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Daddy Knight - Eden Gardens is a completely different place with Shah Rukh Khan in the house

Discussion in 'Kolkata Knight Riders Cricket Teams' started by tasifa, May 7, 2016.

  1. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Daddy Knight
    - Eden Gardens is a completely different place with Shah Rukh Khan in the house, say KKR match veterans. t2 tracks the ‘fan’ frenzy

    Pramita Ghosh

    1) SRK stands in ‘his spot’, the far left corner of the B1 box, and strikes his signature thumbs-up pose after KKR’s seven-run win over Kings XI Punjab.
    2) Eden erupts with a roar when SRK emerges on the balcony for the first time around 9pm and waves at the crowd.
    3) The first flash of those mischievous dimples.
    4) CAB president Sourav Ganguly chats with his former team boss. Pictures: Rashbehari Das

    A white customised V-neck KKR tee, paired with baggy khaki six-pocket pants and white silver-tipped shoes... SRK was smokin’ hot in his casual summer style. But what had the t2 girl gang drooling was his long, back-brushed hair and that face fuzz. #SoRaees

    If you want to grab my attention, the name Shah Rukh Khan is enough. Praise him in a film and I will happily add my inputs. Try to criticise him, and I will bash you up. Er, verbally (mostly). I have already watched Fan thrice and can watch it again. And again. So it’s needless to say how excited this “fan” was to see SRK back at the Eden Gardens on Wednesday, his first appearance in IPL 9.

    8.15pm: Gautam Gambhir and Robin Uthappa are slaying it on the field. B1 box has a happy vibe. Usha Uthup is waving the KKR flag, the Knight WAGs (wives and girlfriends) are cheering their men... but there is no SRK.

    Song on my mind: Gumshuda, gumshuda, koi hua, kahan hua...

    8.30pm: The crowd breaks into a gig as Jabra fan is played. I turn to SRK’s box... where is He?! I tap on his Twitter profile (@iamsrk): “Compulsory bubble bath before match. Has 2 b taken otherwise the lil Knight doesn’t leave the room. Uff the sacrifices I hav 2 make for AmiKKR” reads his last tweet. Yes, he is coming! Phew!

    Song on my mind: Follow karun Twitter pe, tag karun Facebook pe…

    8.40pm: Gambhir smashes a boundary, I spring up to clap but my eyes are peeled on B1, of course. Suddenly two kids start cheering. OMG! Has SRK come to the commentary box?! Nah, it’s Ravi Shastri.

    8.50pm: The B1 box stirs and the crowd in B block is screaming. I crane my neck like a giraffe and spy a white sleeve. Now I see beard, side of that nose, sun-kissed skin… it’s HIM! SRK is perched on the sofa inside the glass box.

    Song: DJ Girish plays Yeh kaali kaali aankhein…

    8.52pm: Little AbRam is having a sword fight with inflated batons. Before I can get over the awww moment, the stadium erupts. SRK is on the giant screen.

    Song on my mind: Nikli hai dil se yeh duaa/rang de tu mohe gerua…

    9pm: Okay, I am not wearing gerua, but my heart’s only dua right now is to see Him on the balcony… and oh boy, there He comes out, in a white tee, AbRam in his arms. When Robin Uthappa gets a 50, He claps. Oops! Robin has a narrow escape as Mohit Sharma drops a catch; He brushes his fingers through that sexy beard and folds his arms.

    “Breathe, breathe”, I keep reminding myself. I notice there’s a new energy in the B1 box, the WAGs and everyone else are all so aware of his presence! Some of them are running their hands through their hair. “As if…!” I roll my eyes.

    9.15pm: “Shaaaaaah Rukh!” I scream, along with some girls sitting behind me. SRK, who had turned to go inside, turns back, takes a step forward, raises a muscled arm and blows a kiss before going inside. I freeze. The girls behind me have gone hysterical. I give them a ‘sorry-it’s-for-me’ look and type “He blew a kiss towards me”, and send it to my colleague.

