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Ep 31 Translation

Discussion in 'KAPPSTH - Translations' started by sonal, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Are you happy?
    N: Yes
    SRK: It doesnt show
    N: We'll dance...then Ill feel it.
    SRK: Ok then lets dance...


    SRK: Ok then for Vanya and because you won this money we danced. And the sad thing is that Anubhav will have to go back now since you have no more cheats left. Thanks Anubhav, you have to go back. You were standing here quietly thinking no one will see you. Choose your subject.

    N: Class 4 Art and Music?


    N: I have no idea.
    SRK: No idea? You have no cheats also. You can take a chance or you can leave.
    N: Ill quit.
    SRK: Its your decision.
    N: (Does so)
    SRK: You have 10 laks. Which is lots of money. The answer was Parshuram. You remember our promise right?
    N: (does so)

    (bell rings)

    SRK: Its the end of school today. Let me tell you Khan ka Gyaan. (Khan's Knowledge). Who is afraid of who. All the dogs in the world are afraid of Dharam-ji. Because he always says, Kutte (dogs) i will drink your blood. God is worried about the film heroines, because they always say, on behalf of god, please let us go. But our leaders are afraid of criminals because how could you be afraid of themselves? But today everyone is afraid of me because I always ask them are you smarter than a fifth grader? And me? Who am I afraid of? No one.

    Kids: WHAT?

    SRK: Ok yes, Im afraid of these kids. They are the most important in this show. So kids, Kalvida!

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