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Come what may...

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by movi3_fan, Jan 22, 2006.

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    Raju: My predictions were correct….Shahrukh wants to play with Kajol, not us…..that’s why they closed the window coverings….
    Anitha: Hmph….well let’s see about that!
    Anitha ran over the front of the house, followed by the rest of the children. She tested to see if the front door was unlocked and surprisingly, it was. The children quietly approached the doors of bedroom. Though it was locked, and they pouted disappointedly.
    Before Kajol could get herself to turn around, Shahrukh had swiftly approached her from behind. He had trapped her into an irresistible capture. He brushed her hair away all on one side, revealing her exposed back. He stared in wonder, while his hand caressed it ardently. He nestled his nose onto her back, causing her to shiver and close her eyes. He started grazing at her supple skin and droned inevitably. Kajol giggled as Shahrukh tickled her with his lips. Quickly, she remembered she had much work to do, and that it was not time to fool around. She had realized Shahrukh’s intentions and moved away unexpectedly. She headed for the doors, but again Shahrukh was fast enough to stop her from getting away. She laid her back on the doors in defeat, and looked at Shahrukh teasingly. He arched a brow and rested his hand on the door frame, lingering around his wife. Almost as if she could read his mind, she grinned and glimpsed at him challengingly. He lowered his head to hers, but yet again, Kajol had escaped his seizure. She giggled as she unlocked the doors behind. Shahrukh trembled a bit, but hastily composed himself. As she ran out of the room with Srk chasing her from behind, the children watched amusingly.
    Anitha: (laughs) They’re playing T.A.G!!!
    The children all started to cheer and run after the couple. Kajol went behind the couch and went crosswise, around the pillars. Continuously, they ran after each other in the little house, tripping over things and bashing into stuff. Finally, Kajol reached for the front doors and immediately opened them, going outside now. People they knew all watched humorously and smiled as they saw Shahrukh chase Kajol around the area. Kajol was laughing whole-heartedly....non-stop, as Shahrukh did too. But that all came to an end when she unknowingly bumped into Kamal. Shahrukh stopped from behind her, and his playful beam had wiped away at his brother’s presence. Kajol’s cheerful laughter had come to sudden a halt, as well as everyone else’s. She backed away and dropped her head down, looking timid and afraid. Kamal appeared depressed and pitiful, he seemed as if he was pleading Kajol of something. He looked at her earnestly, with a frown. He observed the many inquisitive faces that were around. He let out a deep sigh and walked away from it all. Kajol raised her head and watched her brother-in-law walk away unhappily. She felt terrible and guilty for all his sorrows as she gawped at the floor hopelessly. Shahrukh dissatisfiedly watched his brother walk away. Shortly, he turned to see Kajol, whom seemed cheerless. Shahrukh tried to make things lighter for the moment, and unexpectedly picked Kajol up in his arms. She gasped surprisingly, and her frown gradually had formed into a beautiful smile. She wrapped her hands around his neck and giggled, while Shahrukh carried her back to their home. The children cheered for Shahrukh while the townspeople watched on admiringly.
    Shahrukh: (into her ear) You’re giving me a baby girl, whether you like it or not (Kajol giggles and swings her legs)

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    Good to see you again Priya!

    I love your update... keep it on! :thumb:
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    yup welcome back!!! thanks for more of the story :D
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    OMG!!! :D i love ittt.
    but why cant Kamal just accept her!? i mean its his brother choicee .. anyways cant wait for mooore ! :)
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    Chapter 33

    Aamir, Shahrukh, Kajol Preity, Rani, Abhi and Saif were all invited for a feast at Amithabh’s home. The atmosphere was joyful and deafening as people spoke, and children fooled around. After everyone was through with eating and talking, they all went outside on the porch to take a breather. Kajol thought of the dinner more like a celebration for Aamir and Juhi, who were soon to be wedded. She watched the couple romancing, making her feel in high spirits. For Shahrukh, everything seemed perfect….just perfect, there was only one more barrier left to fulfill total peace and happiness, his brother. He sighed in relief, but soon that stillness was disrupted. Again, there was yelling and shrieking next door….at Kamal’s home. Everyone jerked around on hearing Kamal’s coarse language. Amithabh came outside as well as his wife and sisters. The noise was just too unbearable. What was most surprising was that Sri Devi was yelling back. Everyone and everything in the neighbourhood was quiet. Shahrukh was still with horror in his eyes when he saw Sri Devi tremble out of the house, with luggage in her hands. Swiftly he went over next door, followed by Kajol and the rest. Kajol kept herself from saying or doing anything. She watched on frightfully as Shahrukh went to his brother, trying to console his brother. All Sri Devi did was sob piercingly calling for an auto. Kajol unconsciously moved one step upward, but immediately moved back. She remembered her promise to Shahrukh…that she wouldn’t barge in on Kamal’s and Sri Devi’s problems. Everyone watched dreadfully while Kamal yelled out to Sri Devi. Shahrukh kept calming him down, and pushing him back into the house.

