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Ep. 3 Translations

Discussion in 'KAPPSTH - Translations' started by sonal, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    I know the show links arent posted here as yet, so read at your own risk :) Ill post the translations parts by parts as I can :)
  2. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: It is said that if there is something that you want with all of your heart, then the whole universe helps in making that happen. Today to make you win the 5 crores, the universe is opening its doors to you. :)

    Welcome class, let's check if the whole attendance is there or not. Very good Nekhmat, why are you late? Stand here.

    Ali: Sorry sir.
    SRK: Hold your ears. And let me tell you that you only have fifty seven minutes. The most important 57 minutes of your life. Today you play good or bad, these 57 minutes you will never forget. How you should play, is something that i will not tell you. But ill say that play with all your heart because in your life, after this, whatever happens, right or wrong, you remember or forget, you win or lose, no one can take these 57 minutes away from you. No one. And let me tell you this also...why there are 57 minutes. 57 minutes because Nekhmat came 30 seconds late, and 2.5 minutes I used to say this dialogue.

    So here we are, Nekhmat was playing with us and he won 2 lakh rupees. He has already lost two cheats and Sreeporna was helping him play that day so she will come today again and help him. Sreeporna is here, Nekhmat is here, and the full class is in full attendance. So lets play, KAPPSTH for 5 lakh rupees.
  3. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Nekhmat, in other words Nekhra Kekra, your subjects will be there in front of you. Two cheats are already used up, the only one left is Copy. Choose the next subject quickly with Sreeporna's help.

    Sreeporna: I think you should go with English.
    Ali: You are right. I agree. Class 1 English.


    SRK: Sreeporna has already fixed her answer. Do you know what Aaloo Bukhara is?
    Ali: Its a red fruit.
    SRK: What do you call it in English? BSC 2nd yr. Think what is the english term for Aaloo?
    Ali: Potato.
    SRK: and Bukhara?
    Ali: (shrugs)
    SRK: Fevera. Potato Fevera. What do you want to do? Copy?
    Ali: I want to copy.
    SRK: BSC 2nd year student, Nekhra Kekra wants to copy from a young girl.
    You will be happy to know that those 4 kids, they know the right answer.
    Ali: Sir they must be eating it.
    SRK: You havent eaten it?
    Ali; Ive eaten it but i didnt know I would need to eat it in English.
    SRK: youre losing time.

    Ok show the answer that Sreeporna has written. What is this PULM?
    Sreeporna: Plum
    SRK: She has spelled it wrong, but the answer is correct. Sreeporna you have helped him win the 5 lakh rupees, so you can go and sit down. You have used all the cheats, so you can only play alone. Choose the next subject.

    Ali: My favorite subject class 4 maths.


    Srk: Youre making the shape.
    Ali: Im drawing it. I think its a hexagon.
    SRK: Which is...
    Ali; it has 6 vertices.
    SRK: Youll go with it for 10? or 2?
    Ali: 10 lakh sir.
    SRK: Fix it if you think its right.
    Ali: Fixed.
    SRK: Nekhmat likes reading and studying...he does have other hobbies and interests. but let me tell you that he has begun his third standard studies on the street selling things. youre doing your BSC but then what do you want to do?
    Ali: MCA
    SRK: Master of Computer Application. WE all pray that you do well and thats the point in this program, that you continue your studies. And now after reading and studying he has given the right answer for 10 lakh rupees. Go over there and show us that hand stand :D I want to learn this from you, that thing that you do again and again....i only know this much (stands on his hands) He has won 10 laks and now ill learn some hand stands from him, but its time that you guys took a tiffin break. But that doesnt mean that you can just sit there. Im the type of teacher that would make you do homework. Here is your first question.
  4. shanti22

    shanti22 Shahrukh is my life.

    Thank you :hug: I can't watch this episode because of my stupid computer da :p But at least thanks to your translations I can feel like watching it :D
  5. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back to KAPPSTH. And let me remind you that starting today our phone lines will be open from 8:45pm and will remain open til May 4th. So call us and come to my class room and win 5 crores. Nekhmat is playing the game with me and he has won 10 laks, and he doesnt have any cheats left. And its the first time that someone has reached the 20 lakhs stand in our classroom.

