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Come what may...

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by movi3_fan, Jan 22, 2006.

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    thank you so much priya for sharing your story with us. good job!
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    Aww, thanks!hey, thats a great idea!!!!:D
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    THANK U!!!!!!!!!!:faint:
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    Chapter 18

    Juhi was sitting on a bench in an isolated open space, with her head down low. She kept staring at the ground, as she was deep in thought. She was truly crushed…her hopes, and dreams….were all taken away from her, all in one day. She found it so painful and intolerable. She placed her hand on her chest, where she had felt the intense throb of her heart. She stared blankly, as if she were lifeless. “How…”, always trying to ask herself a question, but couldn’t manage to complete it. She wept and burst out into tears as she thought of the way that Shahrukh discarded her like that….she had spent so many years, trying to yearn for his love…and finally, when she had a chance of being with him for the rest of her life, that chance had vanished in a mere second.….she was exhilarated…thrilled…excited. But all that was gone now….all those dreams of her being in Srk’s hold…all those wishes of going to sites with him, claiming that she was his wife….all the thoughts of having many children with him…they were all gone…and all she could do was weep. Her eyes had turned red…her body was burning up in an odd fever. She took a deep uneven breath as she thought of the way people had tried to comfort her….her three sisters, Ani Kate and Muryum, were very helpful to her. Her Bhabi and Bhai had tried to make her happy…but they would disagree with her a numerous of times when talking about Srk or Kajol….sometimes, when Juhi had spoken badly about them, Jaya and Amithabh would instantly point out that they were not wrong in getting married…and that there was no fault against them. There were many, who had helped her get through this difficult stage in her life…but they only had reminded her more about Shahrukh. Although, she felt more joyous and happy when she was with someone, namely Aamir. She wiped her tears, thinking of how he had tried making her laugh, and amuse her. When she was with him…she had totally forgotten about Shahrukh…and it made her feel good in side. A sense of relief and happiness would overcome her when she was near him…

    She felt a small tap on her shoulder, making her jump up. She turned swiftly as she got up from her seat. Her eyes had widened with fury, and more tears had started to cum out as she saw Shahrukh stand there, looking at her with shame. She instantly started to walk away, but Srk had stopped her slightly by getting a hold of her hand. She took it away from his grasp and slapped him across the face. She stared at him coldly as Shahrukh watched with incredulity.
    Srk: (unbelievably and miserably) Juhi..
    Juhi: (putting up her hand while looking away in disgust) Don’t you dare say my name…..you have lost that right….(voice getting stern)
    Srk: Juhi...I just want to talk to you-
    Juhi: I can’t believe you have the gall to face me (breathes deeply) after what you’ve done….
    Srk: (harshly) And what did I do to you that was so unforgiving! (furiously) I wasn’t promised to you! I wasn’t engaged to you! What the hell did I do that was so wrong!
    Juhi: No shahrukh….you weren’t engaged, or promised to me….but the fact that you said you were considering it was as good as saying yes to the marriage…(Srk looking away in disbelief)…I waited for you….for so long…one long year...my hopes were up…I was happy, I was thrilled…and you come back one day…and I see you…with another woman…a baby song...and I (not being able to speak, pauses for a bit, and starts off more quietly) if only you would know how it feels…to have your heart broken…
    Juhi immediately ran away from his sight as Shahrukh looked on remorsefully. He had just lost a great friend….an important person in his life. And he felt so guilty as he saw her weep before him. He was the cause for all her distress, for all those tears that he had witnessed. And to think of all the times they had shared when they were younger had made him sad. He went towards the bench, where he had found Juhi previously. He gradually sat down, sighing a deep sigh, as he positioned himself miserably. His eyes had somewhat started to fill up as he thought of loosing such a good friend. Her heart was broken, and knowing that he was the cause for it had saddened him. Meanwhile….Kajol was taking care of the children at the same park. She looked around for Shahrukh for sometime….he had left somewhere, without telling her. It had worried her as the children had given her no information on where he went. She searched with the kids, and finally found a familiar figure, resting on the bench. She smiled in relief, but curiously looked on as she saw him in a still manner. As she went closer to him with children, she was puzzled when she saw a smober expression on his face. The children looked at him worriedly…
    Raju: (going up to Srk and tugging his arm) Uncle….uncle(pulling at his arm)….Shahrukh…what's wrong?
    Srk had only managed to open his mouth a bit, but he didn’t say a word. Kajol anxiously gaped and quickly told the kids to continue playing. As the kids ran away, Kajol sat near Shahrukh, as he stared absent-mindedly elsewhere. Kajol looked down, waiting for him to speak.
    Srk: (moving his gave to the ground) I…talked to Juhi….
    Kajol: (nodding understandably) Oh…(putting her hand on his shoulder) Are…is everything alright….
    Srk looked away again as tears started to well up. She closed her eyes...Shahrukh’s distressing actions had made it clear that his talk with Juhi did not go so well. She placed her hand on his cheek, and slightly turned his head to face her. She was surprised as she saw him tremble to control his tears and sadness and it had distressed her to see him in this state(unno that cute puppy dog face-look that Srk makes when he's crying, like in k3g*sigh*). He immediately hugged her, clutching onto her, as if she were about to leave him forever. He kept holding onto her, never wanting to let go, as tears came down his eyes. She caressed him with consideration and thought, and soothed his pain of loss.
    Amithabh had returned from work, along with Aamir. As soon as they both entered the house, they witnessed an argument before them. An argument between Juhi and Jaya. Amithabh and Aamir both stared obliviously as the other two bickered.
    Juhi: (yelling) You always take their side! You never care of how I feel, or the state of condition I’m in!
    Jaya: (pleading with distress) Juhi, I’m not taking any sides here. I understand how you feel, but you cannot go around like this forever…just think….you’ve been friends with Shahrukh ever since you were little. And now you’re throwing your deep friendship away….Don’t do this to yourself… (notices that Amithabh and Aamir were standing in the doorway and hastily walks over to Amithabh) Dekho, dekho…see how she talks badly….
    Amithabh: (moving forward to Juhi) Juhi….what is this madness?
    Juhi: (coldly) Don’t ask as if you don’t know…
    Amithabh: (sighing irritatedly) Why do you always come to this dilemma…
    Juhi: It’s not me who caused this whole nuisance, but Shahrukh and Kajol…they have ruined my life…
    Amithabh: You’re being ridiculous now! You’ve gone mad! Shahrukh and Kajol have done nothing wrong….if following what your heart desires is wrong, then so be it!
    Juhi watched in disbelief as she heard her brother raise his voice. Everyone was silent, Aamir especially. He looked down throughout, he never saw Juhi in this state. Juhi’s sisters had watched from afar, in the rooms. They shook slightly with fear, and were concerned about their older sister. She acted as if she were a madcap. Even they had disliked Srk and Kajol for sometime, but grew to throw away their anger for them. They had heard the tale of romance Kajol and Shahrukh both shared, and it moved them. They felt sympathetic towards them as Kamal had continuously refused to look at them. Even the whole town had started to admire the couple…they looked so happy and blissful together, and were very big-hearted and generous to people. They understood that Srk and Kajol never intended to hurt anyone. Muryum, Ani and Kate watched their sister confusedly, asking themselves “Why can’t she try to understand?”
    Juhi looked around frantically, as if she were trying to look for something cherished. She immediately spotted her frightened sisters and swiftly approached them. She grabbed Muryum’s hands and Ani’ sleeve, as she stared at Kate.
    Juhi: You guys are with me right….at least you agree with me…right? Shahrukh…Kajol….they’re both dreadful people
    All three of them just stuttered as they tried to explain the couple’s innocence. Juhi couldn’t believe her ears….it was as if everyone had turned their backs on her. She moved away from her sisters unbelievably. They were once so compliant, and agreed with Juhi on everything she had said. Even they had altered. Her eyes welled up into tears as she struggled to express her emotions. She looked at everyone humiliatingly, as everyone gaped at her in pity. She ran away to her room in extreme anxiety while everyone looked on. Jaya budged to go to her room, but Amithabh had stopped her, grabbing her arm.
    Amithabh: You’ll only make the situation worse Jaya…don’t… (shakes his head)
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    They both headed into the kitchen with sorrowful faces as Kate, Muryum and Ani returned to their room in deep grief. Aamir had still stood there at the door. He could hear Juhi’s moans and sobs, she was very inconsolable. The atmosphere in Amithabh’s house wasn’t as pleasurable as it usually was. Aamir would always pay a visit at his home. He would help out with chores for Jaya, and other kinds of house work for Amithabh. But more importantly….he loved being around Juhi. The thought of her would make his heart sink in reverie. He had thought she was the most beautiful, charming woman he had seen. Although she was hot-headed and maddening at times, her different sense of persona had amazed Aamir. He was deeply in love with her, from the time when they were in high school, but he never had the courage to tell her or confront her with his feelings. He always knew how much she adored Shahrukh…it broke his heart. And so, he hid his admiration of her and loved her from afar. He knew, how it felt to have a heart shattered into pieces, he’s experienced it. But he had no reaction like Juhi. Aamir stared intently at her room….his conscious had urged him to go into her room. He held his fist into a fold and hesitated to act on his impulse. Aamir took a deep breath, closing his eyes….and slowly, he walked towards the door. Juhi’s sisters had noticed him walk, as if he were in a trance, and peeked at him through their door. They watched him stand in front of Juhi’s door for a while, then, he had finally turned the knob. He opened it gradually and saw Juhi sob continuously as she laid her head on her bed. Aamir’s expression on his face was bottomless compassion and sympathy…he went closer to her, feeling the tension that she was in. He kneeled down to her as he watched with considerate eyes. He faltered, whether to comfort her by talking or stroking her. He turned her around gently as she sniffed, keeping her gaze down-cast. Aamir held her firmly by the shoulders…it looked like she had lost all her composure. At last, she had moved her eyes upwards, meeting Aamir’s kind-hearted gaze. She tilted her head a bit, as she felt so relieved to know that someone was there, by her side at this time. Aamir’s thoughtful expressions made her so comfortable and helpful. Abruptly, she hugged him closely and gripped his shoulders desperately. Aamir felt like he was going to faint….he was never so close to Juhi in his life. He didn’t know what to do…he hesitated yet again. He watched her, as she calmly rested on his chest. He smiled at her serene position, and finally acted in nature. He caressed her in his arms, making her feel protected and overwhelmed. He closed his eyes, as if it were a dream he was in, as he stroked her hair ardently…..
    Meanwhile, Muryum, Ani and Kate stared shockingly at the two. They gaped with their mouths wide open and moved away from Juhi’s room quickly. They quickly went back into their room, and had started to converse.
    Muryum: (eyes wide open) Did you see that?
    Kate: Of course I did! (absent-minded) I can’t believe this…
    Ani: (smiles but then confused) why? They just hugged, it doesn’t mean anything….what’s so amazing….
    Kate: (thinking for a second and starts nodding her head) Yeah…we’re just exaggerating…there’s nothing going on between them…
    Muryum: No…they’re something definitely going on…Aamir looked at her…in this weird way…and so did Didi at Aamir….the way Didi grabbed Aamir (gasps and taken back)….
    Kate: (nodding her head) I know…that’s true!
    Ani: (unsatisfied) Well….i don’t think there is something going on….
    Kate: Okay….even if there isn’t something going on between the twosome….(smiles) maybe we can make something happen (raises her brow)….
    Muryum: Haan! I can’t believe I didn’t get this idea before…..we can bring Aamir and Juhi together…
    Ani: (excitedly) Maybe, this way….Didi will start forgetting her sorrows and Shahrukh….once Aamir and her fall in love, she will be cheerful again!
    They were all exhilarated at the idea of bringing the two together. They really wanted to see Juhi happy and joyful again, as she once was. But suddenly a thought had entered into Kate’s mind…
    Kate: Wait….how are we going to do this? (Ani and Muryum look perplexed)
    Ani: (ponders for a while) uuuummm….we can’t do this all on our own…
    Kate: Yeah….I don’t even know what to do to bring them together…
    Muryum: Maybe we can ask for help….help, like from an adult…
    Ani: Kaun? Who can help us with this? Bhai aur Bhabi?
    Kate: No way (shakes her head as Muryum agrees) We can’t ask them….they’ll probably screw this up! And I’m not sure if they’ll approve….
    Ani: How about….how about we ask Shahrukh for help?
    They all considered it, and started to agree with the idea.
    Muryum: Even though I’m a little angry with what he did, I’m going to forgive him anyway….and I’m sure he’ll help us out with his!
    Kate: Yeah, its his obligation….
    Ani: Alright…but we must do this whole thing between us and Shahrukh….
    Muryum: Right….we will ask him at dawn, tomorrow….
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    Chapter 19