    Sri Devi: (yells back) My brother’s not a cheat!!!! He has given back the money ages ago!!! You are too proud to accept that!
    Kamal: CHUP!
    Shahrukh: (hopelessly) Bhai…ple- please…stop..(starts to cry) Stop….
    Kamal: (holds Shahrukh’s face) Don’t….Shahrukh don’t cry! ...See….LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE! YOU STUPID BROAD!
    Sri Devi: (fed up) I’m…I am not going to take any more of this…..No….No more…(looks away and calls for a cab) Auto! Auto!
    Shahrukh was totally miserable at this time, everything was fine a moment ago. He looked back at his Bhabi hopelessly. He ran over, trying to convince her to stay…
    Kamal: Shahrukh……let her go! Shahrukh…
    Srk: (ignores Kamal) Please Bhabi…..please…try to understand…please…
    Sri Devi: (shakes her head) Nehin….nehin (Auto stops in front of her) Shahrukh…how long do you want me to put up with us huh? How many more days…..how many more months! How many more years! I’m leaving...Shahrukh…I’m going back to my family…. Where I can live peacefully….(wipes his tears away and blesses him) Don’t worry Shahrukh….you will be fine…

    With that, Sri Devi turned away, handing her luggage over to the driver. Shahrukh put his hands on his head in frustration and turned away to look at Kajol. All this time, Kajol looked down, with an urge to stop the madness. She jerked up as she heard Shahrukh’s whimpers and plea. Kajol couldn’t take it anymore….she saw the way her husband was in need of dire assistance. She must, someway, help him out in this situation.

    Kajol: Sri Deviji! Ruk Jaa! (runs over to her, and stops her from entering the cab)
    Kajol hesitated at firs, she looked over her shoulder to see Shahrukh’s expression. He didn’t say anything, but his eyes were more than what word could express. He wanted her to help…and so, she carried on. She spoke quietly to Sri Devi, calming her down…

    Sri Devi: Kajol…don’t try to stop me….you know how it feels to be treated that way don’t you (refers to Kamal)…I can’t live with him any longer…
    Kajol: Don’t say that Bhabi….don’t-
    Sri Devi: (refuses) No, you have to go….
    Kajol: (pleads) Please Bhabi….you can’t give up on him…..c’mon….he…he just…has a temper…you can still get a hold of him…
    Sri Devi: (shakes her head) It’s getting worse…everyday now…
    Kajol: Tsk….but we all have full faith in you….Shahrukh….and me…Amithabhji, Jayaji….(soothes her) If you leave now, Bhai will never be the same….his anger would only increase…..he needs you….he really does…
    Sri Devi: (desperately) I can’t…..
    Kajol: (encourages) Yes you can! You can! How many years have you guys been married!? Huh…c’mon tell me…how many?
    Sri Devi: 20….20 years…
    Kajol: (amazed) 20 years! 20 years…and you want to give up now…..(Sri Devi looks at her) Please…..don’t go…..
    Kajol stared at her, hoping for a positive answer. She smiled at Sri Devi, reassuring her that things would go back to normal soon. Sri Devi sighed and closed her eyes for a while.
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    i suck at this drama stuff..lol...so...sum things may seem corny...lol...don't laugh! and Sry for any grammatical errors..

