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Don again....second time

Discussion in 'Don Members Reviews' started by Alana, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. Alana

    Alana New Member

    I just saw Don for the second time with english subtitles...and I have to confess I haven't changed my mind.

    To be honest this time there were even less tension as the first time...and I really tried not to think....this time it was just a normal movie and I was not so concentrated on Shahrukh and could watch the movie as a complete opus. And ok when I see it this way it's better than I first said, but I'm not completly convinced....the only thing I did miss last time was that it was really Don when he say 'I'm fond of wildcats' and repeats it at the end. I think my brain was completely out of sense and I didn't remember that the "changing" was later. So of course this was a sign for Roma....second what I didn't get was that DSilva already said in his office, I'm a little surprised by this......
    So after watching it with subtitles I really understand, I have to say....I got the movie really good and there were no really suprise by the dialouges. Only thing, now I have my proof, he speaks only in the third person about himself which tells a lot about his character and point of view.

    After all for me KANK is the movie of the year and Don is behind...
  2. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    Why compare..they're as different as chalk from cheese. Farhan and KJ have exchanged places. FA normally does films with more serious thought behind them. KJ is famous for 'feel-good' But this time, they've both stepped out of their comfort zones...and given SRK an opportunity to vary his performance as well. That's what I'm celebrating! :D
  3. Alana

    Alana New Member

    Yes well, I'm not comparing, it's just a fact. I can't compare such different kinds of movies I can't even compare Shahrukh directly.

    But since all say that they like Don more than KANK ..... I like KANK more. But when I'm honest it's just a thing of feelings. I can't really say what bothers me at Don. I like other "darker" movies from Shahrukh. I think when I woudn't have seen KANK this year I would like Don more. But never the less I'm crazy about Don the person and so I'll watch the movie many times.
  4. goldenrusty

    goldenrusty New Member

    i think it depends on what kind of people are saying they like kank not so much, i spoke to a lot of indian people about kank the last days, because it was in the cinema, and they are not going to watch this movie in stuttgart, because all of them "hate" this movie, they watched the movie in india before or on dvd, and i heard from all of them, that tehre is no way to make such a movie about marriage and so on, i think that's the biggest problem, they don't like the movie because of the actors, the director, the whole movie , it's only about what this movie is going, that's a big big big problem for the most people, i was really shocked to hear all this from them.
    but for me it's the same, i like kank more than don ;)
  5. Alana

    Alana New Member

    Yes well, that is certainly true.....but I read here in the forum the same. Suddenly Don became the better movie. Some weeks ago all went crazy about KANK and now KANK isn't on the same level. And I didn't speak about people who don't like KANk but who like DOn more. That there are people who don't like a movie is a normal thing in both cases, but I really don't understand why all go crazy when someone says KANK is the better movie or I'm not so fond of Don.
    I can understand some reason, the topic of KANK is like a view into the mirror for some people and when I watch Don I leave reality, that's what people want or better what most of the people want. And I can accept this fact....but since all said, watch it a second time and with the right language, I just wanted to say with my statement that it doesen't change something.

    Ah but did you recognize the sentence of Vijay "Sorry very much"? That's no normal english. It's like in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer nights Dream" the craftsmen, speak this wrong language too but they think that they are very intelligent only because of using amazing words, without knowing the meaning.
    I think this underlines my opinion of Vijay that he isn't a very intelligent man and very proletarian and after all not in the position to be Don.
  6. goldenrusty

    goldenrusty New Member

    yes, i recognized it :D
    and i agree with your last sentence.

    i like DON very much, but at the end KANK is more secial for me, but maybe because i don't like movies like james bond and so on, who knows ;) , it's not my favourite categorie of movies :D, but i really love DON, and i will watch it again and again, like i did it with all the other movies.
  7. Alana

    Alana New Member

    Yeah I agree...actually I watch some "Donpieces" at the morning and when I come home and and and. I can say I'm adiccted, but I can't follow my hobby in this movie and it's not my categorie of movies as well. So I think for watching a very sexy Shahrukh I prefer Don, for a watching a movie with deeper meaning I choose KANK. Maybe we should put them together:crazy:
  8. goldenrusty

    goldenrusty New Member

    i love sha rukh in DON, that's the same with me, and it's a very easy going movie, it's not bad to watch it without thinking at anything, that's true.
    and KANK is really deep going, i love KANK :thumb: .

    but ok, let's put them together:D
  9. Alana

    Alana New Member

    Ok I watched it again this evening....and it get's better with time.

    Don is really a genius (the person Don)....he let's all this people work for him. Best is that he takes his enemy Vardhan away with the police. At the end the police makes him to "The King of the asian underworld". Sorry that I didn't mention this before. First time I couldn't concentrate because Shahrukh, second time I just watched and today my brain was back.

    But there is one thing I don't understand, it's some kind of unlogical....except Farhan would show us who it really is, before Roma knows it. Before they go to that hill, someone calls Anita and she said that it would be the last day of Vijays life. So I think it's Don who calls her, but we all think that Don is dead and Vijay alive...so who the hell is calling than? In my eyes it can only be Don and he wants to finish this "drama" this day.....but it has no sense to show it, except the audience should know who's living at that moment.

    And one point which bothers me again is, that Vardhan burns that picture and says that he's Vardhan..so this accident later on, is totaly nonsense in a way. Or at least it's nonsense to let the audiende think that Dsilva dies and let him come back as Vardhan. They could show directly what he's doing...because without Vardhan the whole movie has no sense...

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