    Ali: Sir I want to say something for you.
    SRK: Sure go ahead.
    Ali: In a filmy style. "the oso dialogue. badi shridath se aapko milne ki koshish ki hai. ke kaynath ke zare zare ne aap se milane ki sazish ki hai. thanks to airtel, star plus, that you helped me meet my destiny. that you made my dreams come true."
    SRK: Thank you very much.... (hugs) now please choose the next subject.
    Ali: Since im in the science field, class 4 science...
    SRK: if you answer right then 20 lakh rs. if wrong then 2 lakh rs, or the third option is this that, you take the 10 laks and leave. its a 4th or 5th standard question. if you know it, then you know it....but if youre guessing then its hard. What do you want to do? Want to become a runner by leaving...

    Ali: i dont want to be a runner...
    SRK: then take the 10 lakhs and leave...
    Ali; (mumbles)
    SRK: Speak louder.
    Ali: Im trying to get a name from Baro-
    SRK: youre thinking of all those things that happen in movies.
    Ali: Sir...
    SRK: (Italian accent) Tell me what are you going to do now.
    Ali; We want to go to home
    SRK: Want to leave the classroom?
    Ali: yes sir.
    SRK: Then fix it that you want to leave.
    Ali: but i wanted to try because you have taught me that.
    SRK: No but you have done well and tried very hard. but from where you have come and where you want to go, we will pray and our good wishes will be with you. you've played well.

    Nekhmat wants to leave with 10 lakhs...but if you would answer then what would you have answered?

    Ali: I have no idea.
    SRK: The correct answer is...
    Ali: Sir i cant even say it.
    SRK: (repeats it) now you will remember it, say it with me twice. i want to congratulate you for coming here and doing well, but you remember your promise...the world is watching from that camera, so you will have to say... that i Nekhmat, Nekra Kekra, BSC student, who will by grace of god get the MCA but at this point is not smarter than a fifth grader.
    Ali: (says it) But if im not smarter than a 5th grader, who cares, because im not leaving here empty handed. though remember to keep trying because by trying you succeed.

    SRK: Now here comes the 23yrs old Roshni laura george.
  6. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: How do you feel Roshni for being here?
    Ro: Very good.
    SRK: Ok tell me what your nickname is. What do they call you at home?
    Ro: They call me Rosh at home.
    SRK: Rosh, but people told me that your friends call you tube-light.
    Ro: Oh yeah in school they used to call me tube light.
    SRK: Why?
    Ro: Because with all the jokes, I used to understand them 5 to 10 minutes later.
    SRK: Oh so that means that I shouldnt joke with you that much on this show.
    Ro: No no its ok, that was in school.
    SRK: I have a childhood picture of you. Ive heard that you do ramp modeling. So you've been modeling since then?
    Ro: No then, was a fancy dress drama. Now i model.
    SRK: Ive found that you have been the head girl in your school, the captain in sports, cultural head, so Rosh is very intelligent.
    Ro: Yes definitely.
    SRK: And she is here to prove that she is smarter than a 5th grader.
    Ro: Yes
    SRK: And if you get the 5 crores, what will you do with them?
    Ro: First Ill ask you, will you go out a date with me?
    SRK: I'll also go free with you...I want to clear this on TV that i dont take money and go on dates, i just go like that. I have no problem, but the thing is that i have to give people money to take me on a date. but sure ill go on a date, but where will you take me?
    Ro: Where ever you want.
    SRK: Done so you first win the 5 crore, (rules) but you have to promise me something...
    Ro: meaning as much as i can insult myself, i should...
    SRK: Do it.
    Ro: Now?
    SRK: Yeah.
    Ro: Dont de-moralize me yaar....
    SRK: Just for fun.
    Ro: (says it)
    SRK: Choose one of my students to help you
    Ro: Anubhav
    SRK: we'll all help you but first lets take a tiffin break because i want to decide with Roshni where we'll go on a date,
  7. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: welcome back to KAPPSTH. I have Roshni with me right now, who has done Journalism, Modeling, so lets find out if she is smarter than a 5th grader or not.

