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Ep. 5 Translations

Discussion in 'KAPPSTH - Translations' started by sonal, May 3, 2008.

  1. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    Will start with them in a bit. i was watching the match and i need to eat :D
  2. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: (enters as cutely as possible) Thank you everyone! (kids enter also) Namaste and Salaam to all of India. This is my special school, and Ill first introduce you to my 5th graders. (introduces) My whole class will talk with you, and I'll of course keep chatting with you. But have you ever heard the talking of a book? Books want to say something. They want to stay with you. In books there is lots going on and fairy's tales as well. Books have the mysteries of rockets and the voice of science. The books have such a huge world, books are the treasure of knowledge. Wouldnt you want to be part of such a world? Yes these were tid bits of Hashmi's poems which tell us that books are very important in our lives. And reading such books and trying to win 5 crores, with us since yesterday is the next contestant Priyanka Chaterjee. How do you feel being here?

    P: Im really happy and I love it. I also hope to win 5 crores
    SRK: Tell me something Priyanka, if you win the 5 crores, what will you do?
    P: First Ill take a world tour with Mom and Dad, then Ill buy a house, and a car. Thats it. Thats all Ive thought of, once I get the money Ill think more.
    SRK: Your mom has come here today? Lets meet her. Where is your mom?
    P: There
    SRK: Namaste Mummji, how are you? What is your name?
    M: (wasnt heard)
    SRK: What do you think? Priyanka will get the 5 crores and take you on a world tour?
    M: I hope
    SRK: You've taught her, by yelling and what not?
    P: I wasnt bothered.
    SRK: Ok so she wasnt interested?
    M: From 1-5. But after the 9th she picked up.
    SRK: Ok then we'll ask from the 9th. The show's name is 5th grade pass, but we'll ask questions from the 9th grade.


    P: I wouldnt want to leave the game.
    SRK: Yeah you wouldnt. We dont want the kids at home to think that leaving school is a good thing. I have a deal...by chance...
    P: I also have a deal.
    SRK: Ok you tell yours first. Ive just come like that.
    P: If i give the first answer then I want to ball dance with you.
    SRK: Ok ball dance meaning dancing on top of a ball....Ok Ill dance with you but now listen to my deal, its very simple. (the usual) These kids are here to help you so go ahead and choose one...
    P: I want to choose Anubhav.

    SRK: Anubhav do you know bengali?
    Anu: Yes
    SRK: Want to wish her anything?
    P: Really?
    SRK: Yes he is from Bengal, want to wish her anything?
    Anu: (says in bengali, play really fast and well, and.... Sorry i couldnt understand the rest)
    P: totally.

    P: Animal Kingdom


    SRK: Anubhav has fixes his answer quickly.
    P: Yes, but I have to think of something. I think I have heard the name of Humming Bird as the smallest bird in the world. And I dont think there is anything else...
    SRK: What are you looking at up there? A humming Bird?
    P: Im looking for a bird. I want to go with Humming Bird.
    SRK: Ok and today instead of fixing it, youll phata phati it.
    P: Yes Ill fix it.
    SRK: Right answer!
  3. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    Sorry guys I need to go out for a few errands, Ill post the rest later.
  4. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    thanks Speedy Gonzales, take your time. :p
  5. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    thanks didi :hug: i have finals coming so i had to run out and make copies for the students...some have come for help so im attending to them :) ill post the rest later :) promise :thumb:
  6. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    Sonal, I really appreciate your hard work with the translations :hug:, especially after watching a 4-hour cricket game ;).
  7. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    thanks yesim.... :hug:

    guys, i have students over right now... i should have this up before tomorrow morning....itll be late tonight though, but it will be done :thumb: just bear with me :)
  8. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    alrighty guys, here we go again :)

    SRK: choose the next category.
    Anu: General Knowledge and sports.
    P: Ok Ill go on faith of you, General Knowlegde.
    SRK: Class 4 General Knowledge


