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Come what may...

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by movi3_fan, Jan 22, 2006.

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    hehe...sum of u may recognize this fanfic....not sure...but i hope that u guys like it:eek: its complete...but ill post the first three chapters for now...this isn't my first fanfic, its my second, im workin on my third....lolz..SO MANY FANFICS!thats only because im obsessed with Srk and Kajol...*siiiiggghh*okie dokie, hope u enjoy!uuumm...sum scenes may be kinda....intense...lol...so, jus a little warning....(its not as hot as the novel of seduction though:p)

    Characters:Shahrukh (duuuuuh)
    Kamal Haasan
    Sri Devi
    Amithabh Bachchan
    Jaya Bachchan
    Aamir Khan
    Juhi Chawla
    Saif Ali Khan
    Johnny Lever
    Townspeople....and etc.....
    samaira says thanks.
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    Chapter 1

    He would stand outside on the balcony for hours and hours….
    Thinking about his younger brother, hoping he was alright, hoping he will come back soon. There isn’t a day he hasn’t thought about him. But Kamal wasn’t the only person who missed Srk or worried about him. Juhi (his supposed fiancé), Sri Devi (his Bhabi), Aamir(his best friend), the children and many other people in the neighbourhood had also missed him very much. They all adored him, he has a certain irresistible charm. Woman would flirt with him constantly, and follow him around like a pack of wild wolves chasing after meat. He was always cheerful and very helpful, and the elderly would always want his company. The children, of course, absolutely love him and are always with him, sometimes even at his home. He would take care of them, and also keep them under control (the children in the neighbourhood are very chaotic). Srk was like the perfect man….men wanted to be like him, and woman wanted to be with him. Though, his career was always on the rocks….he would never really get a big break. Kamal never liked his ambition to become a famous writer…but since it was Srk’s desire, he let him aim for it. Srk was only 3, and Kamal was 10 when their parents passed away in the riots, ever since then, Kamal took care of Srk, as if Srk was like a son to him. Kamal gave up his studies and worked hard to earn money so that Srk could get a good education, and so that he can provide Srk a good life. But Kamal would have never accomplished that goal, if it wasn’t for Amithabh’s helpful deeds. Kamal and Amithabh were both very close childhood friends, and Amithabh had given Srk and Kamal a home when they were orphaned. Amithabh’s parents were also very helpful and giving to Srk and Kamal. Amithabh’s father was an apartment manager, and after his death, Amithabh took the responsibility. Seeing that no one will except an uneducated person for a high-paying job, without hesitation, Amithabh had also given Kamal a job. And Kamal was in debt of him. Amithabh also had 4 sisters, Juhi, Muryum, Kate and Ani, all four of which that really admire Srk. Srk grew up with them, but never really looked at them that way. But he was a close friend to the oldest, Juhi. Kamal had an idea of forming an alliance that would bring both Amithabh’s family together with Kamal’s. He wanted Srk and Juhi to get married and had told Amithabh’s his idea. Juhi and her older brother were thrilled by the news. But Srk disagreed, making Kamal very angry. Srk wasn’t ready for marriage, not when he was trying to succeed at his goal. He wanted to keep pursuing his goal, he thought marriage would corrupt his objective. Finally he thought, that with under all these corruptions (Kamal annoying him about the subject of getting married) and in this small town, he wouldn’t accomplish anything. So he decided to go to Mumbai….and find a job as a writer there. Kamal was very angry with Srk already for saying no to the marriage proposal and the fact that Srk was leaving to Mumbai made him angrier. But he couldn’t stay angry at Srk for long, soon he forgave Srk and said goodbye to him when Srk left at the train station…but before Srk left, Kamal had told him to think about marriage with Juhi. And Srk considered it, so he could make his brother happy, since Kamal was doing so much for him. But ever since Srk left, he never saw him nor did Srk write or call. And all this worried everyone. While he was standing outside in his yard, his wife anxiously watched from inside. From the time when Srk left, things between Sri Devi and Kamal weren’t so smooth either. She folded her hands into a fist and gathered up all her courage and strength to ask him to come in…
    Sri Devi: (moving towards Kamal outside and takes a deep breath) Won’t you come inside…and eat…you’ve been standing here for an awful ong time…its-
    Kamal: (Swiftly turning and starting off with an angry tone) If I am hungry; I will go eat…you don’t have to ask me (walks passed her)
    Sri Devi took a deep sigh and left the yard a few minutes later. As she went back inside, Kamal wasn’t there. She searched all over, but he seemed to have disappeared. It would always be like this, Kamal would ignore her, look at her with angry glares, and go to the bar or his dear friend’s (Amithabh) house. It would be like a routine, she too had longed for Srk’s return, some how he would set things straight. Abruptly, her thoughts were interrupted when she heard two loud knocks. She had thought it was her husband for a moment, but he wouldn’t come back so early. “Maybe he forgot something,” she thought.
    She headed towards the door, and quickly opened the door. A pleasant face had appeared before her eyes. It was Aamir, who would regularly come over to give Sri Devi some company. He knew she would feel lonely (especially whenever Kamal would leave) so he felt he should pay her a visit. Besides, its what Srk would have done. Aamir’s house was in front of Kamal’s, and Amithabh was Kamal’s neighbour. Srk used to live with Kamal, but after Kamal had married Sri Devi, he felt he should leave as he felt he would be a corruption for the happy couple. So he moved in with his best friend, Aamir Khan. Aamir was also working at Amithabh and Kamal’s apartment as a secretary. Aamir had brought a smile to Sri Devi’s sorrowful face. He greeted her as he let him inside. He walked right towards the sofa and made his self comfortable. As he picked up the remote control and turned on the t.v, Sri Devi went into the kitchen.
    Sri Devi: Aamir! Do you want anything to eat or drink…you must have had a hard day at work. Plus you also taking care of some of Kamal’s errands…you must be exhausted (Sri Devi said while preparing appetizers)
    Aamir: Nehin, Nehin Aunty! It’s alright…I’m not exhausted. After all, its not like im doing this without getting paid…Kamalji has done so much for me…and the poor guy always has his mind on Srk…I really want to help him out…he must have a stressful mind, I want to make things easier for him…(stopping for a moment, and then starts to sound upset) You know Aunty….I’m really angry at Srk! Who does he think he is…not one phone call, no letter, neither has he ever come to pay a visit! We’re always thinking about him, and worrying about him…he could’ve at least told us where he was staying! Has his job gotten more important than us…how could he be so selfish!!(getting tense)
    Sri Devi: (coming out of the kitchen with drinks) Aamir don’t say such things…he must be…maybe he’s really busy…
    Aamir: (getting up from his seat) BUSY FOR A WHOLE YEAR!
    Sri Devi just stood there, looking down as she held the tray of drinks. She couldn’t help but admit it…why has Srk stopped calling. For the first 2-3 weeks he did…but suddenly he has stopped…after that…there was not one call….Kamal had even planned to for search for him in Mumbai…but there was so much work that had to be down here…he couldn’t just leave. Why is Srk torturing us like this. Sri Devi’s head was filled with questions and sad thoughts. Aamir suddenly noticed Sri Devi was beginning to feel depressed, and he didn’t come here to make her feel sad, but to feel happy.
    Aamir: I’m so sorry Aunty (going towards her) I didn’t mean to make you upset…its just that I’m really angry at Shahrukh...that’s all…and I guess, I really miss him…(looking at the tray with drinks)uuumm…if you don’t mind…can I have orange juice…I don’t like mango…
    Sri Devi looked up at him, and managed to break a smile…she sort of giggled as well. She nudged his head with her finger and went back to the kitchen. But suddenly, she heard a loud abrupt noise from outside, and so did Aamir. Aamir and Sri Devi both went outside to look. There was and old, wrecked van outside…standing in front of the house. They both pondered, thinking who might it be. Kamal had also noticed, when he was coming back from Amitabh’s house. Aamir rushed outside, as well as Kamal and Sri Devi. They stood close to the vehicle. Soon, even the neighbourhood was staring at it. All the children started running towards it, and screaming and making noise. They started to hit the van. Kamal soon got irritated by the kid’s mischief and yelled “GO TO YOUR HOMES!”….they ran away as fast as they could. The children detest Kamal, and were really frightened by him. And the neighbourhood had also been scared of him…as soon as the children flee into their homes, all doors and windows were shut. Kamal somewhat felt proud of the fear he brought to the town, but never showed it. It was because of his strict and solemn ways that made everyone yelp in fear. Gradually the door started to open, making a squeaky noise, as Kamal, Sri Devi and Aamir watched closely.
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    Chapter 2
    A pleasant surprise appeared right before them…they were utterly shocked and amazed. It was Srk…he was back! Srk closed the door behind him and turned to face them. They all stood still, looking startled. Srk felt like he had to say something to break the silence, but he too was just too stunned to say anything. He was so happy to see his family and friends again, in such a LONG time….Kamal had never been happier. Aamir’s mouth was wide open as he stared at Srk, and Sri Devi had the brightest smile on her face, with watery eyes. Finally Srk had broken the silence…
    Srk: uuummm….hiii..(jus like kkhh!:D ) Immediately Kamal grabbed Srk’s arm and pulled him into an embrace. Kamal missed him so much…he was so happy, he didn’t know what to do. Srk hugged him back, and said
    Srk: yeah…I missed you too Bhai(chuckles)
    Srk and Kamal finally parted, and Srk gradually went over to his Bhabi. She placed her hand on his cheeks and he held her hand. He could see that Sri Devi looked a bit distressed, and wondered if she was alright.
    Srk: How are you Bhabi?
    She hesitated to answer as she looked at Kamal who was staring at Srk happily.
    Sri Devi:… uumm….well, now that you’re here, I’m very happy
    Srk was a bit confused with her answer, right away, he knew that something was wrong. But he didn’t want to ask her now, not at this moment. From the corner of his eye, he could see Aamir, who had still his mouth open. Srk approached him, and abruptly pushed Aamir’s jaw up to his mouth with his hand, so it would close. Suddenly Srk and Aamir started to laugh, and both hugged instantly.
    Srk: It’s good to see you! I missed you a lot!
    The smile Aamir had on his face was totally wiped, and he had suddenly remembered the sorrows and difficulty Srk put him, Kamal and Sri Devi to. Aamir unexpectedly pushed away from Srk. Srk looked at him confusedly, as well as Sri Devi and Kamal.
    Aamir: Where the hell have you been!?
    Srk rolled his eyes a bit and looked away as if the issue wasn’t important. Soon even Kamal’s happiness had gone away in a second. He had become furious at Srk when Kamal remembered all the times he had thought and worried about him.
    Srk: (sniggering)I knew somehow you would bring up that question….but I’m here now aren’t I…c’mon, let’s continue being happy (Srk said in a sarcastic kind of cheery mood)
    Instantly Kamal turned Srk around and striked him across the face. Both Sri Devi and Aamir stood looking appalled as Kamal glared at him. Srk put his hand on his cheek and looked at Kamal with guilt. He knew he would make Kamal angry, and he wasn’t surprised that Kamal had hit him.
    Kamal: Ever Single day, I would stand outside that yard and worry or think about you….not one call, not on letter, nor did u ever care to even come!!!(tone getting very loud) Have we become so insignificant, that you’ve forgotten all about us!
    Srk: Bhai…no…I was just-
    Kamal: (putting his hand up) You think its hilarious, being in distress everyday…wondering if you were alright….you called for the first two weeks…then stopped…we had thought you probably got into an accident or something…we had so many thoughts scrambling through all our minds….AND YOU THINK ITS FUNNY!
    (turns around to take a deep sigh, and turns again to face Srk) Do you know how worried I was Shahrukh…….your so dear to me…you know that…..your like my son…..and if anything had ever happened to you, I would have never forgive myself for letting that happen…
    Srk: Bhai….im so sorry (getting teary, and hugs Kamal) I missed you too! And never forgot you all….(pulls away from Kamal to face everyone) I really mean that! But there is a reason why I was away for so long….but I feel like I can’t tell you…but I have to….I can’t hide this anymore…
    Srk suddenly headed to the van, and had approached a door. He slid the door open, and held his hand out into the van. Aamir, Sri Devi and Kamal looked curiously. Out came a beautiful young lady, cradling a small little child in her arms. She removed her veil from her head, and stood close to Srk, and kept looking down. Everyone was confused, as to who the woman was, and what relationship does Srk share with her. Srk put his arm around the woman, making Sri Devi gasp a bit. Kamal and Aamir just kept staring at Srk, and longed for an explanation.
    Srk: Meet my wife…Kajol….and this is our son Aryan.
    *GASP*Kamal couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he didn’t want to believe it. He was surprised at what Srk had done…was this the reason why Srk didn’t come back…he was fuming with anger…he didn’t know if he could take much more of this nonsense anymore….Kamal was too distressed to speak. Though Aamir and Sri Devi thought it was great news, Kamal was infuriated. He remembered Srk, promising that he would consider the marriage between him and Juhi. Srk had broken his promise to him, and his heart had felt the same way…broken. Kamal had never asked much from him…but just this one request….and Srk went off…marrying someone else…how could he do this to me…he wondered.