    Ro: Class 2 animal kingdom


    SRK: Anubhav has already answered the question. (discusses the 3 cheats)
    Ro: Taak Jhaank
    SRK: This early for 10,000 rs.
    Ro: I dont know the answer so yes...
    SRK: So with such confidence, like you would on a ramp...how do you stand on a ramp...like this with your lips pouted.
    Ro: Not like that, but in style.
    SRK: Im afraid of models...like this? You show us once. Pout and show us?
    Ro: Pout and totally sexy?
    SRK: yes...
    Ro: (does it)
    SRK: Lovely. Now fix it that you want to cheat, but pouting...
    Ro: Yes i want to cheat off a young child by pouting...
    SRK: Lets see if Anubhav is right...have you heard of leather back?
    Ro; Yes i have
    SRK: So do you think its right? Because its not necessary for this cheat.
    Ro: Yes i want to go with his answer
    SRK: So lets see what the other kids have written....thank him quickly because you have won 10,000 rs.

    You feel better after cheating?
    Ro: well i used to always cheat in school.
    SRK: Always cheat?
    Ro: Definitely. otherwise how would i have gotten here?
    SRK: choose the next category
    Ro: how is your geo?
    Anubhav: ok.
    Ro: Class 2 geo.


    Ro: My god, yaar at least give me a chance.
    SRK: Anubhav has answered in 11.5 seconds. say all the capitals out loud.
    Ro: Pakistan is Karachi,
    SRK: WHat is Sri Lanka?
    Ro: Columbo
    SRK: Pakistan's
    Ro: Karachi?
    SRK: Karachi?!
    Ro: oh Lahore, i dunno.....dont tense me out.
    SRK: What about Nepal? Bangladesh?
    Ro: Dhaka
    SRK: Bhutan?
    Ro: Have no idea. it can be beijing or columbo, maybe.
    SRK: you think its either beijing or columbo....but you have to give one answer for 20, 000 rs
    Ro: Beijing is here and Columbo is there
    SRK: ok beijing is here and columbo is there, so model in the ramp like this.
    Ro: If i get 20,000 ill do it
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    Ro: Columbo. But Im confused because its bordering india, so it would be up on top right?
    SRK: Yes it should share a border
    Ro; Should i do it or no? fixed it.
    SRK: What is your answer?
    Ro; Beijing
    SRK: Heroine your answer is right!
    Ro; BP has gone high
    SRK: im also tensioned, you had also become a bit tube lighted, about Pakistan's capitol, ill talk to you later about that...but Anubhav will have to go and sit...ok so choose the next one.

    Ro: Dhairya
  8. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    Ro: You are so cute!!!
    SRK: This is my Harry Puttar. He is really sweet an laughs cute. What do you think about her?
    Dh: Ill make sure she gets the 5 crores.
    SRK: He hasnt felt like this for anyone before. Ive been noticing that youve been staring at her. Lets see if your partiality towards her helps, but lets first take a tiffin break...but that means here is the 2nd HW question. if you know the answer then please send it in to win 1 lakh rs.
  9. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    sorry guys need a few minutes to eat, and ill post the rest.
  10. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back to KAPPSTH, and playing with us is Roshni. She has won 20,000 rs and once she has cheated using Taak Jhaank. With her we have Ronika. What do you do?
    Sis: First yr Business Management.
    SRK: Wow well educated family you have. Do you think she will win?
    Sis: By god she will.
    SRK: I've heard that you are more intelligent than her and she said that she came on this show by mistake.
    Sis: Maybe.
    SRK: Did you know the answers to all of the questions...even the leather back turtle one?
    Sis: Yeah i didnt know the first one but...
    SRK: DO you know the capitol of Pakistan?
    Sis: Istanbul
    SRK; uhhh....you can choose the next question...

    Ro: Astronomy class 1


    SRK: Dhairya has fixed his answer. Kids to boost her morale....dum lage ke...zor laga ke
    Ro: Where did these tough questions for class 1 astronomy come from?
    SRK: This is a tough question? Class 1?
    Ro: Wait let me think..
    SRK: What does revolution mean? Im a teacher so I can ask questions like this.
    Ro: around the sun
    SRK: you think that around the sun is a revolution. you also still have another cheat. go around once and youll know.
    Ro: You want to come with me sir?
    SRK: Sure, im the sun, come towards me.

    Ro: Im getting dizzy.... (stops at 7) how is this helpful? im just walking in circles...
    SRK: think how many there can be
    Ro: 1, no....
    SRK: your time is finishing, you have to answer or fix it, or copy or cheat..
    Ro: OK copy.
    SRK: Fix it and say copy.
    Ro: I want to copy.
    SRK: Off of dhairya for 50,000
    Ro: yes..if it is 7 ill jump from here somewhere.
    SRK: its 7....dhairya what did you think?
    Dh: I counted.
    SRK: he's right! another category.

