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Critics Response - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi[Intl+Indian] Best Words

Discussion in 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' started by srk.fanatic, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Though RNBDJ opened to mixed reviews, there are a number of positive reactions from all over the world, especially in the international arena.

    International Reception

    Robert Abele of the Los Angeles Times calls the film an "agreeably amusing comedy/romance/musical" noting that, "the magnetic Khan is a skilled enough comic actor with his physical transformation — like a Peter Sellers-ish recessive turning into a Jerry Lewis extrovert — that believing Taani wouldn't notice isn't difficult".

    Rachel Saltz of The New York Times described the film it as "'soft, sweet and slow,' in the words of one of its songs. It deftly blends comedy, the ruling tone of the new Bollywood, with melodrama, the ruling tone of the old."

    Manish Gajjar of the BBC gave the film four out of five stars noting that, "Shah Rukh Khan makes you laugh and cry as the nerdy-looking, clumsy, bespectacled Surinder and the all hip and happening Raj. A true professional in his in his own right, Khan breezes through his dialogues full during the emotional and comic scenes "

    Frank Lovece of Film Journal International argues that the film is "smarter and more self-aware of its rom-com contrivances than most Hollywood movies" and notes that while "movie's cleverness eventually devolves into a simplistic Harlequin-Romance-for-males wish-fulfillment about beauty and the geek, it's a very well-acted variation on a Hollywood staple."

    Critic and author of MissFlickChick.com stated that the film, "has been dismissed in some quarters as self-conscious and artificial, a coyly self-referential reworking of outdated movie tropes a la Todd Haynes' Far From Heaven, but it works in a way that most contemporary Hollywood romcoms don't "

    Local Reactions

    A number of critics have further noted the similarities between this movie and superhero films. Khalid Mohamed, of the Hindustan Times, gave the film three and half out of five stars stating that Suri is a soul brother to the mousy Clark-Kent-cum-Superman" who "makes you laugh and sob alternately."

    Mayank Shekhar from Mumbai Mirror gave the film three out of five stars and argues that: "Same person, oppositely twinned, is usually the stuff of super-hero films; the kinds of Clark Kent-Superman, Peter Parker-Spiderman etc. You feel entirely lost in this fantasy flick, because for most part, it’s built around something so intimate and real. It’d be much easier to travel to foreign countries around far-fetched situations with fake heroes."

    In addition, Sudish Kamath of The Hindu states that while Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi could have been an interesting art film exploring the dynamics of an arranged marriage, the director instead, "treats this character type like Sam Raimi would treat Spider-Man. Superhero ‘Raj’ slips into costume and out, complains how it gets uncomfortable around the crotch, to win over his Mary Jane with not much saving-the-world business to keep him busy. But while Spidey does it for a bigger reason than just MJ, Raj’s sole motivation is to stalk his wife and play out his fantasy as somebody else. His obsession with his alter-ego reaches new heights when he wants his wife to cheat on the real him — the goofy Surinder Sahni who starts off well."

    Courtesy: Nitin[My Friend].
  2. avirup2008

    avirup2008 The King's Knight

    Great to see the movie being loved everywhere..and Nitin the genius of the SRK Fan Club community has brought out a true collection of the movie being loved at all corners.
  3. srk-rulez

    srk-rulez New Member

    RNBDJ is amazingly sweet movie....l just love this movie
  4. srk-rulez

    srk-rulez New Member

    Reviews of SRK


    Now this brings us to Shahrukh. This role, without a doubt, is one of the best performances in his career. Playing the character of both Surinder and Raj was not an easy task considering they both are same person. Let me give you an example of that. How will you explain the dilemma of Surinder when Tani agress to leave her marriage and decides to run away with Raj? This can be really difficult to portray but Shahrukh has done it perfectly. He is charming as Raj but his role as Surinder steals the whole show.His quiet nature and low key voice does full justice to Surinder’s character. Emotions are clearly visible on his face, both as Surinder and Raj and he looks like 20 year old hunk as Raj and at the same time he looks like a 40 year old man as Surinder. A big applause for Shahrukh, even his haters will love him, no doubt about that. What about the reaction of audience? Whistles and claps.-THENEWSDOSE.COM

    Shah Rukh Khan’s role in ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ is thought to be one of his most challenging but well-fitted roles. And, looks like he is doing absolute justice to this one too. After a saga of hit, super-hits, blockbusters in his career chart, the King Khan is back in action with yet another romantic comedy that behests his fans to dash into the theatres.Shah Rukh ‘romantic’ Khan delivers an utmost fun-filled entertainment motion picture with a universal story line comprising of love, drama, emotions and a predictable happy ending.-SPICEZEE.COM

