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Ep. 1 Translations

Discussion in 'KAPPSTH - Translations' started by sonal, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    Im watching the ep right now...ill post them in a few minutes :D
  2. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK enters... ( the video skipped so i missed the first few words)

    SRK: This is the room where I will ask you if you are smarter than a 5th grader and if yes, this is the place for you. This is where you will not need a MBBS, (etc...) degree but this is where you will find the chance to make your dreams come true and that also so easily that you would never have imagined.

    You will be asked childish questions, questions from class 1 to class 5. This game is meant for kids but not only for kids...but kids are very important for this show because the ones that you thought were just kids, they are the ones that will help you win, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but all of 5 crore Rs which has never been played for nor won. So lets not waste anymore time, and let me introduce you to the kids who hold the keys to the 5 crores... (he said mere paanchvi something..i didnt hear it properly....sorry)

    Anu: People call me Anu Bhai because im the strongest in the class.
    SRK: hmm good...and what are you interests?
    Anu: I like dancing and rapping.
    SRK: Ok so do the audience here a favor and show them some dance...

    Sitting with Anu is Shriyu or Princess...

    Shriyu: My name is Shriya but people call be Shriyu or Cutey. I like singing, dancing, and reading books and im sure that one day i will be SRK bhaiya's (brother) princess.

    SRK: You already are my princess.

    Sitting there is Milli. How are you?"

    Milli: Fine and you?
    SRK: Good, but Im a bit nervous.
    Milli: Why?
    SRK: Because its my first day.
    Milli: You shouldnt be nervous. You have the main part.
    SRK: I have the main part and thats why im nervous!

    (i think the rest of the video got skipped...im using the links that are posted in the other threads...sorry guys. in future ill wait til i get the full eps.)

    Let's meet our contestant. Mridula RamLaxmi!

    Welcome to the show Dr. saab...I have heard that you've done a PhD. And you are from Orissa. We have here your childhood picture. You were very pretty then and you are now. The questions that were from that time, do you remember any of those answers?
  3. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    Dr: Not much because its from 30 yrs ago. We used to study 4 subjects, language, math, science and (i dont know what the last thing was)

    SRK: We will also ask you questions like that from the 10 subjects from the 5th grade. And do you think you will win the 5 Crores?

    Dr: Definitely.

    SRK: Ill tell you the rules quickly. You will get 10 subjects from class 1 to class 5 or 10 questions from those subjects. Ok? So they will be in front of you like this in different categories and you can choose whichever one you want. For the 1st question that you answer right you will get 10,000 Rs. And like this you will climb the ladder where you will answer 10 questions and win 1 crore. And after that will come the big 5 crore question. We will not show you the question but we will show you the category. And if you think that you can answer the question then do so, otherwise you can leave the game with the money that you have won. The best thing about the game is that you can leave any time. But the ones that leave are called,....what are they called kids?

    Kids: Horse!!!

    SRK: Yes they are called a horse. You also teach and what not so students shouldnt think that they should leave their studies. We want that through this show people realize how important studies are. So please dont leave the game and play with full force. And I have one condition you have to promise me, its a small promise, so you will have to say that I Mridula (think thats her name) am not smarter than a fifth grade.

    Dr: OK

    SRK: good i like your spirit so lets start the game! But before we begin you have to chose one student from here which will help you answer the questions.

    DR: Sriporna.

    SRK: Ok, along with talking alot she also knows the answers to all the questions. Choose a category.
    DR: Class two Maths.


    SRK: You are allowed three types of cheating. 1. Taak Jhaak, you can check your partner's answer and you can decide if you want to go with their answer or not. 2. Copy, you can copy their answer. 3. Bachao (save), a child that doesnt even reach your knees can save you in this game.

    DR: False
    SRK: Why are you putting your fingers in your ears?
    DR: I dont want to hear that im wrong.
    SRK: Then ill have to (couldnt hear him) to tell you if you're right or wrong. Your husband is also here. Where is he? Namaskar! How are you?

    Husband: Good.
    SRK: Do you think the answer she gave is right or wrong?
    Husband: Maybe Im also confused.
    SRK: You're also confused?
    Husband: Both of us are weak in maths.
    SRK: Your son has also come?
    Husband: yes he is sitting here.
    SRK: Son, how are you in maths?
    Kid: Just ok.
    SRK: Meaning that the whole family is weak in maths? But the answer that you have given is totally WRONG. The answer is True but the only thing that can save you now is Sriporna's answer. And her answer is TRUE. So you have been saved!
  4. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: A prism has 6 faces and therefore 9 sides...but its ok, the whole family is weak in maths. Your one cheat is used up. And you are moving towards 20,000.

