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Chak De’ mantra for meetings

Discussion in 'Chak De India' started by Poonam, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    Chak De’ mantra for meetings


    In the good-bad old days of Greg Chappell and Ian Frazer, the Indian team used to seek inspiration and motivation from various sources: right from meeting proven sports stars to watching great movies.
    In his absence, and under the sharp eyes of Chandu Borde, they have gone back to the old and equally trusted ways: seek inspiration from within. They still watch movies and listen to music, but with a twist: most of them are scripted by the players themselves, in a manner of speaking.
    The idea took root during the second Test when the ‘‘we will win’’ motto was coined. Some of the players had send ‘Chak De, India!’, the recent Shah Rukh Khan starrer about a once-discredited hockey player. They liked it so much that they adopted the movie’s theme song for their team meetings. Since then, virtually every player has seen the film. The players huddle around each other, play their favourite songs after every session. ‘‘The idea is to just relax and bond as a team,’’ a source told TOI.
    More interestingly, though, they watch clips of their own good performances during this tour to pep each other up. So they have a Tendulkar taking blows on his body and yet looking absolutely on top of the situation; they have a Yuvraj jumping and making a brilliant save; a Ganguly pumping his fist after a fighting knock.
    Incidentally, all the clips are chosen by the players themselves. Some of them are accompanied by motivational lines too, written by the players again. ‘‘Team work works’’ is apparently one of the favourites. The video analyst compiles the shots together and makes it interesting.
    The players have been making the sessions quite up to date too, adding positive shots after each match. A roar, a hug, a huddle, a celebratory run, they are leaving nothing to imagination anymore. The plan seems be working though. The players appear to be quite relaxed and are not getting bogged down by long and tiring training sessions. They are enjoying the freedom that England provides too __ going out, meeting friends and doing the normal things. Most importantly, they seem to be becoming good at making short movies too. ‘‘Team work obviously works’’.
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    Good idea!!! :) :D :thumb:

    Thanks for sharing, Poonam!
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