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Ep 30 Translation

Discussion in 'KAPPSTH - Translations' started by sonal, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    Ill be doing this just like the others....file by file. First file is downloaded for me to translate and I still have some time, so here we go :thumb:
  2. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    (shriya opens the show)

    Sh: Hello and welcome to Airtel Presents are you smarter than a fifth grader? Today in class we are going to have special contestant. So please welcome from Mumbai Mr. Shahrukh Khan.

    We also have a childhood picture of you.

    SRK: Ouch.
    Sh: How old were you in this?
    SRK: Ill tell you that later, but why wasnt I wearing anything?
    Sh: Bye the way you are looking very cute here.
    SRK: Even now Im cute.
    Sh: Even today youre ok, but then you were cuter. Choose your classmate.
    SRK: Sreeparna.
    Sh: So lets find out if SRK is smarter than a fifth grader or not. Choose your subject.
    SRK: Class 2 Maths


    Sh: Sreeparna knows the answer. Do you know the answer?
    SRK: (repeats the question) What type of question is this?
    Sh: Sreeparna knows the answer so you should too.
    SRK: I dont know this answer.
    Sh: Ok, so look into that camera and say that I SRK, think that Im very intelligent, and am a superstar but am not smarter than a fifth grader.
    SRK: You kids, in my class, are trying to take it over?

    (chases kids)

    (says what Shriya asked him to say)

    SRK: But now coming into the class is someone that might be smarter than a fifth grader. Please welcome Alka Tiwari. You had to wait for a week and now you're looking even more prettier. What did you do for that?
    A: Last time that I had come to see you, my feet werent even on the floor...
    SRK: You were flying.
    A: Yeah I was.
    SRK: I saw you because I was flying a kite and you passed by.
    A: So in order to be senseless again I have come back.
    SRK: Your dad is here?
    A: Yes dad has come.
    SRK: Hello dad, how are you feeling?
    Dad: Good.
    SRK: What did you tell her for today?
    Dad: You have to come home a winner.
    SRK: Choose your subject.
    A: Class 4 Personalities


    A: I think its Haryana but Im not sure.
    SRK: What do you want to do? You can give an answer or leave
    A: I think its haryana but im not sure, and i dont want to give that answer
    SRK: Its your decision. Want to try anything?
    A: I think ill leave
    SRK: then youll have to fix it.
    A: (Does so)
    SRK: Thanks for playing with us but you will have to look into that camera and say....(promise)
    A: (does so)
    SRK: Lets see what the kids have written. Rajasthan is the right answer.

    Put your hands together for Yug Tuli.

    Ill have to become bigger to hug you. When I was in Delhi near the Qutab Minar there was a statue made of Iron. It says that if you were to hug it with your hands meeting on the other side and you wished for something, you would get it. So I want to try it....(does so)

    This is your childhood picture. These are your friends?
    Y: Its from Bangkok. In the safari. Im a nature enthusiast. and Im into wild life photography. So I got this for you. These are pic that I have shot myself.

    SRK: Thank you so much Yug. Who has come with you?
    Y: My grandparents, cousin and aunt.
    SRK: Namaskar. Wish you all the best. Choose your classmate
    Y: Dheirya
    SRK: Good job, you chose someone your size.
    Y: Class 2 English.
    SRK: Take a tiffin break.
  3. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. Playing here is Yug Tuli. He has chosen class 2 English.


    SRK: Remember the captials?
    Y: Yes
    SRK: Tell me
    Y: A, so it would be Agartala
    SRK: From where?
    Y: uh...
    SRK: Dheirya thinks he knows the answer and has fixed it
    Y: I think it would be from the 5 state sisters.
    SRK: Ok. 5 state....
    Y: its 7
    SRK: 7 state sisters
    Y: sorry its 7 not 5
    SRK: You killed 2 of them....dont be tense. Let me see what the kids have written here, they have all written the right answer.
    Y: Its Agartala
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    Y: Ill fix it
    SRK: Right answer!
  4. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Well done, how do you feel now?
    Y: A bit better now
    SRK: Better....give one more answer....
    Y: Class 2 General Knowledge


    SRK: Dheirya thinks that he knows the answer and has fixed it and you have answered Compressed.
    Y: Compressed Natural Gas.
    SRK: You think Compressed Natural Gas. What do you want to do?
    Y: Please dont look at me like that, I get more nervous.
    SRK: Ok Ill not look at you again...
    Y: No no its no that...
    SRK: No I dont want to look
    Y: No no look here.
    SRK: I wont look.
    Y: Compressed, fix.
    SRK: Why not carbon-free?
    Y: Ive heard compressed.
    SRK: But there are talks going on about pollution and all so why not carbon free?
    Y: Its natural gas. So it can be compressed
    SRK: Youre shaking a bit now
    Y: It should be compressed. You're making me like that.
    SRK: Right answer!
  5. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Dheirya cannot help you anymore because he has answered two questions. So you will have to choose another classmate.
    Y: Sreeparna
    SRK: Sreeparna Yug does magic tricks so do something for us that the audience can see and will enjoy.
    Y: Before I do anything you will have to do something for me. You will have to say something from DON.
    SRK: Which one?
    Y: The one that has "na mumkin" in it
    SRK: (Does so)

    I hope your trick is good because I dont say dialogues for free.

