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Ending 20-yr Wait, DDLJ to Hit Screens in Kerala Again

Discussion in 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' started by tasifa, Mar 12, 2015.

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    Ending 20-yr Wait, DDLJ to Hit Screens in Kerala Again
    By Santhosh Christy

    Published: 12th March 2015 06:00 AM

    Last Updated: 12th March 2015 05:12 AM

    PERINTHALMANNA:‘Come, fall in love’, was the famous tag line of a film which drew thousands of youths to the theatres in 1995. The film,Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (DDLJ), is all set for a relaunch in the state. Jawahar films, based at Kochi, is re-releasing the biggest hit of Indian cinema in the state after 20 years of its first release.

    The movie will be first released in Vismaya Cinemas at Perinthalmanna next Friday. DDLJ will have a new look and feel in its appearance in its second coming. The 2K version of the film is releasing in the state for the new generation who only watched it on television. “DDLJ is an alltime hit movie and it would have huge audience at any time. We are confident to release the film after a huge gap since the first release. Yash Raj Films has also given full support for this venture. We will release this movie in other towns in the state also,”, the owner of Jawahar films Himath Sing said.

    The effort of Vismaya Cinemas management made the second release of the film possible. “There are a huge number of youngsters who have not got a chance to watch this movie in theatres. Apart from this, no one in the state got an opportunity to watch the digital version of the film.There are a huge number of film lovers who wish to watch this film from a theatre. It is an innovative idea from the side of Vismaya Cinemas management and we hope we would get a large number of viewers for the film. The digital version will provide more quality for the film and a better viewing experience,” the theatre manager Santhosh said. DDLJ has recently celebrated the 1000th weeks of running. The Maratha Mandir Cinema in Mumbai has been playing the movie since its release on 20th October, 1995. The tag line of the film slightly changed after 20 years. The Shah Rukh- Kajol starrer film is inviting this time to ‘Come, fall in love, all over again’.
    The iconic Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer had completed its 1000 weeks run at Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir theatre in last December. However, the sudden announcement of the film being pulled out from the theatre on February 19 at the end of 1009 weeks, resulted in an overwhelming outcry from the cinema going audience, as well as dedicated fans of the movie, expressing their shock and disappointment. Following this unprecedented outcry, it has been decided to continue the daily screening of the cult romantic film at 11.30 am.

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