    Arjun: (running with other children into Anitha’s house) Anitha! Anitha!
    Anitha’s mother: (gasps as the children bump into her) UFFF! You wild children, always coming in the way!….(walking away in anger, mumbling)
    The children continued running around, looking for Anitha, causing the adults to walk of in fury. Finally Anitha had appeared before them, as they ran in excitement towards her.

    Anitha: Oye, Kya hai? Ma is really mad at me…you guys can’t keep barging into my house….
    Priya: (talking breathlessly) Look at this! (pulls a video camera from Rohan’s hand)
    Anitha: (gasp and grabs it) Wow…
    Swetha: I know…it looks so weird…
    Anitha: (looking at it in amazement) Where did you guys get it?
    Raju: (pushing back his glasses) Dumpster…
    Anitha: This is a video camera…EXCELLENT!
    Arjun: (innocently) What can we do with it?
    Anitha: (moving back to sits down as if she were a queen) We can make movies! You know…tape stuff!(winks)
    Gopi: AWESOME!…this means…we can make action movies like Sholay!
    Sheena: We can make a romantic movies like DDLJ(dreamily and fluttering her eyes)
    Rohan: We can make a movie about all the different kinds of sweets!(excitedly)
    The children started to shout out their ideas and go on and on about making different kind of scenes. This greatly annoyed their “leader”…Anitha couldn’t stand by anymore…
    Anitha: Shutup!!!!(kids become quiet) Before we start getting any ideas….let’s go over to Shahrukh Uncle’s house…something interesting always happens there….(kids nod their heads) Chalo!

