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Celebrating Creativity Magazine

Discussion in 'Red Chillies Idiot Box' started by SharlaJ, Mar 24, 2014.

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    Red Chillies. VFX On Autodesk Cover

    by Box Office India (March 28, 2014)
    [​IMG]Celebrating Creativity, a digital magazine owned by Autodesk, has featured Red Chillies. VFX on the cover in their current issue. CC has done a cover story on Red Chillies. VFX’s work done in Krrish 3. CC has a reader base of around 480,000 people worldwide, 5 per cent from India and majority is from America.

    It is a free subscription digital magazine published on monthly basis and it is read by VFX supervisors, VFX producers, DOPs, Animators, CEOs/CCOs/COOs/CTOs of post-production houses, VES society members and also Directors and Producers, mainly in[​IMG] America. This feature put redchillies.vfx on the global map of many successful Hollywood VFX companies. Autodesk is an American multinational software corporation that is involved in media & entertainment industries along with architecture, engineering, manufacturing and construction.

    “We are honoured to be on the cover of Autodesk’s digital magazine ‘Celebrating Creativity’ for our work in Krrish 3. All the creadit goes to the amazing talent we have at redchillies.vfx,” said Keitan Yadav (CEO Red Chillies VFX and VFX Producer) and Harry Hingorani (Creative Director Red Chillies VFX and VFX Supervisor).

    “We’re delighted to feature the work of Red Chillies VFX in the current issue of Celebrating Creativity. The blockbuster Krrish 3 is testament to the maturity of the VFX industry in India and the opportunity it presents to digital artists and filmmakers. The last 19 Academy Award winners for best Visual Effects have used Autodesk software extensively, and we are thrilled to have India’s eminent studio Red Chillies VFX showcase its work through our magazine to the industry worldwide.” Said Pradeep Nair, Managing Director –India and SAARC, Autodesk.
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