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Devdas -- the Movie

Discussion in 'Devdas' started by Meghna04, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!


    Year: 2002
    Cast: Aishwarya Rai, Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Jackie Shroff
    Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
    Producer: Bharat Shah
    Music Dir: Ismail Darbar
    Lyricist : Sameer, Nusrat Badr, Birju Maharaj, Prakash Kapadia
    Awards :
    Filmfare Award
    -Best Actor
    -Best Actress
    -Best Direction
    -Best Music Direction


    Devdas is the story of a love beyond all else...even life. The saga of a man called Devdas who loved,loved and just loved... Devdas shared a magnetic childhood with his lovely playmate Paro where supreme love was felt before it was understood. When youth beckoned, the loved intensified. But, alas, a fateful moment of weakness on the part of Devdas created a permanent wall of seperation between him and his beloved Paro. On one side of the wall was a heartbroken Paro who became the wife of another. And on the other, was a completely shattered Devdas. Unable to bear the agony of a life without Paro, Devdas made alcohol his constant companion. But that could not make him forget the piercing pain. Even the unflinching devotion of a beautiful courtesan Chandramukhi, did not ease the heartache of losing Paro. It was only when his eyes closed to a permanent sleep, did the pain begin to fade. But even before losing the light of life, all Devdas urged, was to see his Paro just once ... Thus giving his love the greatest dignity ... It was at Paro's doorstep, that the doors of heaven opened for Devdas. He left behind a testimony of true love,that was pure, chaste, undemanding... and thus immortal. Indeed, love was his life... love makes him live on...

    Songs from Devdas:

    Song: Devdas- The theme
    Singer/s: Rashmi Sharma, Supriya & Raghav
    Music Director/s: Monty
    Lyricst: Nusrat Badr

    Song: Chalak chalak
    Singer/s: Udit Narayan, Vinod Rathod & Shreya Ghosal
    Music Director/s: Ismail Darbar
    Lyricst: Nusrat Badr

    Song: Bairi piya
    Singer/s: Udit Narayan & Shreya Ghosal
    Music Director/s: Ismail Darbar
    Lyricst: Nusrat Badr

    Song: Dola re dola
    Singer/s: Kavita Subramaniam, Shreya Ghosal & K.K.
    Music Director/s: Ismail Darbar
    Lyricst: Nusrat Badr

    Song: Hamesha tumko chaha
    Singer/s: Udit Narayan & Kavita Subramaniam
    Music Director/s: Ismail Darbar
    Lyricst: Nusrat Badr

    Song: Kaahe chhed mohe
    Singer/s: Pt. Birju Maharaj, Kavita Subramaniam & Madhuri Dixit
    Music Director/s: Ismail Darbar
    Lyricst: Nusrat Badr

    Song: Maar daala
    Singer/s: Kavita Subramaniam & K.K.
    Music Director/s: Ismail Darbar
    Lyricst: Nusrat Badr

    Song: Morey piya
    Singer/s: Jaspinder Narula & Shreya Ghosal
    Music Director/s: Ismail Darbar
    Lyricst: Sameer

    Song: Silsila yeh chahat ka
    Singer/s: Shreya Ghosal
    Music Director/s: Ismail Darbar
    Lyricst: Nusrat Badr

    Song: Woh chand jaisi ladki
    Singer/s: Udit Narayan
    Music Director/s: Ismail Darbar
    Lyricst: Nusrat Badr

  2. iamprasad

    iamprasad New Member

    One of the Greatest films to be made evr in Bollywood i know I might sound biased but irrespective of Shahrukh Khan the film is a Classic in each n Every way.Shahrukh khan playing the lead just adds to the immense pleasure the film already is.
  3. Santosh

    Santosh New Member

    How come there is only one response to this important thread? Is there another one with more responses somewhere else? This movie deserves many many more views and comments. Help me out, was this discussed elsewhere?

  4. romy

    romy New Member

    wow! what a great film. i got the dvd this week. srk is very good in this film. every song is wounderfull, every scene is great, every dance is fantastic and i like the scene when srk lays his hand over the little candle and he dont feel that his hand is laying over a candle. do you know whitch scene i mean?
  5. Fan_of_SRK

    Fan_of_SRK New Member

    It was a great movie! I loved the scene when they were at the river getting water. The way Ash moved on just one foot was so graceful. And I also liked the scene when he's trying to put the bracelet on Ash. It was funny, cute and romantic at the same time.:D
  6. srk_deewanii

    srk_deewanii A proud Shahrukhie..