    Meanwhile, Shahrukh and Kajol both sat in the living room peacefully. Srk rested on Kajol’s lap as she combed through his hair absent-mindedly, watching t.v. He nuzzled in her lap like a child, making her giggle. His adorable actions had reminded her of Aryan….they were both so alike. They both had the same childlike expressions and they were both mischievous. Aryan was still fast asleep, and Kajol did not want to wake him up. Shahrukh and Kajol watched a strange show on television, about women talking about their problems to a host. Srk made a dumbfounded look as he thought it was a very odd thing for women to go out in public and express themselves to someone who is a total stranger. The host wasn’t very intelligent or beneficial either, he just listened to their problems and starts yapping and sympathizing for the ladies.
    Srk: (turning to face Kajol upward) Why do these women go on these pointless shows….
    Kajol: (watching the t.v amusingly) See that guy over there, with the unbuttoned shirt and tight jeans (pointing to the host as Srk looks curiously at Kajol) That’s why (smiles at Srk’s expression)
    Srk: (raising his eyebrows) I see….(still gazing at Kajol, and thinks for a while before talking) Kaju…
    Kajol: Hmmm? (running her fingers through his hair)
    Shahrukh: (closing his eyes) Are you disappointed….that I didn’t continue writing, after we came here….(Kajol looking at him surprisingly) that I didn’t follow my dreams, and become a successful….
    Kajol: (looks at him considerately) Now what would make you think that Shahrukh?
    Srk: (opens his eyes and gets up sitting beside Kajol closely) I don’t know… (looking at her guiltily) you ever think that you married a failure?
    Kajol had a frown after what Shahrukh said and stared at him confusedly. She was disappointed that Shahrukh would ever think that….she looked at him sympathetically.
    Kajol: (putting her hand on his thigh in comfort) You’re a caring, sweet, generous man… (motioning her hand towards their room) You have the most adorable and magnificent son…..(smirks mischievously, moving closer to Srk) And you have a wife…who has nothing to do in the next half hour….
    Shahrukh raised his brow, with a wide grin on his face as he put his arm around Kajol. He stared at her intently, knowing exactly what she meant, but he had the urge to ask….
    Srk: (moving closer to her face, voice getting lower) What are you trying to say?……..
    Kajol felt Shahrukh’s hand crawl over her waist, making her giggle. Srk gradually pulled her, seizing her lips tenderly. Kajol was lost in his grasp, and had forgotten about all her surroundings as he continued to arouse her. Kajol clutched his shirt as he lowered his lips to her neck. She closed her eyes, seizing the moment, as Shahrukh searched all over her eagerly.
    Anitha: (comes up from behind the couch, points the camera towards srk and kajol ) Guys…..
    Kajol had gasped pushing Srk slightly away. Srk quickly turned to look at the children…a camera was right in front of his face. The children had followed Anitha from behind the chair…she was still recording as Kajol looked humouredly while Srk stared coldly.
    Anitha: (still recording) I think we’ve had enough of the lovy-dovy stuff…how about some action (excitedly as Shahrukh continues to glare)
    Srk: (scowling while Kajol laughs) Oh, I’m about to give you action…a chase scene…that’s what!(scaring the children) Come here you brats!!!
    Anitha: (gasps) RUN! RUN! RUN! (children start running and screaming)
    Srk had started chasing the children in the house while Kajol watched amusingly. The children quickly headed through the doors…but Shahrukh quickly stopped. Muryum, Ani and Kate had approached his home, making him feel a bit uneasy. Kajol had noticed his awkward manner, and watched on confusedly. The girls looked at Srk uncomfortably as well…they never met Srk’s eyes after what he had done to Juhi. Shahrukh thought that they were here to lecture him. He sighed deeply, awaiting for what was to happen.
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    As Shahrukh slightly turned his head away, the girls stumbled upon words, trying to figure out what to say in their heads. Finally, Muryum had the courage to break the silence.
    Muryum: Won’t you let us in? (frankly)
    Right then, Kajol had heard an unfamiliar voice. She got up from her seat, and approached Shahrukh. As she came forward, she saw Srk letting in three girls, with a shameful face. Kajol looked at him confusedly…Srk was quickly relieved to see Kajol’s presence. Immediately, she recognized the three girls…Srk had told Kajol about them, and she would always see them leave and enter Amithabh’s house. Quickly, she had understood why Shahrukh had looked sober. By instinct, Kajol folded her hands in a welcoming gesture…
    Kajol: (smiling) Namaste…please come in…
    The girls smiled in return and followed Kajol into the living room. Srk stood dumbfounded….he had thought that they would scold or blame him for Juhi’s unhappiness. He had thought that they would have probably hated Kajol, and wouldn’t ever want to gleam in her presence. But all that was untrue with what was occurring and it shocked him. Swiftly, he went into the living room to find the girls sitting on one couch. Kajol had gone into the kitchen, to bring in some drinks.
    It was only Shahrukh, Muryum, Kate and Ani. They glanced at each other unnervingly…Kate budged, and made a small hand signal to Ani. Ani shook her head nervously as she looked down. Srk made a small grin, noticing their bashfulness to talk to him…
    Srk: (sitting down on the coach) Uumm…what can I do for you?
    Muryum: (glancing around the room) We haven’t come here to admonish you, if that’s what you were thinking?
    Shahrukh raised a brow, with a frown on his face. Muryum had spoken to him in a manner that he didn’t like, nor did he ever hear from her. Gradually his annoyance had turned into remorse as he remembered the cause for her bluntness towards him.
    Kajol had entered the room and provided them, with each a soft drink. She smiled overwhelmingly as she placed the tray before Shahrukh. Her smile had given a deep affect in his heart. At one moment, he was feeling deranged…but as soon as she smiled, his difficulties were diminished. He took it adoringly, gazing at her fixedly. Kajol sat beside him right after and fiddled with her dupatta as she looked down. Kate and Ani had observed the two, and thought they were a charming couple. They both looked happy together. Though Muryum still had a tiny grudge over the two, she knew that Shahrukh was the only person she can ask for help. Ani had noticed her sister, struggling to find words, and so, she spoke on her behalf…
    Ani: We’ve come here to ask you for help….
    Shahrukh instantly looked up questioningly, and saw the girls nod.
    Kate: Haan…we’ve decided to forgive you…and to no longer resent you…(srk sighing)
    Muryum: Well, not entirely….but if you will help us…
    Srk: I understand…what is it that I can do for you?
    Ani: Well….we’ve noticed something strange…
    Kate: Not strange…but…
    Muryum: (openly) We think Aamir’s in love with Juhi(Kate and Ani instantly turned to look at her)
    Shahrukh sat there in deep shock and disbelief as Kajol gasped in glee. She couldn’t help but burst out and say..
    Kajol: I knew it!(Srk looking at her)
    Three girls and Srk: Kya???
    Kajol: (shaking her head in amusement) I knew that Aamir had loved her…from the way he looked at her, talked to her, smiled at her….it was so cute and adorable…
    Srk: (puckered brow) Just what do you mean by cute and adorable?
    Kate and Ani smirked and giggled…Muryum couldn’t help but smile at the way Shahrukh had glowered.
    Kajol nudged his head playfully and sat closer towards Kate, Ani and Muryum.
    Kajol: One time, I had seen your sister blow a balloon for Anitha at the park, and as soon as Juhi had left, Aamir came right away, out of nowhere. (girls listening intently) I saw him approach Anitha…..