    P: Ok this is a bit confusing.
    SRK: Anubhav has already fixed his answer, quickly.
    P: I find it a bit confusing
    SRK: Why is it confusing? Its a class 4 question. Where have you studied til?
    P: Im doing graduation right now...
    SRK: So meaning you have passed the 4th standard
    P: Yes I have
    SRK: Obviously, but on this show we have a saying that if your head doesnt work, faking it does. There are three cheats (explains them)
    P: I want to use a cheat.
    SRK: This early? Want to cheat from a small kid
    P: Yeah I did as a kid.
    SRK: But as a kid you were cheating off a kid your age na?
    P: Every one does it
    SRK: Everyone?
    P: You must have done it also
    SRK: No, i never did such a thing. Im a very honest guy.
    P: Ok I want to use a cheat, I want to Taak Jhaank
    SRK: OK so fix it and say that you want to Taak Jhaank
    P: I want to Taak Jhaank
    SRK: You said it with such pride. Please show Anubhav's answer on the board. He has written Bachendri Pal. Heard of the name?
    P: I've heard of it.
    SRK: What do you think?
    P: I dont know. I cant remember the name.
    SRK: So whats the confusion?
    P: Ok lets trust him and go with the answer.
    SRK: If the answer is wrong then you'll lose the game right here.
    P: I dont think so.
    SRK: Then what do you want to do?
    P: Ill go with it
    SRK: Ok then fix it and say I want to go with this little kid's answer.
    P: (Repeats it)
    SRK: And what did you say? Rock Korbe? (Rock it?)
    Anu: Yes
    SRK: Right Answer!
  9. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: And let me also remind you one thing, Anubhav has already helped you for two questions so he cannot help you anymore. You want to say thank you in Bengali?
    P: Dhonobaad
    SRK: (repeats it) Ok Ill learn some Bengali from you because its necessary now a days. So lets take a tiffin break, so lets see if Priyanka Chopra can..
    P: Not Chopra, Chaterjee
    SRK: Oh sorry, see you're more beautiful than her....but before the break let me give you your first hw question....

    SRK: Welcome back to my unique school. Let me remind you that our phone lines are still open and will remain so until May 4th, meaning til tomorrow. So here we have Priyanka Chaterjee trying to win 5 crores, so call fast, come here and play and try to win 5 crores. But before we move on people have asked me a question... People have asked me what this tablet is (the thing he holds). It is the Compaq's kid. Its a baby Compaq and it lets me read the questions in Hindi. Ok so you have two cheats and your deal...so what do you want to do?
    P: I want to finish the deal first.
    SRK: You want to dance on a song
    P: Yes
    SRK: With me, a ball dance?
    P: Yes.
    SRK: Can we have the song please? Let's see what song we have. (Aankhon Mein Teri) Come.

    Very well done Priyanka. I think there is some acting germ in you. You want to act?
    P: I used to do a lot as a child. Whenever there was a test in school then I used to fall sick. I used to get a tummy ache, or head ache, or any body part used to hurt.
    SRK: How did you act out your tummy ache?
    P: Mummy.... In bengali.
    SRK: In bengali? Let me hear it once...
    P: (says in bengali)
    SRK: (imitates) Ok very good, but our class mates dont do any of this. Quickly choose the next student.
    P: Sreeporna
  10. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: How are you? Good?
    Sree: Not good at all
    SRK: Why what happened?
    Sree: I dont ever get to talk in this class. Thats why Ive taken the decision that I will sing at any cost.
    SRK: Oh if you have taken the decision then how can we stop you? Go ahead and sing...
    Sree:Ok good. Ill sing one of your songs.
    SRK: Sing please...
    Sree: ok. (deewangi is what she sung)
    SRK: Very good! And the best thing is that Im surrounded by dancing girls. So what was that? "Kata Khati?"
    P: Phata Phati
    SRK: Yes lets begin...
    P: Class 1 Social Studies


    SRK: Sreeporna has fixed her answer
    P: I have seen the national Flag
    SRK: You have? Very good.
    P: Its orange on top, I was going to say yellow almost.
    SRK: Tell me the exact colours of the flag
    P: There is orange, green, white and blue. And the white part has a blue wheel in it
    SRK: So the stripe that in on top, tell me that colour.
    P: Saffron?
    SRK: How sure are you?
    P: Saffron should be the right answer...I think its Saffron. I want to Fix it.
    SRK: Saffron is on top, then white in the middle and then green at the bottom, are you sure?
    P: Yes
    SRK: Everyone should know the answer to this question of the national flag, so I wont confuse you. You have the right answer!
  11. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Your categories are there in many colors. Choose one.
    P: I want to go with Sreeporna and choose Science.
    SRK: Ok class 3 science.