    Meanwhile, Shahrukh took Kamal inside his home. Kamal was creating a scene, and disturbing the public with his outbursts. Shahrukh soothed his brother and spoke to him gently….
    Shahrukh: (making him sit down) Bhai…just sit down…alright..
    Kamal: (throwing his hands all over the place) See what she has done…she left me….she…(stammers)
    Shahrukh: (pacifies) No…she’s coming back…Bhai….Bhabi-
    Kamal: Don’t call her that! She’s not your Bhabi….she’s not my wife….no
    Shahrukh: (irritated) Tsk! Bhai!!!! Stop blabbering! One second you’re blaming her for leaving, the next, you want her to be out of this house? What the hell is wrong with you! Speak sensibly!
    Kamal was shocked at his tone and stared at him in dismay. Shahrukh looked away from his brother, and tried to calm himself. He was really getting irritated with Kamal’s arrogance.
    Shahrukh: (without looking at him) Why are you like this?
    Kamal: Haan….that’s what she asked me today…. “why are you always getting angry, unnecessarily” (stutters) My peace….my dignity…everything is gone….(gets angry) because of her!
    Shahrukh: NO! You did that to yourself! Bhabi has nothing to do with it!
    Kamal: I’m not talking about her….(looks away)
    Shahrukh lost it….he was fed up with Kamal’s attitude. He grinned as he spoke..

    Srk: Oh…..you…you mean Kajol….everything…your dignity, your peace…its all gone, because of my wife…..I see…(tone changes) You just like blaming everybody for everything these days….don’t you? You know what Bhai…I don’t even know why I bother….I don’t even know why Kajol bothers? I can’t believe she’s putting up with this? Ever since Kajol’s arrival….you have been really rude to her….and you’re showing your anger for her towards everyone else as well! My wife is causing you troubles, isn’t it? Don’t worry….it’s alright, everything you lost will come back to you….everything will go back to normal…..do you want to know why? ‘cause we’re leaving (Kamal jolts) I’m going back to Mumbai with her brother, his wife, Saif and Preity…. She has pleased this whole village except you….she’s even made Juhi happy….and she’s trying to make you happy as well…as we speak…she’s trying to convince your wife to stay! All because she cares for you, and she thinks of you as her brother….but you reject…and no matter how many times you do that, she keeps coming back….But I don’t want her to go through this anymore….not anymore! No-(someone whimpers making Shahrukh stop)

    Shahrukh jerked around to find Kajol and Sri Devi stand beside one another at the entrance. Kamal was distraught, his head was hung low all that time. His eyes were teary and he couldn’t get himself to look at the ones he had hurt. Shahrukh’s anger had diminished as he saw Kajol’s serene face. She motioned him to take Sri Devi’s luggage into the room. Kajol took Sri Devi into her bedroom, and made her lie down on the bed. Sri Devi smiled and stroked her face while Shahrukh watched sympathetically as he put back her things …..
    Sri Devi: I guess your leaving child…
    Kajol sadly gazed at her for a moment, and watched Shahrukh from the corner of her eye. She was hoping that Shahrukh was only speaking out of anger, she didn’t want to leave. She took Sri Devi’s hand and caressed it…
    Kajol: (gently) Rest Bhabi….(smiles while Sri Devi nods)
    Kajol got up from the bed, and watched Sri Devi close her eyes. She turned around and found Shahrukh still packing Sri Devi’s things in place. Silently, she left the room, looking for Kamal. She found him at the dinner table, with the food all set out. The plate in front of him was empty, and he just stared at it. She was uncertain if she should help him out, or just stay away. But she approached him anyway, despite her fear. Kamal thought it was Shahrukh at first. As he gazed up he witnessed Kajol before him, smiling nervously and looking down immediately. He didn’t feel angry anymore, but remorseful. He looked away in guilt, but Kajol mistook it for annoyance.
    Kajol: (quietly) Bhaiya….
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    Kamal couldn’t believe she called him that after all those things he had done to her. He looked at her unbelievably as she continued to speak with hopeful eyes…
    Kajol: (stutters) Have you eaten?
    He felt as if she was the only one who still had belief and respect towards Kamal. Kajol gazed at him sincerely for an answer, hoping he wouldn’t refuse her. He didn’t say anything, he couldn’t….he was astounded by her generosity….
    Kajol: (stammers) You must be hungry….uumm….here, let me help you…
    She moved cautiously at first, but her fear was soon overcome by confidence. She served him the different foods gradually while he watched her considerately. After she was done, she smiled at him, somehow reassuring him that she would always be by his side…
    Kajol: (insisting) Eat Bhaiya…
    Shahrukh: (fuming) Kajol….
    Kajol turned around to find Shahrukh standing at the entrance. He looked away when his brother met his eyes.
    Shahrukh: (low tone) Chalo…
    She could see that Shahrukh was very angry, so she didn’t bother declining his command. But when she looked at Kamal, she hesitated. She felt sorry for him, and Kamal felt that way in return. Kajol regretfully walked away from her brother-in-law. She finally reached Shahrukh who was staring angrily outside. Kajol carefully laid her hand on Shahrukh’s shoulder. He flinched a bit, sensing her touch. He took her hand gradually and started to walk away with Kajol. Kamal got up from the seat, watching Shahrukh pull Kajol along with him.
    As soon as Kajol and Shahrukh reached home, he started to pack their things. Kajol watched him uneasily as she put Aryan in his cradle.
    Kajol: (apprehensively) Shahru…
    Shahrukh: Kajol…tell Abhi and everyone else that we’re leaving to Mumbai….
    Kajol: (moves closer to Shahrukh) Why Shahrukh?
    Shahrukh stopped stuffing his clothes in the bag, and sighed. He turned around to face Kajol, who looked down instantly. He went up to her and spoke gently…
    Srk: I don’t want us to stay here anymore…(irritably) It seems we’re causing problems…
    Kajol: (trying to convince) Shahrukh….your brother probably spoke out of rage….he…he didn’t mean it…
    Shahrukh: (holds her face in his hands) Kajol, I really don’t want to be the bad guy here…..I know…you still have faith in him….but I’ve lost it…we don’t need his blessings….I don’t want you to be here anymore….you shouldn’t be treated like that(hugs her)

