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Chak De Print Ads

Discussion in 'Chak De Photo Gallery' started by cmreeves, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. cmreeves

    cmreeves Well-Known Member

  2. srkpreityfan

    srkpreityfan Well-Known Member

    It's almost here! Too bad that virtually NONE of Indian films release in my town - I would go to them all if they did.... thanks for posting, Carol! :D
  3. srkmyidol

    srkmyidol Confidence...

    nice print
  4. tweetytwinkl

    tweetytwinkl Well-Known Member

    AW: Chak De Print Ads

    nice print (even with spelling mistake :heh:) looking forward to CDI still.
  5. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    wow :shocked: love the print ad...though i dont think ive seen any here as yet
  6. sofya

    sofya Well-Known Member

    SRK looks too serious in this movie, but I love the story and energy I see in the promos.
  7. cmreeves

    cmreeves Well-Known Member

  8. srkpreityfan

    srkpreityfan Well-Known Member

    gorgeous!!!! :faint:

    thanks, Carol :thumb:
  9. MarjorieGK

    MarjorieGK Ullu-Club-Member

    They're great!
    Thanks so much Carol :)
  10. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    he looks hot in that last one...thank carol...

    i also like the quote in the last one...very patriotic.
  11. kirantoocute

    kirantoocute I love Sahir Khan!!

    OOOH!! It's GORGEOUS!! :love:I love the first one the best though, because in his picture you can almost feel the power and the pride! :D
  12. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    really nice ad pics im really looking forward to the movie its almost here
  13. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    i love it! :heart: thank you so much Carol!
  14. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    thx carol...his stubble is killing me:eek:
  15. Flowergirl

    Flowergirl Ullu-Club-Member

    I want to see this film, I want to see this film, I want to see this film :whoo:
  16. cmreeves

    cmreeves Well-Known Member

  17. cmreeves

    cmreeves Well-Known Member

  18. luxia

    luxia I'm demented...

    Ohh...I just get a tingly feeling looking at the prints... :D

    Thanks Carol. :thumb:
  19. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    wow these ads are pretty intense...the quotes are such that you can almost hear him saying that to you....
  20. Astri

    Astri New Member

    Kabir Khan is cool...!!!:heart:

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