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Ep. 4 Translations

Discussion in 'KAPPSTH - Translations' started by sonal, May 2, 2008.

  1. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK (enters on a bike) : Welcome to my class.... (goes on to say each child's name) My whole 5th grade class is here, everyone is here, but students, be careful because Pappu sitting there, is troubled. His maths teacher took his math book. Tulu is worried because Tia took his science book. And Papa is like a devil, he says, give me this history book Chintu...Today, no kids' books are safe. And why not because if you are preparing to win 5 crores by studying them, the the idea isnt bad. And in this attempt is coming a 26 yr old from Delhi, a writer, Mughal Srivastav (M).

    SRK: Hey Mughal, show me that step of yours, I liked it alot. Ill use it in my next film. We have a picture of you giving a prize to a child, sorry... its you taking a prize from someone. When did this happen? That you got a prize...

    M: Sir it happened in 4th standard but even I dont know the answer anymore.
    SRK: What was your wish to become when you grew up?
    M: I thought about becoming Einstien but when I got to the 10th standard, then I realized that I liked art more than science. Thats why I became a writer.
    SRK: Mukul is lucky then. He realized that he liked art more than science, very good you chose that. I've heard that you have won lots of trophies and that you're intelligent.
    M: By looks then Im intelligent...
    SRK: Nope, we didnt say that...but you look like Tarzan. Oh you bought your trophies with you! Oh and you have more? We'll have lots of fun playing Mukul, but quickly let me tell you the rules (rules.) And you have to make me a promise that youll hold all your trophies and say to the camera, that I have this one and this one, etc...but Im not smarter than a fifth grader. For help you have the classmates here, so quickly choose one.
    M: I want to choose Dhairya
  2. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: So lets find out if Mukul is smarter than a 5th grader...
    M: Because Dhairya is my partner, Ill ask him which one to choose
    D: Art and Music
    M: Class one art and Music


    M: Can I sing it and see?
    SRK: If youll sing it then we will ask everyone to stand up. Oh Dhairya knows the answer...
    M: I think Ill sing it.
    SRK: Ok, please stand up...
    M: (Sings) I think its Jaya.
    SRK: Ok guys please sit down... but i wanted to tell you something that every Indian citizen knows the National Anthem, but you missed a few lines, i think in nervousness...so keep those in mind and if you think Jaya is right then please fix the answer...
    M: I think Im pretty confident.
    SRK: Fix it then..and I wont bother you too much because it is the right answer!

    M: Class 2 Monuments and Places


    SRK: Dhairya has fixed his answer.He is only 10 yrs old. How old are you?
    M: 26
    SRK: 26? You've done computers, youre smart...and youre taking a bit more time that Dhairya but dont worry he is very smart.
    M: I had seen the movie Gladiator with Russel Crowe and there is the Coloseum and its like this ring thing...but I think its Rome.
    SRK: Are you confident? Let me tell you about your cheats (explains)
    M: Im pretty sure its Rome because I read it in History that this is where these type of things with Gladiators used to take place. I think Ill fix Rome.
    SRK: You fixed Rome as your answer, and I told you to think and discuss the movie. That film is in a period much after...You didnt think of Greece?

    Let's see what Dhairya has written. He also wrote Rome, Italy. But its not necessary that the little child is right. You didnt think of Greek Mythology or Greece.

    M: Its definitely not as easy as I thought.
    SRK: And to top it off, I scare you too na?
    M: A lot.
    SRK: Youre tensed too right? Whenever any one her gets tensed then he raises his hand and tells the teacher, please let me go outside for a bit. Lets take a tiffin break...but its also time for you to win 1 lakh so here is your first HW question...
  3. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back to KAPPS. Let me also remind you that our phone lines are currently open...So call quickly, come to my show and win 5 crores. So lets see if Mukul can do this...So Dhairya isnt here now because a child can only help you for 2 questions...so please choose the next child.
    M: Shriya.
    SRK: Shriya is our princess, Youll help him?
    Sh: Yes of course.
    SRK: You help those people who have longer hair than yours?
    Sh: its not like that, I help everyone.
    SRK: Ok, and Mukul your family members are here...
    M: thats my mummy over there.
    SRK: Namaste Poornima-ji
    M: Thats my brother Mohit.
    SRK: How are you Mohit? Namaskar. Poornima-ji what do you think? If he wins he wins, if he loses he loses, he is still my son?

    M: since the strategy of asking the kids what they want is working, Ill ask Shriya.
    Sh: Stories...


    SRK: Shriya who I called Shriyu because she is very sweet, has fixed her answer.
    M: I have a strong gut feeling that its Panchatantra
    SRK: and what does your head say?
    M: I remember as a kid that i really liked the Panchatantra stories because it would teach you something in a loving way..so i think that this can only be Panchatantra
    SRK: And how many stories have you heard from Hitopadesh?
    M: None.
    SRK: And Neetisar?
    M: None.
    SRK: But its not like because you havent heard those it can be one of those.
    M: I think its Panchatantra.