    Kajol sighed quietly, she didn’t want to argue with him. “Maybe he’s right?” she thought.
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    very short...but i remember, i was in a hurry..lolz....

    Chapter 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kajol convinced him that they should leave tomorrow, and stay one more night(she has her ways ). Unwillingly he agreed, and laid down on the couch beside Kajol. Soon Aamir and the rest had arrived to see if things went well. They were shocked instantly, when Kajol told them about what had happened. Abhi, Rani, Saif and Preity were a bit thrilled that Shahrukh and Kajol would come back, but they knew it wasn’t really what Kajol wanted. The news had spread around town very quickly, upsetting everyone (especially the children). The children’s cries could be heard from afar, but Kajol and Shahrukh didn’t really know the reason for it ( ).

    Kajol slept throughout the night hoping Shahrukh would reconsider, but her hope had faded away when she saw Shahrukh pack their things vigorously. It was very early in the morning as well, and Shahrukh would always wake up late. Instantly, Kajol knew that Shahrukh really meant what he had said. He was determined to leave and nothing was going to stop him. Much later, after they had done packing, they both started to head off along with Aryan. As they exited their home, many people had surrounded the porch. They all yelled out their farewells and wished them well aloud. The children all ran over to Shahrukh and Kajol wretchedly and cried as they said bye. Some of the children held onto Shahrukh and Kajol’s legs, trying to stop them from leaving. But their adorable attempts failed miserably. They both headed towards the car. Shahrukh, Abhi and Saif started putting their luggage into the cars. Soon after that was complete, all that was left was to say goodbye. Shahrukh couldn’t get himself to wave bye to some of the people; it was hurting him very much inside, but he kept motivating himself.
    Kajol hugged Aamir and Juhi and congratulated them early for their wedding. Just before Kajol entered the car with Aryan, she stopped. Someone had fallen at her feet. She got up to see who, and gasped instantly. She picked Kamal up with both her hands and refused to let him remain down at her feet. He wept piercingly, making everyone stare in amazement. Shahrukh was dumbstruck and gawked with his mouth slightly open. Kamal kept shaking his head, and cried for forgiveness…
    Kamal: (cries) Mujhe maaf Karo ……Please forgive me dear…
    Kajol: (speechless) No…don’t say things like that…..
    Kamal: (looks at her with tears in his eyes) I should be thankful to have a sister-in-law like you…so kind and loving….and I failed to understand that….I must have made you feel awful (folds his hands) Please forgive me for that mistake!
    Kajol: (stutters) It’s alright….please…don’t cry…Bhaiya….
    Kamal: (stunned) Bhaiya….hearing that from you has opened my eyes….(holds her hand and pleads for forgiveness)