    Ro: Class 3 general knowledge
    SRK: Tell me the name of the boats....tamil ones...this is a dance step, we wont accpet this as an answer....
    Ro: Can he help me?
    SRK: If it is right.
    Ro: Ill use Bachao
    SRK: Ok give some answer and fix it, and if Dhairya can save you he will.
    Ro: ok love boat.
    SRK: for 1 lakh she has said love boat....what do you think the answer is right?
    Ro: Definitely not.
    SRK: i want to tell you something in Tamil. Kattumaram......does that sound familiar?
    Ro: Nope.
    SRK: In english its katamaran, heard of it.
    Ro: Yes, now the tube light is on
    SRK: But now you are safe if he has that same answer... but after a small tiffin break :)
  11. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    Thanks for all your hard work, sweetie :thumb: :hug:. Thanks to you I know what is going on in the episode before watching it ;).
  12. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: welcome back to KAPPSTH. we are playing with Roshni, who is lingering between for this answer...she is using the bachao cheat, and if dhairya is correct then she is safe, otherwise she will end the game here. But before seeing his answer, lets see what the other 4 kids have written...

    Ro: Wow guys are you very smart....very good.
    SRK: Do you think that Dhairya would have answered correctly?
    Ro: Yes.
    SRK: And he has!!! good job! and now since you have helped her for 2 questions you have to go and sit down..
    Ro: He has helped me the most.
    SRK: Now you have to play alone because you have used all your cheats. this is now the 2 lakh section where its safe and you will at least take home that amount.

    Ro: Class 1 English.
    SRK: how many times?
    Ro: 7, but let me think one second.
    SRK: wht do you want to do?
    Ro: well if i loose youll still come for a date so its ok.
    SRK: but where will you take me if there is no money?
    Ro: Ill take you home and feed you my mother's food.
    SRK: Ive noticed that everytime there is a number answer you say 7....correct answer!

    Now how do you feel Roshni?
    RO: Now i feel good.
    SRK: Ok your 5 questions away...pick the next category.
    Ro: Ok my maths are horrible, i cant even count. ok class 5 social studies.
    SRK: Ok Roshni let me tell you that the game becomes more serious now because its the 5 lakh rupee quest.
  13. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!


    SRK: you can give any answer, because youre in a safe zone, which is 2 lakh rupees.
    Ro: Only one year is coming to mind, 1956
    SRK: If this is the only number coming to mind, then you can freeze it, fix it....
    Ro: Ok let it go, I fixed it.
    SRK: Say your answer once more.
    Ro: 1956
    SRK: Let me tell you that you have already won 2 lakh rupees. (to the sister) do you know the answer? what was the capitol of Pakistan?
    Sis: Istanbul
    SRK: Islamabad.
    Sis: ok sorry...yeah...
    SRK: Istanbul is in Turkey.
    Youre answer is wron, off by 4 yrs.
    Ro: Thank you thank you.
    SRK: Thank you for winning 2 laks, thank you for coming to the show, and you played well. but i have that small deal, that the date is on, ill still come, and ill eat your mothers food, but my deal that you had made...you have to make it come true, you have to say....all those nice things about yourself and that you are not smarter than a 5th grader, but do it like a model...
    Ro: oh yeah sure...is this ok?
    SRK: YEah a bit sensual... go for it, the whole world is watching.
    Ro: (says it)
    SRK: Now pout and do it
    Ro: with the pout i cant talk.
    SRK: Say it na.
    Ro: (tries....)
    SRK: There goes the bell, the school bell, but thank you for being here and being so sporting...

    We will see you on next friday, saturday, sunday with a new classmate at 8pm, but before we go, its time that i told a Khan's Story to the kids, so kids, come to me, and since the story is long, ill say it fast...

    Once upon a time, its about the pandavs, that they were thirsty and they came near a lake, they started to drink the water, but there was a demon on it, he said that only when you answer my questions i will let you drink from the lake. so arjun, nakul, sahdev, and bhim could not answer those questions, and the demon drowned them in the water, but yudhistir gave the right answers, and know why? because he had prepared for Paanchvi Pass.

    Kids: very goos story.
    SRK: Thank you and ill tell you more stories but we now have to go four 4 days and 30 hours.... so instead of saying kalvida, all you kids say alvidaa :)

    PS: For those that dont know, the story he said is true and its from Mahabharat...the epic :)

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