    SRK: If your answer is wrong then you have to depend on Shriya's answer...First lets see what the kids have written. They have all written Panchatantra and since your gut also says the same thing, then why use our head. Right answer!!!
  4. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Shriyu had also written that same answer and let me remind you that all of your cheats are also still alive.
    M: i think shriyu's first choice is right so we'll go with maths.


    SRK: Obviously Shriya understood it faster than I did and you did.
    M: Well its clear that its a solid shape and cant be drawn on the paper. So it cant be a circle, but the only things left are those that can be seen in 3-D.
    SRK: Ok.
    M: I think that it can only be a sphere because, its the shape of the earth, it has no corners, no vertices, and its curved. One second let me remember what the solid shapes are..Cylinder, Cone...but cone has a vertex. and in a cylinder there is also an edge which joins the two circles. My gut is saying sphere.
    SRK: Fix it if youre sure.
    M: Sphere.
    SRK: You said sphere, so lets see what Shriya has written....sphere. Meaning if your answer is wrong then shiriya cannot save you....obviously its the right answer!
  5. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Shirya cannot play with you anymore, but now, we will pick another student and also continue playing but since im also a bit tense that you havent used a single cheat as yet, lets take a tiffin break.!

    SRK: OK Welcome back...Im playing and dancing. If he answers the next question correctly he will be in the safe zone. So please choose the next student.
    M: Sreeporna
    SRK: Sreeporna talks very fast and alot, but she answers questions as fast also. Ive heard that when you were in school you were very naughty?
    M: A bit yes.
    SRK: What would you do?
    M: Not much put to close the teacher in...
    SRK: You use to close her in the toilet? Kids, dont ever do that to me ok? When I was small, I used to fall for my teachers. I loved them. But its wrong to say this but did you fall for any of your teachers?
    M: Not any Romance like that...I had this Bio teacher that used to do so much that we couldnt help it.
    SRK: Mummy-ji do you see his thoughts? You sent him to school for learning and he was looking at the Bio Teacher's Anatomy.
    M: But we were a bit bigger, not this young
    SRK: You guys dont look at any anatomy but choose the next category
    M: Animal Kingdom


    SRK: Youve seen a red ant but not that closely. But you were looking at the Bio teacher's legs instead. Im sorry (lol)
    M: An ant is an insect, and usually they have 6 legs. So using my gut and head, there should be 6 legs.
    SRK: What do you want to do? You still have your cheats. If your answer is wrong then sreeporna can save if you if her answer is right. Otherwise you can answer on your own..
    M: it should be 6 legs
    SRK: There was a catch in this one because we didnt say ant, we said red ant. they have a speciality to them. Did you notice anything about them?
    M: They bite hard
    SRK: SO when they were biting you hard, did you notice how many legs they had. You play well, and 6 legs is the right answer!
  6. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: You have reached the 2lakh Rs point where you are safe. Sreeporna will help you for one more question.
    M: PLant Kingdom


    SRK: Sreeporna was confident in her choice and she has fixed it.
    M: Im thinking that Rose isnt a herb but a shrub, and it cant be corriander because people have it growing in the kitchen, so Im thinking tea.
    SRK: After all of this talking we have come to a cup of tea. You still have the three cheats. You have been using your gut and heart, so think a bit.
    M: Herbs are the shortest plants, and corriander is a herb but its not annual. Rose,
    SRK: Is not a herb? (lol) what is tea?
    M: Tea is...its a bit dicey...
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    M: Its not wise to take a chance here so Ill Taak Jhaank
    SRK: Ok, so fix it and say that you want to cheat off a small child. You want to Taak Jhaank
    M: (says it)
    SRK: Lets see Sreeporna's answer on the board. Remember you have used Taak Jhaank so it doesnt mean that you have to go with her answer, you can give your own answer also because you are just referring.
    M: i think ill go with corrainder
    SRK: You went with corriander for 5 lakh rs.
    M: But Im this sure that in our school we were taught that Rose is a shrub and not a herb, and tea was a shrub because of the height...so i thought it would be corriander...and my partner has it too
    SRK: Let me tell you that, if you had chosen tea for example, and the answer was coriander then you would have been saved but good you didnt do that because corriander is the right answer!
  7. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: SO now we will take a little tiffin break but remember that if you keep answering our HW questions then you can win 1 lakh rs. So here is your next HW question.

