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Don is to die for! ~Shruti's Review *spoilers included*

Discussion in 'Don Members Reviews' started by srkSuperFan, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. srkSuperFan

    srkSuperFan SRK Super Fanatic

    Don is the best treat for all movie lovers. It has all the major ingredients to satisfy all your cravings – a story that keeps your mind ticking and your heart racing from the start to the end, action that makes you think twice before ever making any enemies, glamour that makes you envy the rich and famous, music that makes you dance like there’s no tomorrow, and the best of all, ShahRukh Khan, whose sheer presence makes you believe that you’ve died and gone straight to heaven. Brilliant! :D

    So, who is Don?
    Let’s just say he is in fact the King! He’s much smarter than the average man. His mind is always working, and he knows exactly what each and every person around him is up to. And who better to play such a frighteningly powerful character but the King Khan himself! Shah Rukh IS Don! His every move and mannerism is so unique and memorable. Even the smallest details of the character’s personality, like the way he laughs while watching cartoons (with a childlike, yet rather frightening tone), the way he grins after doing something horrifyingly bad, or even just the way he walks so arrogantly, are done so ingeniously! SRK gives a completely new identity to the legendary character of Don. It’s just unbelievable how the man as acted!

    The music further enhances the beauty of the film, as it just adds to the fun and the glamour; yet all of the songs give you a weird sense of uneasiness, as you know something unexpected might happen, even though you’re enjoying it thoroughly. For e.g. “Aaj Ki Raat”, “Main Hoon Don” and “Ye Mera Dil” have a mystery element to them, since they happen during crucial situations. Even “Mourya Re”, which is a completely innocent and affectionate song, becomes extremely fast and as the beat and the chants get louder and faster towards the end, your heart starts to beat faster, until it all stops… with a bang.
    Also, though a fun-filled and playful song like “Khaike Paan Banaraswala” makes you forget about all the complications of the plot and lets you enjoy whole heartedly, it does somewhat put you in an awkward mood and there’s still a mild sense of confusion, as at the back of your mind you’re still aware that the Vijay and Roma are hiding from the authorities, and that anything could happen next.
    The music definitely is the best, in terms of quality, entertainment value, and above all, the way it’s so superbly presented.

    The action sequences are choreographed creatively. They are a blend of solid, cut-throat fight and shooting sequences, and cleverly handled marital arts and daredevil stunts. It’s something that appeals to everyone, including the people who aren’t big action lovers. Even though it’s violent and ruthless, it’s still exciting and fun to watch. The fight between SRK and Priyanka especially, is cleverly presented. Mind-blowing work!

    Every little detail has been done with so much care. The cinematography is beautiful and what’s great is that the scenery and beauty of Malaysia has been captured so wonderfully, and the country is not just a prop. It actually is almost like a character itself, since all the landmark locations and the backdrop actually play a key role in the story itself. This is one movie that has done full justice to the beauty of the country by showing so many of its good aspects.
    Even without all of the additional elements of great direction, a clear and precise screenplay, a stimulating background score, and a stylish look, this movie would have still been amazing. That’s because it has the most amazing performances by some of the greatest actors.
    Boman Irani has delivered a wonderful performance, once again. He can really act! Priyanka has proven that she’s not just a pretty face, but she can actually kick butt, literally! Her martial art stunts are aggressive, yet strangely graceful. Ishaa Koppikar, despite having a smaller role, has given a good performance. Her character Anita is shown as a very sophisticated woman, who loves and trusts Don so much that she lets him get close to Roma, just because it’s a part of his scheme to fool the world about who he is. Anita just silently watches and enjoys the whole charade. Arjun Rampal finally gets a chance to show his talent as an actor; not just as a model. His sincerity comes across clearly and finally, this performance will help him get the appreciation that he truly deserves.
    And finally, there’s ShahRukh Khan. He is God! :eek: He has once again proved that he can do absolutely anything and make it look amazing! On the one hand, he plays a ruthless, violent, merciless, evil genius who would do anything and kill anyone to get what he wants, and on the other hand he plays the most adorable, sweet and kind hearted, simple guy. In fact, it is quite unbelievable how he has played Don impersonating Vijay, who’s actually impersonating Don. When you find out the truth in the climax, you remain stunned for a few minutes before actually understanding what has actually happened. The way they reveal the truth is almost like they’re killing you slowly with small doses of bitter truth…It comes as a complete shock and it’s almost like Don rubs it in your face after you’re been badly hit with the reality, by saying, “Don Ko Pakadhna Mushkil Hi Nahi…” with the deadliest, most evil laugh… :scared:
    Pure genius!

    On the whole, Don-The Chase Begins Again is a movie that makes being bad look so good!

    So what’s the moral of the story?
    Don is to die for…literally! It's like a drug that you can't live without...
    10/10 :rockon:

    ~SRK Super Fanatic~
  2. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay shruti enjoyed reading your review!! glad u loved it!!

    lol u aint the only one who is DON addicted:D
  3. Adaneth

    Adaneth New Member

    Yeah i am also addicted to Don. What a movie. I could never write a better review! I would look it on and on. I like it to see Shahrukh, after so long time, as the bad guy. And the End is amazing. I mean you think you know how it end. But this end ..... wow
  4. srkSuperFan

    srkSuperFan SRK Super Fanatic

    Hehe Thanx for your sweet responses Pakiza & Anna! :hug: Yeah I am soo addicted...:eek:
    SRK's hottness is just killer!! Especially in Main Hoon Don, I was literally meltinggg in my seat!!! :faint: The hottness is unbearable!!!!!! :target:

    I watched it the first time on the second day of its release (after a big struggle...had to deal with last minute cancellations from my friends, not finding the cinema theatre (it's kinda far), almost getting lost, not getting proper information about the tickets until the day before, and like every possible difficulty! lol I even had to blackmail my parents to let me go btw :lol: (because they wouldn't let me go alone cuz my friends couldn't go, and I wanted to skip school on the first day)
    But then finally I made it, and after I saw it.. I was just in shock! OMG I just couldn't get all my thoughts together....I mean, this movie is just WOW! :faint:

    But then after watching it 2 more times I kinda tried and somewhat got all the crazy overflow of emotions under control lol and wrote a review...I still feel like I can talk about this movie forever....it was phenomenal!!! :hail:

    There are soo many clever things that you notice only after seeing it atleast 2 or 3 times.
    For eg, the way Don acts like Vijay the whole time is just pure genius! Like when he sees Deepu at the school, he didn't recognize him and Deepu says "Uncle, how come you didn't recognize me?" and then Don just jokingly says, "Well, you've changed so much...new uniform, new shoes..." At first you don't even think that's an important scene, until...you find out the truth :D

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