    Y: It will be good
    SRK: What is this?
    Y: Theyre handcuffs.
    SRK: But its impossible to catch DON.
    Y: Thats what Im showing. So here is the key so make sure that they dont open with out the key.
    SRK: Yes theyre real.
    Y: If you want to wear and see you can.
    SRK: Ive never worn them before
    Y: In movies you have
    SRK: I do hero roles in movies only.
    Y: Ill wear them
    SRK: Oh you're wearing them....ok.
    Y: You can check it
    SRK: Theyre solid
    Y: You can take the keys out.
    SRK: Take them out?
    Y: Ok? So check them please.
    SRK: Ill check it
    Y: So please put that cloth on top
    SRK: Ok I did that.
    Y: Houdini used to do this for the stage so Im doing the same thing. So please give me your hand under here....

    (the one handcuff winds up on SRK's wrist)

    Y: So now you have to look into that camera and say that it is possible to catch DON.
    SRK: He has proven that its very easy to catch DON. So now Im going to throw you in a grip because youre going for 50000 Rs. Choose your subject
    Y: Animal Kingdom


    SRK: Sreeparna thinks that she knows the answer and has fixed it. You must have read this somewhere, even I know this answer.
    Y: The answer should be larvae
    SRK: For 50000 Rs you think its?
    Y: Larvae.
    SRK: Why not pupa?
    Y: Larvae is something I heard. Pupa i havent heard that much
    SRK: Pupa you rarely heard.
    Y: Yes
    SRK: What do you want to do?

    You also have cheats. (explains)

    Y: Ill fix it
    SRK: Because you havent heard it much you thought its not the answer, which is not always true. If you said pupa, it would be wrong. Larvae is the right answer!
  6. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Yug told me a trick where he caught me in the handcuffs, but I will also show you a David Blaine sort of trick before the show ends. Ill walk on rope for you. Is this possible? Can it happen? Check it out after the break.

    Welcome back! There is some magic going on and with us today is Yug Tuli. Choose your subject.
    Y: Class 1 Hindi

    (quest: Taking the word garam, change of the letters and make a name of an animal)

    SRK: Sreeparna thinks that she knows the answer. Say what is coming to mind
    Y: Im trying to make combinations.
    SRK: Ok say them
    Y: It can be gmra so thats nothing.
    SRK: Change it more
    Y: Ragam.
    SRK: Let me check if that is anything.
    Y: Magar
    SRK: (repeats the words to him) You have cheats. But its not that hard.
    Y: Ill copy
    SRK: Youll have to fix it
    Y: (Does so)
    SRK: Lets see what the kids have written. Magar. Have you heard of it?
    Y: Magarmach (crocodile)
    SRK: Oh. Magarmach? No yaar...it cant be. Its Ragam. LOL. Magarmach? Lets see if Sreeparna has written Magar or Ragam. She wrote Magar.
  7. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Thanks Sreeparna for saving Yug. You will now have to choose another classmate.
    Y: Milanjeet.
    SRK: Choose your subject.
    Y: Class 4 science.


    SRK: Milanjeet thinks that he knows the answer and has fixed it. Take something out of that magic hat of yours.
    Y: If magic was enough who would read?
    SRK: And there you were trying to catch DON. Try now.
    Y: Jupiter has the most.
    SRK: Jupiter has?
    Y: The most moons
    SRK: Ok....
    Y: It should be Mars.
    SRK: First you said Jupiter
    Y: No jupiter has the most
    SRK: Now youre saying Mars. Which is right you think?
    Y: Jupiter
    SRK: One foot you were like Jupiter and the other was Mars.
    Y: Jupiter (fix)
    SRK: You have fixed it on that foot. That was your Jupiter Foot. Kids lets hope that he is right. Say Dum laga ke....Zor Laga ke...and your answer......laugh a bit and relax.
    Y: Im relaxed sir
    SRK: Ok...but youre answer is wrong. Now we dont know what leg Milanjeet was on. Lets see what he has written. Because if he is right, then youre safe. Otherwise your game ends here. He wrote Mars.
    Y: I think that foot was right
    SRK: Its the right answer!
  8. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: We're now moving to the bigger money. So choose your subject.
    Y: Indian hist


    SRK: It means Delhi is far...
    Y: I dont know about the Sultan.
    SRK: Milanjeet is also thinking.
    Y: He hasnt fixed it yet?
    SRK: No. Why? Youre dependent on him?
    Y: No not like that....just asking
    SRK: Even if you're wrong then you will leave with at least 2 lakhs.
    Y: I have heard the saying Delhi is far.
    SRK: Yes you must have.
    Y: I think Tipu Sultan.
    SRK: You can take the risk because Milanjeet hasnt written any answer.
    Y: Tipu Sultan
    SRK: He was from Mysore
    Y: I know but I thought that maybe he went towards Delhi?
    SRK: Yeah like hey lets go to Delhi. Let me tell you that your answer is wrong. The answer is Tuglak. So your game ends here but you have won 2 lakh Rs. But you have to fulfill that promise of yours.