    All this time, as Kamal was deep in his thoughts, Srk kept staring at his older brother, wondering what was going in his mind. Kajol finally took her eyes off the ground and looked up to see Srk’s bhai. Her hazel eyes moved around as she looked at Sri Devi, Aamir and Kamal. She could see that Kamal wasn’t happy at all, and it worried her. Kajol turned to Srk, and Srk turned to look at her as well. Srk had decided to speak again, and explain further…but before he could, Kamal swiftly went into his home and closed the door. Shahrukh felt like Kamal had striked him across the face again…it hurt so much. He couldn’t stand to face Kamal again, he didn’t have the courage. He knew that this would happen, which is why he never came back earlier in the first place…he was afraid to pay the consequences. Sri Devi noticed that Srk was very miserable, and she could see that Kajol had felt the same way. She felt sorry for the couple, and approached them. Sri Devi put her on Srk’s arm and looked at him affectionately.
    Sri Devi: Don’t worry about it Shahrukh….
    He nodded slightly with a vague smile. Sri Devi’s gaze moved to Kajol, who was looking down, letting out small cries. She placed her hand under Kajol’s chin, and raised her face slightly. She wiped away Kajol’s small tears, and Kajol forced a smile on in between sniffs. Sri Devi moved her hand down to Kajol’s cheeks and blessed her with her hands.
    Sri Devi: Beautiful….(smiling)
    Kajol was really happy that Sri Devi wasn’t mad at Shahrukh and her. She bent down to get her blessings, but Sri Devi stopped her before she could. She blessed her again, and slowly she looked at the baby Kajol was carrying in her arms. Kajol gave the baby to Sri Devi to hold. Shahrukh looked happily as Sri Devi held Aryan dearly. Aamir approached them gradually.
    Aamir: Wow…Srk…you did it….you got married…(srk smiling a bit)and that to a very beautiful woman…Congrats! (putting out his hand)
    Aamir and Srk shook hands, and Aamir introduced himself to Kajol. Realizing that it would be impossible for Srk and Kajol to stay in Kamal’s home, Aamir decided to invite them over to his place.
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    Aamir led them, and warmly welcomed them into his house. Kajol thought Aamir and Sri Devi were both very nice, but deep down inside, she was cheerless. She really hoped that Kamal would accept her, but then again…she had her doubts, and so…she promised herself to be strong. Shahrukh noticed Kajol in distress…he gradually clutched Kajol’s hand, and gave her a comforting look. Kajol smiled indistinctly and kept her gaze on the ground. Aamir was wondering where Kajol and Srk would stay…it would be impossible for them to stay in Kamal’s home. Sri Devi had also pondered about the same issue. They all were seated on two comfy sofas. Sri Devi returned baby Aryan into Kajol’s arms, and went back to sit down at her seat. The baby cooed and played with Kajol’s veil. Shahrukh and Kajol sat close to each other…they were both depressed, even though they were smiling outside. And they both found it very soothing when they were close together.
    Aamir: (looking at Srk with a concerned face) Shahrukh…..where will you stay?
    Shahrukh had no expression on his face what so ever…he didn’t know what to say. He thought that he probably might stay at a motel or something, or maybe even return.… Kajol had also wondered where they were going to stay. But one thing was for sure, she definitely didn’t want to leave and go back to Mumbai.
    Srk: …I’m not sure Aamir…I...I really actually thought I would stay with Bhai…but I’m not so sure anymore…
    Sri Devi felt so guilty inside, and she also felt sorry for Shahrukh. She wished she could help them, but it would probably make matters worse between her husband and herself.
    Kajol: (low tone)…I…think, that…we’ll probably find a motel…where we can stay for a while (Srk looking at her now)…and maybe… when we have enough money, we can find a home…here…
    Aamir: (cheery voice) Well you don’t have to stay in a motel, or find a new home as of yet…you can stay here! I’ll move out…
    Sri Devi was surprised….she thought it was a great idea, but she was wondering where Aamir would go. Shahrukh and Kajol didn’t want Aamir to move out of his own house because of them…
    Srk: No, no Aamir…that’s alright…we’ll find a place
    Aamir: C’mon Shahrukh! You can stay here…and then when you have enough money, you can buy a house…but till then stay here…
    Srk: (concerned tone) But why are you moving out? That’s not necessary…
    Aamir: Oh…well, because, I’d probably would always be in the middle of you two lovebirds….and I don’t want to…
    Kajol: But Aamir…we don’t want you to go out of your own house…just for our sake…it doesn’t feel right…where would you stay?
    Srk: Exactly Aamir… we can’t accept this
    Aamir: (caring tone) Seriously you guys…I really want to help you out…you really need this…more than I do…don’t worry about me…I mean…you have a child to take care of…you can’t live in a motel…I just won’t let that happen…just think of this…as a…uumm…wedding gift!
    Kajol was awed by Aamir’s kindness…he was such a warm person, and it brought a huge smile to her face. Shahrukh was very thankful that he had a good friend like Aamir….it almost reminded of him of the relationship Kamal and Amithabh have…but Shahrukh was concerned about where Aamir would stay, as well as Kajol and Sri Devi.
    Sri Devi: But where would you stay Aamir?
    Aamir: I’ll stay at Johnny’s…
    Srk: (taken aback) Johnny!? Johnny Lever? Oh come on…you’ve got to be kidding me…I hate that guy…
    Aamir: (grinning) Ha Ha…I know…he’s very irritating and can act like a real bright spark, but he’s a loyal and faithful friend. He’s helped me out a lot when we were in college.
    Srk: Yeah…yeah (in a hate to admit it attitude) Well…Kajol (looking in her direction)…what do you think?
    Kajol looked once more at Aamir, who had a suppliant expression on his face.
    Kajol: Oh…Aamir, your so very generous….(pausing for a moment to think)..uuum..alright, we will stay..
    Shahrukh was a bit happy with Kajol’s decision, “this way, maybe Bhai will learn to like Kaju” he thought, since they were going to stay near-by…and Aamir was exhilarated…he was so glad that he could be able to help them. Right away, Aamir had started packing up his things, while Shahrukh had brought in their things from the van. Meanwhile, Kajol and Sri Devi were getting to know each other as they prepared small meals in the kitchen. The townspeople noticed that Srk was back…and they were all stunned to see him (especially the children)…but none of them went to greet him as of yet. They were all busy gossiping about what had just happened…Shahrukh being married to some girl from the street…Kamal kicking him out of the house….the girl Shahrukh has married is a person of bad-character…and so on and so forth. As the news started spreading around, the townspeople had started to grow a dislike on Kajol. Everyone had felt sorry for Juhi, who was all in tears, and wouldn’t come out of her bedroom. Amithabh wasn’t upset at all though(except for his sister being in distress), he knew that Shahrukh was a good person, and he wasn’t going to make any judgements until he hears his side of the story. But not everyone is as reasonable as Amithabh. Muryum, Ani and Kate were all crushed to see their sister in pain and tears. They were all furious at Shahrukh, and his so-called wife. Gradually, Shahrukh was losing all his respect, and Kajol was also getting a bad name. And Shahrukh was aware of it all, he knew that this would happen. He didn’t care that the people were giving him dirty looks as he went back and in out of the house while moving their stuff in. But he was particularly worried on how everybody would treat Kajol. She was as innocent as a lamb, and very big-hearted and kind. She didn’t deserve to be treated badly. Shahrukh and Aamir had finished their duties and everyone had sat down in the living room. Johnny had arrived to pick Aamir up, but he stayed for a little while to get “acquainted” with Kajol. He was an annoying, aggravating person, and sort of a womanizer as well (but not as bad). As soon as he came into the living room, he had brought a frown to Shahrukh’s face.
    Johnny: Oh my gosh…if it isn’t my old pal Shahrukh…back in town!(rushing over to him to hug him)
    Shahrukh returned the hug, but not as soft and graceful. He started to squeeze him very tightly, making Johnny yelp a little bit. Quickly, Johnny pushed away from him in pain, but tried his best not to show it. Kajol giggled a bit at his obvious action…and on hearing a woman’s laughter, he swiftly turned to see. He stared in amazement at Kajol, and had his mouth wide open. Sri Devi put her hand over mouth, and couldn’t help but laugh at Johnny, as well as Aamir. Kajol was blushing and giggling at the same time. Shahrukh on noticing Johnny check out his wife, was infuriated, and abruptly hit him on the back as if it were a playful “pat-on-the-back” and said..
    Shahrukh: So what do you think about my wife (stressing out “my wife”)
    Johnny’s thoughts were quickly gone on hearing Shahrukh’s not so cheery voice, and started to laugh nervously.
    Johnny: Oh...haha…you...your wife...wow! ….haha...I thought that you being married was just a rumour...I didn’t believe Aamir when he told me on the phone (Aamir rolling his eyes)…I thought he was just joking…I mean…(turning his gaze to Kajol)what kind of beautiful woman would choose to marry Shahrukh(trying to look sexy in front of Kajol)
    Kajol couldn’t help but laugh, but she tried to have a little self-control. As for Shahrukh, self-control was something Kamal and him, were not very good at. He punched Johnny in the stomach again “playfully” and said
    Shahrukh: well, that beautiful woman is sitting right in front of you (pretending to smile)
    Johnny: (trying to hide his pain again) oh Shahrukh…haha…(putting his arm around Shahrukh, as Srk looks at Johnny’s hand on Shahrukh’s shoulder) your so funny…(turns to see Shahrukh, who doesn’t look too happy, and quickly removes his arm)
    Johnny moves away to sit with Aamir as Shahrukh sat beside Kajol. Johnny smiled at Kajol, and she in return flashed a pretty smile.
    Kajol: It’s a pleasure to meet you Johnny (giggling)
    Johnny: Pleasures all mine (attempting to move up closer to Kajol to put out his hand, but doesn’t as he sees Srk’s cold stare)
    Sri Devi: Haha…you kids are just too hilarious…(everyone smiling)…anyway, Shahrukh…I just started wondering….how did you two meet?
    Aamir: Yeah??? How on Earth did you guys meet?
    The question brought Kajol to blush a bit, and look down shyly. Her coyness brought Shahrukh a smile, and he said
    Srk: well…uuuum…to tell you from the beginning, it all started when I got off from the train station…..
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    Chapter 3

    Shahrukh stood outside the train station for hours and hours…waiting for Saif to come pick him up. But still, there was no sign of Saif. He was wondering where he was… “maybe Saif forgot” he thought. Shahrukh started tapping his feet impatiently, and gradually he was getting a bit angry. He felt sleepy and tired, and he wanted to take a nice shower and go to bed. As he thought of sleeping and how soothing it would be, he was getting more tense. Suddenly, someone from behind had tugged his arm, and made him turn around. It was Saif…and Srk felt like hitting him across the face black and blue, but before he could do anything, Saif abruptly hugged him.
    Saif: I know what your going to say..or more so…do…(whining)but please forgive me…it’s not my fault I’m late…Preity made me stop at the groceries to buy the kids some milk…then we had to stay in line for like a whole hour…and then the kids accidently broke a vase at the market…and then I had to..