    Sriporna: You should take class 2 Astronomy. (Dr, chooses that)

    SRK: show the question please... be careful when you answer because the "save" cheat is gone...now dont you think that we pester these kids too much?
    DR: yes i agree
    SRK: now we have found new respect for these kids.
    DR: Brihaspati
    SRK: Are you sure? because now there is nothing to save you. if you are then fix it, the buzzer...

    SRK: I think you forgot that Saturn has lots of rings and regardless of those its very big. you were going towards that, so why didnt you choose it?
    DR: I thought it would be Brihaspati.
    SRK: You do realize that if you are wrong, then your game ends here. But you are right!!! 20,000 Rs well done!

    Now the bad news is that Sriporna or any child that comes here can only help you with two questions. So Sriporna you will have to go, but the good news is that you can choose another child out of the remaining ones to come and help you for the next two questions.

    DR: Anubhav
    SRK: Ok he is here with you, and the categories are on the screen so choose the next one please...
    DR: Monuments and places, class 1.


    DR: Shahjahan made the Taj Mahal and his grave is next to it, so North Agra.
    SRK: North Agra meaning?
    DR: I mean Agra.
    SRK: (laughs) Ok then...sorry for the confusion. Are you confident?
    DR: Yes.
    SRK: Lets see what the kids wrote....absolutely RIGHT. Well done!
  5. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    Thank you so much Sonal for translating it for us :hug:!
  6. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: You have won 50,000 Rs, so you must be feeling a bit tense.
    DR: Yes.
    SRK: Whenever i was tense in class i used to put my hand in the air and say, "miss can i go out for a bit?"
    DR: (repeats it)
    SRK: We will take a break for sure, but those of you watching at home can also win 1 lakh Rs by doing my HW. Yes for HW i will give you one question for 1 lakh Rs and you must send in the answer fast. In every show we will ask such two questions each worth 1 lakh. so todays question is...

    Welcome back....Im playing with Dr. In this classroom. feeling good?

    DR: Yes.
    SRK: Good so please choose the next category.
    DR: class 3 plant kindgom


    SRK: if it makes you feel better im looking that these 4 kids' answers and they are correct. i dont think your son is going to want to study with you anymore. what do you want to do? you have two more cheats, or do you think you know the answer?
    DR: Taak Jhaak.
    SRK: youre going to cheat off a small child?
    DR: What to do now?
    SRK: ok so you will want to use Taak Jhaak but you have to fix it so that we know you wont back out. you want to cheat from a small child.
    DR: Yes...
    SRK: she is saying it with such love so please show her the right answer. Radicle, they think that is the right answer. The decision is yours, is this right or wrong? if you want you can use this answer or give another one.
    DR: Radicle.
    SRK: Why are you making that face?
    DR: IM asking anubhav if it is right.
    SRK: ok so he will tell you.
    Anu: i dont know, only the computer king can tell you.
    DR: They study all this in class 3?
    SRK: This one does.
    DR: ill pick radicle.
    SRK: You have no idea what the right answer could be. if you were to choose something else, what would it be?
    DR: i would probably choose radicle.
    SRK: You would choose radicle? why?
    DR: i dont know. i thought it would be that
    Anu: Please hurry...
    SRK: Oh, hurry? (laughs)

    Like always he is correct!
  7. shanti22

    shanti22 Shahrukh is my life.

    Thank you sooooooooo much for translation :hug:
  8. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Anubhav you have already done two questions, so you can go and until i call you cannot get up. please choose the next child.
    DR: Millanjeet.
    SRK: He is a very smart child but only if you choose the next category.
    Milli: I think you should choose Geo.
    DR: Geo. class 1?
    Milli: Yes.


    SRK: before i read the question let me tell you that after winning 2laks, that is the min. that you can take from here.

    Do one thing, tell me the names of the oceans that you know.

    Millanjeet, she is also a teacher. when you want your PhD you will go to her for studies. but at this moment she is learning studies from you.