    Aamir: Hai Anitha…. (staring at the balloon)
    Anitha: (raising her brow, looks at the balloon and looks back at him) I’m guessing you’re here for this balloon…
    Aamir: (surprisingly, nervous laughter) You’re a smart child….so…can I have the balloon…
    Anitha: Hey..(relaxing her hand on a tree) can’t give it away without a price…
    Aamir: (showing displeasure) Too smart I guess….alright…how much are you asking for (getting out wallet)
    Anitha: (blowing her nails) 50 rupees..
    Aamir: (stunned) 50 rupees??? For a balloon…
    Anitha: (still pampering her nails) 100 rupees..
    Aamir: (irritated) What?!
    Anitha: (coldly) 150!
    Aamir: (taken back) Alright…alright…geez, I’ll give you 110..alright? (handing over money annoyingly)
    Anitha: (smirks while counting the money) Nice doing business with you uncle…
    Aamir: Yeah…yeah…(grabbing the balloon and walking away)
    Aamir walked away infuriated. He held the balloon close to his heart, and sighed deeply as he sat on the bench….

    The girls awed and sighed dreamily at the cute romance Kajol had narrated to them. Shahrukh rolled his eyes amusingly. Even though he thought it was pathetic, he was content, to see the girls getting along with Kajol.
    Muryum: Awww…that’s so romantic…
    Ani: I know…its so adorable…
    Kate: This is incredible! We have got to get them together!
    Kajol looked at them surprisingly and gleamed at the idea. The girls had stared at her eagerly…they were waiting for her to respond. Kajol was incredibly flattered…the girls had come here to seek for Shahrukh’s help, but it turned out that they wanted hers now. Shahrukh smiled slightly and got up from his seat, folding his hands…
    Srk: So you need “our” help to get them together…
    The girls: (anxiously, realizing Srk was still there) Yeah…
    Kajol: (excitedly) Of course….we’ll help you! We’d be more than happy to help you!(whole-heartedly)
    The three girls had looked at Kajol favourably. “She’s so generous and sweet,” they thought admiringly, and they flashed another pleased smile at her just before they started to plan on getting Juhi and Aamir together.
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    Chapter 20

    Plan A

    No one was home, and Aamir sat in front of Amithabh’s house, rotating a interlaced hamper which contained rice. He carefully gazed at it, looking for dark black grains, so he could throw it away. He would always execute something like this when he was not at work; going over to Amithabh’s house, and helping out. He glanced away from his task, and peered distantly. Juhi hadn’t arrived yet from her college. Aamir turned away in disappointment, going back to his obligation.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Shahrukh and Juhi’s sisters were also waiting for Juhi; outside of her room, infront of her window. They had come up with a rather truism plan….it was mostly Shahrukh’s idea though. Srk was holding a mouse in his hand, making the girls move away and quiver. He chuckled at their fear and teased them of it. Just as they were scared to death, Shahrukh knew Juhi would be too….his plan was to put it in her room, the moment she had entered. Naturally, he thought, Juhi would scream getting Aamir’s attention and making him run towards her. Juhi would automatically run to him and hug him in fright, asking him to get it away. Aamir would calm her down, throwing the mouse out of the window. And as Srk presumed, this event would probably make them get “together”. Kajol, didn’t think it would quite work, because she thought it was too impractical, but Shahrukh had looked very confident, and so she agreed with it. From the corner of his eye, he noticed Juhi approaching the house, and quickly he dropped the mouse into her room from the window; and instructed the girls to duck.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Aamir looked up quickly, with a content gleam on his face, as Juhi looked on happily as well. She greeted him and excused herself so she may go to her room and change. She entered the room rather quickly and closed it gently. As she opened her closet, Shahrukh peeked in from her window, but he was quickly interrupted by Muryum’s tug. He slightly fell, and gave her a questioning stare.
    Muryum: What are you doing!?(whispering shockingly)
    Srk: (confusedly) What?
    Ani and Kate: (irritably) Hello…..she’s going to change
    Shahrukh just didn’t think right then, and he almost felt sick at what they had said. He quickly sat down in embarrassment and revulsion.


    The girls and Shahrukh grinned excitedly and congratulated themselves for their success. But their plan wasn’t quite complete yet.
    On hearing Juhi’s frightful scream, Aamir quickly got up, causing the hamper and grains to fall on the floor. He ran atrociously towards Juhi’s room, and panicked at the thought of something bad happening to her. He swiftly opened the room, searching for Juhi anxiously. Quickly she had run towards him and held onto him tightly. Srk had peeped in again, as well as Juhi’s sisters. They watched on happily as Juhi shrieked in horror, while Aamir sighed distractedly at the fact that she was embracing him.
    Juhi: (panicking) Aamir….Aamir…please get it away….please!Aamir….
    Aamir: (dreamily) get what away Juhi…
    Juhi: (shutting her eyes) The mouse! The stupid mouse!
    Aamir had quickly got back to his senses on hearing the word “mouse”. Little did Shahrukh know, that Aamir was more scared of mice then Juhi…
    Aamir: (wide eyed) A MOUSE?!(Juhi nodding still holding onto him)AAAAAAHHHH!I hate mice! SOMEONE GET IT OUT!
    Srk slapped his head with his hand in huge disappointment, as the girls rolled their eyes at Aamir’s foolishness.
    Juhi: (letting go of him, but still remaining close, and staring at him shockingly) Kya!?
    Aamir: (whining) JUHI…..GET IT OUT!(yells)
    Juhi: Idiot! (hits him) You’re supposed to be the one that saves me! (frustrated) kissi na kam da!
    They both heard squeaking noises, causing them to jump up on Juhi’s bed. Aamir held on to her and moaned like a schoolgirl. Juhi rolled her eyes in anger at Aamir’s expression. Suddenly, Amithabh had approached the room.
    Amithabh: (confusedly looking at the both of them) What’s going on in here?
    Juhi: Bhaiyya! GET IT OUT!(pointing at the mouse)
    As Amithabh looked in the direction she was pointing to, he saw the mouse scurrying away, underneath her table. He laughed joyfully, as he went to pick it up. As he held it, he moved towards the two, dangling it closely to Aamir. Aamir yelped, making Amithabh laugh, as Juhi shook her head. Even though she was angry at Aamir, she made a small smirk at his behaviour. Amithabh threw the mouse outside, landing on Srk. Shahrukh quickly moved away in fright, as the girls giggled. Though, Shahrukh wasn’t in the mood for laughter. He was highly dissatisfied. They all went back, to his home and had revealed the failure of their plan to Kajol.
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    They all sat down in the living, with a wide frown on their faces. Slowly, the sun had set as they all brainstormed for a successful plan. But nothing had sprung into their minds….
    Kajol: (folding her arms while leaning against the kitchen door) I knew this plan would never work…(looking at srk)
    Shahrukh: (shrugging his shoulders) Hey, I never knew that Aamir was afraid of mice…
    The girls laughed, while Kajol sighed as she watched her husband express amusement as well.
    Kajol: Shahrukh…that’s not funny (serious tone) I thought we were all here to make a plan to get these two together (girls look down with guilt) Not make fun of Aamir…
    Srk: (simply) sorry…
    Kajol was a bit annoyed by Shahrukh’s attitude, but then again, he was only trying to bring a little delight. She looked away, into the direction of the girls. He had noticed her irritated expression, and decided to keep his mouth shut.
    Ani: Hey guys….we came up with an idea long before…..but, we weren’t sure if it was effective….
    Kate and Muryum nodded unsurely as Shahrukh and Kajol looked at them inquiringly.
    Kajol: (glancing at srk) Well, if you let us know…. then only will we actually find out if it would work…what’s your plan?
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Kajol again had doubts about this plan…not only doubts, but fear. It was too risky, but she had hoped, by the grace of God, that this effort to make Juhi and Aamir get together would succeed.