    Saif had continued to whine and explain himself for being very late as his wife watched embarrassingly with her children. Shahrukh’s anger had gone away and slowly he forgot about how badly he wanted to choke the life out of Saif. He noticed people staring at Saif and Srk, quickly Srk started to mutter words and say it was alright and to let go of him. Saif let go of him in dismay, he was shocked at Srk.
    Saif: Shahrukh! Your not mad….Oh my gosh….usually it takes hours to excuse myself from you…but its only been 5 minutes…either you’ve changed or I’m really good at whining and making people feel pity for me…
    Preity: (with folded hands) I’d say it’s the second option….(Srk starts to chuckle as Saif gives Preity the cut-eye)…Anyway…Shahrukh! How have you been…it’s been a real long time since we’ve seen you!
    Srk: Umm…how about I tell you everything when we get home….
    Saif: Oh…haha...poor guy’s been standing out here for so long…alright...let’s get a move on…
    Saif, Srk and Preity talked for hours and hours about their lives and how everything has been going. They all sat down, talking about their college life. Saif and Srk used to go to college together, along with Aamir and Johnny. Saif met Preity at an auto-mechanic shop… she was the mechanic/owner there. When he had found out that a female had owned a auto-mechanic shop, he started to laugh, as well as Srk and the others. Preity was furious and had challenged him. If she didn’t fix his car within 30 minutes, Saif could come over to the shop and mock her all he wanted. But if she did, he was to pay double the amount of a regular deal. He conceitedly agreed to the bet, however…it was a great loss for him. All his car needed was an oil-change, and she did that in 15 minutes. All the boys were gaping at the determined girl as she held out her hand for her ransom. Saif humiliatingly, gave her the money. But to his surprise, she was generous enough to call off the bet. But she advised him to never judge a woman’s ability and strength. After that day, Aamir would purposely make up excuses and find problems for his car, just so he could go to Preity’s shop and ask her to fix it. Both of them spent a lot of time with each other, and soon, they fell in love and got married.
    As Saif thought about his marriage, he had wondered when Shahrukh was going to get married. Srk had come to a certain age, where a man usually is married, and has children by now. He gazed at Srk, who was playing with Saif’s twin boys, Karan and Arjun. Saif decided to ask Srk about the issue…
    Saif: Hey Shahrukh… (Srk wasn’t listening as he was too busy playing with the kids)…srk…SHAHRUKH!
    Srk: (swiftly turns around, and moves toward Saif) What….couldn’t you see that I was in the middle of something (holding his gaze at the children)
    Saif: Dude…your playing….with kids…..(Srk turning around) I wanted to ask you something…
    Srk:…alright…what is it?
    Saif: well…I’ve been wondering…(Srk looking concerned)…When are you…going to get married?
    Srk: (rolling his eyes) Oh come one…not you too…
    Saif: What?
    Srk: You know…this is one of the reasons why I left town….because my brother was annoying me…scolding me into marriage…he was trying to get me and Juhi married(Saif shocked a bit)…I know its ridiculous…she’s my friend…plus…I’m not interested in marriage…not at the peak of my career
    Saif: What career Shahrukh? Look at you…your playing with kids…I don’t see you at work…writing stories…or whatever it is that you do??(Preity coming out of the kitchen, hearing the conversation)
    Srk: (getting annoyed) Thanks for you support (sarcastically)….Your starting to sound like my brother…
    Saif: Look….Shahrukh…I’m not trying to make you angry….I’m just saying this…cause I’m your friend…but if you don’t agree with me….then…that’s you choice…(Preity looking a bit upset with Srk’s decision)…Why are you here anyway?….what are you going to accomplish here…
    Srk: Well…since you work at the Indian Express…you know…I just thought, maybe you can get me a position there…as a writer…
    Saif: (smiling happily)…Hey….thats not sucha bad idea! I can get you a job…it’ll be easy for me…I’m such a suck-up…and my boss loves me…I’m sure he’ll accept…you have great writing skills….
    Srk was very happy at that comment. People hardly ever say good things about his poems, stories, or articles. He’s done so many written work, but no body ever understands the message he’s trying to send. No body takes interest in his writings, and it really makes him poignant. He never even had one fan, or have anyone compliment him about his work. His Bhabi would once and a while…but he thought that she was only saying good things about it, just to make him feel better.
    Preity: (holding a dish in her hand, while wiping it clean with her dupatta)okay now, let’s not get too excited…Shahrukh…this means that you have to prepare for an interview…
    Saif: No need for that…we really don’t have so much writers at the company…so my boss would be really eager to hire one…
    Right away, Saif had called his boss, and told him about Srk. After seeing some of Shahrukh’s samples of articles, he hired him. Srk was overjoyed, he was finally getting somewhere in his career. He thanked Saif uncountable times…so much that it gave Saif the urge to tape his mouth close. But Saif knew that it was just to show how happy and thankful he was. As soon as Srk got the job...he got to work right away.
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    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    As soon as she heard the Buzzing noise, Kajol rolled her eyes, and sighed a deep sigh. She was exhausted, and stressed out. She rolled her chair to the intercom and said
    Kajol: Kya hai (tiredly)
    Secretary: Ms. Kajol…its Sonia…she’s come to see you..
    Kajol: (closing her eyes and sighing again) Let her in…Ooff…this girl is always getting into problems…
    Sonia: (folding her arms) I heard that miss Kajol…
    Kajol: (stunningly looking up) Oh…Sonia…(regretfully) I’m so sorry…I’m just…under a lot of pressure now…not thinking straight…never mind that…please come and sit..(pointing towards the seat in front of her desk)
    Sonia: (turning away) It’s alright…
    Kajol: Oh come one Sonia…I know there’s a problem…and its my job to help you out…after all…I am your guidance counsellor… chalo, batao..
    Sonia: (turning back to face Kajol with a sorrowful face, and moves toward the seat) uumm…well…its just…you know..remember, my science, bio course…that I told you about…
    Kajol: (taken back a bit) The one I told you to drop….yess…what about that
    Sonia: well…..you see…I kind of…didn’t
    Kajol: (shocked) What?kyun! Sonia…I told you to drop that course for a reason…why are you wasting your time…
    Sonia: But that’s the only course that me and my boyfriend can be in together..
    Kajol: (rolling her eyes) Dekho Sonia…I’m telling you this for your own good, you come to college to get a better education, and to better your skills and chances of getting a great job…don’t waste your time with relationships…you really have to focus now…and you have to take action quickly, because exams are coming up!
    Sonia: I know…I know…
    Kajol: If you know…Sonia, then why didn’t you take my advice….please Sonia…listen to me…drop the course….you’ll have time to be with your boyfriend afterwards….but first, concentrate on what’s really important now…alright…
    Sonia: (smiling a bit) Gosh Miss Kajol…you always know what to say….Thanks!
    Kajol: (getting up and going towards her bag) Hey…don’t mention it…
    Suddenly the bell rang loudly getting Kajol’s attention, she was eager to go home.
    Kajol: (swiftly moving toward the door) Okay, c’mon Sonia…you don’t want to move late…its going to be quite crowded….(opening the door and gasps)
    Everyone was moving so quickly past her door, trying to get out.
    Kajol: Looks like I’m not the only one who is so keen on leaving quickly(giggles with Sonia)
    Sonia: (hitting her head by her hand)
    O shit! I have instrumental practice….Oh my gosh…I gotta go Kajolji! See you on Monday….
    Kajol waves good-bye as she saw Sonia desperately trying to get out of school. As soon as the crowds started to decrease, Kajol made a move on. But she paused for moment hearing her name, she turned to look. A group of young boys started approaching her, making Kajol grin a bit and folding her arms.
    Rahul and other boys: Hey Miss Kajol!!!!(all loudly and flirtingly)
    Kajol: (smiling) Hey guys…have a nice day?
    Rahul: We never really had a nice day, til we met you (smiles while all boys agreeing with Rahul)
    Kajol: (puts he hand over her mouth and giggles) Alright…hey, why aren’t you guys leaving early…you’re always the first ones to go???(suspiciously) Don’t you have any homework…
    Aman(Another boy from the group: yeah….we do, but remember…your substituting for history class…on Monday…and we have class with you then…we don’t have any other homework for any course, other than history….so(raising his brows)
    Rahul: We know you’ll be there to excuse us…and help us with our homework(flashes a grin, as well as the rest of the boys)
    Kajol: I don’t think so(disagrees with a sense of competition)
    Raj: Miss Kajol…you always give in to us….we know how to make you give in…
    Kajol: hhhmmm(turns her gaze at the clock and eyes widen)….alright, alright guys…I have to leave!
    Rahul: But wait…miss kajol, we have a gift for you!
    Kajol: (turns around curiously) A gift?
    Raj: Yeah…I picked it out!
    Vivek: No you didn’t (shoves Raj) I did(facing Kajol)
    The boys started to argue on who got Kajol the gift…but she was getting a bit impatient at the moment.
    Kajol: Guys…c’mon don’t argue…its just a gift…and I think all of you pitched in...alright…and guys…I really gotta go now…
    Raj: Alright…here’s the gift!(hands it to her)
    It was a newspaper….and Kajol was very confused…she looked at the boys apprehensively, and slowly started to look into it.
    Kajol: gee, thanks guys
    Rahul: Oh gosh…tell her what’s in it idiot!
    Vivek: Read the article’s page! You’ll find something special in there!
    Kajol swiftly turned the page and started to look for something that might surprise. She gasped! Her favourite author had written a new article in the Indian Express!
    Kajol: (smiles happily:happy aaaaaaaaaaww!You guys are the best (hugs them one by on, as they get mesmerized and sigh) OMG! It’s Shahrukh! On the Indian Express…and he’s written another great article (holds it close to her heart) You guys are so sweet..
    The boys never paid attention, they just kept staring into space as they remembered how tightly Kajol hugged them, it was like a dream come true for them.
    Kajol: Okay guys!I gotta leave…(giggles) Thank you so much!(turns to leave)
    The boys turned and left as if they were in a trance. Kajol, on the other hand, was too excited to go home, she wanted to show her Bhai Srk’s new article! She was too impatient to wait for the bus…so she ran through the muster fields happily. As soon as she reached her home, she knocked on the door…
    Abhisheck turns to look as he sits comfortable on the couch, watching cricket on the t.v. He was to lazy to get up and open the door.
    Abhi: Rani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! open the door would ya!
    Rani: You open the door! I busy here washing the dishes! What in the world are you doing to keep you from opening the door!
    Abhi: Okay okay (getting up frustratingly) all this talk, just for opening the door (mumbling)
    Rani: Kya!?
    Abhi: Are Kuch nehin! You just keep washing the damn dishes!
    Abhi approaches the door, as soon as he opened it, Kajol jumped in to the house happily, scaring Abhi a bit.
    Kajol: Hai bhai!dekho dekho! Look….Shahrukh has written a new article…
    Abhi: haha…no wonder you’re so excited…I swear Kajol…its like your obsessed with this so-called author
    Kajol puts her hands on her hips, making Abhi a bit quiet. Rani, on hearing Shahrukh’s name, rushed outside of the kitched..
    Rani: (smiles on Kajol’s presence) What…what happened?
    Before Kajol could explain, Abhi budded in…
    Abhi: Oh so you have time to talk about stuff, but no open the door
    Kajol rolls her eyes, and shoves the newspaper into his hands, and tells him to read while she moves toward Rani happily.
    Kajol: Bhabi (Rani warns Kajol not to call her that with her eyes) (giggles) I mean…Rani….Shahrukh has finally written an article…after so long…and that in the Indian Expres…Just read it…isn’t it amazing! They finally have noticed his work and probably asked him to write for the company…Gosh I just love his written work…(dreamily)
    Rani: (grins and folds her arms) You love his written work or do you love him?
    Rani’s words got Kajol’s attention, and Kajol shoved at Rani slightly. Rani started to giggle and hug Kajol from the side, as Kajol stood angrily.
    Abhi: What is he trying to say anyway? I don’t know why you like these so much…
    Kajol moves towards Abhi to grab the newspaper and says…
    Kajol: he sends such beautiful messages, in such poetic words…the way he uses words to describe or illustrate the themes or messages…its just so…its indescribable…(gets back to realitly) But I don’t know…you guys don’t understand it…neither do a lot of other people…
    Rani: Maybe Kajol’s the only one in the world you can understand what he’s trying to say…hhhmm? (grins again, as Abhi looks confused)
    Kajol: Shutup Rani…I’m sure there’s a lot of other people who enjoy his writings…
    Abhi: (takes the newspaper) Well you’re the only one I know who’s got an interest for his material…(gasps) Hey Kajli! He works at the Indian Express!! Of course…he’s here in Mumbai…Oh my gosh…and the company is near by (Kajol’s widen a bit, as well as Rani’s) This means…that you can go meet him!
    Rani: Oh my gosh…It would be like a dream come true for you…wouldn’t it…you should go meet him!(looks at Abhi) This is the first time I heard Abhi give a smart idea…
    Abhi: What!(looking furiously at Rani)
    Rani: (grins) You heard me…
    Abhi: I gave lots of other great ideas…
    Rani: (giggles) no you didn’t..
    Abhi: Yes I did!
    Rani: o yeah…name one(challengingly)
    Abhi: Alright…well..there’s this one time…wait no…umm..o yeah..uumm..hhhmm….wait…
    Rani rolls her eyes and moves toward the kitchen, making Abhi furious again…
    Abhi: Shutup(loudly)
    Abhi’s loud voice hand got Kajol’s attention. She was lost in the thought of meeting Shahrukh, just like Rani told her….”why don’t you meet him”, it kept repeating into her mind, she noticed Abhi and Rani fight. She usually was the one to stop them both, but she decided not to, and went to her room to think about meeting Shahrukh…
    Meanwhile, Abhi kept yelling at Rani, as she stood their giggling with folded arms…finally she said
    Rani: aawww, you look so cute when you’re angry…
    Abhi: (confused look) Kya?
    Rani moved in closer to give him a peck on the cheek, and looked at him…
    Rani: you can’t take a hint either?(giggles)
    Abhi just stood their confusedly like a lost puppy, and then suddenly he gasped with widened eyes…
    Abhi: O wait! Rani, now I get it…
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Kajol was in her bedroom…looking at her collection or poems, stories, and other types of literature by Shahrukh. She wondered how he would look like…there was only one photo of him published…but it wasn’t so clear. She had admired him since she was at the age of 15….She sat beside her window ciel and daydreamed about meeting the man of her dreams…
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    but suddenly she thought…”what would I say to him?”…. “how would I react”…she was so scared of meeting him now…she thought that she would probably make a fool out of herself…she was smothered with so much questions…and finally she decided not to meet him…even though it would be a dream come true, she didn’t want to make a fool out of herself, and she was too frightened to face him…

