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Don Tops the charts -IndiaFM

Discussion in 'Don Music Review' started by hakim, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. hakim

    hakim Well-Known Member

    Rank # 1- Don the chase begins (last week was # 7)


    Within 10 days of its release, the music of ‘Don’ has zoomed to the top of the charts and is expected to stay at the same position for many more weeks to come. ‘Ye Mera Dil’ has just arrived while ‘Khaike Paan’ hasn’t even knocked yet. One waits for the audience response once that happens because then there is going to be mass hysteria!


    ust like it happens with the arrival of every big film music album, even ‘Don’ has found its detractors with some accusing Shankar Ehsaan Loy to have mainly remixed the songs from the original ‘Don’! Well, that’s far from true since the album does maintain an entity of its own. If at all there is some threat, it’s from ‘Jaan-E-Mann’ that has just released. It would be an interesting battle at the top between the two as weeks progress!

    Rank #2 - KANK (last week was #1)


    For the first time since its release, KANK moves down from its # 1 spot, though the good part is that this happens only by a solitary position. SEL must have a lot to cheer about since two of their biggest soundtracks are at the top of the charts.


    Karan Johar and SEL have recreated the feel of KHNH in KANK. Nothing wrong with that since the album has been accepted but they could do something different in their next outing since audience may not be as receptive the third time around!

  2. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    thank you hakim :thumb:
    I am loving the music now it grew on me quick. its Rocking!
  3. sanjani

    sanjani Ullu-Club Member

    Thank you for sharing, Hakim! :)
  4. ishika

    ishika New Member

    shahrukh i can just say that i love u
  5. suhana

    suhana New Member

    I Love Him Tooooooooooooooo. Alot
  6. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    thank you suhana and ishika and welcome to the planet. it is hard to keep our feelings for srk inside, that's why we express our love for him in many topics. we hope you join and talk to us too.
  7. annasimran

    annasimran New Member

    Hi I just wanna say dat i like Srk very very much! n da muzic ov don iz really good!
  8. srkmyidol

    srkmyidol Confidence...

    i love he music also....sofar it has been with me where ever i go...by the time the movie comes out I WILL KNOW ALL THE SONGS!!! it's was the same thing with KANK....and yeah...i do love Shahrukh, like everyone else...boy :crazy: DO I EVER!!:heart: :rolleyes:
  9. fosman

    fosman New Member

    Oh my gosh, where have I been!!! - I have not yet heard the music. I admit that I have been extremely busy, but really now. How could I not have heard the music of Don yet. I better go out and purchase the CD if it is available in my area. Thank you for alerting me Hakim.:thumb:


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