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Ep 27 Translation

Discussion in 'KAPPSTH - Translations' started by sonal, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    Will be getting started in a few minutes. Just eating breakfast :D
  2. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    (SRK opens with a lab. He is acting like a mad scientist.)

    SRK: Eureka! I found the formula to get 5 crores. In Karela juice I added Banana, and with Tumeric Leaves, i boiled it in rose oil and then let it dry for a day....so use the powder, stand on your head for three days and you will be able to answer all the 5th class questions.

    Anu: But you can do it by reading the books as well.
    SRK: Yes...Yes...you're right and that is so much more simple. I was just wasting my energy and hard work then. Thats why they say that let the person that is supposed to do the work, do the work. So since Im the teacher here, doing all this science and formula stuff Ill start the class.

    As you guys saw the experiment in my lab failed, but im sure that the contestant that is coming will pass with flying colors. Welcome back Ashwini how do you feel?

    A: Good
    SRK: Youre happy?
    A: Yes
    SRK: You have won 5 lakhs
    A: Yes
    SRK: And you have already used your two cheats...happy about that too?
    A: Uh, yes.
    SRK: I wont tell you the rules because you have played already. So choose your classmate
    A: Dheirya
    SRK: Your husband is here also, he hasnt left you as yet
    A: Why would he leave me?
    SRK: Thats not what I meant, I meant he hasnt gone back home yet...I would never say that he would leave you
    A: No
    SRK: Let me say Hi, how are you?
    Amit: Good
    SRK: And you ma-ji?
    Ma: Good
    SRK: Youve taught her anything Amit?
    Amit: Some topics, like personalities.
    SRK: Did any romance or just studies?

    Look into my eyes and tell me who India's first P.M. was darling. You didnt say this?
    Amit: Uh sir?
    SRK: He is totally shocked. Does he romance you or not?
    A: He does but he is just shy
    SRK: So lets find out if she is smarter than a fifth grader. Choose your subject.
    A: Class 5 Indian History


    SRK: You have an idea?
    A: Yes. Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, and Sukhdev.
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    A: Fix it
    SRK: Sure? Dheirya just got the answer he thinks. If you are wrong you still have one more cheat...otherwise you come down to 2 lakhs.
    A: Ill fix it
    SRK: Shall I tell you what Dheirya has written?
    A: Sure
    SRK: He wrote, Rajguru, Sukhdev and Bhagat Singh. He is right?
    A: Yes
    SRK: Well done! Right answer!
  3. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: You have taught her personalities very well, even History. So choose your subject.
    A: Class 4 Monuments and Places


    SRK: You have any idea? Its for 20 lakhs.
    A: Taj Mahal was made by Shah Jahan,...
    SRK: Dheirya thinks that he knows the answer and has fixed it. You were saying...
    A: Red Fort was built in Delhi by him also...So I think it should be Charminar.
    SRK: Charminar?
    A: I think ill go with it.
    SRK: You think it was before the Taj Mahal
    A: Yes because I heard that it took a very long time for it to be built
    SRK: If you are right then 20 lakhs otherwise 2 lakhs. You also have a cheat.
    A: Ill go with Charminar
    SRK: Your choice.
    A: Fix it. Charminar.
    SRK: Lets see what the kids wrote. Shriya: Charminar, Milanjeet and Sreeparna: Taj Mahal, Anubhav: Red Fort

    So with the three choices that were given all of them have been used here with the Kids. Dheirya wrote the Red Fort. Now how do you feel? I didnt understand the logic, because if the Nizaams came after, then how did they make the Charminar first?

    Dh: Shahrukh, Shahrukh, they fell out of the sky.
    SRK: Maybe. Amit what do you think? Should she have fixed it?
    Amit: But she has Bachao
    SRK: Yes but that is Red Fort. Which is the wrong answer, so Dheirya cannot help you. The right answer is either Taj Mahal or Charminar. What do you think?
    A: I dont know
    SRK: You took such a big risk. You took a guess with this wrong logic. Are you feeling bad now?
    A: Yeah
    SRK: Are you going to cry?
    A: No
    SRK: Dont cry on this show because you played well, and I was also having fun with you. And we will keep playing because you have the right answer!
  4. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Your guess was right. You won 20 lakhs Rs. Thank you Dheirya and you can go and sit down. You have Milanjeet so come... you guys now have hw questions to do, so take a hw break.