    Meanwhile, while Kajol was deep in her thoughts in her room, Abhi and Rani were in the kitchen…..
    Rani: (trying to get out of Abhi’s grip) Abhi! Stop it…I need to…I have to go to the temple right now…with Kaju…let go…Abhi..please..
    Abhi: (holding her and kissing her neck) aaaaaaww…pleaaasee (whining)
    Rani: (giggling) Stop…Abhi…I have to…Kaju would be-(stops to think with a sudden shock, and pushes Abhi away slightly) Wait…where did she go?
    Abhi: (paying attention) yeah?....(turning around, while scratching a head) where did she go?
    Rani: Hey, that’s strange, usually she’s the one who stops our little quarrels…where is she now? Did she go into her room?
    Abhi: (getting a little worried) Kajol!

    Kajol was alert…she wondered if Rani and Abhi went too far with their fight. He sounded worried…quickly she got up from the ground and headed down-stairs…approaching the kitchen….

    Kajol: Kya hua? What is it Bhai (asking worriedly)
    Abhi: (relieved)Oh…you went upto your room…(confused) are you alright?
    Kajol: Yeah…I’m fine…(looking down a bit)
    Rani: is there something wrong…I mean…Abhi and me were just fighting just a few minutes ago…and you didn’t bother to stop it…
    Kajol: (turning around to look for an excuse) well...I was justa…uum...thinking that you guys should learn to figure out your problems yourselves and set things straight.
    Abhi: (annoyingly) aaaw, c’mon Kaju…none of that guidance nonsense in my house…
    Rani: (turning to face Abhi) who said it was your house…
    Abhi: (facing Rani) hey, I pay the bills here…I’m the one who goes to work…
    Another quarrel had started, making Kajol sigh a deep sigh.
    Kajol: Oh c’mon! Would you cut it out! (getting Rani and Abhi’s attention, while Kaju changes the topic) Rani….are you coming with me…to the temple…
    Rani: uuuum…(looking at Abhi)well…I’m not sure…I’ve got lots of work to do...at home…
    Kajol: (looking a bit upset) oh…alright…how about you Bhai?…
    Rani: (glancing at Rani) uum…I don’t know…I’m kinda…tired…
    Kajol was suspicious of the two, but didn’t bother pressuring them to go. She needed time to think on her own anyway…She quickly got ready, wearing a pink salwar Kameez, and off she went to the nearest temple…..

    Just then, Shahrukh was preparing to go home alone…Saif was going to work over-time.
    Srk: Are you sure Saif? Preity might be worried…
    Saif: no…its alright…I come home late sometimes…she doesn’t mind…
    Srk: (turns to leave) Okay…
    Saif: Hey...(Srk turns to look at Saif) be careful alright…the streets are a bit dangerous at this time of day…
    Srk slightly nodded and left the building. He got a taxi, and went off home. As he sat comfortably in the minicab, he thought about home…and marriage. Two weeks have passed since Srk left town, and arrived in Mumbai. He had spoken to Kamal yesterday, and it felt like they were separated for decades. They both missed each other very much…Kamal was a bit proud of Srk because he told Kamal that he got a job in the Indian Express. Every time Shahrukh would call Kamal, Kamal would always ask him the question about getting married somehow. Gradually, Shahrukh was being manipulated into marrying Juhi by Kamal. Shahrukh thought that Juhi was fun to be with, and that it wouldn’t be so bad if he had married her…”what have I got to loose?’….he had started imagining marital life, and having kids….he loved kids, and someday he would like to have some…
    Suddenly…there was a halt! The taxi had stopped abruptly…making Shahrukh move a bit forward. The taxi driver got out swiftly and anxiously and tried to run away somewhere. Shahrukh was confused, and slowly he started to get out of the vehicle. Then he saw, two big men approach the small little driver. The driver was begging for mercy, and pleaded the men not to hurt him. The two large men had started yelling at him, as the driver whimpered. Srk was alert and watched unblinkingly…the two men started to beat the driver…Shahrukh didn’t want to sit there and just watch the poor man be slaughtered…Swiftly, Srk ran towards the them and pushed them away from the driver. He started to punch and strike them one by one, and slowly the driver got away…
    One of the men: (looking at the driver getting away) Oh…you’re in for it pal!
    Suddenly, the man took a glass bottle from the ground and hit Shahrukh on the head. Srk grunted and moaned, and hit him in the stomach as he bent down. The other man got up from the ground and took a huge THICK stick, and hit Srk right across the face.
    *police sirens*
    The other man: Chalo! (looking at the other guy)
    Both of them had left swiftly using the taxi…no one else was in sight, and Shahrukh laid on the ground…unconscious. It started to rain…the rain gradually dripped onto his face, and the blood slowly started to overflow into a puddle. Srk was beaten severely, he couldn’t hear anything, or see anything…he just laid there…helpless. No one had helped him…some cars, and people passed by, but the never stopped to help. They either thought he was a drunk who got into a trouble with some people, or they just were too busy to stop and help. Kajol was quickly walking on the sidewalk, covering herself with the dupatta. She didn’t have an umbrella, and she didn’t want to get a cold. She stopped to look around, if there was a taxi near by. Suddenly she noticed a strange figure laying on the ground. As curious as she was, she moved towards the strange thing. She was shocked…and she started to wonder how long he was laying unconscious on the ground like that.
    Kajol: Oh my…(bending down to his side) sir…(tapping him on the shoulder) Sir…can you hear me…
    She turned over to look at his other side, where she saw a huge puddle of blood. In shock, Kajol turned away, and covered her mouth with her hand. She went back to his side, and looked at his pale face, his head was wet...with water and blood. Kajol took her dupatta, and wrapped it around his head securely…she quickly got up and anxiously looked for a taxi…one was approaching her…
    Kajol: Taxi!Taxi!(coming close) Ruk Jaa…(pops her head into the open doorway) sir…please bring this man to the hospital…the poor man was laying on the ground for so long…he’s bleeding severely..
    Driver: Ji..(nodding)
    Kajol: Thank you…can you give me a hand…
    The had both carefully laid him on the back seat, quickly the driver went back into the front, as Kajol went at the back, taking Shahrukh’s head and laying it on her lap. As the driver drove swiftly to the hospital Kajol recommended, Kajol combed back Shahrukh’s hair and held it fondly. She felt sorry for him…she hoped that he would be well. Shahrukh’s eyes sort of twictched…his eyes were a bit open. He saw the presence of a beautiful woman, caressing his head. Kajol didn’t notice him watching her…then gradually his eyes started to close. He could only feel the soothing touch of the beautiful stranger. The taxi had arrived at the hospital, and quickly Kajol and the driver cautiously picked him up and called for a stretcher. They laid him on the long white bed-like structure and moved him quickly into the hospital. They rushed into a room, while stopped at the door and stayed out.
    Driver: Miss….
    Kajol: (turning to face the driver) O yeah…sorry…(looking into her purse, getting out 20 ruppees) Here you go...and an extra 10…thanks for all you help
    Driver: Thank you (smiles and leaves the hospital)
    Kajol waited impatiently…she was wondering if Abhi and Rani were waiting for her at home. They would probably be very scared by now…it was getting very late. Kajol had also worried about the man she had just saved…she had this gut feeling that he was going to be okay. But at the same time, she was concerned. She suddenly started to remember the features of his face…she thought that he looked rather handsome, even when he was all smothered in blood and bruised. He looked so peaceful and charming, and simultaneously strong and well-built. But something really puzzled her…she had remembered someone, that had the same kind of structure and physique…but she couldn’t quite pinpoint who it was.

    Dr. Kailash: Miss Kajol…
    Kajol’s thoughts were gone away as she saw the doctor approaching. She got up and greeted him with a smile.
    Dr. Kailash: It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen you here…you never come here anymore…ever since you got your job there at St. Xavier’s school…
    Kajol: (looking a bit guilty) mujhe maaf karo….I’ve been kind of busy lately…and
    Dr. Kailash: You need not explain….just don’t forget about us…alright
    Kajol: (smiling apprehensively) Alright doctor…
    Dr. Kailash: now…let’s get to more important matters…about the patient you just brought in (kajol being alert)…he’s in a minor unconscious state right now…but he’s loosing a lot of blood…and we need Positive B blood fast…
    Kajol: (thinking of a solution or way to help)uuumm….oo..Dotctor…isn’t my blood Positive B type…(the doctor nods) I’ll be happy to donate!(cheerfully)
    Dr. Kailash: Thank you Kajol…there’s no one else that I know who has a big heart like you… (Kajol blushes and looks down) Okay, come with me…
    The doctor led her to the operation theatre; Kajol looked around, and immediately spotted Shahrukh. The blood and bruises were slightly gone, and he looked so fresh and calm as she walked towards a bed near him. While Kajol gazed at Shahrukh admiringly, the doctor was preparing and taking tools out that he needed to transfer Kajol’s blood to Shahrukh. As soon as the procedure was done, Dr. Kailash, had told Kajol to lie down on the bed for a while. She was feeling a bit dizzy and weary after the process was done.
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    Chapter 4

