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Don...Rebuilding the past

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by tasifa, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Shahrukh said in an interview, that Farhan told him that Don’s real name was Mark. This statement and a few scenes from Dea’s wonderful story Heart’s Desire inspired this little story. It is a foray into Don’s past from a third person narrative, since I’m not really sure I would be able to capture Don’s voice.

    Be warned it is not a nice story as it deals with abuse on women and children. I tried to make it not too graphic. I always wondered what Don’s childhood was like to make him the ruthless crime lord that he is and we love.

    English is not my native language, so I ask in advance for your leniency and forgiveness for any mistakes and typos still present after using the dictionary and numerous spell checks.

    I usually don’t show my stories to anyone and after reading this maybe you’ll agree that I shouldn’t have shared it. Please be nice in your criticism or I’ll do like Shahrukh and go cry alone in my bedroom. LOL

    I wish to say that I had no intention of posting this story and it is under great duress that I am posting it. Dea threatened me shamelessly. I think Don has rubbed off on her...Love you Dea!

    It is a work in progress and I’ll try to update regularly but all September I’ll be in Peru, so during that month I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to post.

    This is the first chapter. It is a short one, hopefully just to whet your appetite. I hope you enjoy it. Dhanyavad!


    Rebuilding the past.

    Roma just stood in front of the sink, the water leaving pink rivulets on the pristine porcelain. She had scrubbed her hands in water so scalding that it had left them blistering. And yet, she felt as if his blood was still staining her hands straight to the core.

    Bile rose in her throat and she swallowed convulsively. She took three deep breaths and willed her heart to slow down. She was a cop... Had been a cop, she had to remind herself. She had seen blood and corpses and so much worse. But she had to admit it was a little different when it was the blood of the man you love that had stained your hands. And yes, she had admitted it to herself long ago. That she loved Don, the most wanted man on the planet.

    Even though he had retired from the underworld for the past 2 years, criminals and police alike were still looking for him.

    They had lived a good life, if not conventional, far away from the public eye. He was into import export, dealing mostly in antiquities, arts and rare wines. The front was run by an old friend of Don, more like a trustworthy uncle really, which gave the real owner the security of anonymity. Yes, life had been wonderful until two days ago.

    Roma closed her eyes tightly, reliving the events that had leaded them to this dreadful moment when Don had lost conscious due to the blood loss.

    A gentle hand on her shoulder startled her out of her nightmare and she lost her balance for brief moment. She would have taken a dive if not for the strong hold that just kept her upright.

    Hazel eyes looked at her kindly and a soft dimpled smile made her smile too.

    “How is he, Ajay?”

    Ajay Verma, MD, shrugged his shoulders. “The next twenty-four hours will be critical, but if I know bhai.. don’t worry, he’ll pull through.”

    He pulled her gently by her elbow, “I gave him a strong sedative, and he’ll be asleep for a long time. Come eat something.” Roma opened her mouth in protest, but the young man didn’t let her talk. “After you see him, of course.” He shook his head and just led her out of the bathroom in the direction of the master bedroom, where his brother, Roma’s lover, was fighting for his life.


    Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment.
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  2. franny

    franny smile!

    this is a good idea Lise :) i always wondered what brought Don to the man he is now and i'd love to get some answers...hehe so i want to read more of this story :) so, the story starts 2 years after Don retires and Roma is with him...that's a nice start but i wonder what happened to Don :confused: a past like his never goes away and i think he was found :( post more now, i want to read more :D
  3. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Thank you Franny.

    It takes off two years from Dea's story. Since Dea's story is still in progress, both will be completely separated, don't worry. The story will explore Don's childhood till adult age. The way his life shaped him goes way back. Glad you enjoyed this first chapter. I will post regularly, I just need to reread everything to correct what needs to be corrected.
  4. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    haaaaaan haan, great duress, belkol :brick: :lol: i'm returning to my fav emot for this one! :lol: hehe love u too didi :hug: i wish u best of luck with ur first ever public story! i wish it will bring u the joy it brings me to share a story with great ppl that are here on the planet :love: i've read some of ur stories and still have some more to go :)bounce:) and i was very very happy when u told me that i had inspired u to write abt Don! feel free to use any of the passages in my story, whichever inspires u and fits ur story!