    “Don’t lunge at him…. Control”, comes the reply. I am grinning like a crushed-out teenager.

    9.28pm: AbRam is waving a KKR flag. SRK comes and lifts him up lovingly, brushing his hair and wiping his face. I am googly-eyed to see his doting dad avatar. Future husband, if you are reading this, please take note.

    Break: B1 has almost emptied, there is no sign of SRK.

    10pm: He is back, but the front row is occupied by WAGs. The chivalrous dilwale stands behind them, unmindfully running his finger through his beard. He raises his hand to wave at the crowd. A man behind me mutters: “Bas, fans ko sirf Shah Rukh dikh raha hai. Jabra fan saare.” I give him the dirtiest look I can summon.

    10.50pm: SRK has a special visitor on the balcony. “Dada... Dada...” chants fill the stadium.

    11.25pm: VICTORY!! Everyone is rejoicing. SRK shakes many, many hands and walks towards the corner of the balcony, smiling. He climbs up the railing, strikes a thumbs-up pose, keeps blowing kisses. I keep calling out his name. Someone yells, “Aryan Khanna”!

    “Cholun cholun, match is over… please leave,” says a policeman. But I want to stay, see him on the field... what if he does a somersault? “Eto dekhaar ki aachhey, madam? TV te dekhe neben Shah Rukh ke…” he continues and I have to leave.

    Line on my mind: “Rehnde, tu nahin samjhega...”


    This is the toughest IPL copy I have ever written. I kept delaying that moment when I’d have to sit down to write it. I took chai breaks. Checked Facebook. My colleague anchoring the page gave up trying to make me submit the copy on time. I didn’t have an introductory line for the longest time. Well, watching a match with the rival camp does things to you. Finally, I thought, I’d just say it like I felt it.

    Well, Indrani (Dasgupta; former supermodel, Kings XI Punjab co-promoter Karan Paul’s wife and, most importantly, t2 columnist) sorry! Yes, I plead guilty! You caught me red-handed, trying to slink away to THAT B1 box. “Hey! Where are YOU going?” giggled Indrani, midway through the match. I had talked Kings XI Punjab for too long, all the time staring to my left. Because that’s where all the action was! That’s where Shah Rukh Khan was dancing with AbRam to Jaadu teri nazar. Oh, now he’s shifted to his designated chair at the back. Yes, now he is going to step on to the balcony again. But, er, how well Glenn Maxwell was knocking the ball around!


    “Punjab jeetega!” was the cry in the B4 box with 12 to get in the last over. I also did a little balle balle. God! I will surely rot in hell. Oh no! They are playing Chaiyya chaiyya. What is Shah Rukh Khan doing NOW? I crane my neck, only to meet Mohit Burman’s (co-promoter, Kings XI Punjab) eyes. Ahem! An unknown bunch has just walked in and Mohit goes: “Who are these people...?” Er, does he mean me too?! I am looking straight now! “GOOOOOO Punjab!” I try to cheer. Ting!
    Karan and Indrani have got up to leave. I am BREATHING! Now, I can go all out for KKR. Mohit won’t really notice, I think. Or, by the time he does, it’ll all be done and won!

    Last over. Axar Patel gone. Gurkeerat Singh gone. Yayyyy! Shah Rukh Khan has a broad smile. Oh, there’s Dada too. I look back to see who’s watching me before I go full throttle. NO ONE! Shah Rukh Khan and AbRam are now rolling on the Eden greens. I take a video. The view is good from B4, after all!

    Saionee Chakraborty


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    rollercoast Zindagi

    Lovely! :D

    and omg! He does look hot! :flame:
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    @ferdbouk goodmorning Mrs planetsrk ,beautiful article,how she described with all her feeling her happiness from seeing king of creativity romance hummanity philosophy legend King SRK,by calling Aryan Hanna, described Dilwale,describing KKR as winner,nice describing ,I like this kind of article because you don't feel booring and same time you can see through it the events, that's so beautiful,thank you to give us space writing reply,journalist fery dbouk from Lebanon great civilization of India
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  4. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

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