    Kajol hadn’t noticed that she dozed off…but it was only for a little while…she slightly opened her eyes, and then gradually got up. She looked around her, and noticed Shahrukh was next to her, on the other bed beside hers. She smiled as she saw his sober face…she got up from her bed and went beside him. She had this urge to brush back his hair, and hold his face with her hands. He looked so endearing, it was so tempting…she looked around, to check if anyone was present, and gave into her urges. She placed her hand on Shahrukh’s head and leisurely combed his hair back with her fingers. Even though nobody was there, she blushed. She moved her hand lower, to one of the bruises on his face. She didn’t know why, but she felt pain inside of herself as she remembered the way he laid on the ground when she found him. “Ooh…who could have done such an inhuman thing?” Kajol said to herself. Quickly she took her hands away from his face when she heard footsteps coming near the room. Though she didn’t move away from her spot, and continued to stay where she was. The door opened swiftly with Dr. Kailash and two other individuals (a man and a woman), with two small twin boys. The man had swiftly approached Shahrukh, while the woman stayed holding her two children from behind looking frightened.
    Kajol was oblivious to who they were…she looked at the doctor, who just slightly nodded. Gradually Kajol moved away from Srk’s bed and moved toward the doctor.
    Man: Doctorsab…is he alright? (choking a bit with teary eyes as he looks at Srk)..no-..nothing is wrong with him…right…(Woman moves toward him, and places her hand on his shoulder for comfort)
    Doctor: He’s absolutely fine…nothing to worry about (the man and woman looked a bit relieved)…just a minor concussion, that’s all, nothing serious…
    Man: Thank you doctor (smiles with respite with the woman)
    Doctor: No….you shouldn’t thank me…but this woman right here(pointing to Kajol, who was surprised by it) If it weren’t for her, he would have been dead…and he was in loss of so much blood…she had even offered to give some of her blood. She’s the one you should thank…
    Kajol was a bit embarrassed and shy…she didn’t know what to say. It was totally unexpected, but at the same time…she wondered who the two people were…and who the patient was…she still didn’t know any of this information. The man and woman smiled at her happily, and moved towards her.
    Man: ….you don’t know…how…how much you’ve, helped us, how much you’ve helped him…I’m lost for words…
    Woman: (again, comforts the man) You are very very generous…May God bless you (moving closer to Kajol, and holds her hands) Thank you so much…
    Kajol was happy that she could lend a hand, but she couldn’t help but hide her inquisitiveness of who they were, and what relationship they shared with the patient…but just before she could ask, they interrupted…
    Man: I’m sorry…I forgot to introduce myself…Mera naam Saif Ali Khan….aur..mera biwi (pointing to the woman)
    Woman: Mera naam Preity… (she brings her children forward and introduces them)
    Kajol: I’m Kajol…I’m glad I can help…
    Saif: Shahrukh should thank you more than a million times for what you’ve done for him
    Kajol felt like her heart just sank…she looked up surprisingly at Preity and Saif. She couldn’t believe it…she was exhilarated, frightened, shocked and perplexed…she had all these mixed emotions…and she was frustrated because she didn’t know how to act on them…now she remembered who the patient had resembled…. “is it truly Shahrukh khan?” she asked herself in dismay.
    Preity: And I’m sure he will…he’s in debt to you…
    Kajol flashed a small smile at Preity once again and then glanced at the back of the room where Shahrukh was. Her heart was pounding as she saw Shahrukh lay there…she couldn’t believe that she actually touched him, and held him in her arms…it made her shiver a bit just thinking about it. Unexpectedly, her watch had started to make a noise, she looked at her watch and gasped at the time. She knew her Bhai would be looking up for her, as well as Rani…
    Kajol: Oh my…I gotta go…it was nice meeting you Saif and Preity (bends down and shakes the kids’ hands) you too Karan aur Arjun…(Saif and Preity both say bye to her as Kajol turns to face Dr. Kailash) Bye doctor…thanks for all your help(shakes his hand) I think I might come by tomorrow
    Doctor: (looking confusedly) why?
    Kajol: well…it’s the weekend tomorrow…I don’t really have anything to do…I might want to stop by…and check up on him...(looking at Shahrukh, as Preity and Saif listen attentively)
    Doctor: Oh…I see, so you finally have time off your busy schedule eh? (flashes a grin)
    Kajol started to blush, and it was obviously showing…she started to giggle nervously and then looked back at Preity and Saif. She waved good-bye to everyone…took one last refreshing look at Shahrukh, and left the room. As she left, Preity started to think of how generous Kajol was…
    Preity: (looking out of the door way) She’s so thoughtful and reserved…she’s the kind of girl Srk should be with (turns to see Saif)
    Dr. Kailash: She is a very helpful person…she always gives and gives…she would always come to this hospital when she was younger, and help us out here…
    Saif: (starts agreeing with everyone) Yeah…I know, she seems to be extremely kind…she’s perfect for Shahrukh… (looks at srk) but its his decision.

    Kajol had always dropped by the hospital, to check on Shahrukh. She would sit beside him and gaze at him favourably…she loved taking care of Shahrukh and being by his side. She would read one of his poems as she sat near his bedside. The nurses would always mistake Kajol for his wife. Though she loved the thought of it and was even tempted to say she was, she couldn’t. Preity and Saif were aware of how much she cared about Srk…they had felt that she really liked him…or maybe she was just a really generous person. They were both very fond of her, and soon, they all became good friends. Though Kajol never told them about how much of a big fan she was of Srk…she was too embarrassed to reveal that out. Abhi and Rani also knew of the whole incident that had occurred four days ago…they were as shocked as Kajol when they found out that she had saved him unknowingly. Rani was looking forward to meeting him, but Abhi was more worried about Kajol’s health after donating so much blood. But Kajol was as healthy as ever…she felt happy and invigorated…she felt like she was on cloud nine, but was this love that she felt. She wasn’t sure if this was love, or a mere crush, but it was a great feeling, and at the same time, complex. At times, she would remember of how frightened she was when she thought of meeting him. Srk was unconscious when she was in his presence; it wasn’t exactly a face-to-face encounter. She started getting nervous about going to see him at the hospital. “What if he opens his eyes…and sees me, sit beside him…what if he asks who I am? I might make a fool out of myself…I’ll probably start mumbling words…he might think that peculiar…” She tried her best to get these thoughts out of her head, but she just couldn’t. She had then vowed to herself to never see him at the hospital after today and to control her temptations of being near him….
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    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    4 days have passed….

    Shahrukh’s eye lids had started to twitch and his pupils were moving swiftly from inside. His fingers started to jolt, and his whole body had started feeling a sensation of energy again. His eyes had begun to open. He closed them quickly after feeling a bit dazed by opening them too fast. Gradually, he tried opening them again. He looked all around him, confusedly, wondering where he was. Everything was all a blur for him…he didn’t know what happened to him, or how on earth he got in this room…but…the only thing he did remember was a beautiful woman, cradling his head in her arms…comforting him, as she stroked his face with a memorable gentle touch. He remembered two big, pretty hazel eyes…an image that was planted in his head. He forcefully got up and rubbed his face with his hands. He had noticed all these wires stuck on him, and many monitors beeping all around him. Two small get well cards and a one small bouquet were placed on the night table. He combed his hair with his fingers realizing that he was in a hospital. Vague images had started to pop up into his head. He started to remember two people that he had gotten into a fight with, and how they beaten him with a sharp bottle and huge thick stick. Remembering how much it had hurt, he moved his hand behind his head feeling the wound from the brawl. Suddenly, the doctor had entered the room. He walked swiftly as he was busy handling many other patients. He wasn’t surprised to see Srk awake, he held a clipboard in his hand, and went straight to the sink. He washed his hands thoroughly as he said…
    Dr. Kailash: so…Mr. Shahrukh, you’ve finally decided to wake up from your long sleep (putting latex gloves on as Srk looked confusedly at the doctor) Let me just answer the most frequently asked questions that all my past unconscious patients have asked me before…
    Shahrukh just looked on at the doctor, as if he was lost. He watched the doctor move toward a tray that was placed beside his bed. The doctor started to fiddle with sum tools, and picked up a booster. He told Srk to roll up his sleeve on his left arm, the doctor dabbed some ointment on, and injected Shahrukh.
    Dr. Kailash: This is just going to help you focus a bit more…you’re kind of dizzy and anxious aren’t you. (Shahrukh nodded with curious eyes) Alright then…(sitting beside srk) You’re in the Mumbai Grace hospital…and you were beaten very severely, you were in minor concussion as a result and lost a lot of blood in the process (Shahrukh taken back a bit) But don’t worry...you’re alright now. My name is Dr. Kailash (shakes hands with Srk)
    Shahrukh was feeling a bit more decisive and looked on at the doctor as he started writing some notes on the clipboard.
    Srk:…uum…can...I make a phone call…I need to call my friends and let them know about all this…they might be worried-
    Dr. Kailish: (still scribbling some notes) No need…Saif and Preity know you’re here…they came in regularly…along with another person
    Srk: (looking up enquiringly) another person?Who?
    Shahrukh didn’t know anyone else in Mumbai except for Saif and Preity. Who else could have come to check up on him….
    Dr. Kailash: (putting down his board and hooking his pen on his pocket)Oh…yes, I forgot to tell you. Miss Kajol,…she was the one who had brought you here to the hospital…she saved your life
    Srk: (surprisingly) re-…really?
    Dr. Kailash: mmmhhhhmm….if it wasn’t for her…well…you wouldn’t be here. Bringing you in wasn’t really a big deal, but when she found out that you need a tremendous amount of blood, she offered hers without hesitation and openheartedly.
    “Wow” srk had thought…”who was this woman?” He was totally in awe of the helpful deeds she has done for him. And he was a total stranger to her, but that didn’t stop her from helping him…
    Dr. Kailash: (continuing) Preity and Saif have also met her…I think they are quite close now…I know her very well too. She’s very intelligent and so very polite…Oh…and if you wish to leave, you may (getting up from the bed)Just let me get your pants…
    Shahrukh’s eyes were wide open and he quickly pulled up his sheets to his stomach. The doctor started laughing out loudly, making Srk a bit uneasy.
    Dr. Kailash: It gets them every time…ha ha ha….I was just kidding…(in between chuckles)let me get your “prescriptions”….
    Shahrukh looked down to see if his pants were really there, he didn’t believe the doctor. As soon as the doctor gave Srk the necessities, he called Saif and Preity to pick him up. They both were very happy to see Shahrukh wide awake now. Even though the doctor said that Shahrukh was completely healthy, they were still very concerned of him. Preity and Saif were all talking non-stop to Srk on the way home. He was getting annoyed by it, and he was more anxious to hear more about Kajol. He wanted to meet this woman…he had started to wonder if she was the same woman who was caressing his head, and combed back his hair so delightfully. Srk was very impatient, and couldn’t take any more of Preity and Saif’s pep-talk.
    Srk: Shut up!
    Saif and Preity: (stop talking and look at each other dejectedly) kya hua?
    Srk: You guys…I’m really sorry, I know you were worried sick about me, and you have a lot to say…but…ITS REALLY IRRITATING…
    Saif: (laughing) Sorry Shahrukh…we were just so excited…anyway…I mean, all this time we were the ones talking…do you want to ask about something…you were unconscious for about…4 or 5 days…
    Preity: You must have so much on your mind…
    Srk: (runs his fingers through his hair) well…uum, the doctor told me about something…actually someone (Preity and Saif grinned and were looked at each other)…and I heard you guys are pretty close to her…
    Preity: Oh…you mean Kajol!
    Srk: Yeah…her (absent-mindedly)
    Saif: You’d be dead meat if it wasn’t for her…she saved your life…she’s a very nice girl…and pretty too (Preity looking at Saif irritably) well, you know…I was just…uumm
    Preity: I have to admit (turning away) she’s very beautiful…she has the prettiest eyes, so hazel, and very long dark hair….
    Shahrukh had started to imagine how Kajol looked like. He already had the image of her eyes stuck in his head, he had this sudden urge to face her and he wanted that sensational feel of her touch…as Preity described her, the illustration of Kajol gradually hovered over Shahrukh’s mind. Suddenly, without thinking, Srk blurted out…
    Srk: I want to meet her…
    Saif: (pretending to be surprised) What?
    Srk: I want to meet her…you guys know where she lives right…
    Preity: so suddenly?...now?
    Saif: Why do you want to meet her buddy?
    Srk: I want to thank her…for what she’s done for me…she’s helped me out so much… c’mon, take me there(impatiently)
    Preity and Saif thought they were successful at alluring Shahrukh to Kajol, they really wanted him to meet her and they wanted them to be together. But Shahrukh wanted to meet her out of his own interest.

    Abhi kept bothering Rani, who was trying her best to focus on the laundry. He kept hugging her from behind as she would spread the huge garments over a rope which was hanging in mid-air. He would pick her up from behind and tease her with kisses as she would keep rejecting him even though she loved it. Kajol was watching them from the side and was amused by their playfulness. She dreamed of a beautiful marriage like that…she pictured herself with Shahrukh and herself, doing the same exact thing. He would hug her and surprise her with blissful kisses, taunt her with his mischievous ways….*sigh*…she had longed to be in Srk’s arms….
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    She had heard two loud knocks, and quickly ran towards the door. She opened to the door, and let out a huge smile. It was Saif and Preity, she greeted them and welcomed them in.
    Kajol: What a pleasant surprise…won’t you-
    Kajol stood still. It felt like she had stopped breathing. Shahrukh came from behind them and gazed at her admiringly. Immediately Kajol looked down in coyness, she was scared and very nervous. He looked so very handsome…she wanted to look intently in his eyes, but she didn’t have the courage to. Though Shahrukh was lost in his own world and was gaping at her from head to toe. He was in admiration and wonder, as he saw the beauty that stood before him. For a moment, she had flashed her beautiful hazel eyes…those same hazel eyes which was startling him for so long…
    Preity and Saif were fully aware of the tension and uneasiness between them. Suddenly Shahrukh had come back to reality when he heard someone rumble Kajol’s name from afar. Kajol was relieved that her brother had called her, she wanted to get away from Shahrukh as far as possible, and she felt so timid when she was near him…but it was exhilarating and exciting at the same time. She felt as if her body was up in flames as he was gaping at her with wide open eyes…
    Abhi: (approaching Kajol) Kajol….O…hey! Saif and Preity…you haven’t been here for a while… (glancing at Shahrukh) and who is your friend here…
    Saif: O Abhi…this is who Kajol saved, Shahrukh Khan…remember…Srk, this is Abhishek…
    Srk: Hello (flashing a cute smile:wink
    Abhi’s jaw was literally hanging. He was blown away. He has started to laugh hysterically and point at Shahrukh. Kajol stared at Abhi in disbelief and humiliation.
    Abhi: Oh…(in between laughs) Your Shahrukh! Oh my gosh…you...you don’t know how much this woman loves you(points to Kajol, who is traumatized) Wow…this must be like her happiest day…gosh….Kajol...I thought you’d be jumping up and down by now…
    Saif, Preity and Shahrukh were all shocked and confused, what was Abhi talking about.
    Abhi: She’s like your biggest fan….loved you since…like when she was a teen…she would read your articles...and would always come and show me….she just loves everything you write (Srk moving his gaze toward Kajol, who was blushing intensely) When she told me about how she had saved you, she told me that she was so happy that she it was you…she had no clue of who you were until Saif and Preity told her…gosh…she would always talk about you…wow…
    As Abhi continued to talk about Kajol’s “obsession”, Kajol kept looking down. She was very angry with Abhi…she was never more embarrassed in her life. But Shahrukh was never more flattered or pleased…who couldn’t believe he had a sincere fan….or someone who had admired his work…it was truly unbelievable for him…he looked admiringly at Kajol…
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    Chapter 5

    Kajol was attracting and arousing Shahrukh leisurely, and she didn’t even know it. He wanted to be near her, to be with her….hell, he wanted her. He loved the way she was reserved and quiet…her generosity and indescribable kindness…she was so beautiful, words cannot explain…and best of all, she respected his work and understood and loved all of his writings….he thought about all these qualities, and slowly started to fall for her.
    Kajol was totally oblivious of it, but she did love Shahrukh…she just didn’t know though. But every time she would gaze at him, her heart would skip a beat.

