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Deleted Threads/Posts

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by K, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    I wanted to make a few clarifications regarding threads/posts that we delete.

    1) We do our best to inform members if and why their thread/post has been deleted. However, practically, it is not possible to inform every member. If your thread is clearly a duplicate picture/article, there is chance you may not be informed, but please don't hestitate to ask us personally.:)

    2) Threads/posts are never deleted simply because "we don't like what you said", "what you said was anti-Shah Rukh" etc. In addition, posts are never deleted without discussion amongst the admins. Typically, we monitor every topic, particularly, those that have the potential to become volatile due to their subject matter. We try to leave the topic for as long as possible, and if the issue is resolved amongst the members we leave it, otherwise, we discuss how to procede. Also taken into account in these discussions is your input. Often when we delete a thread/post, it is because the member themself requested us to delete their thread/post, or we received many personal requests to delete the thread as the majority of those engaging in the discussion found it offensive. We are often accused of defeating the purpose of a forum through blind censorship, and so to reiterate: deletions are NOT based on our personal opinion of you, your post, your views, etc. They are only deleted AFTER discussion with the admins and members engaging in that particular discussion.

    3) Some members seem to be under the impression that their post has been deleted when in fact it has not. If you go to your profile page and click on view posts, you may find that your thread/post has simply been moved to a new, appropriate location.:)

    4) I normally don't make personal remarks in the forum, but I find it necessary here. I've read many comments over many instances about the supposed status we as admins give ourselves. As I clarified above, we do not delete threads "because we can" or "because we don't like what you said". Before making accusations and calling names, please keep in mind that we also work, have personal relationships to maintain, and deal with all the ups and downs of life like anyone else. We also come here to be lifted up by the one person who can lift us up, but before that, spend a minimum of an hour a day, merging, deleting, solving personal member issues, etc. This is not a complaint, but simply to inform those who judge our actions without really knowing what goes into moderating a 13,000 plus member forum.

    5) I realize many members take personal offense to their post/thread being deleted. Once again, we never delete posts unless we feel there is a valid reason and really do our best to inform you if/why we have deleted it, so please do not be offended.:) A forum is not about any one individul but a community of members, and we really do our best, under often difficult circumstances, to create a balance between respectful discussion and freedom of expression.

    Thank you.:)
  2. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    Thank you Kalee.
    considering the ludicrous remarks that triggered this thread, you're very kind and patient! Thankfully, those accusations were only made by a naive young elite in the forum and do not reflect the views of the intellectual majority of members we have here.
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