    Everyone was thunderstruck, it was a remarkable sight. Shahrukh gradually approached them, watching ecstatically. She smiled whole heartedly when Kamal asked Kajol if he may hold his nephew. Kamal took Aryan in his arms for the first time, and played with him in the same manner that Shahrukh would. Kajol was extremely happy, she knew that Kamal would understand soon. Kamal noticed Shahrukh, who was near Kajol. Kamal was shamefaced but he gazed at his brother.
    Kamal: Shahrukh….I am sorry for the grief that I hav-
    Shahrukh interrupted his brother before he could finish. He grabbed Kamal’s hand and requested him to stop…
    Shahrukh: It’s alright Bhai…(smiles) All this is enough for me….(eyes get teary)
    Kajol beamed and quickly remembered something important….
    Kamal: Bhaiya….please bless us…(looks at Shahrukh)
    The couple lowered themselves to the ground, seeking Kamal’s blessings. Kamal stroked Kajol’s face ardently as she smiled coyly. Sri Devi stood from behind all this time, watching her family contentedly. The townspeople had cheered happily, witnessing Kamal reuniting with his brother and his family. Kajol and Shahrukh went over to Kamal’s home, starting off on a fresh beginning….

    The End…………………..


    There'z an additional...hehehehe...hold on..its cumin up...:)
  9. movi3_fan

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    Exclusive chapter *wink*:

    It has been 4 years and things have settled down well into place for Shahrukh and Kajol. Though, they weren’t the only couple whom shared a blissful life together. After much anticipation, Juhi and Aamir were married to one another. Kajol was given full authority of the event while Shahrukh was Aamir’s best man. It was a beautiful ceremony, everything went well. Juhi and Aamir left to Andhra Pradesh, for their honey moon. Abhishek and Rani were finally blessed with a child, a baby girl, named Manju. They remain in Mumbai, but from time to time, they’d go visit Kajol and Shahrukh, along with Saif and Preity. Aryan, Karan, Arjun have slightly grown, as well as the children in the town. They are not as loud, but they continue to be roguish. Kamal and Kajol share a lovely bond with each other now. Kamal is very fond of her, and Kajol decisively recognized the amount of affection he retained for those he loved. Their fondness for each other had only deepened when Kajol was pregnant again. Kamal was always caring and worrying about her health. He was present whenever Kajol was in need of assistance. He was always concerned about her, even more so than Shahrukh, who would usually watch his wife and brother enjoy each other’s company from sidelines. When it was time to give birth, everyone rushed to the hospital to witness the miraculous occurrence take place. Shahrukh, Aryan, Kamal, Sri Devi, Abhi, Rani, Saif, Preity, and almost everyone from town were there. But the doctors were soon irritated with the presence of the huge crowd and ordered many to evacuate the hospital. Yet again, Shahrukh ran around nervously, continuously asking the nurses or doctors where his wife was fine. It amused everyone for awhile, but shortly their laughter had diminished. Doctors would just walk pass Shahrukh without answering. It worried Aryan the most; he had hoped his mother would be alright. Despite the tension, Shahrukh was overjoyed that Kamal and Sri Devi were evident. After a few painstaking hours, Kajol gave birth to twins (2 boys). Aryan was exhilarated and begged his parents if he could name the twins. Though Kajol was content she had two healthy boys, she was looking forward to having a daughter. Her bright smile was slightly altered into a frown. Shahrukh noticed her disappointed expression and went closer towards her. He rested his arm over the bed’s headboard and questioned Kajol….
    Kajol: (gazes at the twins) They are beautiful, and I’m happy, I really am….but I sort of hoped for a girl… (looks at Shahrukh)
    Shahrukh: (grins) We can always try next time…. (lowers himself towards Kajol)
    Before Kajol could say anything in return, Aryan pounced on top of Shahrukh and whined noisily.
    Aryan: No way! No way! I don’t want a sister….yuuhh…
    Shahrukh struggled to remain composed as Aryan tugged his neck….
    Kajol: (giggles) I guess we shouldn’t “try again” then (raises her brow to Shahrukh)
    Aryan: (excitedly) Another baby brother will do!
    Shahrukh teased Kajol with his eyes and waved his thumb back and forth, while she shook her head in displeasure….
    Kajol: (changes the topic, still keeping her glare on Shahrukh) Aryan….what names have you chosen for you brothers?
    Aryan: (gets off Shahrukh and rushes over to Kajol) Ummm…..Arvind and Akshay!
    Shahrukh: (rubs his neck) Kyun?
    Aryan: I want both of their names to start with the same letter as mine! Are they nice ma!? Do you approve?
    Kajol: (nods) I just hope these two will say ‘Ma’ first….(stares at Shahrukh)
    Srk: (chuckles) Hey, its not my fault Aryan and me have a closer bond….its because of you, if you didn’t always push me away when I wanted to…(looks at Aryan)…uuhh.. “play” with you, I would have not spent as much time with Aryan….(winks)
    Kajol had her mouth ajar in dismay. It was the truth, and she was very well amused by his theory.
    Aryan: (laughs) Maybe she didn’t like to play with you! Right ma? (looks at Kajol, who blushes)
    Shahrukh: (smiles seeing her response) Oh…..she likes playing with me….she just won’t admit it…
    Aryan: (looks at his parents and shrugs) Anitha was right, you two are strange….(walks away after kissing his brothers’ foreheads)
    After Aryan’s departure, Shahrukh moved closer towards Kajol and spoke erotically into her ear.
    Shahrukh: Will you give up pushing me away the next time, or will you repeat the same mistake? (smiles)
    Kajol frowned and turned away from his eager gaze. Suddenly, Shahrukh turned her face towards his. His impatient eyes were glued to her face as he spoke…
    Shahrukh: (fervently) It’s been months since I’ve made love to you….
    Kajol’s eyes had somewhat widened, in surprise and pleasure. Swiftly Shahrukh’s lips had caught Kajol’s in an obsessive kiss. He grazed at the edges of her lips, making her quiver and pull away leisurely. She was exhausted and weak from labour, and with Shahrukh’s possessive hold, she had lost all energy remaining in her body. He understood her urgent draw back and tried his best to control himself.
    Kajol: (looking down while panting) I’m sorry….I…I’m worn-out….I am not able to… (disappointedly) give you what you desire….
    Immediately, Shahrukh lifted her face up and forced her to look at him.
    Shahrukh: Kajol…..don’t you ever say that! (passionately) You have given me more than what I deserve. More love, more care…..(laughs) more children….(Kajol giggles) Don’t say that…(sternly) Ever….I love you…..you are what I desire for….nothing else….(hugs her) and just a little bit of love….
    Kajol and Shahrukh laughed as they embraced each other. They remained like that for quite a while, and before long, they peacefully slept into each other’s arms……
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    Oh my Gosh I love it...specially the extra part!!!!!You are wicked..Come with a new story!!!!:heart:
    Hey you guys have you notice that almost all the stories posted in Fanfic are with Shah Rukh and Kajol?