    Rani had entered the room, she was stunned to see Preity and Saif. Though she was wondering why Kajol was blushing so, and why she was looking down. On hearing Abhi’s laughter and his speech about Kajol’s passion for Srk’s written work, Rani quickly understood. She swiftly ran beside Abhi, and interrupted the whole conversation.
    Rani: O hey guys….I’m sorry, I was busy with the laundry…Abhi (glaring at them) Didn’t you invite them in?(talking with grinded teeth)
    Abhi: Wait! I’m talking to them…just wait…alright…anyway…she has all these collections about his poems...and some other stuff…and she reads them evertime and-
    Rani abruptly hit him in the stomach making him come back to REALITY! He stared at Rani who was giving him a cold glare. Rani then motioned to him, to look at Kajol, who almost looked like she was going to cry. Abhi felt so guilty, he didn’t know what he was saying…and now he felt embarrassed for blabbering on like that. Kajol finally took her eyes off the floor and looked at Abhi with upset eyes…and slowly she looked at Preity and Saif who were more than happy and were flashing huge smiles at her. At last, she faced Srk who gaping at her. She looked down quickly, feeling very introvert, but she was very excited when she saw the way he had looked at her. No one had ever looked at her that way…it was so sensual and erotic, it gave her the chills.
    Abhi then had coughed abruptly, and apologized to everyone for his awkward behaviour. He especially asked for forgiveness, silently to Kajol. Though she wasn’t so angry at him anymore, she felt really happy after she saw the way Srk had gazed at her. She forgave him, but he still felt very guilty. Everyone moved into the living room, Preity and Rabi were jabbering about how each of their husbands can be such a pain, and Abhi and Saif were also doing the same with their wives. An argument approached…though Kajol and Shahrukh weren’t paying attention, and never thought of stopping it. Preity and Rani on one side, and Abhi and Saif on the other.
    Rani: You could at least do some work around here for once…always watching television…your so selfish!
    Preity: Ugghh…I know what you mean Rani (looking at Saif with disgust)
    Saif: What! I go to work everyday…I take the kids to school…what more do you want from me!
    Abhi: Yeah! After a long day of hard work…I come home…to relax, hoping my wife would comfort me…instead she nags and nags and nags!
    Rani: (stunned with anger) WHAT!
    Abhi: I don’t need to repeat myself!
    Preity: That’s just typical(rolling eyes)
    Saif: You shut up!
    Preity: YOU SHUT UP!
    Kajol and Shahrukh were sitting across from each other…he looked at her, as she kept looking away timidly. Out of no where, Srk had approached her, and sat beside her closely…at this time, Kajol had felt a huge lump in her throat. She didn’t know whether to look at him, or keep glaring at the floor. The other two couples hadn’t noticed them, and were too busy arguing.
    Shahrukh: Kajol…can we talk…(continues to look at her intently)
    Kajol couldn’t reply…she just couldn’t…she just nodded in respond.
    Shahrukh: (rough chuckle) Don’t be shy…I just wanted to come here today…to see you…to see the woman who had saved my life…(Kajol still looking down) and to thank her....Thank youfor saving my life, for taking care of me, for being by my side…but more than that…Thank you…for being a fan of mine…its really…unbelievable (Kajol looks at him in disbelief) never really had a fan…actually…where I used to live…no one would appreciate my work, or ever compliment about it…and to know that someone like you…that worships my work…its…unexplainable (Kajol smiled as she looks down) You really are something you know that…uuum..(he runs his fingers through his hair as he looks on) Thank you…
    Kajol just kept smiling…she couldn’t bring herself to look at him. But the way he had spoken to her…it couldn’t be more stimulating. She wanted to be in his arms, and he also wanted to do the same. Suddenly…their intimate encounter was erupted by the other angry couples.
    Saif: Shahrukh! You know how much I help around…
    Preity: Srk…if you help him out on this…I’ll rip both of your throats…I swear!
    Abhi: Kaju…I’m not lazy! You know how difficult my job is!
    Rani: Oh...no you don’t! Kajol…it’s more difficult for me! You know this!
    Kajol, quickly gets up from her seat, even though she didn’t want to. She went towards her Bhai who was very upset with Rani.
    Kajol: (placing her hands on his shoulders) Bhai…come on…you guys are always like this…arguing…fighting…it’s true Bhai…Rani has to do so much work…she has to cook, clean, go the the groceries, the temple to pray for your well-being (Abhi turning to look at Rani, who looked away at him) Bhai…every time she sees you come home…it’s a relief for her…but then, you make her do so much work, and you always sit across the television, watching cricket. Of course Rani will be upset…But Rani…Abhi can’t help you out immediately…you also have to understand…(Rani nodding) you guys have to work out a compromise…Remember…(giggling) a few minutes ago…you two were in bliss…outside our yard…(Rani smiling a bit, and Abhi looking at Rani)
    Shahrukh getting up from his seat and moving towards the other angry couple.
    Srk: Both of you guys work just as hard….but you must try to understand the other’s feelings…without arguing you should talk things out…Saif…(Saif looking down with a guilty look on his face as Preity watched sincerely)
    Preity felt sorry for Saif, she couldn’t believe she yelled at him like that. She felt eve more guilty and hugged him immediately.
    Preity: (between sniffs while hugging him intensely) please mujhe maaf karo….I didn’t mean to hurt you…
    Saif hugged her back and comforted her…but he found some fault on himself as well.
    Saif: Hey…I said some pretty mean things too…don’t cry Preetz…
    Shahrukh was smiling at them, his gaze then moved in Kajol’s direction, who was also looking at him. They felt like they were both a team, and they both admired each other.
    Abhi let out his hand to Rani, and Rani took it lovingly. He gradually pulled her to his side and put his arm around her. Saif and Preity moved away from each other feeling a bit embarrassed…they both started to giggle. Soon the whole group was…
    Saif: O…crap, its getting late…Preity, we have to go pick up Karan and Arjun, they might be waiting for us at school…
    Preity: Oh my gosh…you’re right…Chalo, let’s go!
    Abhi and Rani led them to the door, as Kajol stood back. Shahrukh didn’t want to leave, he kept turning to look at Kajol, as they approached the door. They waved their good-byes and off they went. Kajol swiftly ran upstairs to her bedroom…she opened her window coverings. From there, she saw Srk. Srk had a strange vibe, and felt as if he should look up...and he followed his instincts. He saw Kajol from above.....They both gazed at each other…
    Saif: Shahrhukh! Come on…we’re running late…
    Srk continued to look at Kajol as he moved towards the car…and Kajol kept giving him a beautiful smile.
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    Chapter 6

    She was tired…yet again…another boring day at school. She loved her job, but she never liked substituting, especially for history. She drew a timeline on the board, and started plotting down each event as she spoke about it. The whole class paid attention to Kajol, they all respected her and were very keen of her (the boys especially). She turned around, to ask the class a challenging question.
    Kajol: Who can tell me who won the Battle of Vimy Ridge in France of 1917.....anyone? (looking around)
    Everyone was dead silent, and Kajol was very disappointed, she wanted them to participate.
    Kajol: Oh, come on guys…participate…history...isn’t…so bad (unsurely)
    Rahul: Miss Kajol, you know us as well as we know you…don’t lie to us for the sake of education….
    Everyone started to laugh including Kajol. But then she paused and stopped to think…she wasn’t doing a very good job as a teacher.
    Kajol: Alright, alright, it’s very dreary, I know, but you have to know this stuff guys….you can’t afford to fail your exams…the answer is…uuumm….hold on(looking in the book; flipping pages swiftly as the class giggles)
    Kajol was dumb-struck when it comes to history; she totally forgot the answer while she was talking to the class about how boring the subject was. Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice from the back of the class.
    Shahrukh: (leaning on the door, with hands in his pockets) The Canadians and the U.K won the war over Germany, and had full control of Vimy Ridge after that.
    The whole class turned to see who the stranger was, as Kajol stood their surprised to see him.
    Shahrukh flashed a smile at her as Kajol embarrassingly looked down. The class never saw this side of Kajol before…they saw her blushing, and smiling bashfully. The whole class started to think something was going on between these too. The girls that sat close to where Shahrukh was sitting were giggling and commented on his physique and good looks. He heard their compliments and winked at them. They continued to giggle and sigh dreamily as they watched Srk approach the teacher. Kajol shook her head a bit and looked up at the class who were all staring at the two amusingly…
    Kajol: Uum..(glancing at Srk, then the class) This is…Shahrukh Khan, everyone…
    As soon as they heard that name, every one gaped at him.
    The whole class: That’s Shahrukh Khan!?!
    The whole school knew how much Kajol loved him….Kajol nodded humiliatingly as she laughed a bit nervously, looking at Shahrukh, who was surprised that Kajol had mentioned him before to the class. She heard whispers and chuckles from afar. The students glanced back and forth at Kajol and Shahrukh. Kajol quickly wanted to change the subject, and went on with her lesson…
    Kajol: Uumm…anyway, sorry class, I kind of forgot about that answer there…and all of you know now…. thanks to Mr. Shahrukh (motioning her hand to him)
    Rahul: Don’t worry about that Ms. Kajol…you can never disappoint us... (other boys start agreeing while the girls roll their eyes)
    Kajol blushed at what Rahul had said, and she had wondered what Shahrukh had thought. Aburptly, the bell rang and the whole class started moving around…trying to get out.
    Kajol: Oh…okay, guys…don’t forget! You have a pop quiz tomorrow. Ms. Braganza will be there tomorrow, so no excuses…
    The whole class sighed and whined on hearing that as they left the class-room.
    Now, it was just…Kajol, and Shahrukh Kajol felt very awkward and uncomfortable, but she was extremely happy that he was standing just a few inches away from her. Kajol moved towards her desk and started to pack her things as Shahrukh looked flatteringly at her…
    Srk: Aren’t you going to say hello? (bending to capture her eyes with his)
    Kajol: (looking up shyly and smiling) Hi….
    Shahrukh: (tapping the desk) Still shy eh….
    Kajol: (looking down and continues packing) I’m sorry…I’m like that by nature…
    Srk: It’s alright….I like that about you….(still looking intently at Kajol)
    Kajol was taken back by that…he had complimented her. Clearly Srk had a liking for her, but Kajol couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her…she was so beautiful. He could stare at her all day.
    Shahrukh: (running his fingers through his hair) I …just thought I might drop by, heard that you worked here….hope you don’t mind…
    Kajol: (looking up) No…not at all…
    Srk: (sitting on the desk) So.…you’re a guidance counsellor…you like your job…
    Kajol: Yeah….I enjoy it…kind of like how you enjoy writing…
    They both met each other’s gazes and gave each other flirtatious smiles. Her watch had begun to ring, and suddenly she remembered that she had an important appointment with a student. She frowned a bit, and faced Srk.
    Kajol: I gotta go…sorry about that…
    Shahrukh: That’s alright…we can see each other again…right?
    Kajol: (smiles) yes…
    Kajol walked away from Shahrukh and headed towards the doors. Shahrukh never took his eyes off her and kept staring at her. Kajol turned to look at Srk once again…he waved good-bye as she left.