    SRK: Do you know what Mangal Grah is?
    P: Mars.
    SRK: Mars. Sreeporna has fixed her answer.
    P: Mars Ive not seen it as yet, with a naked eye.
    SRK: Which ones have you seen?
    P: I havent seen any planet. I saw Venus when it had come. With a telescope.
    SRK: Venus?
    P: Yes.
    SRK: Venus had come to you?
    P: It was in the sky.
    SRK: What was the full name? Venus Banerjee? So is it true or false?
    P: False.
    SRK: What do you want to do? Kids quickly say, Zor laga ke, Dum Laga Ke... Cmon Priyanka.
    P: Ok i dont think we can see Mars with a naked eye.
    SRK: So is your answer right or wrong?
    P: True or false?
    SRK: Yes, thats what I asked.
    P: I know, so I think Ill go with True.
    SRK: Its your call.
    P: Should i fix it?
    SRK: Your choice go ahead.
    P: Fix
    SRK: Your answer was True for 1 lakh rs. Ill tell you what Sreeporna's answer was. Its False...So she thinks that you can see Mars with a naked eye. You think that you cannot. Only one of you are right. What do you think? But the good thing is that if your answer is wrong, she can save you. If youre right then you dont need to use that cheat.
    P: Lets leave it on fate
    SRK: Fate? Ok then you can leave it on fate, and we'll give you some more tension...so lets take a tiffin break and see if she will still play or will her game be over....take a tiffin break please...
  12. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back to the game once again. With us we had Priyanka Chaterjee who was playing for 1 lakh rs. Your question was (quest). You said it was true and Sreeporna said false and only one of you is right. The bad news is that you are wrong Priyanka and the good news is that Sreeporna has saved you for 1 lakh Rs. Well Done!

    And let me tell you that Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn are so close to the Earth that we can see them with the naked eye. How do you feel now?

    P: Relaxed but I only have one cheat.
    SRK: One cheat only and Sreeporna's time with us is also finished. So go back and thank you very much for being here...you can choose the next student.
    P: Milanjeet.
    SRK: Milanjeet you come first in class
    M: I come 2nd or 3rd because Im an all rounder. Those that come first arent all rounders...
    SRK: He isnt first because he's an all rounder, and his cheeks are round and Priyanka wants to pinch them... She has pinched them and in punjabi you call it "putna." Its the safe level now....
    P: Class 2 computers.
    SRK: You work for Vipro?
    P: Yes
    SRK: You might get help then....Class 2 computers


    P: It cant be private.
    SRK: Milanjeet has fixed his answer.
    P: Professional, it can be because we use it Professionally.
    SRK: You dont use it Privately.
    P: Its not Private
    SRK: So you cant use it Publicly.
    P: I think the answer is Personal
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    P: I want to fix it.
    SRK: If you get this right then you win, and Milanjeet's answer was Personal and so was yours so you get 2 lakh Rs.!
  13. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    P: And since I have given two more right answers, I want to hear a dialogue from your film, KKHH, so please say any dialoue
    SRK: I only remember one....Tum Nahin Samjhogi Anjali, KKHH.

    Ok so you have reached the safe mark but the next question that you are going for is a big one.
    P: Say god's name and go ahead.
    SRK: By taking God's name lets move ahead to 5 lakhs.
    P: Class 3 sports


    P: I've never played but i have watched the game.
    SRK: you have watched it
    P: I only watch cricket.
    SRK: Milanjeet has fixed his answer
    P: He will get it right.
    SRK: Have you ever seen it?
    P: No
    SRK: NO?
    P: yes we have....in school we used to play.
    SRK: You are at a safe zone. So if you are wrong and Milanjeet is wrong then you will at least win 2 lakh rs.
    P: I want to Copy.
    SRK: Copy? What did you think the answer was?
    P: 10
    SRK: the correct answer is 5. the only way you can be safe is if Milanjeet has the right answer.
    P: Dont scare me anymore please...tell me the answer
    SRK: Lets see what the kids have written. Lets see Dhairya's answer....he wrote 5. If Milanjeet has the wrong answer you will have to leave the game with 2 lakhs. He has written 11.

    Its ok....you played well Milanjeet, you answered the others correct. You also played well Priyanka, you will win 2lakh rs. Ive kept all of your deals so you have to keep mine as well...You have to tell all of your friends, co workers, famiy, that I Priyanka Chaterjee....you cant change your name to Priyanka Chopra now...

    P: I have lots of certificates, and prizes but let me say one thing bro, im not smarter than a fifth grader.

    SRK: That was very sporting and you played well.....we do have another student to play with but after a small tiffin break, but for you at home there is no break....here is your second hw question.
  14. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: welcome back to KAPPS...im ready and my classmates are ready. My compaq's baby is also ready and so is our next contestant Neha Baalra from Bangalore (18yrs old)

    (she comes in kissing Anubhav, and Hugging srk :mad2: :D )