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :thumb:
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    u'll find more of srkajol fanfics n fans at kajol-boards.net.its flooded with srkajol fanfics.

    priya,fantastic story!!i've read this at kb.but an srkajol fanfic can b read ny number of times!;) so thanx fr the luvely story!!!!!!
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    Wow Priya!

    That was an amazing story! :thumb:
    Too bad that this is over.. did you have a new one? I really want to read some more from you!

    Your "extra" was really nice! I love it!!!
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    wow great story priya... loved it!!! you should write more!!!
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    it is sssssssssssssssooooooooo sweety

    you are amazing

    god bless you

    i will complete reading it soon as i can
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    thaaaaaaaaaaankkkkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz u guyz!!!!!!!!!YOU'RE SOO SWEETTT!thank u!!!!everyone!!!im very flattered...wow..lol..:D gllllaaaaaaaaad u guys liked it. umm, actually, ye, im workin on another fanfic...its a romantic comedy..lol....ill post that up as soon as possible!!!!THANK U AGAIN!!!YOU GUYS ARE JUS SO SWEET!lol...
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    I'm looking forward to your new story! :thumb:
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    The last chapter is sooo cute:D...I love this story! Thank you so much Priyanka!
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    the last chapter was sooooooooo cute!!! omg tht was soo sweet of him!! lol i CAN IMGINE him saying tht with tht grin on his face!!!!
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    one of the most interesting piece of fiction i have read recently...in love with these characters...let me know if u ever write another srkajol ff...dying to read ur work

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