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Discussion in 'Don 2 Photo Gallery' started by Becy, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Ella

    Ella Haan farishtey hote hain ♥

    i'm still against posting the pics with the lil sweetie ... apart the one we have already
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  2. Pedi

    Pedi Well-Known Member

    Don`t worry - I would never ever post them, Ela ;) - but I`m really confused, because I can`t understand her....
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  3. Schneckchen

    Schneckchen I live my own Bollywood movie ♥

    I think nobody of us can understand her. I think she tries to attract attention. To loads of your daughter. :mad:
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  4. Ella

    Ella Haan farishtey hote hain ♥

    and i think, we should leave it now, we said enough .. let us all go back to topic :)
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  5. hanaa

    hanaa Well-Known Member

  6. Sofie

    Sofie Well-Known Member

    Wow! You have a whole lot of pics of Shah Rukh, Darina.:) You're really lucky. I wish I could meet him in person someday.
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  7. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Thank you Sofie! :hug: Keep the faith and God will help you!!
  8. Katya

    Katya Well-Known Member

  9. SRKdream

    SRKdream Active Member

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  10. MeryamaSRK

    MeryamaSRK DON-ish


    Yeah Bébé! :D
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  11. Ella

    Ella Haan farishtey hote hain ♥

    Don't know where else to post it ... credits to KingKhan_pl on twitter :)

    Jackie Chan apparently promotes Don 2 :D

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  12. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    Very nicely photoshopped, i must say. like it :D
  13. sonataca

    sonataca SRK's Mommy

    Lol Anshu, that's what I was thinking too..
  14. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

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  15. Kalee

    Kalee I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Holy God dayamn he looks hooot as freaking hell!!!!:faint:

    Thanks for the pictures everyone!!:)
  16. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Thank you Shublee. Here is a Bigger Version of the pic. :faint2: God how in the World Shah Rukh is doing that? I mean He is looking so tired on the Pic but still so damn it hooot. How can the Man looking so tired and in the same Time be so hot? :faint:
    waaaahhh Shah Rukh you are such a Sadist :Cry: :frusty: Can some one please say me how in the World i should suffer it to wait till February? :frusty: :Cry:

    AfW-Rm9CQAEh2Mj.jpg large.jpg

    Ok it seems a Mode has changed my Post. So i want to add please open the pic in a new Tab it is big. :)
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  17. SWEET

    SWEET ♥Panorama♥

    OMG :faint: if that don2 item song than it :madgrin:
  18. Sofie

    Sofie Well-Known Member

    He's looking gorgeous!:flame:Loved his look for the item number.:D
  19. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    Ah..I love his new haircut
  20. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    new haircut? since when? thought he has long hair only.. :confused2:

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