    SRK: Welcome back! He has won 5 lakhs and he still has two cheats. So its time that you choose another classmate...
    M: So there are two left so Ill go with Anubhav.
    SRK: He is our little dancer...he dances it complete gangster style...show us once...Anubhav you're watching him play, is he playing well?
    Anu: Very well.
    SRK: He writes for tv's, films, etc.. but Ive heard that you do mimmicry too.
    M: Acutally when I was in 4 or 5th I used to do Raam Leela.
    SRK: Me too but I was a monkey. I was in the monkey army. Seriously...Im not kidding.
    M: Like how in your film you were Om Prakash Makhija, I was the Om of that.
    SRK: So any dialogue?
    M: I remember that Ravan was an important character for us. And every one wanted to be Ravan...Ill try to remember some lines. (evil laugh) Where ever I walk, a ghostly atmosphere is there, forget the earth even the heavens used to shake in fear. Hail Lord Shiva!
    SRK: you can act also and ill give you the certificate for that. but you need to win the 5 crores...so choose the next category.
    M: Social Studies like Anubhav said.


    SRK: for 10 laks Anubhav has fixed his answer...
    M: there is the navy, army, and air force...all three. I think its the president of India.
    SRK: What is the name?
    M: Sree Pratibha (didnt hear the rest)
    SRK: For 10 laks. Are you sure?
    M: Im pretty sure.
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    M: Fix it
    SRK: How are you?
    M: out of all the questions Im most sure of this.
    SRK: OK then I wont trick you, right answer!!
  8. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: You've played very well and you still have 2 cheats. You have won 10 laks Rs. You have three questions til 1 crore. You have three categories to choose.
    M: Class 5 science.
    SRK: Youre tense?
    M: A bit


    SRK: Anubhav has fixed his answer.
    M: I think he has some connection with Lenses.
    SRK: Lenses
    M: Like binoculars, telescope, microscope...something like that...
    SRK: Which ones?
    M: I think its microscope.
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    M: God forbid if i was wrong, Im sure Anubhav is strong in science...so the team exercise went well so he would help me.

    SRK: You had read this somewhere? Let's see Anubhav's answer. Its the right answer! 20 lakh rs
  9. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    M: I want to high 5 him.
    SRK: You can hug him also...Anubhav has finished his job here...so the next student...
    M: Milanjeet is the player of the climax
    SRK: For 50 lakhs choose the next category with Milan's help or on your own...
    M: Personalities
    SRK: Ok but before i give the question....take a tiffin break and come back soon to see if Mukul is the first one to reach the highest part of the game..
  10. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    Thanks you soooo much, Sonal :hug:!
  11. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back....Mukul is playing for 50 laks so kids please shout out, Zor laga ke, Dum Laga Ke... you chose Personalities and you still have your 2 cheats...


    SRK: Milanjeet knows the answer and he has fixed it...
    M: Bose, Nehru....
    SRK: You still have two cheats.
    M: Copy is a bit tricky because if he doesnt know the answer, then Im screwed. Ill try a bit more...
    SRK: Ok
    M: I know Tilak had a newspaper called Kesri, but i dont see a connection with this. Rai, but i dont think he was much of a writer. I dont know...then there were the revolutionaries, Bhagat Singh, Azaad,
    SRK: You still have two cheats to use, otherwise you can leave the game...
    M: I think Id like to quit...
    SRK: Fix it and say... i want to drop out of the 5th grade class.

    Mohit what do you think?

    Mohit: To my Knowledge it should be Tagore.
    SRK: if you would answer what would you say?
    M: Gandhi
    SRK: Lets see what Milanjeet wrote...all three of you are wrong...its Sarojini Naidu

    My friend it is that time for you to fulfill your promise... Say in that camera with all your medals that I mukul srivastav, a writer in mumbai, who has done comp. science, and who didnt study but romanced my bio teacher, am not smarter than a 5th grader.

    M: Its a real long dialogue. lol.
    SRK: Ok say this that instead of studying I went to school to stare at my teachers. and im not smarter than a fifth grader also say your name...
    M: (repeats), but im richer than them...
    SRK: Class isnt over as yet, so the next student to come is 21 yr old Priyanka. How do you feel?

    P: Im very happy. I wanted to meet my teacher, you.
    SRK: This is the first time that Ive seen a student walk in so happy. We have a childhood pic of yours...what were you doing here?
    P: It was a fancy dress comp. I was Mother Theresa...
    SRK: Oh the school bell rang...and you came so happily. But its time for the kids to go to sleep. But its time for me to tell them a story...
    P: Good night kids...

    SRK: Let me tell them the Khan Story...let me squeeze in please....ok, so its starts like this, there was a man that used to work hard in the hot weather, and he saw that his shirt is all sweaty and wet, he thought that clothes are dried in the sunlight. So he thought he would stand in the sun and they would dry. So he went and stood there. But his shirt didnt dry. Tell me what you learned from this story?

    Kids: What?

    SRK: Nothing. Its not neccesary that every story has a lesson. But our show does....if you come you can win 5 crores and take back with you loads of knowledge. We'll see you tomorrow so Kalvida!

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