    and since i am well ahead in the story i will repeat what i've told u already, sorry to bore u :p which is that, firstly, :scared: Don has a brother.. ok? didn't expect him to have any living relatives. that too a brother, that too a doctor! and first and foremost, i remember wondering if she had tried to kill him :scared: this is the vibe i got in this first chapter! and knowing that they had been together for 2 years :love: haai! uff mixed feelings!

    don't take too long to post the next one :hug: love the way u write and i should warn u guys reading... she enjoys cliffhangers as much as i do :heh: :biggrin1:
  5. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    You're too kind dear. I needed someone to narrate the story and since Don doesn't trust much people, a brother was the best possible outcome. I will not explore their love story. You do it better than I could ever do. I'll stick to his childhood. I have a very wild imagination which I need to curb at times. Lol. Will post soon.
  6. franny

    franny smile!

    oh ok...so 2 years after Dea's story, i get it now :) thanks for making that clear for me :hug: yes yes update regularly, i can't wait :lol: and please call me Dani :)
  7. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    don't say that u won't explore their love story at all and break my heart yaar :biggrin1: have a heart!
  8. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    sorry Dear. I need to concentrate about Don'childhood. That" s really what this story is all about. Maybe in another story....
  9. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    i know, i know :p i'm not really complaining as i know there may be some bits here and there, but am not divulging anything :biggrin1:
  10. Imanek

    Imanek Active Member

    Tasifa its wonderful i really really love it its an excellent idea please continue the story really awesome
  11. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Thank you Imanek. I'll post more soon.
    Imanek says thanks.
  12. Amber.K

    Amber.K Well-Known Member

    Just finished reading first chapter of your story..The selection of words and phrases is great and I think you have done an awesome job Lise...The same thing popped up in my mind DON had a brother i mean he had a sibling??He is actually living peacefully WITH ROMA since two years....hmmm..Let me absorb it...
    waiting for you next move...:cheer2:
  13. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Who said they lived peacefully? I said they lived a good life...Only God knows what it means for the both of them. Lol Don will always be Don. And Roma is still Roma. Lol. In this story I won't really touch their love story. It' s really about the events that made Don the man he is. Glad you liked it. Next chapter coming soon. I'm pacing my post. Lol.
  14. Amber.K

    Amber.K Well-Known Member

    LOL...I thought you meant peaceful when you said good...:)
  15. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Don doesn't come to mind when I think of peaceful...lol
  16. woody

    woody Active Member

    Hello tasifa, I'm here too. ;) OK, it's about his childhood & he has a brother, wow ! & the brother has a dimpled smile ! :rockon: I was always curious about Dons childhood. I'm ready for it !
  17. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Hello Woody. Thanks for reading. If you're ready for it, grab the handle of your seat cause it's gonna be a bumpy ride. ;)
  18. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    For those who asked....Here's chapter 2. Hope you enjoy it.

    Chapter 2

    Even in a sedated state, Roma could see that Don was not totally pain free. The small tremors of his fingers and the tensing of the corner of his mouth were a sure sign that the pain was agonizing. Couldn’t Ajay do something? She turned to ask him and saw him shake his head and sigh.

    “Jiddi son of a...even sedated he has to try and stay in control!” He walked towards the bed and pushed a small button on a machine hooked up to an IV in his arm. The tension in the wounded man’s body just disappeared and his breathing deepened. “There, he is comfortable now. You’ve seen him, now it’s time to eat. Come.”

    With a last glance at her lover she followed the young man towards the kitchen. Just like what she had seen of the rest of the house, it was not too big and very functional. The walls were neutral in color and there were state of the art kitchen appliances on the counter.

    A few pictures adorned the walls, depicting various groups of people around a table, sharing a good meal and what seemed like a good time. Curiously, Don was not in any of the pictures.

    “He doesn’t like to have his picture taken. And considering the kind of life he’s led, the less people know about his whereabouts the better. When he visits it’s usually the both of us alone” Ajay said opening the refrigerator’s door. Inside was full of what looked like various casserole dishes. The young man rummaged through the pots and pans, looking for what would be the most edible for the woman who stormed into his life twenty–four hours ago, carrying his half-dead brother.

    “Chaval aur dal,okay? Ya mere paas ...” He lifted the cover of a small pot and made a disgusted face. Roma couldn’t help but giggled at his antics. “Rice and lentils are okay, I’m not really hungry.” At that very moment, her stomach made the loudest rumbling sound ever produced. Ajay raised an eyebrow. “Yeah...I can hear that!” They both burst laughing, at the absurdity of the situation. “Sit, sit, I’ll reheat the dishes.”

