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Chennai Express Official Trailer

Discussion in 'Chennai Express Hall of Fame' started by phul, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Areams

    Areams Photographer, Filmmaker, and SRK Fan

    This trailer is mind blowing. I have it bookmarked on four devices - my desktop, laptop, iPad, and AppleTV - so I can be watching it in one room and if I have to leave that room for another I can pick up watching it where ever I go. I absolutely love it! :D I've even converted a few of my friends by sending them the Youtube link. There have been responses like "wow" "amazing" and "have to see." As for me I'll be at the theatre on opening night. I'll get my tickets in advance if possible.
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  2. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    After reading the comments above, we need to realize an actor is just a "color" on a pallet of the "painter!" We are criticizing the color of paint when it should be the painter who is the one in charge of the final piece of "art!" Deepika and Shah Rukh are giving us their best "colors" and that is all that we should take way from this "painting!" We are view pieces of art differently and take away different feelings and thoughts about the work. No one person is wrong in what they take away from the viewing.

    And thank goodness Shah Rukh does not hang on to a piece of the painting. It isn't his! Just my thoughts!
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  3. ~(Baadshah)~

    ~(Baadshah)~ ♥ Μý ηαmε ιs κhαη ♥

    What's your Rashee was awful. What doesn't suit is he has no scope to perform in this film. Just like what you see in the song. I'm just glad that he's there - but it's not making full use of the actor in him, regardless of the role. And I think I'm allowed to complain about that as a fan.

    And the whole offense part - it's not about that, but it's hard for me to sit through. Perhaps there are south Indians who love stereotypes, who knows. I and my friends aren't the only ones who couldn't stand it either, I've heard the same thing from many, many south Indians, SRK fans or otherwise. It's just irritating to see you being mocked, and not even in a tasteful way IMO. Imagine Indians being portrayed as Cow Worshippers - I wouldn't be able to have fun watching it, perhaps some people do. It's just annoying. And SRK could do much better than making movies like that. Give me a Karan/Farhan, or even Farah movie anyday, I'm not asking for much story heavy movies or anything. Just something I could watch without getting incredibly annoyed.
  4. Areams

    Areams Photographer, Filmmaker, and SRK Fan

    I love your analogy with the color and painter and I believe you are right. Perhaps I love this trailer so much is because it truly is art and what Shahrukh and Deepika show on the screen is what really stirs up the emotions with in me. Just the first shot of each actor leaves me breathless. Such life and happiness shines on their faces. I can see they are doing what they love and doing their best for it. I think this will be a phenomenal movie.
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  5. Karan#1

    Karan#1 Well-Known Member

    He hasn't done a comedy in years and this film allows him to do so as he said himself.

    Like I said SRK's said there's no making fun of south indians. Prominent south indian actors have acted in the film - would they act in a film that made fun of them? Watch the film and then judge.
  6. raksha anantharam

    raksha anantharam Well-Known Member

    What's the offensive part you found in the trailer??
    And I request you to read my last comment in page 2..
  7. raksha anantharam

    raksha anantharam Well-Known Member

    Absolutely, south actors would have never agreed to act if it was offensive..
  8. ~(Baadshah)~

    ~(Baadshah)~ ♥ Μý ηαmε ιs κhαη ♥

    See - every movie requires a lot of effort. I don't undermine any of that. But what's the point if the effort gives you an annoyingly half baked movie? Shouldn't that be even worse?

    Yes, precisely my point as I say over and over again. I love good commercial cinema. I love Don, I like KJo-SRK films, I really like OSO/Main Hoon Na (OSO being an out and out comedy/spoof film, by the way). And none of them left me irritated half way through. I'm supposed to have good 2 hours fun - not get irritated by aspect like these.

    Now in the trailer Deepika professes an annoying accent, which NO TAMIL EVER speaks like. Even if there's some fun to be had here, this would ruin it for me personally. That's my beef with the film. I hope you get my point. I have to bear this nonsense to see Shah on screen - just like I had to put up with the irritating Tam Brahm (tamil brahmin) stereotype in Ra One. Believe me, it was not a good experience. Probably it feels worse for me since I'm a south Indian - you may not be able to relate to that. And that's fine - I'm not here to convince anyone or forcing anyone to share my frustrations. Just saying that's all. I'm sure everyone else here would have fun watching the film, couldn't be happy for y'all. And I'm sure the film will do well too, no doubt that Shah's put a lot of effort into it.
  9. ~(Baadshah)~

    ~(Baadshah)~ ♥ Μý ηαmε ιs κhαη ♥

    You're kidding right? Because Priyamani, an excellent actress, does terrible movies down here and does item songs regularly rather than meaty roles. Less said about Satyaraj - who hardly has any movies these days - the better. Do you really think most actors care what the role's about? I would think anyone would take up the opportunity to act with such a massive star and big project, why wouldn't they? I mean even if it's the worst movie ever, I know I would take the offer (if I were an actor) to act with Shah in a jiffy personally. It's mostly my adoration for him.
  10. ~(Baadshah)~

    ~(Baadshah)~ ♥ Μý ηαmε ιs κhαη ♥

    Okay, I think I'm done here, don't want to be a party spoiler for everyone. Have fun and good luck to the film! I'll just stop posting for a while and be back for the next project of his :)
  11. raksha anantharam

    raksha anantharam Well-Known Member

    It's an SRK discussion forum, everyone has right to express their opinion here.. Obio opinions differ..
  12. Areams

    Areams Photographer, Filmmaker, and SRK Fan

    I wish that the idea of stereotyping was not an issue in films. Whether it be Bollywood, Hollywood, or any other form of cinema. In my opinion stereotyping is the single most damaging and dangerous things in the history of human kind. When you think about it every war that has happened was based on a stereotype on one or both sides of the problem, from WWII to 9/11. Even in everyday life it's damaging. Many bullies in school targeted their victims due to a stereotype attached to them. Films are meant to entertain the audience and to have all these negative ideas pined to them changes the film, they are no longer is entertainment. SRK talks about this in his speech at Yale. He does not necessarily state the issue of stereotyping but I believe he would include that in those messages. Anyways, that's my comment.
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  13. cmreeves

    cmreeves Well-Known Member

    I get where you may be coming from. People are always more sensitive when it's themselves who are being parodied. For me, Karan's movies are the worst at this... It's slightly annoying, however, I can still recognize that comes from ignorance, not malice.

    You may have a perfectly valid objection to her accent in the film. Her accent may be exactly as the director wanted, or, I just throw this out there to play devil's advocate, she may just be really bad at accents. I could spend a year working on my British accent, but it'd still not sound as if I'd ever even been there, much less like a native speaker. Even other accents in my own country (for instance a Minnesota accent, or a Boston accent) would be a disaster for me. Deepika could just be really awful with reproducing an accent, in general.
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  14. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Oh God please the Film is not even released. Please can we wait till the Film is out? You can not justify tzhe whole Film just because of a bit more then 2 Minutes Long Trailer. Maybe after watching the whole Film Some who do not liked the Teailer will love the Film. Who knows. :noidea:
  15. Areams

    Areams Photographer, Filmmaker, and SRK Fan

    I'm going to stray from the past course of comments and ask a question. Has any one tried to use the 3D option of the trailer on youtube? I was trying it out with some red and cyan glasses and I am completely confused. All the shots were out of order and overlaid. Has anyone else encountered this? So I guess that was two questions for you all. It would be cool if it worked but I have no idea how to get it so.
  16. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

  17. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

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