    Throughout the whole drive to Saif’s house, Shahrukh was in a dream state. He slowly remembered…how he thought marriage life would be with Juhi in the taxi last time. And he was thankful that Kajol came into his life at the same time…it was so ironic, how that managed to happen. Just when he was considering marriage with Juhi, Kajol walked into the picture. Shahrukh stopped the vehicle at the red light…he closed his eyes for a moment….he imagined he had three kids….they were all running playing T.A.G with him…Kajol comes into the picture…she kissed Srk on the cheek and starts running away from him….Shahrukh was IT…he ran after Kajol as fast as he could…suddenly, she disappeared…he looked around frantically. He could hear her anklets from afar, near an old oak tree…he smiled mischievously and slowly approached the tree. Kajol was oblivious that he was near…Shahrukh grabbed her arm and brought her near him. He slid his arm around her bare waist making her quiver.....and started kissing her all around her face as she giggled. The kids ran towards them and ran around the blissful couple…repeating that Kajol was “IT”…Kajol was “IT”…Kajol was “IT”....
    As soon as he arrived to Saif’s home…he absent-mindedly walked into his room. Preity and Saif had noticed his awkward behaviour, and both started worrying about him. Saif followed Shahrukh and entered his room. Shahrukh laid on his bed…looking a bit unhappy. Saif approached him and sat near him, immediately Srk sat up and looked at Saif.
    Saif: What’s wrong?
    Srk: (looking away) Kuch nehin…
    Saif: (looking unsatisfied) Alright…something’s up…and I know it…come on tell me Shahrukh still never responded, he just kept looking at the ground. He didn’t feel like talking. But somehow…Saif had a vibe/feeling that it had something to do with Kajol…it was obvious that he liked her from the way he stared at her when they first actually met.
    Saif: It’s about Kajol isn’t? (Smiling mischievously)
    Shahrukh wasn’t shocked at all, he knew Saif would figure it out. Saif was very close to Shahrukh, he always knew what was up with him when he was upset…
    Shahrukh: (smiles and looks at him) yeah…it is…I think I’ve fallen for her…
    Saif: You know you’ve fallen for her! not think….(determined)…and they’re something stopping you from expressing your feelings….your brother?…
    Srk: (frowns and worries) Wh-….what am I supposed to do? (frustratingly) This is all messed up….I can’t tell her how much I love her…Bhai’s going to be very angry with me…Juhi would be broken-hearted…this might create a lot of chaos in the neighbourhood, believe me…...Bhai’s done so much for me…(getting up) can’t I just do this little favour for him…of getting married with the girl, whom he chose and likes…maybe I can just forget about Kajol, and just go along with Bhai’s decision, that would make him happy, and his happiness is more important to me…
    Saif: (getting up) this isn’t a “small” issue Srk…you and Kajol met for a reason…to be together…you can’t just overlook Kajol….she’s your first love…your only love…and you’ll regret it for ever if you choose to marry Juhi just for your Bhai’s sake…(goes towards him) Shahrukh….
    Srk: But Bhai…
    Saif: I know…you can’t just ignore him…just…listen to your heart……do what your heart asks you….
    Shahrukh: (faces him with watery eyes) yeah (nods his head)
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    Meanwhile, Kajol was attending her best friend’s wedding engagement. Everything was set outside (just like the wedding in K3G with Kaju’s best friend) A beautiful ritual was performed, and later, the fun had started. Kajol went over to the Bride and wished her all the best. She later moved towards her group of friends and started chatting with them.
    Madhuri: Isn’t she beautiful (motioning her eyes towards the bride) aaaww, I remember my engagement party…it was just as extraordinary…
    Shalini: Awww, and I remember mine…(dreamily) it was so remarkable…the first time that I actually spoke to my husband…
    Everyone had started to talk and discuss about their engagements and weddings, while Kajol stood there smiling with no story to tell. Everyone had noticed her stillness…Anjali spoke up.
    Anjali: Hey Kajol….when are you getting married? (kajol looking up as Anjali smiles at her) I can just imagine her in a beautiful saree, sitting shyly next to the groom, as everyone talks about them…. (the group giggling)
    Anjali’s description had totally gone through Kajol’s head….she imagined that happening in her mind…with Srk. She excused herself from the group and started strolling around the area, to see if there was someone she knew to talk to. But she couldn’t find anyone appropriate and gave up…leaning herself on a wall, which had a huge gap. She sighed deeply looking at her watch…it was 7:00 p.m…..the party was just starting, but she wanted to leave. Suddenly she felt a tug at her arm, and someone had pulled her into the dark gap. The person had brought her so close, and a held a tight grip at her waist. She couldn’t see who it was at first…a few seconds later, she noticed it was Shahrukh. She was shocked to know how close she was standing towards him…she couldn’t think…thoughts were racing in her head….she was literally on her toes. She felt weak in the knees as she felt his comforting grip on the back of her waist, and had almost lost control of her balance. But Srk held her so….that she didn’t fall. They both heard some people coming from afar, approaching the huge gap…Kajol didn’t want the people to see them…quickly she moved closer to him and sheltered their faces from the side, using her veil. Their noses were touching, and Srk’s forehead rested on hers. They both closed their eyes, as if it was a dream they were in. But the dream became more real as Srk started to speak…
    Srk: Kajol… main tumse bohut pyaar karta hoon….I love you
    Kajol was incredibly exultant, she stood their listening to his arousing voice…her breathing getting unusual…
    Shahrukh: I want to be with you forever…I want to hold you in my arms…Kajol…I always want to be near you….(Kajol gazing into his eyes) But all this can’t happen….if you don’t feel the same way….(moving closer to her, hoping she would say yes)
    Kajol was too shy to speak…and by what Srk told her, she was stunned and it was very very hard to talk…she looked down and nodded her head, making Srk smile…
    Srk: Still shy eh? (both start laughing, and stop when Srk lifts her face up to his) I want to hear you say it….(looking into her eyes)
    Something about his command had oozed into her head, and all she could think of was saying it to him…she felt him piercing into her eyes, and slowly she got lost….
    Kajol: (gazing at him absent-mindedly) I love you too….
    They both moved closer and closer to each other, until their mouths reached a certain point. But suddenly, they were interrupted by a loud voice…Kajol’s friends were calling from afar. Oh, how Kajol didn’t want to part away from him, she wanted to stay with him forever, and her wild urges have increased after this encounter….
    Shahrukh: I’ll be at your window….eight o’ clock…sharp…don’t forget (loosening his grip and letting her go)
    She moves away from him gradually, and places her veil on her head as she stared at him. She heard her name being called again, and quickly she ran away as he stood there watching her…..
  14. movi3_fan

    movi3_fan New Member

    Chapter 7

    Kajol sat in her room…beside her window, resting her head on the ceil, with her hands beneath her head. She was awaiting Srk’s arrival with anticipation. She giggled and smiled as she thought about Shahrukh…she was shivering with excitement…she felt cold and jittered her teeth. She was so restless and thrilled…she couldn’t believe what was happening….suddenly…someone had opened the door swiftly causing Kajol to jump up a bit…Rani looked at her worriedly and came by her side…Kajol was smiling absent-mindedly as Rani looked at her curiously…
    Rani: (waving her hand in front of Kajol) hello….anyone there…(Kajol shaking her head) heey…what’s going on?(putting her hand above hers and gasps) Gosh Kajol….your freezing…what’s wrong with you …stop sitting beside the window ciel…its freezing
    Kajol: no no…I’m fine (looking out the window)
    Rani: (chuckles) You look so excited…your smiling a lot…and shivering? (suspiciously) did something happen?
    Kajol: No….
    Rani: (grins) I’ll find out sooner or later…anyway…Kajol…aren’t you going to eat…
    Kajol: (looking towards Rani) No…it’s alright…I ate a lot at the party… (lets her hands hang out the window)
    Rani nudged her head with her hand playfully and gradually got up. She moved towards the door as Kajol looked behind to see Rani close the door.
    As she looked behind her….Kajol felt a tug at her hand, causing her to move forward out of the window. Kajol was face-to-face with Shahrukh, who had winked and flashed a charming smile. She moved away feeling a bit withdrawn, but he held her hand, not letting her go any farther. He climbed another step, moving closer to Kajol as she gazed at him affectionately. His warm breath had totally affected her body temperature…she was shivering a few moments ago, and now she was burning up with delight. But then suddenly…she remembered how high Shahrukh was standing above from her window. She started to worry and looked down abruptly, turning away from him. Shahrukh looked at her and smiled at the fact that she was worried about him…he watched on as he said…
    Srk: Don’t worry…Saif’s holding the ladder for me…(Kajol moving up again to meet his gaze and was surprised to know that Saif knew what was going on between them) I’m safe….(smiling)
    From below…as Saif steadily held the ladder he let out a big sigh and said
    Saif: the things I do for Shahrukh (looking above)
    Kajol looked at Srk embarrassingly and started to wonder what to talk about…she didn’t know what to say…all she can do was look bashfully at him and smile….
    Shahrukh: (frowns a bit) Kajol…..I have to tell you something…. (stroking her face with his thumb) but I just hope this won’t change anything…..
    Kajol looked up inquisitively, she wondered what it was he was going to say. She had hoped it was nothing terrible…
    Srk: (taking away his hand from her face unwillingly and looking down) My brother had already chosen a bride for me…(Kajol stares looking astonished) but I disagreed to it (quickly)….and he was very hurt by that, actually, he was more furious than hurt (chuckles a bit, but then returns to his sorrowful state)….ever since my parents passed away, my brother was the one who took care of me….he worked so hard to get me a good education…a good life…you know what I mean (kajol nodding understandably) and so…the day I left my brother….to come to Mumbai….I promised him that I was considering marriage…with the girl he had chosen…(Kajol looking down immediately, but Srk lifts her face with his hand) just so I can make him happy….but….I don’t think that that would make me happy…..I’m in love with you….I can’t marry anyone else…other than you….
    Kajol’s heart was racing and her lips were quivering with pleasure. To here those words out of his mouth was so pleasing and pleasant…but shortly, she had remembered the dilemma that was taking place….
    Kajol: (finally speaking) But your brother…. (frowning) this relationship might create a conflict between you two…I’ll probably be a great obstacle between you and your brother….
    Srk: Kajol, don’t say that..…you can never create problems for me…..I’m sure my brother will be more than happy to accept you….but its just that….he’s in debt to his old time companion, and so Bhai wants me to marry his sister, to combine both his family and my brothers’….together
    Kajol: I see…
    Shahrukh: But I just can’t do that (holding her hands tightly)…..I want to be with you…and I can’t loose this love that I have for you…it means a lot to me, it’s incredibly precious to me….(gaping at her and looking hopeful) will you marry me?
    Kajol looked up at him with deep shock. Shahrukh was waiting hopeful and impatiently for an answer. He stared at her, searching for an answer. Kajol was overjoyed! This was the happiest moment that she has ever experienced in her whole entire life…but she didn’t want to cause any problems between her brother and himself.
    Kajol: (stuttering contentedly and unbelievably) Shahrukh…..I’d…I’d be more than…happy to…to be with you….to have children and live happily ever after with you….but …(Srk looking morose) your brother …don’t you think your brother would be very angry and upset with you…(trying to reason with him) what if we go back…to your town…and we’re married, your brother sees us together…he would feel broken-hearted…almost betrayed…
    Shahrukh: (looking down) That’s why I’ve decided not to go back…
    Kajol: Kya?
    Srk: My brother should be able to understand my desires and my decisions Kajol….I’ve disagreed of the marriage proposal before for a reason….and he should be able to respect my choice…he should be able to be aware of my love for you…if he is truly my brother, he will understand (looking away)
    Kajol felt as if she was hurting him, as if she was bringing sorrow to him because she kept bringing up his Bhai….she wanted to make Shahrukh happy, she didn’t want him to feel miserable…she imagined the pain and agony that she might cause him if she had said no….she couldn’t…she couldn’t say no….she did not have the power or will to do that…she wanted to be with him as much as he wanted to be with her….slowly she placed her hand over his in a comforting gesture.
    Kajol: Haan….(bending a bit to capture his eyes as Shahrukh makes a sheepish smile)
    Shahrukh leaned his head towards hers and they both rested on each other’s foreheads. He gleamed a joyful smirk and closed his eyes peacefully as Kajol went on comforting him with the answer he wanted to hear. Kajol moved more closer to Shahrukh….she wanted to be nearer to him, it felt so comforting and soothing…. both their noses touched......Shahrukh nuzzled her nose slightly…and she felt his passionate gaze as she moistened her lips. He moved his hand, and stroked Kajol's hair gracefully…both of their lips moved in closer…and closer….