    Plan B

    Aamir was over at the Bachcans as usual, helping out with some housework, Juhi had come back from college, the girls were in their room finishing their homework, Jaya was preparing their dinner while Amithabh was well hard at work. Though, the sisters had planned on something different today, to “spice” things up a bit. They were waiting for the arrival of their older brother. As soon as he arrived, Muryum, Ani and Kate had all gathered everyone in the household into the living room. They all sat, confusedly as they watched the delightful faces of the three girls.
    Muryum: As you all know, dinner will be approaching soon (looking at Kate)
    Kate: And we have decided to changed the normal routine we have here everyday…
    Juhi was just all too curious about her sisters’ behaviour…
    Juhi: Normal routine???
    Ani: Well, Didi….you and Bhabi will always cook for dinner…me, Kate and Muryum would always eat first, then Bhaiyya and Aamir…right after Aamir would leave, Bhabhi and you would approach the dinner table…..
    Amithabh: What are you getting at….
    Kate: Today we will eat altogether, as one family….(everyone smiles) and we will cook(everyone stops smiling)
    Juhi: (nervous laughter) You…guys…are-
    Muryum: Don’t worry Didi…we’ve got it under control…
    Jaya: But…I’ve only taught you a little about cooking…
    Ani: Bhabi (innocently) What are you saying? Do you not trust us?
    Jaya didn’t want to make the girls feel terrible; she looked at her husband for assistance. But he too had nothing to say…..Aamir noticed everyone’s anxiousness, and finally decided to break the silence….
    Aamir: Oh come on…the girls just want to do something thoughtful for us….to bring us together…away from our daily responsibilities…..
    The girls beamed at Aamir’s polite remark, and questioningly looked at the others….
    Jaya: Alright (smiles)….
    Amithabh: If you put it that way Aamir (patting him on the back, and later whispers into his ear) You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into….
    Aamir looked confused distantly, but just smiled vaguely at Amithabh’s warning….
    Everyone moved towards the table as Muryum, Kate and Ani went into the kitchen. Before Juhi could even approach her seat, Aamir had swiftly went passed her and pulled back the chair for her. All she could do was smile surprisingly at his pleasant deed. She giggled slightly as he gave her a bashful look. She smiled at thanked him coyly, as he welcomed her the same way. Muryum, Kate and Ani had witnessed the little cute scene through the little gash between the kitchen doors. They couldn’t help but sigh at that romantic sight they had viewed. But, it was not time to moan about…it was time to get down to business…

    They knew how to make some dishes, and they weren’t clueless when it comes to food preparation. Though, they weren’t aiming at making the food favourable…their main concern was to get Aamir and Juhi close. They had prepared puri for everyone, and had especially concentrated on Aamir’s dish. Even though they regretted to accomplish this, this was the only plan they had come up with at the moment. They added extra chilly powder to Aamir’s plate, with the assumption that he would choke on his food, and somehow try and get Juhi to do CPR on him. They already knew that Aamir was sensitive to and extensive amount of chilly powder. Kajol was extremely worried about Aamir though, “what if something had happened to him”. Though, Shahrukh was under control with that situation. He had a friend near by the Bachchan’s, and he was a Paramedic. He had assured Kajol, that nothing would go wrong. She had only hoped that what Shahrukh said was true.

    Muryum: Alright….everything looks good so far…Kate, go check if Shahrukh’s still outside, and Ani, you call Kajol…and tell her that everything is set…

    They both went about to their duties as Muryum organized the plates on the platter. As soon as they were finished their tasks, they left the kitchen and into the dining room…where everyone had sat. The girls had served the plates to everyone, and were more cautious about Aamir’s dish. They made sure that Aamir received the right plate. Kate, Muryum and Ani all sat down and watched everyone devour the food. Thee girls eagerly watched Aamir, who still hadn’t started eating.
    Aamir: Aren’t you guys going to eat?
    Ani: O yeah, we will, don’t worry about us (swiftly)
    Kate: Go on…eat (staring at his fork)
    Juhi was extremely curious about her sisters’ behaviour….the way they had looked at Aamir’s plate was alarming her….but she tried to ignore her curiosity….
    Amithabh: This isn’t so bad….you guys are learning a lot from your Bhabi (Jaya smirks)
    Suddenly Aamir’s face had turned red; he looked as if something was obstructing his breathing. Juhi had instantly noticed the appearance on his face and immediately made a small cry.
    Juhi: (worriedly) Aamir???
    Jaya and Amithabh had looked at Juhi curiously, hearing the urgent tone in her voice. They instantly realized the reason for Juhi’s restlessness. Quickly everyone had gotten up and Aamir continued to throttle on the piece of food. Ani, Muryum and Kate looked at each other worriedly. Kate held the phone in her hand, being prepared to call Shahrukh if anything wrong had occured…her hands were full of sweat as she watched her sister catch Aamir before he could fall. Everyone went by Aamir’s side. Muryum swiftly made a small head movement to Ani….
    Ani: (anxiously) Juhi…you know CPR! DO IT! HELP HIM!
    Juhi: (hesitatingly) But I…
    Aamir was lying on her lap, he was unconscious, and as she stared at his pale face, her heart had almost stopped beating. Quickly she laid him on the floor in position, as she told everyone to move back. She looked at Aamir and hesitated to move in closer to him…her heart was beating vastly, half the reason was for pleasure for being near, the other, for fear….gradually she moved her face closer to his faint face….
    Johnny: (popping into the small crowd) Hey….what’s going- (Juhi moving away from Aamir by shock) SHIT!!! AAMIR! (lowering himself to Aamir and pushing Juhi aside) Don’t worry buddy….I’ll save you….
    Every one had gasped….Juhi was still in deep shock. She had never been so close to Aamir in her life, and she never felt so terrified. For a moment she had felt like she was going to loose something very precious… being so close to him, it had made her heart leap for a moment. It was that feeling, which she had always thought she would only feel in Shahrukh’s presence. Absent-mindedly she got up, as Johnny pressed at Aamir’s chest. Kate, Muryum, and Ani had hated Johnny so much at the moment…they were glaring at him for ruining a perfect moment for Juhi to realize she had feelings for Aamir. But right now, they were more concerned about Aamir’s health. Aamir’s hand had twitched…. before Johnny could do mouth to mouth reciprocation, Aamir’s eyes opened swiftly, he could see a dark figure approaching his face….he pushed Johnny away in disgust and got up. He spit out the obstruction that was in his mouth and glowered at Johnny…
    Johnny: Hey (putting his hands up) I was only trying to help…
    Aamir: Yeah, well next time, try helping me without taking away my dignity….(wiping his mouth) yughhhh…(everyone giggles)
    Jaya: (going upto Aamir) Aamir…are you alright?
    Amithabh: You scared the wits out of us all, especially Juhi…
    Juhi looked up embarrassingly at her brother, and gradually glanced to see Aamir’s reaction. She found him, staring at her intently and surprisingly. She looked down timidly, and repeatedly looked back up and down, back at Aamir as he continued to watch her in dismay. Quickly, Juhi’s sisters had noticed the two at it again, and tried improvising….
    Muryum: She was about to save you life too…
    Kate: Yeah, she was going to perform CPR….(with attitude) until Johnny showed up….
    Johnny: I WAS ONLY TRYING TO HELP….Geez Louise!
    Everyone grunted at Johnny and all went back to being seated, but Aamir and Juhi had still kept their awkward gaze on each other. Kate took Aamir’s plate away on the sly, and replaced with a new dish. Though, Aamir had lost his appetite. Soon everyone was done their meal, and Aamir and Johnny had went back to the apartment. Even though their arrangement didn’t go as planned, things still went well. They had recognized the little moments Juhi and Aamir shared and they also noticed they were starting to feel something for each other.
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    Chapter 21

    Plan C

    Again, one of their plans had failed despondently, but they still had some hope left. They hatched another plan, this time created by Kajol. It was simple and plain, very sweet…the scheme had worked with her previously, when she tried to set another couple up together (Rani and Abhi *wink*). Once more, Muryum, Ani and Kate were the ones in charge with accomplishing the goal.

