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Chronicles of a Creative Writer - 4..5/5

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Media' started by rahulsn011, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. rahulsn011

    rahulsn011 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    I bring to you my first ever movie review. The way I construct my thoughts for the review is simple. I will watch the movie and then think about it. I do not believe I should quickly rush to write a review like other critics do.

    So let us go straight to Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. I really do not know how to start with this film because it is special Possibly special to me because of its simple storyline and something I believe is the biggest strength in the film. This might be because I am a writer. The story is about a simple, ordinary man Surinder Sahni (Shah Rukh Khan) who marries a girl called Taani (Anushka Sharma) due to unforeseen circumstances. He brings her to his home and looks after her. Despite the setbacks on knowing that she may not love him, Suri creates an alter ego called Raj due to a dancing competition. I have to admire Adi Chopra for starting the film with the couple married and this is what is different about this film. It is a sweet story and I appreciate it as a writer and that is enough for those who believe in complete entertainment.

    In terms of visuals, do not expect grand sets and may be this is what I, at first, felt was missing. And then I hit back to reality. How can you tell a simple love story with grand sets? How are you going to tell a realistic story with extravagant sets? It is not possible and this is what the audience and movie-goers need to realise. This movie is all about simplicity, it is about the characters. I give all my respect to Aditya Chopra because he does not deviate from the simplicity and he is comfortable with it. If people do not appreciate that, then it is a shame.

    The songs are excellent. All of them are with the narrative and they are not placed just anywhere. Each song has a story to tell and the choreography is amazing. One cannot stress how important the songs were. Haule Haule, this leaves you humming and it is all about how Surinder Sahni appreciates the fact that maybe his wife won't love him straight away but she will eventually. Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte, again another song that features five actresses. Go and watch the film to see who they are. But forget the actresses, the guy that stands out is SRK! What a performer. He imitated each actor from Raj Kapoor to Rishi Kapoor with ease. SRK is a natural and yes, he is the star of our era!
    Dance Pe Chance, this leaves you wanting to dance. Anushka and SRK prove to be natural dancers and performers. This again is worth watching for its simplicity.
    Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta, both versions are a treat to watch. I love the respect that Adi has for all religions. I do not want to say much on this but you have to watch the songs yourselves. They are mind blowing for its simplicity.
    Dancing Jodi, is the end sequence but more on that later.

    The director, Aditya Chopra. What can I say about this man? He understands the uniqueness of Indian Cinema. He brings simplicity back to cinema. He brings a subject that not many have done before. It is admirable and most of all he has re-invented a new market for cinema. The question people have is how can Taani not recognise Suri to Raj? Well it is simple, they both not only look different, their mannerisms are different and even their voices. Most of all, Adi ends the Raj era. In one scene, in particular and you will know which one but he actually kills the very character that he made famous. Remember how Raj (DDLJ) would never run away with his bride without parent consent...enough said.

    The acting by SRK is amazing. I really have no words but to say no actor in Hindi Cinema will touch what he has done in this film. The way he switches from Suri to Raj, he even made people believe that Suri has a split personality before the intermission but this is the greatness of his acting. SRK breathes life into this ordinary man. He brings simplicity, whether it is the comedy, the feelings, the personality of Suri. Then the next moment, he brings a crude, cheap, flirtatious Raj in the next moment. The fact is you feel the characters all the way through and this is the biggest strength of the film. To those that think SRK is too old, go to the opticians. To those that think SRK should retire, go and get yourself a reality check. This guy is numero uno and it is going to stay that way!
    Anushka Sharma, what an debut performance. It is not easy to stand infront of India's biggest superstar and perform as good as that. She got straight into character and I could feel for her. It is not easy to essay the character that was done for her as it required very subtle emotions and Anushka does it well. She has a bright future in the industry. Check her facial expressions during the Dancing Jodi song and she leaves you amazed as she shows how her character unfolds the story about her husband.
    Vinay Pathak, an actor that has always been consistent. He is funny and compliments SRK really well. He is worth watching as the drunk scene between him and SRK is pure comedy genius.

    Overall, I will write once the DVD is out, a detailed scene by scene analysis on the film and post it on the blog. However, this needs to be said. This film is much simpler than DDLJ and it is more powerful than Mohabbatein. For me, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has become my favourite Aditya Chopra film. This film is all about the simplicity of our lives and how we all have simple love stories. The main factor is, if you can see God in the person you love, you know how to love God. That is the message of the film. It is not wrong to love someone more than God aslong as you know it is God that you see in that person. Well done to all those in the film and I do expect this to be a blockbuster! At least this will be a film that you can watch with your family and not come out feeling ashamed!

    Rating 4.5/5. The 0.5 less because I think the length could have been shorter.

    Thanks and lots of love,

    Copyright © Chronicles of a Creative Writer. 2008 Rahul N. Singh. All Rights Reserved.
  2. SRKfanforever

    SRKfanforever Well-Known Member

    Nice Review.........i am going to watch it now so hope i agree with you on the things that you mentioned.:thumb:
  3. srk-rulez

    srk-rulez New Member

    great yar
  4. rainy

    rainy New Member

    It's very impressive and interesting review....I like your articles/comments.
    The way you describe everything so effectively that gives a visual iimpression...and about this film, your views on SRK, Anushka and Vinay's acting....Aaditya's direction...music, visuals picturisation and everything is just fantastic...I liked your honest, interesting and to the point views about the film... I truly appreciate your writing skills.
  5. maira

    maira SRK-fanatic

    You are very good at reviewing and writing in general, Rahul..:thumb:...i so agree with everything you have said in this review...:rockon:...i am totally in love with Suri's character!!...SRK has played the character with so much conviction and honesty and literallly made the character alive!!!..i would say that is by far SRK's best performance, everr!!..:D:rockon:....
  6. rahulsn011

    rahulsn011 Well-Known Member

    Agreed, SRK is going to win awards this year. No actor can touch the subtle expressions that SRK does with Suri/Raj! I have to say, after watching it for the third time...I love it even more!
  7. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    thank you for the review rahul. I haven't watched it yet, inshaAllah tonight.
  8. mj1984

    mj1984 Active Member

    nice review. rnbdj is my fav adi film too. i donno i just love it too much. never seen anything like it on celluloid.
  9. maira

    maira SRK-fanatic

    OMG!!!..u've seen it three times already!!..:eek:...wow!!...luckky u!!..:D...hopefully i'll watch it again sometime next week!..:rockon:...can't wait!!..
  10. rahulsn011

    rahulsn011 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, whenever I think about the movie, I have an urge to keep seeing it! There is something that pulls me towards it, I really dont know what it exactly is!
  11. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    omg, I didnt read this before , because i didnt watch the movie when I posted this. I forgot it then, I thought you are not still posted,lol

    Very nice review Rahul, yeah the way SRK swiches to the both characters are brilliant, what a performance!:thumb:
    and I totally agree about anushka too.

    I agree with you on the length part, I think it should have been trimmed 20minutes before the intermission.

    still I watched it once yaar, nextweekend hope to go again, then atleast another 2times.
    holidays are coming so I will end up watching rabne atleast 5times in cinema:D

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