    Welcome back! Playing here is Ashwini. You still have one more cheat.
    A: Class 4 Personalities


    SRK: Milanjeet thinks that he knows the answer and has fixed it.
    A: I think its Sunita Williams.
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    A: Fix it
    SRK: Ill just repeat what I have been saying...if you are right then good, but wrong then you get only 2 lakhs.
    A: Im not sure
    SRK: Think a bit
    A: Im not sure...
    SRK: You have bachao. You can give an answer and be right, otherwise Milanjeet can save you or you can leave with the money.
    A: I think Ill quit
    SRK: You want to quit. Sure?
    A: Yes
    SRK: Then youll have to fix it.
    A: (Does so)
    SRK: If you answered what would you have said?
    A: Sunita Williams
    SRK: Lets see what Milanjeet wrote if you would have used the bachao. He wrote, Sunita Williams and that would have been the right answer.

    You still have the promise to fulfill..
    A: (Does so)

    SRK: We have a new student from Haryana, 23 yrs old, Divanshu Takral. How are you?
    D: Good...did you see my entry it was like yours.
    SRK: Oh so doing all this you ruined my 20 yrs of hard work. Thank you. This is your childhood picture?
    D: Yes...this is my fav pic.
    SRK: Why?
    D: Because I had a rose to give to my fav teacher.
    SRK: Ive heard you are very flirtatious
    D: Oh....
    SRK: Ive heard that you fall for older women
    D: Yeah...
    SRK: Yes?
    D: Usually.
    SRK: Ill not tell these secrets to people.
    D: My mum is here.
    SRK: How are you mummy?
    Mom: Good
    SRK: I was just joking
    Mom: Its alright
    SRK: You wont feel bad if he brought home a woman who is elder to him?
    Mom: Thats his choice
    SRK: Ok. So there is your permission...see its a good thing that you came here.

    Milanjeet has been standing here for some time and since I like him I didnt tell him to go and sit down as yet. Let me tell you the rules... (explains)

    D: I also have a deal....
    SRK: Sure, tell me
    D: That step from DON...
    SRK: The walk...
    D: Yes...and dance on Mast Kalander.
    SRK: 2? Ill do one on 2 lakhs and the other on 50.
    D: Done
    SRK: Choose your classmate
    D: Shriya

    Sh: (gift for SRK) This is for you.
    SRK: For me thank you! Give me a kiss...Im really happy.
    Sh: Himachali Cap.
    SRK: This is really nice! You speak in Haryanvi?
    D: Yes...there is a dialogue Ill say in it. Its from Chak De....Ill try to say it.

    Im the only bad guy here since you are the superstar...this class can only have one villian and thats me.
    SRK: (in Haryanvi) Lets see if he is smarter than a fifth grader.
    D: Class 1 Plant Kingdom


    SRK: Shriya thinks that she knows the answer and has fixed it.
    D: Its not fruit. Roots.....well there is none that....I think its stem
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    D: Fix it
    SRK: You have three cheats...(explains)
    D: Ill go with stems
    SRK: Your choice.
    D: Stems
    SRK: Do you think they grow on top or under ground
    D: I didnt see them grow but i read that theyre stems.
    SRK: Think...whats coming to mind.
    D: only 10, 000
    SRK: Nothing else?
    D: Nope
    SRK: Let me tell you they grow under ground. Stems is still the right answer!
  5. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Let me tell you that I heard on the internet, that the search engines you use can be translated to hindi, but there are some mistakes. For cool man, they have written Thanda Aadmi (literally cool man), for Hot chic, they have written Garam Murgi. So I thought if I translated, See you after the break and since we have a Haryanvi man here, we would say "Dekhunga Thodne Ke baad"-- literally see you after the BREAK.
  6. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back! Playing with us is Divanshu and he says that he is the villain of the classroom. The name Thakral...
    D: Is usually for villains.
    SRK: You think its a stereotype? I heard you wanted to be a hero.
    D: Actor.
    SRK: Villain also
    D: Yes it doesnt matter.
    SRK: Yes its nice....presenting: Mogambo Divanshu Thakral.
    D: You'd need a body
    SRK: You dont need a body, look at me, I became a hero didnt i? Choose your subject
    D: Class 1 Hindi

    (quest: If a fox is lombdi, then a yak is which of the following: neelgaai, sura-gai, syaahgosar)

    SRK: Shriya thinks that she knows the answer and has fixed it.
    D: Its not Neelgai.
    SRK: Not Neelgai (in Haryanvi)
    D: Its either A or C
    SRK: (repeats the question)
    D: The confusion is if the yak is from the cow family or not
    SRK: What do you want to do? You still have your cheats. Its not Neel Gai?
    D: Ill go with C.
    SRK: Why?
    D: I dont know if its a cow or not.
    SRK: Do what you think
    D: C fix it
    SRK: How sure are you?
    D: Dicey
    SRK: Its class 1 Hindi
    D: I didnt study that
    SRK: Why didnt you tell me before? I wouldnt have asked it
    D: Compaq Da wouldnt have known na?
    SRK: Yeah but what I say goes here na...the gunda here is actually me. And this gunda wants to tell you that C is the wrong answer...C is from the cat family. A is the right answer, but the only thing that can save you is if Shriya has the right answer. She has the right answer!
  7. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: And now Shriya cannot help you anymore, you will have to choose another classmate.
    D: Anubhav
    SRK: choose your subject
    D: Class 4 Maths