    SRK is brilliant. As Surinder Sahni and then as Raj, he is as different as chalk and cheese. But yet as lovable in both his forms. The emotional takes are lovely and definitely do strike a chord in most of us. INDYA.COM

    The 40-something SRK shows just why he is called King Khan as he carries off the two roles almost effortlessly. What is striking is that each time he changes his attire his body language also undergoes a drastic change.Dressed in tight clothes, he is the macho Punjabi lad with coloured hair, driving around the latest bikes, confident and always flirtatious. But once he gets into his off-white shirt, cream trousers and specs he slouches, takes hesitant steps first towards the dining room and then to his room upstairs.Towards the end the two characters appear almost once scene after another. Yet never once do you see Shah Rukh blurring the lines. Surinder's slouch and his subtle ways of showing his love to Taani make your heart go out to the man willing to go to any extent for his wife's happiness.-BUZZ18.COM

    Shah Rukh proves his mettle once again with his immaculate acting and makes it a treat to watch and appreciate the friendly neighbourhood common man in his geeky avatar and Punjabi dialect.Massive applause echoed in the multiplex from the scene the superstar made his dramatic entry in the film till the credits.-IANS

    RNBDJ ranks as one of SRK's best performances till date, his finest moment being in the interval when Raj talks to Suri and he talks back!-REDIFF.COM

    Shah Rukh Khan shines like he was born to play this role. As the simpleton Suri, he deserves cent per cent marks. He is so endearing that the viewer’s heart goes out to him. To his performance as Raj, there would be mixed reactions among the audience. While some would find him loud, those who understand his characterisation would realise that he has done a swell job even in the over-the-top acting. In one word, Shah Rukh’s is an award-winning performance.-KOMAL NAHTA

    It's a crème de la crème performance by Shah Rukh Khan as he emotes resplendently on all situations. Be it his make-over sequences adjusting his tight jeans in dance class or the performance in penultimate minutes, King Khan is awe-inspiring.-INDIAGLITZ.COM

    Shah Rukh Khan is back and how! You cannot dismiss him in a single scene, so note-perfect are his performances as Surinder and Raj. This is SRK's film all the way, whether as the devoted husband, the flirtatious lover, or in the song where he mischieviously spoofs Bollywood legends.-SIFY.COM

    For most part of the way, the spread is fun, feel-wonderful and perhaps expectedly, shouldered by a 10-on-10 performance by Shah Rukh Khan. Often when the screenplay flags, he keeps you engaged with his effortless schizophrenic shifts from a mild-mannered nerd to a jazzy Joe.The actor sends you home with a smile and a tear. So, here's a must-grab-ticket to SRK.-HINDUSTANTIMES.COM

    Shah Rukh has performed a role that must have required tremendous introspection. As Surinder, he plays it down and delivers a performance that is among the best in Hindi cinema. As 'lover boy' Raj though, he is on familiar ground; the earthy accent and walk are what give the role a distinct style. In other words, Shah Rukh surpasses himself in many ways and provides his fans with a paisa vasool performance.-DNAINDIA.COM

    But there is romance, emotion, simplicity and a performance from Shah Rukh Khan that would make any actor dizzy with envy.As the geeky, introverted minor bureaucrat Surinder Sahni, Khan gives an amazingly astute and well-observed performance (the right accent, even the right nerdy shoes), plus a lack of vanity, so that looking at him, nobody could tell that he is a major star.-MSN.COM

    Khan delivers his prowess in this fun-filled entertainment venture laced with a universal story line comprising of love, drama, emotions and a predictable happy ending. Shah Rukh Khan delivers the finest performance. You love to watch him in the role of a simple man and then a guy with stylish looks.-RADIOSARGAM.COM

    It is Shahrukh Khan who lights up your life with his superb performance.But many thanks to Shahrukh (with due apologies to the staunch SRK¬ bashers) for holding the film together without overacting his part. This is perhaps the best performance by the superstar yet.SRK is the pivot on which the whole movie rests, and he rocks ‘Rab’ despite his facial lines that make him look a tad mature to romance a 20-something damsel. The body language, the mannerisms and the expressions he lends to his nerdy Surinder is the stuff you see from polished actors.For a such touching moments as these in the film and for SRK’s stellar performance, ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ is definitely worth a watch.-APUNKACHOICE.COM