    DR: Pacific, Indian, Artic, Antartic,...is it pacific?
    SRK: Youre asking me?
    DR: Yes.
    SRK: Sure ill tell you. when kids ask you this way, that what is the answer to this ma'am, you give them the answer? at the time of exams, how can i tell? youre running out of time, but you still have the copy cheat left or you can give the answer yourself.
    DR: Copy.
    SRK: even Im tensed. if you would have answered then what would it have been?
    DR: Pacific.
    SRK: if you would have said that then......(nods) your answer would have been Correct.
    DR: Correct?
    SRK: But if Millanjeet has written something else, then your game ends here and you wont win anything. pray that he has written pacific ocean. and....YES he does!!! give him a hug!

    there is lots of tension right now so i think its tiffin time! so go and have a break but before you go, the next HW question is this.
  9. love you SRK

    love you SRK New Member

    great work sonal thank you ..

    i recorde the ep but i dont know haw to post it ??
  10. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: welcome back to our classroom. i was playing with Vidula (think thats her name lol...at least thats what i heard) who has a PhD in Hindi. she has used all her cheats and that means that our sweet kid Millan will not be here to help her anymore. and since you have used all 3 cheats that means the kids cant come and help you anymore. now we're going to the next chp of the game towards 5 lakhs.

    DR: class 3 indian history.


    DR: If i answer wrong then...
    SRK: you wil have the 2 laks, not 5 and you will end the game here.
    DR: I think queen victoria.
    SRK: if youre sure then fix it.
    DR: Yes because im not sure of anything thing else...so queen victoria.
    SRK: if youre right then you win the 5 laks otherwise you have the 2. this is the first question you have answered without the help of the children (laughs) lets see what the kids wrote. george the 5th is the right answer! still you played very well. you made us all feel good, you played happily and smiled for us, but you have to look in to that camera and say that im not smarter than a fifth grader...

    DR: I, Dr Ramlaxmi, though a doctorate in Hindi, its not necessary that i know everything but since i didnt know these answers, im not smarter than a fifth grader.

    The next student is Pramod Tripati from Indore. (PT)

    SRK: Welcome Pramod. You look very happy to be here...you came in very enthusiastically.
    PT: Whatever happiness you are feeling, multiply that by lots and thats how happy i am.
    SRK: we have a childhood pic of yours. you look very innocent and smart.
    PT: Nope i look like a cartoon.
    SRK: No no...you dont look like a cartoon but from that time to now, you've become a but more healthier. and your hair is all hero type. you teach english and you have this new technique to teach it...you sing hindi songs in english.
    PT: Not just that but whatever rap there in in between i fill it in hindi. so take a look
    SRK: so today for the first time on this show we have a rappist. go ahead...

    ok yo, pramodo, ok so we wont tell you the rules because you have already understood them and the audience has already heard them...so go ahead and choose a class mate.
  11. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    PT: Shriya.
    SRK: Ok Shriyu...she is sweet, intelligent and beautiful. she will indeed help you even if it means cheating but you have to promise me something. you will have to look into that camera and say that you are not smarter than a 5th grader. go ahead and practice.

    PT: No i dont want to practice because why say it now? ill feel tensed...ill say it when i need to.
    SRK: ok so say this that I (P.T.) can be you that i am smarter than a 5th grader.
    PT: (repeats)
    PT: class 1 english


    SRK: i dont know the correct pronunciation of the word basil...
    PT: its basil. and ill say true.
    SRK: youre sure?
    PT: Shriya is with me.
    SRK: correct answer!!!

    (bell rings)

    SRK: the school bell rang meaning that school is over. you can spend the night here on the desks and tomorrow evening we will start with you again...shriya you can go and sit down because tomorrow you will start the game. and let me tell you that this was our first show and every friday, saturday and sunday we will come to your house and tell you to study and move ahead, but its the teachers' duty that when school is over, before they leave he should tell them a story. so let me tell my kids a story named, Khan's stories. and i hope that you learn something from this, but its even better if you dont. its called, how you become the "top"..parents always say that in studies be at the top, in sports be at the top, so ill tell you how i became the top... its something that happened many yrs ago... when i used to study in school... i used to stay at the top, i used to stay at the top in class too, whoever the teacher was, in whatever subject, they used to keep me on the top, do you know kids, how i used to stay at the top? i used to stay at the top as such because whenever the teacher used to come in the classroom, and look at my face she would say, shahrukh, you didnt do your hw again? go and stand on top of the bench.

    KIDS: that was a pathetic joke.
    SRK: ok my kids thought it was pathetic...although my jokes are crappy, you will learn one thing that coming on this show you will increase your intelligence and your bank balance...and since we're meeting tomorrow, lets not say alvida, but kalvida!
  12. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    SONAL! U ROCK! :hug:
    thank you for this really! im gona have to save them and watch the video while reading them lol
  13. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    :hug: youre welcome guys...hopefully ill be able to get ep 2 tomorrow... i have to wait til its uploaded somewhere i can rewind it :p

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