    SRK: Anubhav has fixed his answer.
    D: Diameter is double the radius. Radius is 1.5
    SRK: want to fix it?
    D: Yes
    SRK: right answer!
  8. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Choose your subject
    D: Class 2 Personalities


    SRK: Is anything coming to mind?
    D: PM's yes but not their bdays.
    SRK: You still have two cheats. Anubhav was also thinking....but now he has fixed it. Which are coming to mind.
    D: Bedi, Vajpayee...nothing though
    SRK: When is Christmas?
    D: 25th Dec.
    SRK: 25th Dec....(repeats the quest)
    D: Ill ust Taak Jhaank.
    SRK: Lets see what Anubhav wrote...Atal Bihari...spelling is a bit off. Thats ok
    D: Ill go with it
    SRK: If its wrong then game over....but you can give another answer if you want.
    D: No Ill go with it
    SRK: RIght answer!
  9. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Ill give you now a hw question, so come back fast! I told him I would teach him the DON walk.

    Welcome Back! Playing with us is Divanshu.
    D: Dheirya
    SRK: choose your category
    D: Class 3 Social Studies


    SRK: Dheirya thinks that he knows the answer and has fixed it
    D: BC Chaterjee had written it
    SRK: ok..you got 93% in Social Studies. What do you want to do? You have copy. You have to depend on Dheirya...or you can leave... Anything coming to mind
    D: Struggle of India...
    SRK: (repeats)
    D: Copy.
    SRK: Youll have to fix it
    D: (does so)
    SRK: Kids say for Divanshu because he has used three cheats in the first half only...and he is stuck.... Dum Laga Ke, Zor Laga Ke... Lets see what the kids wrote. They wrote Anand Math. This answer is right, but now we have to see if Dheirya has written that answer also. And he has!
  10. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: It was a simple question and you got stuck but you have also used all your cheats. So Dheirya you have to go and sit down. You have no cheats.....so do you want to play first or do the DON walk? You should play first....
    D: Ok lets play.
    SRK: He is moving for the 5 lakh rs.
    D: Class 5 Health and Human Body
    SRK: Lets see if he can move on without help...take a break
  11. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back! Playing is Divanshu and he chose Health and Human Body...


    SRK: What do you think?
    D: False because its a set of 33 vertebraes. And its not the single largest bone. The single largest bone is the thigh bone, femoral.
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    D: False
    SRK: want to fix it?
    D: False.
    SRK: Right answer!
  12. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Now you want to do DON?
    D: Yes we should do it now.
    SRK: Come with me...let me see what you know.

    (does so)
    D: Thank You
    SRK: Thakral Don your subjects are ready for you...
    D: Class 4 Animal Kingdom


    SRK: Tilchatte ke bachche can be a song for my movie...(its a baby cockroach)
    D: Nymph
    SRK: Nymph?
    D: (spells it)
    SRK: How sure? Because if youre wrong you come to 2 lakhs.
    D: Nymph
    SRK: RIght answer!
  13. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Choose your subject
    D: Class 5 Indian History.


    SRK: Have you seen the film Mangal Pandey?
    D: I not seen only this Aamir Khan movie.
    SRK: Thats why mom's say that when you grow up watch all Aamir Khan's movies.

    Maybe you will know. Think. 20 lakhs is a lot of money.

    D: I think ill quit.
    SRK: If youre wrong then you go down to 2 laks.
    D: Ill quit
    SRK: Fix it and say that...
    D: (Does so)
    SRK: Right answer is (some place in calcutta). You have that promise....
    D: (Does so)

    (bell rings)

    Class is over...the only thing that comes back to me is the Hindi translations that are on the search engines, i have chosen a few things that I want to tell you,

    1. a drop in the ocean: samundar mein phenk do (drop in the ocean as in to literally drop something in there)

    2. baby's day out: bache ko din mein bahar nikalo (literally means kick the kids out during the day)

    3. how do you do? : kaise karte ho? (how do you do in terms of how do you do something...)

    4. This show rocks: Yeh show patthar hai. (this show is a rock)

    5. Shahrukh Khan is mind blowing... Shahrukh Khan dimaag ki dhai uda detha hai... (literally blows up the mind)

    I will see you tomorrow... Kripaya choothe rahe... (literally means to keep in touch). So every body, Kalvida!

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