    The only high point of the film is Shah Rukh's interpretation of the geeky-gawky middle class hero, Watch it, only for Surinder Sahni ji, a refreshing new take on the Bollywood hero.-TIMESOFINDIA.COM

    A dream role any actor would give an eye and a tooth for and Shahrukh delivers it to the T with his amazing portrayal of emotions in very few words.-MID-DAY.COM

    Shah Rukh Khan deserves credit for experimenting with two different characters — one as a dull guy and a bore, and the other a wannabe buffoon. And he dives into the two character with unmitigated delight and bravado. -MIDDAY 2ND REVIEW

    Shahrukh yet again shows how sincere is he towards his craft even after being in this profession for so many years. He proves that stardom is about doing your job well again & again.-BOI.COM

    Watch RAB NE BANA DI JODI for Shahrukh and Shahrukh alone. The man carries the film's weight like Atlas bench pressing the earth. Critics, and there are many, have slammed SRK for his repetitive roles and movies, apart from his lack of depth in acting. All that goes to heck as King Khan produces one of the finest performances of his career. His shaking, fumbling, simplicity and innocence warms up the cockles of the heart. As the soft spoken Surinder Sahni, SRK has doled out an unforgettable character.Shahrukh Khan sells big, and this time he totally deserves it. The geeky-gawky scooter driving ill fitting grey trouser wearing guy who showers under the courtyard tap is a lovable character indeed! Watch RAB NE BANA DI JODI for King Khan. -INDIA.COM

    Shah Rukh fans will love this film. He makes you laugh and he has you rooting for him - whether as the simple Surinder or the rowdy Raj.commendable tableau of what makes Shah Rukh appealing. -DNAINDIA.COM

    The film is dominated by SRK and he does not disappoint. He is quite loveable as the boring husband as well as the swaggering Raj. -MOVIETALKIES.COM

    This is how Shah Rukh Khan brilliantly opens and closes the film at an Amritsar neighbourhood: proud of his middle-class moustache; tentative in his steps, and oddly pursed lips; dutifully employed as a mid-level exec in a company called Punjab Power. You instantly warm up to the screen each time Suri appears on it. That SRK, the designer-king himself, plays the part-personal, part-parody role, makes the film furiously funny on its own.-MUMBAIMIRROR.COM

    Shah Rukh plays the boringness of Suri with such elan, you can’t help but fall in love with his goofiness. Pardon Mr Palekar, but the common man has never looked so loveable. Punctuated with a lot of physical comedy and that occasional impish smile, Shah Rukh’s Suri is the soul of Rab Ne.-THE TELEGRAPH

    Shah Rukh Khan gets to play two contrasting roles and he does it with great enthusiasm and ease, especially hitting a nerve as the sensitive, gawky Suri. Khan’s middle class Suri wears ill-fitting clothes and geeky glasses while his alter ego Raj sports flashy tees and overtight jeans. What’s interesting is that, visually, neither appeals and it takes all of SRK’s charisma and histrionic skills to pull it off.-KHALEEJTIMES.COM

    The magnetic Khan is a skilled enough comic actor with his physical transformation -- like a Peter Sellers-ish recessive turning into a Jerry Lewis extrovert -- that believing Taani wouldn't notice isn't difficult.-LA TIMES.COM

    Fans of superstar Shahrukh Khan will enjoy watching him playing two distinct characters, as his enormous star persona carries the movie. SRK the actor keeps a lower profile, but, to be fair, there are some glimpses of his wonderful acting ability. - THE TIMES SOUTH AFRICA
  5. MaryAnnK

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    "The magnetic Khan is a skilled enough comic actor with his physical transformation -- like a Peter Sellers-ish recessive turning into a Jerry Lewis extrovert -- that believing Taani wouldn't notice isn't difficult.-LA TIMES.COM"

    Shah Rukh would love to read this line. Peter Sellers-ish!!! He loves Peter Seller and so do I. (Steve Martin cannot hold a candle to this man's comedic abilities!)
  6. shublee

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    Shah Rukh deserves recognition for his acting in RNBDJ, its superb...more than superb :thumb:
  7. Hayah

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    they all knows how srk brilliants actor in RNBDJ...but very sad the awards winning this year not for him..very sad.....but for me srk is winning in this film...

    HALA*SRK Pagal of SRK!!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    SRK is The BEST Actor in The World, He's just PERFECT!! :heart:

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