nope but we dance like idiots on the show...
    V: ill also do it.
    SRK: ok lets go for it.

    After this we will take dance classes with you but first choose the next category because this is the safe zone...so you will at least win this amount if you are correct.
    V: Personalities


    SRK: Do you have any ideas?
    V: before cheating can we quit?
    SRK: let me tell you the options. you have copy, so he has now fixed it...or you can leave with the money, or give the right answer and win more...
    V: you call it brail
    SRK: What you call it?
    V: Brail
    SRK: anubhav did take time in answering
    V: because he might have been stuck also
    SRK: Youre not even thinking about yourself but of Anubhav
    V: i think ill take the chance...if i fail i fail
    SRK: but if you fail you take home nothing...if you have something in mind...
    V: i have no idea...ill quit.
    SRK: for 1 lakh rs
    V: yes...
    SRK: ok so say that you came to win 5 crores, you tried and that now you want to leave...
    V: (repeats it)
    SRK: its ok, youve won 1 lakh rs. let me show you what the kids wrote. Shriya went about it smartly and wrote head of blind institute, and dhairya wrote ???, but the correct answer is Louis Braille, ...Anubhav wrote, Thomas Edison...
    Anubhav: It was too hard
    SRK: Yes it was hard...its ok.
    But you have to complete your deal with me....
    V: (says it)
  11. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: OK so we have time for another student because the school is still open my friends, but for now take a quick tiffin break.

    Welcome back...so we have time for another student. She is 19 yrs old studying Dentistry, welcome Jyoti.

    That was fantastic Jyoti, you danced nice. Youre a dentistry student, so I want you to check me next time coz of this dance and all...

    J: My honor
    SRK: Youll do it?
    J: Surely
    SRK: What yr are you in?
    J: 2nd yr
    SRK: and your nicknames are jojo monty chowchow
    J: yes
    SRK: Theyre all separate why? Jojo meaning?
    J; because jyoti is my name.
    SRK: chow chow?
    J: because i talk alot
    SRK: ok because you talk alot. so youre called chow chow. like the chow mein right? then monty?
    J: i dont know, but people from mom's side called me that.
    SRK: so mom's side called you that but you never asked why?
    J:i was a kid
    SRK: but now when youre older you didnt ask?
    J: nope
    SRK: so what do i call you?
    J: people that are close to me call me Jojo. And im a big fan of yours so..
    SRK: thank you jojo...who's here from your family?
    J: my dad
    SRK: Sir, your name?
    Dad: Dr. Sonkar.
    SRK: Youre also a Doc?
    Dad: Yes.
    SRK: What type?
    Dad: General
    SRK: ok....so you have taught her?
    Dad: yes for 3,4 days
    SRK: yelled at her?
    Dad: have been
    SRK: you put her in the corner when she gives a wrong answer?
    Dad: hahaha (laughs)
    SRK: yes? ok. dr sir is strict and says yes....so you know the rules so pick a student
    J: Dhairya
    SRK: SO lets see if JoJo Monty ChowChow is smarter than a 5th grader... I have a deal (explains)
    J: ok on a condition. if you can make a deal so can i.
    SRK: ok...
    J: so if this happens, ill have to dance with you once.
    SRK: 100%
    J: class 1 hindi


    SRK: dhaiyra is very happy and he has fixed his answer
    J: main means i, so it would be hum meaning we.
    SRK: dont be tense because i know its a bit nerve racking here...
    J: but its coz of you.
    SRK: I make you nervous?
    J: its just your presence that can do that
    SRK: i dont make anyone nervous...im a good teacher.
    J: i want to leave the class....we want to leave the class....
    SRK: You want to go?
    J: nope.
    SRK: youre practicing
    J: yes
    SRK: Sorry
    J: i want to go with Hum
    SRK: fix it...
    J: can u do it for me?
    SRK: You dont remove teeth like, oh maybe this or that one?
    J: No im confident with that.
    SRK: Ok. then decide..
    J: Ok Hum.
    SRK: you took so long and after all that thinking...what was the need? it was the right answer! very good...
  12. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Youre playing well JoJo Monty Chow chow chow chow chow....(bell rings) that bell means to say Jao Jao (go go go).
    J: Ill come tomorrow.
    SRK: Yes youll stay in this school overnight. and we will continue this game with you, so Dhairya go and sit down...so its time for me to ask riddles there...so you stay here...

    Kids, today, i wont tell a story but ill ask a riddle, and ive seen that you guys dont like my stories... come here...my punjabi kids....come close to me..ok, first one is, white chicken, green feathers, tell me or go home.

    Anubhav: (i couldnt hear what the thing was but it was something who's hair has dandruff)
    SRK: nope. you tell me...
    Shrya: Idli (rice cake) with Chutney
    SRK: nope
    Dhariya: Broken egg?
    SRK: nope! it means Radish!!!
    Kids: Oh
    SRK: good one? now ill ask a easy one. without calling a doctor came quietly and gave an injection.
    Sreeporna: Dentist?
    SRK: nope thats her.
    Milan: Nurse
    SRK: nope not nurse. Ill say? Mosquito.

    wow such nice riddles i asked right? so we'll stop taling about radish and mosquitos, but talk about moola, meaning money. so you can come and win money also...since its a sunday show, we'll see you in 4 days and 30 hrs. so we wont say kalvida, but Alvida!
  13. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    Sonal, thank you sweetie so much :kiss: it's really great and amazing what you are doing for those of us who are hindi challenged. Thank you! :hug:
  14. carinae

    carinae Knightwriter®

    the work you do with the translations, sonal, is tremendous:) thank you very, very much!:kiss:
  15. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    :hug: youre welcome sweetus....
  16. Rajshri

    Rajshri Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much Sweetoo!!!!!!!! You Rock! :kiss:
  17. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    :hug: youre welcome yaar.... :D

    He had to be the cutest in this episode....esp with his outfit....looked adorable :heart:
  18. CEL

    CEL New Member

    Thanks for the translations!
  19. jayakrishnav

    jayakrishnav New Member

    now , there ia short cut for entry into aap paancvi, reality show.. airtel double promotion contest. sms to 55000. only airtel customers are eliguble/ i received a nessage. will anyone confirm whether this is true.
  20. hakim

    hakim Well-Known Member

    sonal you are doing a marvelous job translating, you don't know how much we appreciate it and its been very helpful yaar thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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