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Don 2 favorite scenes

Discussion in 'Don 2' started by Wafa, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. raviharsha

    raviharsha The savior

    scene one in that ponytail look and those witty dialogues

    scene when he surrenders himself

    jail scene

    hrithik scene

    roma chasing srk -awesome scene

    plate robbery -exit plan scene

    all the scenes in bank-excape and ocmeback of srk

    flirting,seducing roma in bank scenes

    climax fight scenes.

    and the best one ever srk riding the bike in that bridge.whoaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    don2 is kick-ass .awesome film
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  2. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    When he runs across the bridge as it breaks...Shah Rukh Khan in and as Don.:faint:
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  3. S.one

    S.one Well-Known Member

    Nope! Not yet as I am down with fever... :(

    But will go soon Insha Allah..
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  4. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    It's obviously very difficult to list the best scenes as the whole film was full of them... :D :D :D Among my most favourite scenes would be all the scenes with Don and Roma. They had such a sizzling chemistry, it was pure hotness! :flame:
  5. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    aww hope you get well soon enshAllah :hug:
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  6. S.one

    S.one Well-Known Member

    Thanks Sweety... :hug: :kiss:
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  7. prilvsrk

    prilvsrk ♥tere liye♥

    1) Don running.. love shah running :flame::flame:
    2) "woof" that improv was just ufff... sooo damn seksi and hawt! and you can see his dimples in that scene :faint:
    3) when he is sitting in the bank towards the end and fiddling with the backpack. for some reason he looked like raj from ddlj! :love::love:
    4) "no autographs please" damn baby.. that was so arrogant in such a good way! lol
    5) last scene of him riding that bike on the bridge. holy shyyyteee!! i could die! :faint::faint:
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  8. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    I Liked that bike scene too, especially when his license plate saying Don 3 :D
    he looked amazing!

    fight scenes in movies generally are not my type or style of films but I really loved the fighting scene when he and priyanka were on same team and they were fighting Jabbar's goons. every move he made and the evil way he looked, not to mention he looked so cute in his cargo pants :p

    I loved when he was trying to convince vardhaan in jail; when vardhaan agreed SRK said "good"... just the way he said it and the way he looked :love:

    when he was telling Roma how their team was close to one another and with a funny expression he puckered his lips and said "sweeeet" :lol:

    when he rolled down his window and winked at Roma during their car chase.
  9. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    did anyone notice the last frame of Dushman mera SRK made that gesture like "wooof" or as if wanted to bite?
  10. SWEET

    SWEET ♥Panorama♥

    hw can we not notice ji :faint2:
  11. srkEm00

    srkEm00 Member

    - when he said " tek tuk .. tek tuk .. tek tuk .. tek tuk " soooooo sexy & yammmy :faint:
    - every single scene in the jail specially when he said " hate fish " was damn sexy
    - 2nd time when he arrested and said to Roma " why should I tell u " MYGOD looks killing in that scene :Cry:
    - " its time to move on " what a charming eyes !!! :eek2:
    - & many many more .....
    dude he was in the whole film bloody HOT :flame:
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  12. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

  13. S.one

    S.one Well-Known Member

    phew!!! I FINALLLY saw DON 2 yesterday :dance: .. and still I am not out of it !! :heart:

    The following are the scenes which I loved :

    1. When he asks, "which is best Italian Restaurant, here?" :D
    2. The way he waves on entering the jail.:target:
    3. His conversation with Roma in the jail, saying that he tries to be good, but they just dont let him! loved that one!! :flame:
    4. The "Hate Fish" scene... :heart:
    5. The scene where he says, "I see you, my jungli billi". That smile was to die for !! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
    6. The scene where he says. "oops..time's up" & the way he waves at Roma after the car chase. that was Lovely !!! :faint:
    7. The scene where he tells Diwan, "you have just 24 hours.. tik..tuk...tik..tuk..." aaahhh!! that was soo sexyyyy !!:target::target::target:
    8. The scene where he says, "ab mujhe koi nahi rok sakta":target:
    9. When he tells Jabbar, "Main tum par koi pressure nahi daalna chahta" :pound:
    10. The jump from that building and they way he tells Jabbar to come down , and then says "no?" and smiles.. awesome!!! :faint2::heart:
    11. Loved all the scenes where he smiles sarcastically and specially the one after escaping through the door in the vault after taking the plates. He leans on the wall, and smiles that it was so close!:heart::flame:
    12. When sameer calls the police , DON says "thank You!" Loved that one.. it was such a surprise.
    13. When he gets angry on Sameer and tries to hit him !!!!! That look was just soo sexyyy.. the way he says "tum mere jaise ho bhi nahi sakte" !!!!!!:rockon:
    14. The scene when he tells Roma, "Sweeet" ohhh.. that was really very sweeet. :heart::heart::heart::heart:
    15. All the fighting scenes. His body language and moves were simply perfect !! :thumb: :target:
    16. The two scenes where he asks her "Tumhari aur Arjun ki kya kahani hai?" (whats the story between you and arjun?) The look in his eyes was just wow! :faint2::faint2:
    17. The scene where he asks Roma to shoot him.. and then the way he gets angry when Roma is shot. Yummmyyy!! :target::hungry:
    18. The bike scene..his look !!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
    19. The way he says "Roma meri ek buri aadat ban gayi hai... ab uuse chhodna bohot mushkil hai" !!
    20. The scene where Vardhan says "oh GOD" and Don replies, "woh aaj nahi aayenge" !! (He wont come today) :pound:
    21. The scene in the jail where he says "is mein na tumhara kuch fayeda hoga na mera, sirf kutton ka fayeda hoga.. aur mujhe kutte pasand nahi aate" !!!! :pound: SEXXYYYY !!! :flame: :flame: :flame:
    22. The way he smiles and says "wooh" on Roma saying that "kutta hamesha kutta hi rehta hai"!! (Dog will always remain a dog) Loved it :flame:
    23. "...and ask this helicopter to buzz off !! its spoiling the moood !!!" that smile!!!!!! :target::heart::heart:
    24. "no autographs please" ... yummmmyyyyy..........!!! :hungry:
    25. The scene and his style where he says "sab log itne gusse main kyun hai?" (why is everyone so angry?) on surrendering to the police.:lol::love:
    26. The way he smiles and says "woooh" when Roma handcuffs him tightly !!! :love: :love:
    27. The scene when he looks at himself in the mirror in the lift, is humming and smiles at himself !! that was so Koool !!!!! :target::heart::flame:

    All in all, it was a treat!! The whole movie was soooo Fantastic.. My dad kept on saying... "This is a terrific movie" .. "no body could have and can do this kind of a role.. this kind of acting and this attitude, except Shah Rukh! Only he can do it!! " My mom said, "i dont feel like I am watching a hindi movie, this looks hollywoodish!!" :heart::heart::heart::heart:

    I am so proud of Shah!!! :cool2::kiss:
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  14. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    so basically, Sana, the whole movie :lol: I'm with you on this
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  15. S.one

    S.one Well-Known Member

    Oh yes!! the whole moviee... I mean, seriously. I never loved an SRK movie MORE than this one!!! :heart::heart::heart:

    Even though I loved the whole and can say it in one line.. I would still prefer and love to talk about it, scene by scene because I want to be in this 'DON2' effect for as long as possible!!! :target::target::target:
    Neeran says thanks.
  16. Sofie

    Sofie Well-Known Member

    1. The scene on the boat in Thailand.
    2. The jail scenes in Malaysia.
    3. All his scenes with Roma & Ayesha. I think Lara Dutta shines in her role as Ayesha.
    4. The scene where Jabbar & his gang are following him into the hotel & the base jump.
    5. The car chase scene esp. at the end when he wave at Roma.
    6. Every scene when he got angry esp. when he got mad at the sound of heli, when he got caught
    after Ali betrayed him & when he got angry at Diwan.
    7. The plate robbery scene & Don's plan to escape during the underwater scene. Wish the
    underwater scene was a bit longer because I can't get enough of that scene.
    8. The scene on the bike at the end. He looks so sexy there! Hope this is his look if Don 3 ever
    happens. Have to tweet to Farhan more often so that he comes up with the Don 3 script fast!
    9. All the funny oneliners combined with great acting & expressions by SRK like "kinky", "oops",
    "whoof", "ladies first", "boom", "tik tuk tik tuk", "You have beautiful eyes" etc.
    10. All the fight scenes. This time the scenes looked very real.
    11. The funny & bored look on Vardhan when he was talking to Dr. Schneider.
    12. The scene when Don is laughing & get excited while watching Tom & Jerry cartoon.
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  17. S.one

    S.one Well-Known Member

    AND these too :
    1.when he sings, "is it me you're looking for"... WOOWWWWW !!!! :faint:
    2. "Roma...Roma.. kab tak mera peechha karti rahogi" That SMILE !!! :flame:
    3. "Kahin log yeh na samjhein ki tumhe ab bhi mujhse pyaar hai":lol:
    4. "why should I tell you?":love:
    5. When vardhan asks, "yeah.. one more thing that i need to ask..can I?"..and he says, "NO! you got ur answer? Now, good night!":pound:So yummily mean!!!
    5. The push ups in the jail. :eek::faint:
    6. The under water scene.:target:
    Neeran says thanks.
  18. S.one

    S.one Well-Known Member

    Wait a minute, and how can I forget... "Make me an offer I can't refuse!!!" :faint:
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  19. rasquine

    rasquine Member

    Lol, how arrogant and self-absorbed is that line? Brilliant, brilliant delivery by SRK.

    I actually like every scene, but the standout ones for me are his entry, his sequence in the interrogation room with Insp Malik, when he said his plan is finally falling into place (manic gleam in his eyes) and when he said whoof to Roma - how crazily cute was that?

    I do think some of the dialogues are cheesy but SRK delivers the best he could. I esp like when he goes from calm one moment to furious but somewhat restrained. I like the gravel in his voice and the way he rolls his Rs... oyeee *fans self*

    Do not understand how some people can say he hams as Don. The character needs no hamming whatsoever since his humor is mostly sarcastic/deadpan and SRK plays him appropriately. Perhaps he has a highly-stylised delivery of dialogues but these people mistake the flourish and flamboyance as hamming. Idiots!
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  20. S.one

    S.one Well-Known Member

    Mere jealously!!!

    for such ppl there is a saying in hindi... "Angoor khatte hain"

    Which means, when you aren't able to grab those grapes, you name them to be sour and not worthy of having !
    rasquine says thanks.

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