    The girls convinced their Bhai and Bhabi to go out and have some time alone. They planned a special evening for the twosome, and rushed them out of the house as it was getting dark. The girls had also left, excusing themselves to go to the park, so it would only be Aamir and Juhi…all alone. Quickly, the girls scurried out back and peaked through a window. Ani held a radio in her hand and quickly placed it on the ground as Muryum inserted a CD in. Again, the three peeked above, and saw their sister doing her homework in her room while Aamir sat on the couch, resting.
    Muryum: (looking at her sisters) Alright, everything’s going smoothly (nodding her head)
    Kate lowered herself to the radio, but before she could press play, Muryum had stopped her.
    Kate: (questioningly) Kya?
    Muryum: You made sure that Johnny wasn’t anywhere, within this town… right?
    Ani: (giggly quietly) Kajol has that under control (raises her eyebrows)
    Kate: (titters) Poor Shahrukh….So, can I play it…
    Muryum: (glancing at Aamir and Juhi) Okay, Go! (All three of them duck)

    “akele hain to kya gam hai
    chaahe to hamaare bas men kya nahiin
    bas ek zara saath ho tera
    tere to hai.n ham”………

    (Translation: So we're alone; where's the cause for sadness?
    What could we desire that isn't within our grasp,
    just so long as you're with me?
    I'm yours….(from QSQT-song: akele hain to kya))

    Juhi shifted her brows, as she raised her head to look up. She put her pencil down, and wondered confusedly…. “why was Aamir playing that song?”
    Same thoughts ran into Aamir’s head….but he reassured himself, and thought practically…that she was probably playing it, because she liked the song. Juhi had also, come to that conclusion. But, the song had increasingly, got louder. She got up eventually, and gradually walked in the direction of the music. She followed the beat and every part of the rythym…it was so romantic, and had the sweetest lines…as she walked, the walls had started to appear fuzzy and everything seemed to be more like a dream. Suddenly, she stopped walking. She stood there, standing 4 metres away…across from Aamir. Their intent eyes had met as the song kept playing.

    “akele hain to kya gam hai
    chaahe to hamaare bas men kya nahiin
    bas ek zara saath ho tera
    tere to hai.n ham”………

    The words were planted in their heads as they stared at each other affectionately. It was so ironic…the fact that they were “alone”…but together, it gave them the chills. The song was causing them to feel more intimate than ever. They were so far apart, but felt as if they were very close. As Aamir had taken a step forward, Juhi had started to quiver. Already, she could feel the deep, warm presence of his essence. But before he could take another, Amithabh and Jaya had come in abruptly, waltzing in between the two.
    Aamir shook his head and glanced at Juhi, who had also looked shaken up. It was as if they were both in a dream…and the dream was now over. Amithabh swirled Jaya around, as she giggled.
    Jaya: Oh goodness, I’m getting too old for this….(Amithabh laughs along)
    Amithabh: I love this song….(continues dancing with Jaya)
    Aamir and Juhi had faked a smile as they kept looking at each other with uneasy eyes. They were trying to understand what had just occurred, before the unexpected interruption. Juhi’s sisters’ had noticed that something was wrong….they had finally noticed other people’s voices were in the house, and quickly peeked upwards. Their eyes widened when they saw their Bhai dip Jaya in the middle of Juhi and Aamir. Instantly they stood up, and had infuriated expressions on their faces.
    Everyone who remained in the house were startled and instantaneously turned to look in the girls’ direction. Juhi and Aamir were surprised to see the girls out back…they had thought that the girls were at the park. Juhi, once again, looked at her sisters with a suspicious glare.
    Juhi: What are you guys doing there?
    The girls were completely dumb-struck, they didn’t know what to say….
    Kate: Uuum..w- we….came(looking at her sisters for assistance)
    Ani: We came here (laughing nervously)
    Kate: we were heading to the park…
    Ani: but…then we…heard..s-..some music…playing, mmmhhmm…just, near-by here (giggles anxiously)
    Kate: (smiles) so we came here…..to listen…
    Everyone had just given them awkward and unsure looks. Muryum was still infuriated that this plan hadn’t succeeded, and was still waiting for an explanation from her Bhai and Bhabi. Amithabh had noticed her impatience, and had started to explain….
    Amithabh: I just forgot my wallet, and remembered about it while driving to the restaurant…..I think it’s getting late anyway…let’s just stay here…
    Jaya: Yeah, you’re right…I think I’ve had enough for tonight anyway…(Amithabh laughs aloud)
    Juhi shook her head in amusement and went back to her room, while Aamir sat back down on the couch. Jaya left into the kitchen, as well as her husband. As soon as the area was empty, Muryum had let out an irritated yelp. The girls sighed and slid back down, leaning against the wall.
    Muryum: (pouts) I give up…what else is there to do…it’s mission impossible I tell you!
    Ani: And I was looking forward to getting a brother-in-law….(sighs)
    Kate: Shit!!!….(shrugs and moans)
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    wow juhi's crying scene there is intense!
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    Its so great, but it wud be better if srk-Juhi ended together:heart:
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    lol....:eek: :p
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    Im no good at fanfictions ive never done one i wouldnt know what to write, id most prob go too far and have juhi/srk making sweet love:heart: :D

    Could someone do one with Srk and Juhi together?:eek:
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    aaawww, lol, I luv the juhi-srk pair....(especially in Yess Boss and Duplicate)...lolz..their adorable!!!!but i made a vow to myself, that i'd only make fanfictions in which my favourite screen pair would star opposite to eachother:( ...maybe i can make storylines with srk-juhi, not whole fanfictions, and post them...*thinkin*
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    continuation of chapter 21....

