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Do you want to dance with shahrukh? here is your chance..

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by JAZZ, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. +Srk~Ki~Naz+

    +Srk~Ki~Naz+ New Member

    hey..thats cool.. I`ve seen myself at the end of the video... that means.. SRK did see my video.. I`m happy :)
  2. JAZZ

    JAZZ New Member

  3. +Srk~Ki~Naz+

    +Srk~Ki~Naz+ New Member

    I`ve seen it on the satellite..

    www.idesitv.com... IBN hindi... the last maybe 10min.... when the winner was crownd.. :) lucky !!!! :) wished was there.. and could see my SRK live. :)

    BUT I`m veeeeerrryyy happy... that they showed my video in the show.. so which means... SRK did really see my video.. :)
  4. JAZZ

    JAZZ New Member

    That's great Naz congrats!!!:)
    Eventually your video was seen by the king.:thumb:
  5. +Srk~Ki~Naz+

    +Srk~Ki~Naz+ New Member

    yeah...thank you sweeeety!! :)
    Yeah.... not only SRK.. but also all the viewers..of the finale show..!!! but the best thing is THE KING!!! ..sooo I feel much better now... I dont have the feeling that I lost...everyone is a winner in its own way...its what my mother says... :D so I`m very happy that I participated...!!!!
  6. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    OMG, he is soo sweet!!!

    I love seeing his love for people...OMG...he really has so much love inside of him.:heart:

    The way he smiled at Sarjana when she was getting all 4's was soo sweet.:kiss: I love his look of disbelief when the little kid was dancing.:p And the way his voice sounded when he told the fan, "I love you.":heart:

    OMG, his dancing!!!:eek::eek: UFF!!!!:flame: Sooo sexxxy!!! I looove it when he does crazy moves like that!!:heart: Especially at the end when he was doing this cabbage patch kind of move!:p

    It's soo good to see him happy and smiling!!:hug:
    And really, a huuuge congratulations to everyone who participated!!:cheer2: It truly takes a lot of courage to do this, especially in front of someone whom you love soo much. And from the look on Shah Rukh's face yesterday, I know he felt so much happiness watching you all...and to have given him that, is amazing.:heart:

    Thanks a lot Kiran.:)
  7. clochette

    clochette New Member

    Yeah!! I loved it too!!! He was so relaxed, had so much fun, was absolutely sweet, cute and lovely. He seemed to enjoy every bit (except giving 'notes'). But I also liked the others (Arjun, Farah, Deepika and Shreyas). And what a success for you, Naz, to be seen all over the world!!!
  8. srk-nihal

    srk-nihal Winning Hearts

    Yes!!! same here :D the kid is sooo cuuute and very talented..congrates to him and to everyone who participated bec as the king said "the idea is to celebrate" :) so hearty congrates to you also Naz for this beautiful and memorable participation :thumb: Iam sure it's gonna be your most cherished experience :)
  9. +Srk~Ki~Naz+

    +Srk~Ki~Naz+ New Member

    yeah... I mean...I`m motivated now...I didn't dance for almost 1 year...so for this challenge I started dancing again...and if there will be any dance challenge and Srk is involved in it...then I`ll participate for sure... again again and again.. :)
  10. clochette

    clochette New Member

    Another example for ShahRukh's good influence... why not try more than 'only' Challenges coming from ShahRukh? Why not go further in dancing? And perhaps... one day... you'll dance with him...

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