    Shahrukh and Kajol had parted quickly with a jolt of shock. He sighed deeply… and rolled his eyes…but he still remained close to Kajol. She held his hand and rubbed it as he caressed her hair….he felt like killing Saif for interrupting their intimate moment…he was infuriated and annoyed…but Kajol’s gentle fondle had relaxed him. He groaned and moaned as he gradually started to part from her. She smiled at his reluctance to leave…before she let his hand go, Shahrukh pulled her once again, and kissed her hand gently, he whispered into her ear…
    Shahrukh: I’ll be here tomorrow….to talk to your Bhai…about our proposal…(grins impishly as Kajol blushes while he tenderly grazes her ear)
    Saif: Shahrukh!!(whining)
    Srk: Alright, alright, I’m coming!!!!! (turning to Kajol and waving good-bye frustratingly)
    Imanek says thanks.
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    Chapter 8

    Srk was there for a while, with Preity and Saif by his side. He sat on chair, across from Abhi, who had rubbed his chin repeatedly, testing Shahrukh. Rani stood beside Abhi, and sometimes would hit him on the side of his head for doing that to Srk. But Srk remained cool and calm, as Kajol watched from the sides, demurely…every time she would peek to take a look at him, Srk would spot her and she would look away and giggle playfully.
    Shahrukh had explained his major problem to Abhi…about his brother, and a certain promise he had made….and Abhi understood Shahrukh’s anguish. He very much did like Srk, and he definitely knew Kajol really loves him. “They were a perfect match, and this is my sister’s wish,” he thought to himself. Abhi was a very sympathetic person, and whenever it comes to Kajol, he would always let things go her way, because he trusts and confides her….he didn’t like the fact that Kajol wasn’t going to meet her in-laws….but this was his Kaju’s desire….and he knew his baby sister wasn’t going to stay unaccompanied for long…Abhi got up from his chair gradually, making Shahrukh do the same afterwards. He walked up to Shahrukh, and let out his hand…
    Abhi: (taking a deep breath) Welcome to the family....
    Shahrukh took his hand pleasingly and hugged his new brother-in-law. The room was filled with instant gasps, wonder and happiness! Kajol’s eyes gleamed and fluttered happily. Her mind was restless and she was high in spirits. Quickly she ran over to her Bhai who was speaking with Shahrukh, and hugged him instantaneously from behind….he laughed quietly and turned her to face him….he had a mournful and content expression on his face…and immediately, Kajol knew how Abhi felt. She hugged him again, laying her head on his shoulder comfortably.
    Kajol: Don’t worry Bhai….I’ll be fine…and it’s not like I’m going anywhere….I’ll be staying…right here, with you…
    Abhi slowly pulled back and he hit her cheek light-heartedly and smiled at her. Rani came from behind and had congratulated Kajol with an immense embrace.
    Rani: I told you I’d find out sooner or later…(pulling back and winking)
    Meanwhile, Saif and Preity had congratulated Shahrukh humouredly as well and hastily pushed him upto Kajol. They both stared for more than have a second and leisurely came closer to each other….but Abhi had unexpectedly come in between them…
    Abhi: No funny business until the wedding (giving Srk a warning look)
    Shahrukh understood Abhi’s over protectiveness and didn’t mind it at all…he knew that it would be hard for Abhi to let go his beloved sister, who had been with him since childhood…Everyone laughed at Abhi’s behaviour...shortly Rani had interrupted…
    Rani: How about we make the wedding sooner…tomorrow even….
    Shahrukh and Kajol loved her idea, and instantly glanced at each other… gradually, every one else was starting to agree with Rani…
    Preity: that’s true…this isn’t going to be a big wedding or anything…Shahrukh’s relatives won’t attend….and Abhi and you aren’t going to invite many people either…and maybe Kajol will have a few friends come…but that’s about it….
    Rani: Tomorrow is also an auspicious day….it would be perfect…
    Saif and Abhi agreed evenly.

    Before long, everyone had started to prepare for a small wedding at the register’s office…Abhi had invited everyone to come join the event, as Preity and Rani went together to the store to buy 2 beautiful Saris for Kajol, jewellery, make-up, garlands, and the auspicious thread. Everyone was busy and had something to do…even though Rani had insisted that Kajol not do any work, Kajol ignored her and had prepared some food for Abhi, Rani, Preity and Saif, who were working non-stop. Shahrukh was at Kajol’s home as well...watching t.v. He was tempted to go near Kajol. But every now and then, Abhi would keep a look out for the two, and Srk did not want to loose Abhi’s faith in him. All the more, it was so alluring…he looked from the corner of his eye, as he watched Abhi leaving out with Saif. Slowly, Srk got up and went towards the kitchen….he peeked from the kitchen door, watching Kajol with intent eyes, who was busying herself and humming delightfully. He opened the door, never moving his passionate gaze…he walked closer to her….her forehead was damp, and two small strands of hair stuck to her foreheard. The warmth of the oven, had made her cheeks burn up, and turn a rosy colour. Every second, as Shahrukh gradually walked closer, she looked more enticing….quickly he moved away from Kajol as heard a noise from outside. Abruptly, Abhi came in the kitchen, and immediately spotted him. Shahrukh was pretending to look for something in the fridge. Abhi looked distrustfully at Shahrukh…
    Abhi: What are you doing here? (stern voice; Kajol looks up looking confused)
    Shahrukh: (looking away from the fridge) just a pepsi….(Kajol turns to notice that Shahrukh was there all along)
    Kajol smiled mischievously…knowing exactly the reason for Shahrukh’s appearance in the kitchen….Abhi moved out of the kitchen, taking one last suspicious look at Shahrukh.
    Kajol turned to face the oven yet again and smiled to herself. As soon as Abhi closed the door behind him, Srk quickly ran over to her side and kissed her cheek very quickly…
    Shahrukh: Next time there won’t be any interruptions….(runs away quickly)
    Kajol’s heart leapt with merriment. He said it so fervently, it made her tremble with excitement.
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    Chapter 9

    Rani seated Kajol gradually, as Preity started applying jewlerry….Rani had adjusted her sari and lifted her veil onto her head. A mirror was in front of the two, and Rani looked at Kajol from it….she lowered her head to Kajol’s shoulder and complimented her beauty…
    Rani: I can’t believe you’re married (smiles and whimpers)
    Kajol smiled from the mirror to Rani and kept reminding her that she was still going to stay with Rani. But Kajol had understood why Rani was weeping…it was as if Rani and Kajol were sisters…and of course, to see Kajol getting married made Rani delighted and proud of her…
    Preity: (holding pins in her mouth as she concentrates on Kajol’s hair) would you mind helping me out Rani…
    Rani: (wiping her tears) Yes…of course…
    As Rani and Preity busied themselves revamping Kajol…Kajol looked into the mirrors vaguely and recalling her wedding which had happened a few hours ago. He never looked more stunning…he wore a pale blue shirt and dark black pants. His hair was neatly combed and he had an alluring fragrance that made Kajol shudder. She remembered the look Shahrukh had given her…a sense of anticipation, temptation and happiness….she thought of how he tied the auspicious thread, not ever taking his eyes off her as everyone tossed petals of multi-coloured flowers. And finally, she had looked up at srk, and they both peered at each other…knowing that this was just the beginning of their new found love…and that it was endless. According to Kajol, this was the most meaningful and romantic wedding she had attended, but she had thought it would be natural for her to think that way. Everyone congratulated them…Kajol’s female students had giggled and teased her, as the boys whimpered and stood from afar, knowing that they didn’t have a chance anymore. It was the first time Kajol had seen a tear from Abhi’s eyes and she felt very guilty….but he assured her…that it was only because he was very content…
    All of a sudden…Rani had interrupted Kajol’s thoughts…
    Rani: (hitting her head slightly) Kajol…. (smiling impishly) it’s time
    Kajol’s heart was pounding; that it almost was loud enough to catch Preity and Rani’s attention…she blushed and smiled nervously. Rani and Preity had both giggled and gradually helped Kajol get up from her seat. Both, Preity and Rani led her out of the room and continued to walk towards her destination….
    Meanwhile, Abhi, Saif and Shahrukh were sitting in the enormous room comfortably and chatted for awhile…
    Saif: Aren’t you nervous…
    Abhi: (grunting) Nervous about what?
    Saif: (becoming alert) Oh… (Nervous laughter) nothing really…I just meant…like marriage…you know…can be pretty drastic
    Shahrukh: (chuckles) What’s so drastic about it?
    Abhi: Ohh…well, you wouldn’t know….
    Saif: yeah! They make you eat your dinner at the table…
    Abhi: And make you talk about your day…
    Saif: They won’t leave you alone, and keep asking you annoying questions..
    Abhi: and make you do chores as they sit down and watch dramas…
    Saif and Abhi: UUGH…women…
    Shahrukh wasn’t affected by any of this….these were just stereotypes that were used to scared newly weds….he was even sure that Rani and Preity had played the same old trick…Srk looked at them displeasingly and rolled his eyes…
    Abhi: (disappointed) aaaawww, it didn’t work…
    Saif:…I knew it wouldn’t….he’s to stubborn to believe this stuff
    Shahrukh ignored them, and waited impatiently for Kajol’s arrival….what was taking her so long….he was yearning for her emergence….
    Rani and Preity had opened the door slowly and brought Kajol into the room. Kajol took a deep breath, as she kept her eyes on the ground. She fiddled with a part of her veil and bit her lip. She was unbelievably anxious…she trembled with excitement and panic. Shahrukh looked at her with hungry eyes, as if he were craving for Kajol….Kajol didn’t dare to take a look at him…she was to bashful. Abhi moved up to Kajol and took her hand. He brought her upto Srk, who’s ambitious gaze was broken as Abhi approached him. Kajol still had eyes lowered….Abhi took Srk’s hand, and he brought both their hands together….and looked on towards the couple
    Abhi: well…now I can’t possibly interfere between you two….you both are husband-wife, and whatever happens between you two is none of my business…. now Kajol is your responsibility, (facing Kajol) and Shahrukh yours… (looking firmly at Srk) She is in your hands now Shahrukh…even though you guys will be living with us…your still her husband, and I have full faith in you that you will treat her right (Shahrukh nodding respectfully)
    Abhi took his hand away from theirs and gradually walked over to Rani, wrapping his arm around her shoulder as she laid her head on his.
    Saif and Preity looked at them gleefully as well….they watched Shahrukh closely and unbelievably…they both had felt very ecstatic about them…suddenly, Saif’s cell phone had rang…it had gotten everyone’s attention….he quickly took the phone and answered it…
    Saif: hello……uum…yeah…but…bu-….alright sir…I’ll tell him…ok…Bye…
    Saif looked guiltily at the ground….he looked like as if he was going to reveal bad news…
    Preity: (tugging his arm) What’s wrong? Kya Hua Saif?
    Saif: (looking up) uuum…Shahrukh….it was our boss…he asked me to give you his felicitations (Srk smiling sheepishly) and…he also wanted to let you know that he was expecting the article that was supposed to be completed 2 weeks ago, today…..
    Shahrukh had totally forgotten all about his incomplete article….he was so concerned with Kajol and the wedding. Kajol wasn’t disappointed at all, she knew Shahrukh should leave at once….or else he would lose his job…and he had only just been hired. She completely understood, but Srk didn’t want to leave….he looked regretfully at Kajol…who had appeared to be considerate…
    Kajol: It’s completely alright Shahrukh….I understand…I know how important this is to you..
    Srk: But you’re more important to me…
    Kajol: (blushing as she was aware of everyone watching) I know…(insisting) but you should really go…I don’t want you to get fired…or in trouble or anything…you don’t worry…I’ll be waiting for you…
    Shahrukh: (hesitates and looks at the others) Alright….it will only take an 1 hour….I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can…
    Kajol nodded and looked on as Srk and Saif both rushed out of the room…Abhi, Rani and Preity had felt a bit remorseful and felt as if she was upset. Though, Kajol wasn’t and demanded them not to be worried or concerned about her…..As they left the room, Kajol gradually went over to the gigantic bed with massive garlands and petals decorated beautifully….she sat in the middle of the bed…and shortly laid down on the bed…..waiting for Shahrukh’s appearance…………………….:heart: :p
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    i completly agree with this. i think they love each other and should b 2gether. wat say?
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    hey priya i've already read this so far and its AMAZING (so proud of you sis! :)) but could u do me a huggee favor and edit the chapters so that the font is size 3 just b/c...its so long and its hard to read when the font is so small. thanks!!! :)
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    awsome story pri didi.i'm lovin it.
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    ooo...okie didi...lolz...sry about that....:eek:

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