    Even though the girls and Shahrukh had given up, Kajol still had hope. She had hoped for the best for the two, and just had a feeling the two would get together. She had hoped that Aamir and Juhi would reciprocate their love to one another eventually. She continued to think like this as she was in the shower. She got out, determined to accomplish so many tasks. She wrapped a towel around herself hastily, and unlocked the bathroom door. To her surprised, Shahrukh was still asleep. She looked disappointed, but amused and walked towards the dresser. She gasped as she opened the sideboard…all her clothes were missing. She searched all the little compartments of the dresser and had started to panic a bit. She started to wonder if someone had stolen her dresses, she started mumbling to herself in worry. Meanwhile, as she was moved around in anxiousness Shahrukh slightly opened his eyes, peeking at his wife. He made a small grin, and immediately closed his eyes again. Kajol quickly went towards the bed and shook Srk slightly. But he wouldn’t budge….
    Kajol: Shahrukh…wake up…We’ve been robbed! All my clothes are missing….(panicking)
    Shahrukh: (rolling away, onto the other side of the bed/groggily) Go away…always annoying me in the mornings...
    Kajol: (annoyed by his tone)What am I supposed to do…I can’t go out looking like this….
    Srk: (amused) hhhhmmmm…..
    Kajol: (getting on the bed beside srk) Shahrukh!
    Srk: (turning to face her and gasps) No wait….don’t get on the bed!
    Kajol: (confused and looks at him suspiciously) ….Kyun (feels something under the bed) What’s this?(unfolds the blankets)
    Srk: (trying to stop her) Wait…
    Kajol gasped as she unfolded the layers under the blankets. Her saris, shirts, pants…they were all under the bed…neatly stacked. She glared at Shahrukh, who had a devilish beam.
    Kajol: I should’ve known it! (annoyed, getting all her clothes back) O gosh, I have so much work to do, I don’t have time for all this (srk looking at her admirably) I have to get dressed once(mumbles)
    Before Kajol could move away, Srk grabbed her arm and fastened her below him. She stared at him bleakly and sighed.
    Srk: (grins) I prefer you this way…..
    Kajol: (smirks) And I’m sure your guy friends do as well….
    Shahrukh’s expressions had quickly changed making Kajol giggle. As he looked at her stubbornly, she gradually locked her lips with his in an affectionate kiss. As she parted away from his lips, he smiled vaguely. She quickly got away from his hold and entered the bathroom to change her clothes….
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    Chapter 22

    It was her birthday….though it did not feel as if it was. Kajol scurried around the house doing a whole load of chores as Shahrukh seated himself on the kitchen table. He had started to write a tale and was completely focused onto it. Kajol went outside in their yard to hang all their garments on the loin. Hastily, she went into the kitchen, preparing breakfast for Shahrukh and Aryan. Aryan was in his playpen, yelling and banging his toys. He got up with a struggle, holding on to a handle, and started to hop impatiently when his mother passed by. Kajol set the table swiftly, and placed Shahrukh’s food before him. Absent-mindedly he took a bite out his meal as Kajol went over to the playpen. Aryan grabbed Kajol’s mangalsutra and had played with it while bringing him to his tall chair. She seated him carefully and started to feed him. Her hair was dishevelled from all the work she had accomplished. She moved back the few strands that lay on her damp forehead. Feeding Aryan was very difficult, he was very disobedient and mischievous….just like his father. Aryan spattered the food as she fed him. She sighed in frustration and turned to look at Shahrukh who was deep in his leisure pursuit. She was very furious….he had forgotten about her birthday…and here she was, doing work…toiling away. She couldn’t believe that he had forgotten….it really hurt her.
    Kajol twitched her lips and looked away. She started to think that Shahrukh wasn’t very helpful around the house either. As she would run around doing chores, accomplishing her tasks, he would either be at work, write, bother her with his impish antics, watch television or play with the kids. Her thoughts vanished suddenly…Aryan gurgled and cooed as he spat out the food.
    Kajol: (disappointingly) Aryan…..(wiping his face as the baby giggles)…hhhmmpphh…just like your father…bilkul Papa hai(glaring at Srk at the corner of her eye)
    His eyebrows had suddenly raised in amusement. He lifted his head to see his wife, who had continued busying herself feeding Aryan.
    Kajol: Always being so mischevious and troublesome…causing all sorts of extra toils for me….(Srk smirks) So childish and arrogant…..always getting your way….hardly ever thinking about me (prodding Aryan’s nose) Bilkul papa hai….
    Shahrukh sat their, smiling at his beloved wife. She continuously mumbled complaints….the baby clapped his hands in contentment. (SOOOO CUTE…lol) Quietly, Shahrukh got up from his seat and approached Kajol from behind. She didn’t notice any of Shahrukh’s movements and kept on lecturing Aryan. She gasped when she felt two massive hands go around her ….his hands had crawled around her waist….Srk placed his head on her shoulder as she kept her gaze on Aryan. The little baby beamed at Srk, as he winked at his son.
    Srk: (into her ear) Haan….bilkul Papa hai…cute, handsome, lovable…charming…
    Kajol: (rolling her eyes) Don’t flatter yourself….
    Srk: and lucky…..to have someone like you, to take care of us….
    Kajol instantly turned her head to face her husband….she was surprised she heard him say that. He leaned his forehead on hers and started to whisper a greater wonder.
    Shahrukh: (murmurs) Happy Birthday Kaju…….
    All this was enough for Kajol….her anger and frustration had completely vanished as she heard him mutter those words…..she laid her head on his restfully and closed her eyes in total bliss….
    Srk: And what shall I do for my special lady on this joyous occasion?
    Kajol: (opening her eyes) uuuumm…..I..I need you to go to the market….
    Srk: The market?
    Kajol: Yes….the market…we need a couple of things, for dinner….
    Shahrukh: (awes) I thought we would eat out today….
    Kajol: Then, we’d have to look out for somebody to take care of Aryan, I don’t want to do that….
    Srk: (sighs) Alright…..
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    He gradually headed towards the market….Shahrukh was a bit nervous. It was a long time after he actually interacted with the rest of the town….today would technically be the first day for him to go out of the house…without Kajol by his side. It felt awkward, but he couldn’t understand why he felt this way. He knew these people….he practically grew up with them. His anxious expression had quickly changed into a determined smile. Everyone noticed Shahrukh pass by the stands…he heard buzzes….giggles….murmurs. He saw pleasant smiles and amazed stares. Soon, his determination had again turned back into anxiousness. He looked away from everyone, feeling trapped inside a “box of notice”.

    Market salesman: Oye Shahrukh….
    Srk: (looking up surprised and edgy) H..hello Raja…
    Raja: (chuckles) Long time no see…..
    Srk: (smiles while looking around) Yeah….
    Raja: You still writing those weird poems of yours….
    Shahrukh: (rolls eyes slightly) Yep…
    Raja: That’s great Shahrukh! (Srk taken back) You know, I’ve always admired you for following your dreams…
    Srk: (smiles sheepishly and looks confused) Thanks…
    Raja: So…where’s your wife? Kajol? She’s always usually here? (looking around for her)
    Shahrukh: (looks at him curiously) She asked me to go to the market instead….
    Raja: (concerned) Is she ill?
    Shahrukh: (perplexed by Raja’s tone) No…
    A woman had quickly approached Raja before Shahrukh could explain.
    Lady: What are you doing dear….your not standing around, chatting with customers are you (looks at Shahrukh and gasps)
    She put her hand on her mouth and slightly brought up her hand pointing at Shahrukh. Raja noticed Shahrukh uneasy beam and swiftly brought her hand back down.
    Raja: Sajana….its rude to point…
    Sajana: (arrogant tone) humph, your talking to me about good behaviour? (twitches her lips) I haven’t seen this boy in a while (looks at him appreciatively and slides her hand across Srk’s face)….that’s why I acted so astounded…and without knowing how I feel, you go on about manners....(Raja sighs/Sajana turns to face Srk) Shahrukh…its been a long time since I’ve seen you dear…how are you beta?
    Srk: I’m alright aunty….It’s great to see your beautiful face after such a long time (politely)…
    Sajana: (flatteringly) See how pleasantly he talks? (alert) Where’s you wife!? Kajol!
    Raja: He was about to answer that question to me until you came along (annoyingly)
    Sajana: (glares at him) Chup!
    Srk: (chuckles) How….how do you guys know Kajol?
    Sajana: Oye…How can we not know Kajol…such a sweet girl. She always come to the market, and buys from these stalls all the time(proudly)….We always share wonderful conversations with each other…ask anybody here…everyone knows Kajol….(Srk looking amazed)
    Raja: Shahrukh…(nudging) You’re one lucky fella…
    Srk: (laughs) You got that right (vaguely)…Suno….its her birthday today…
    Sajana: Kajol’s birthday!
    Sajana’s voice was heard throughout the whole market place. Everyone was stunned and gasped at the astonishing news. Shahrukh was truly amazed at the amount of people that knew and admired Kajol. He was very proud of her, and was so, very delighted he had such an incredible companion.
    Raja: Hey….did you hear! It’s our Kajol’s birthday!
    Soon everyone had surrounded the stall that Shahrukh was standing near by. They all begged him to tell Kajol they wished her, and offered free fruit and vegetables. They all pitched in a created a lovely hamper for Kajol, within 15 minutes.