    She is the youngest contestant. You have deep dimples.
    N: just like yours
    SRK: Yours are deeper
    N: Nope...
    SRK: If you lay down in the rain the water will collect there. What are you doing now?
    N: BBM, business managment.
    SRK: Youre 18yrs old so you should remember school studies.
    N: Maybe....let's see
    SRK: When is this pic from?
    N: from 5th
    SRK: Ive heard you have been the head girl.
    N: Yes...look there arent any teeth
    SRK: Only one is not there....are they fake?
    N: no theyre real.
    SRK: Do eeee let me see
    N: eeee
    SRK: Very good. and you have won trophies also in science...
    N: Ive brought them
    SRK: let me see...ok this in science, ill leave this here so we are reminded how smart and intelligent she is.
    N: Dont flatter me that much
    SRK: and this?
    N: Its a sports medal
    SRK: SO wear this so we are reminded that we have a smart sports player here. DO you know my deal?
    N: What is it?
    SRK: (the promise as usual) do you think youll have to say it?
    N: I hope not. Its up to God.
    SRK: Ok these are my students you can choose one to help you.
    N: I want to choose Shriya

    SRK: How do you feel here?
    Shr: Very good
    N: Color coordination is all matching...
    SRK: All of ours...we're pinkies today.... (Luxia the cricket match :D rofl)
    N: before we start i want to say that i have a 5th funda of sorts. Its a big relation. Ill tell you how, the flight i took was at 5, the counter number for the ticket was also 5, my bday is on 23rd, so 2+3 is 5, the episode no. is 5, and the car number is also 555.
    SRK: Wow. Fantastic.
    N: there are 5 kids, 5 crores, lots of 5's
    SRK: By god you will win in 5 minutes and go home...
    N: No i want at least 5 hrs with you...
    SRK: Sorry, not 5 hrs but 50 minutes we can be together.
    N: Class 1 Hindi....start slow...


    N: Script right?
    SRK: Lipi.
    N: Script right?
    SRK: Yes. And Shriya has fixed her answer...
    N: you've asked too much hindi....i dont know that much
    SRK: Class 1 question
    N: Devanagri
    SRK: Smile so we can see the dimples
    N: You also smile with me
    SRK: Thats all i do....thats what i get paid for
    N: Will i get it also
    SRK: Inshallah
    N: Should I go with it or not
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    N: I want to go with it.
    SRK: You have to fix it
    Ok Devangiri or Devangre is a place in Karnataka. But since we dont take marks off for spelling we do the same with pronunciation. its actually Devanagari. Well done though!
  15. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: but after this I am a strict teacher...
    N: ok after this...
    SRK: Yes..so lets take a tiffin break and see if Neha wins 5 crores or not....take a tiffin break

    SRK: Welcome back to our special classroom and here with us playing is the youngest student, Neha. She will choose the next subject.
    N: Class 4 maths


    SRK: Shriya has fixed her answer
    N: The odd numbers are 1,3 5, oh 5.
    SRK: yup 5 again
    N; But what is composite number?
    SRK: do you know the meaning of it?
    N: i know odd, but whats composite.
    SRK: you have three cheats (explains)
    N: get rid of the word composite...
    SRK: Like someone behind the board is writing the questions.
    N: is it 1 or not, dont look at me like that...
    SRK: the 4 kids that are sitting here, they have given the right answer.
    N: it should be 1
    SRK: what do you want to do?
    N: it has to be 1 so fix.
    SRK: want to fix it?
    N: Yes, should i?
    SRK: be my guest (he looks so cute today!!! :D sorry had to put that in there)

    But your answer is not 1 but its wrong by 8 numbers....lets see what the kids wrote. They all wrote 9. Anubhav also drew you. But those kids cannot save you only Shriya can. She also looks a bit nervous, but dont be angry if they get the wrong answer. they try to remember as much as they can and its not necessary that if you get it wrong, they would get it right....her answer is 9!!!!

    You picked her up so i thought you were going to take her home. but its time for Shriya to go, but not home....you played well...so choose another student.
    N: Ill choose Dhairya
    SRK: I like Dhairya a lot. Dhairya you tell me, am i your fav. hero or not?
    Dh: Youre ok, youre a lovery boy softee.
    SRK: Lover boy softee? What does that mean?
    Dh: You have to be a tough buy
    SRK: ok, so like you huh? (hahahaaa, he laughs) Ok while I try to be tough like Dhairya, he will save you from the tough question... uh oh!!! (bell rings)

    N: Ill prepare and come.
    SRK: Youve gotten time to prepare because school is over now...and so is class, but you stay here and we'll continue tomorrow. Dhairya you go back to your seat in the classroom, and ill end the show. (gives the timing) lets end with a couplet (by Kabir Das i think). Im sure you have heard it... "Dont ask the species of a intellectual, ask about his intelligence, measure the sword, let the unknown be." In this style I have a couplet too, while going Ill give you this teaching: dont ask the species of a lover, ask about the family (looks to Neha, "youre young so its for you"), when you get Mittal or Ambani, why would anyone looking for Khan?"

    But today everyone is looking for a Khan and this one because he will take to to the 5 crore Rs. We'll see you again so til then Kalvida!

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