    Y: (does so)

    SRK: Lets take a small break and you guys also have a hw question. So take a hw break.
  9. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. Like I promised Ill walk on this rope for you at the end of class....all the news channels are asking, can this happen? The same thing Im thinking that can a 61 yr old win the 5 crores. Please welcome Kusum Koraji.

    K: Are you real?
    SRK: Yes Im real. Kiss me and see
    K: (does so)
    SRK: Come in the middle here so we can see what is written.
    K: I won the Secretary of the Year Contest. Its regional.
    SRK: This tiara is from that?
    K: Yes
    SRK: Can i wear it? (does so) I have this picture of you. How old is it? Its from Kashmir
    K: Yes....Srinagar
    SRK: I see a bit of my favorite actress in there...Mumtaz.
    K: I went on a trip and these school girls came and blocked me thinking Im Mumtaz. They wanted autographs and I gave some but then I said Im not her. They still wanted it.
    SRK: Let me tell you that she is my favorite actress and today you are Mumtaz here. Please choose a classmate
    K: Sreeparna
    SRK: Choose your subject
    K: Class 3 Animal Kingdom


    SRK: Sreeparna thinks that she knows the answer and has fixed it.
    K: I think its False
    SRK: False? Why?
    K: I thought it was the female.
    SRK: Females give Malaria?
    K: Girl mosquito.
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    K: Fix. False
    SRK: Right answer!
  10. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Are you happy?
    K: very
    SRK: No tension?
    K: A bit yes
    SRK: What tension?
    K: The set...you
    SRK: Me? I wont do anything.
    K: No no seeing you physically....Ive seen you on screen a lot. But I loved you in Paheli.
    SRK: You are the only one that liked me in Paheli.....who has come with you?
    K: My sister
    SRK: Namaste. You think she will win?
    Sis: Totally.
    SRK: Choose your subject
    K: Class 1 Maths


    K: true
    SRK: How many are there?
    K: Oh no no....theyre the same
    SRK: You think theyre the same?
    K: False
    SRK: Want to fix it?
    K: Yes
    SRK: Shall I take some time?
    K: Sure
    SRK: Shall I bother you a bit?
    K: Sure
    SRK: Right answer!
  11. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Im nice na?
    K: Youre great
    SRK: Not me but these Star people that make the questions easy. Sreeparna will now go back because she has helped you for two questions already.
    K: Shriya
    SRK: Lets take a break because when we come back I want to show you guys the rope trick.

    Welcome back! Choose your subject
    K: Class 3 general knowledge


    SRK: Shriya has fixed her answer.
    K: 6
    SRK: 6 sure?
    K: Yes
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    K: Fix
    SRK: Right answer!
  12. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Want to move ahead?
    K: Yes
    SRK: Ok then choose your subject
    K: Class 4 science


    SRK: Shriya thinks that she knows the answer and has fixed it.
    K: Im confused
    SRK: In what?
    K: I dont know science that much
    SRK: you have three cheats (explains)
    K: Ill copy Shriya
    SRK: Copy? Youll have to fix it
    K: (does so)
    SRK: Shriya has written iodine.
    K: Its right?
    SRK: Let me ask your sister.
    Sis: Its the right answer
    SRK: Sure?
    Sis: 100%
    SRK: Looks like you want to yell at me.
    Sis: Its right
    SRK: If I ask once more it looks like youll jump at me.

    Im afraid of the doctor.

    Its the right answer!
  13. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: You want to sing something?
    K: (sings) You agree with me? (she sang abhi to main javaan hoon meaning im still young)
    SRK: Absolutely. This my favorite song. (sings)

    Shriya has finished her work so you will have to choose another classmate.

    K: Dheirya.
    SRK: Choose your subject
    K: Class 1 English


    SRK: Dheirya thinks he knows the answer and has fixed it....
    K: 3
    SRK: Sure?
    K: Yes. Fix.
    SRK: So what should the spelling be?
    K: e-r-r-o-r
    SRK: Sure?
    K: Yeah
    SRK: What do you think kids?
    Kids: Yes
    SRK: Right answer!
  14. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: You still have two more cheats left. Choose your subject

    (bell rings)

    The time for class has finished. You have 2 lakh Rs are you happy with that?

    K: Yes

    SRK: Ill make you happier because I promised that I would do a trick for you guys, that I would walk on this rope. Come here and stand....can I have two boys. Ok one is Dheirya. This is really difficult. One hold one end, and you hold the other. Dont try this at home. Put this down....bit more.... (its almost on the floor)

    There are only two people that can do this. One is me and there is another idiot that can...ill tell you about him tomorrow...so everybody Kalvida!

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