    Roma sat at the small island in the middle of the kitchen and, trying to distract herself from thinking about Don lying a few feet away from her, fighting for his life, let her eyes roamed the entire room. But really she couldn’t see anything else but HIS face contorted in pain.

    The ping of the microwave brought her back from her reverie. She found a plate in front of her, piping hot and smelling wonderful. She took a few bites and decided that this was the best dish of dal she had ever eaten.

    They ate in silence and when both plates were empty; Roma cleaned up the island and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Ajay was preparing coffee with what seem to be an imported blend of dark beans.

    “Your kitchen is well stocked.”

    Don’s brother turned to look at her. ''Believe me, when bhai visits, I better have all of his favourite food so he can cook a feast. Me? I could live on fast food, but yaar, does he love the best things in life.''

    Roma smiled knowingly. ''He does enjoy a Big Mac from time to time.''

    A look of surprise and then sadness appeared in the young man's eyes and he bit his bottom lip. Roma frowned. Did she say something inappropriate?

    “Kya? What is it?''

    “Kuch nahin.”

    Now he was avoiding her eyes. Roma sensed that something was amiss and that she was somewhat responsible without even knowing what it was. She walked up to him and in a very Don gesture raised his chin with her index finger.

    “Please, Ajay, mujhe bata’o.”

    An internal battle began in Ajay’s mind. Could he take the chance? And would his brother forgive him his indiscretion? He looked in the eyes of the gorgeous woman in front of him, trying to find any traces of deceit, and couldn’t find anything but genuine concern.

    Ajay’s house was the only safe place on earth for his brother. The fact that he had told her about it...That meant that he trusted her with his life....so why not with his past?

    Roma was patiently waiting for him to answer. She had the feeling that she couldn’t rush things. She was a stranger to Ajay, even though she was in a relationship with his brother. Tension seemed to leave the young man’s body as he reached a decision.

    “Let me serve the coffee and we’ll talk after. How much do you know about my brother’s past? “

    Roma frowned. “CBI has a pretty thorough file on Don...”

    Ajay pursed his lips in disdain. “I’m not talking about Don! I’m talking about my brother!” he said, raising his voice.

    Roma just tensed at the harsh tone. He sounded so much like Don at that very moment, that it just threw her off her game. He saw the effect his words had on her and made a contrite face.

    “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have raised my voice. Let’s go to the living room, we’ll be more comfortable to talk“, he said, bringing 2 cups of coffee with him, showing her the way.

    Once they were seated, both stayed silent for a while. Ajay unsure of where to begin, and Roma, unsure if she had the right to ask. But her curiosity got the best of her. If she knew about Don’s past, maybe it would help her understand him better.

    The last two years had been wonderful, surprising, frightening at times and led to a world of discovery, most about her. But they also had their share of ugly fights. Active criminal or not Don was still Don. His mercurial temper hadn’t mellowed because he dealt with antiques instead of drugs. Roma wasn’t afraid of his intensity anymore, she could give as good as she got, but although he knew pretty much everything about her she still didn’t have a clue about his past. Oh he had revealed a thing or two, but nothing of great consequence that helped her solving the puzzle that was Don. Now was the time. She took a deep breath and took the proverbial jump.

    “Since we’ve arrived, you’ve called Don, my brother, bhai but never Don. Kyon?”

    “Because Don is not his name!”


    Come on! You knew it was coming....I've told you in the author's note in chapter 1. That's what got the whole thing started....:)
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  19. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    i just can't imagine Don being named smth else! it's just so him- Don. UFF. and he's running a business on antiques now! oh wow! that's so like Don as well. not a surprise though that he hasn't let her in on a lot regarding his persona! i'm really trying not to comment too much that could disclose things abt the following chapters lol. so i'll keep the rest to myself :biggrin1:for now! :hug: great chapter yaar!
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  20. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Shahrukh should have never mentioned the name Mark publicly. Blame it on him! But don't forget that means Don chose his name. That's why it suits him so well.

    It's very kind of you to post a review here event though you've read the chapter already.

    Even though you are privy to what is happening, I've made a few changes, particularly in chapter 9 that you should like. A little past moment between Don and Roma. Something very very Don....

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