    OMG.. Devdas; A movie NO ONE will ever FORGET
    at first when i saw it i hated it! i hated that srk died! i wanted to call the director Sanjay & tell him why he made such a crap moviee & why he killed him at the end! but then later when i watched it again i started to love it..i loved the darkness of the movie, the sadness, i loved everything about it & today it is absolutely a favourite movie of mine but sometimes i don't watch it til the end.. the end is just to much too bear :hurt:
    Shahrukh's acting was super, like always.. i liked how the dressed him & when he talked like an english man " ofcourse, you're so silly" :D lol i laughed so much at that comment
    but gosh how i hated his brother,brothers wife, FATHER & MOTHER in this movie ! and that ugly bastard with the moustacheee.. ! :rant: alot of hatred came out to those ppl, and since i saw devdas i've never liked those actors again after that.. i still CANT FORGIVE DEVDAS MOM FOR WHAT SHE DID, EVEN if she's nice in another movie I JUST WANT TO KILL HER :mad:

    the movie itself was awesome.. Ash looked awesome, Madhuri was out of words & srk was faboulous in every way. The designs of the movie was amazing! and the music is also wow.. i love Hamesha tumko chahaa, i alsways end up crying while watching or listening to it :eek:
    anyways thats all abt devdas
    i juz want to say; THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE :heart:
  7. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    A very colourful movie…beautifully shot…and an haunting soundtrack…just beautiful! The last scene kills me every time I watch it. It is just too sad! Do not want to disrespect Ash (and I have not seen all her movies) but for me she gives in Devdas (and also in Raincoat) her best performance as an actress.
  8. emmie

    emmie Home at last

    I couldn't have said it better if I tried :) I totally agree with Priya it is a very beautiful movie :heart: I :love: all of it.
  9. silvblau

    silvblau New Member

    AW: Devdas -- the Movie

    For me this movie is a dream of absolute outstanding performances of all
    acteurs. I never had seen a lovestory like this.It be so brilliant , romantic, touching, soft and strong at the same time, full of sadness and wonderful neverending LOVE between Dev and Paro. Ever when I see the DVD I ask me the same question: "Why made Dev this mistake, when he left his family?? Why he don`t take Paro with him?? Than the movie of course not the same.
    When ShahRukh is totaly down, heartbroken his acting is unbelivibale.So real.
    Absolute amazing!!!
    The scene where "Dev takes Paro to his wife "(red colour with her own blood) it knocks me down.everytime.
    The dancing from Ash and Madhuri are not from this earth.I have no words for this. So wonderful, so spiritual.... I find no words for the absolut awesome costumes, so colourful ...
    All the fantastic sets like the room from "Chandramuki" are so lovely so beautiful createt.
    The director Sanjay Leela Bhansali had createt a dream of a movie.
  10. Alana

    Alana New Member

    I've watched Devdas this weekend after a long time and I was so impressed again. And this time I cried a lot. It's such a great story (I've read the book two times) and it's really great told.

    And I love the jodi Shahrukh and Madhuri, they are so great here in that movie, and although Aish and Shahrukh are the love couple, between him and Madhuri is more chemistry. His performance is great, I love it.
    And when I think of it, it's a lovestory without happy end and that's great and of course sad in a way.

    I think my favorite scenes are, when his mother asks him to go and he says "....god will asks me to leave this world" and when he goes into that water, which shows his dead already.
  11. Chandani76

    Chandani76 New Member

    AW: Devdas -- the Movie

    Actually i don*t really like ash...sometimes she seems to me like a doll or something else...
    but i loved Deeeeva (khan ) and chandramukhi singin *Maar daala*.:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
  12. Valensia

    Valensia New Member

    This is one of my favourites film. Incredible story, wonderful actors. I think that 's clasic!:heart:
  13. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    Devdas being shown on sunday 12th nov on b4u movies 8pm uk time:D

    ALREADY_STOR New Member

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  15. Evy

    Evy Well-Known Member


    I know you will post here too.

    So stop spamming all our threads. Otherwise you will be banned immediately !!!
  16. roui

    roui New Member

    yaar it was a great movie
  17. roui

    roui New Member

    it was da one of da best perfomance of srk
  18. roui

    roui New Member

    yesterday again i watched dis movie and i was so impressed wid hsi perfomance
  19. luxia

    luxia I'm demented...

    This should have been one of my favourite movies...

    The story is very complelling: great love, passion, obssession and sadness. Heartbreaking.
    The colours, be it the sets or clothes, are rich and vibrant.
    The acting is superb - saying again that Shahrukh gave an incredible performance, one of his best is redundant, we all know it - but i'll say it anyway...:p And Madhuri shines on the screen.

    The movie grabs your attention, pulls you in, makes you forget yourself - so absorbed in in you may become. The first time I watched it, I really felt for the characters, I wanted them to somehow find happiness. Although I didn't know the story before I had a premonision it was not going to have a happy ending...
    My heart was bleeding watching Devdas destroy himself, I wanted to shake him, slap him, make him see reason somehow - 'There's a woman who loves you, forget Paro, you idiot!' My reaction surprised me - I was new to the Indian movies back then and to the whole emotional upheaval they can put one through.

    So, as I said, this should have been one of my favourite movies... but it is not. (My humble apologies to all fans of Aish for what I am about to write) I can't stand her! I don't even know why... she just seems so cold and distant and fake. And every scene with her annoys the hell out of me. She spoils the movie for me, I go 'grrrrrrrrr' everytime she appears on screen. I tried, oh boy did I try!, to fight my reaction, to convince myself to accept her - I just can't.

    That's my opinion, for all it's worth... ( and I think that's my longest post so far... :cool: :D )

  20. srk_313

    srk_313 New Member

    i love devdas.it was first time that i saw a movie from shahrukh khan and since that time i love him.i think it is great. it is wonderful. aishwaria and madhuri was great and music too.

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