    As Srk walked back home, he recalled the way everyone had spoken fondly about his wife. He smiled throughout the whole time as he walked back home.
  19. movi3_fan

    movi3_fan New Member

    Meanwhile, Kajol had a few visitors while Srk went out to the market. Sri Devi had come out of the house after a pretty long time, and she thought she might pay a small visit at Kajol’s house. Kajol had started to wonder, if there were any problems with Sri Devi. She had look worn out, tired, depressed….come to think of it…both Kamal and Sri Devi never quite came out of the house. Kajol was very concerned now, but she wasn’t so sure if she should ask her Bhabi. She felt as if she should confront Shahrukh with this situation…before she could take any major steps. After all, Kajol was great at giving advice….but, she had a gut feeling she should tell Srk about it first. Sri Devi had only stayed a little while. Soon, Aamir had stopped by to wish Kajol a pleasant birthday. He sat beside her, on the door step…as he watched her wash the grains in the large bowl. They both talked and spoke to each other about almost everything….Aamir felt as if Kajol was a very close sibling, and she had felt the same way. They were interrupted by a loud roar back in the house. Aryan had finally woken up from his long slumber. As soon as Kajol returned from getting a hold of Aryan, she found Aamir, staring at Juhi. She watched in awe as she saw him gaze at her across the road. Juhi was hard at work, whipping all the wet garments and desiccating the clothing by winding it. She looked rather frustrated and angry, but Aamir didn’t care. Her anger and frustration had appealed to him more than her humble appearance. Kajol could look at this adorable scene all day, but she felt as if it was the right time to do something. She abruptly interrupted Aamir’s daydream by sitting beside him vastly. He had jumped slightly making Kajol giggle….Aamir had suddenly felt uncomfortable and started to laugh nervously.

    Kajol: (looking at what he was looking at) What were you looking at?
    Aamir: (looks around nervously and hesitates) Wh-…what do you mean? I…I wasn’t looking at anything….
    Kajol: (pulling up Aryan and speaks after a long awkward pause) Aamir….I know…
    Aamir: (gulps and looks away) Know what?
    Kajol: (smiles and tries to meet his gaze with hers) That you like someone….
    Aamir just kept laughing nervously and shaking his head…all the more, it was very clear that he admired Juhi.
    Kajol: (looking at him sympathetically) You’re in love with Juhi….
    Aamir was stunned and instantly turned to look at Kajol. Kajol had still kept her serene smile and had looked hopeful. Aamir was unwilling to reveal it…but, he trusted Kajol very much, and had become so close to her that he felt like he could tell her anything.
    Aamir looked down, and nodded his head a bit.
    Kajol: (wide smile) Then expose your heart to her! Let her know how you feel Aamir….tell her…that you love her…
    Aamir: I can’t Kajol (still keeping his gaze on the ground) You might’ve forgotten, but I haven’t. She’s in love with Shahrukh (looking at Juhi) Not me….
    Kajol held the baby close to herself and had looked down. She glanced at Aamir, who looked hopelessly in love. She felt this strong urge to keep encouraging him and pushing him to reciprocate his love…
    Kajol: Aamir…..she just still has Shahrukh in her mind…and she knows it….what she doesn’t know is what’s in her heart . And there is a special sumone, whom she cannot recognize...Only you can help her realize that….sirf tum….
    Aamir: (desperate) but how?
    Kajol: (smiles) just but saying those 3 special words that every girl desires to hear…. “I…Love…you”….
    Aamir had realized that what Kajol had said was right….he must tell Juhi how he felt. But he was nervous; Aamir had a lack of self-confidence. Kajol reassured him that everything would go smoothly…
  20. movi3_fan

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    Chapter 23

    Aamir turned to Kajol who had supportive expression. Gradually, he got up from the front step and walked towards his lady love, whom seemed to be hard at work. As he came closer, he heard fuming phrases come out of Juhi’s mouth. His eyes had turned into a desperate fearful stare as he kept walking. He gulped nervously, and turned around to face Kajol from afar. She made a slight head movement, encouraging him to accomplish his goal. He turned back and breathed deeply, finally he had met his destination. Juhi had noticed Aamir’s presence, but didn’t bother to look up. She continued her task irritably as Aamir stood their dumbstruck….

    Aamir: (hesitantly)..J-…ahem…Juhi…
    Juhi: (annoyed and without looking at him) Kya hai!?
    Aamir knew it was a bad time to pronounce his love…but he had felt this strong urge to reveal it. He started to stutter words as Juhi listened impatiently….
    Aamir: Ummm..I…have something…no…I want to tell you something…uumm…uuhhh..
    Juhi: (looking at him finally with irritation) tsk… what is it!I don’t have all day Aamir….(rolls eyes)
    Aamir: Well…you see….its…
    Jaya: (from inside) JUHI! Are you done drying the garments…
    Juhi: (shouting heatedly) I’m not a superhero you know…to finish household tasks so quickly….(talking under her breath) Never have time for myself…always doing work..either school work…or this….My goodness!
    Aamir: (combing his hair back nervously) Juhi….
    Juhi: (sighs deeply) O…..your still here! (pleadingly) Kya hua Aamir…Speak up! I have to go….Bhabi is calling me….What is it!
    It wasn’t very easy for Aamir to express his feelings….especially under such pressure. As he struggled to say those 3 simple words, Juhi had repeatedly made pouts and other kinds of annoyed sounds, while Kajol at the other end, was watching confusedly.
    Kajol: C’mon Aamir….chalo…bolo…say it…..(looking closely)

    Aamir:…Juhi….I..have this special feeling….no…wait…that’s not right
    Jeya: JUHI!!
    Juhi: (turning around) IM COMING! (turns back) Please, just say it!
    Aamir:..I………(looks blankly)uumm...i...

    Once more, Jaya had yelled across for Juhi, making Juhi howl. Instantly she had grabbed all the garments and looked angrily at Aamir…
    Juhi: kissi na kam da!Uggghh......

    Juhi had left, just like that, leaving Aamir stand in the front entrance. He looked down, closing his eyes in deep disappointment. He put his hands in his pockets and turned away undesirably….his eyes had met Kajol’s….he slightly shook his head as she looked at him sympathetically. He turned away, and started to head off elsewhere…anywhere but near Juhi. Kajol sighed in depression, yet again, her efforts to put the two together had failed.

    Kajol: Poor Aamir……

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