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Catch SRK & Bips at the R-Day charity telethon

Discussion in 'Oldies But Goldies **HOT**' started by Bridget, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Bridget

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    Catch SRK & Bips at the R-Day telethon
    Tuesday, January 18, 2005
    The Telegraph (Calcutta)


    Mumbai, Jan. 17: After the marathon, it's the telethon. Yesterday Mumbai Marathon raised around Rs 3 crore for charity, a lot of it because of the presence of the stars. But Bollywood is set on setting more examples.

    On Republic Day, Shahrukh Khan will play the lead in yet another glittering charity event the country's first telethon. During the seven-hour event, SRK with a line-up of leading lights from the film industry, including Bipasha Basu, John Abraham, Raveena Tandon, Rahul Bose, Boman Irani and Diana Hayden will man phone lines and ask people personally to make contributions for the cause of the underprivileged child in India.

    The telethon will also gently point out that while attending to the victims of the tsunami is the immediate concern for the nation, there are ongoing tragedies in the country that may not catch the eye but need as much attention. Like the deaths of thousands of children from malnutrition that happen every year.

    The event, organised by CRY, an NGO, will be on air live on Sony Entertainment Television on January 26. Celebs from other walks of life will include singers Jagjit Singh and Shaan, artist Jehangir Sabavala, cricketer Mohinder Amarnath and commentator Harsha Bhogle.

    The guests will also talk about their childhood and there will be the usual masala entertainment, with Indipop music, comedy and interviews. Viewers will be able to pledge any amount of money by calling in on a phone line,? says UTV, which will produce the content for the show. The show will ?drive the nation towards contributing for a noble cause, said Vikas Varma, the chief operating officer, UTV Television Content.

    But it is more than yet another charity event. It is an NGOs strategy to stay alive after the tsunami.

    The telethon is CRYs bid to step up its fund-raising drive, because it is afraid that after the tsunami, all charity will be directed towards its victims, drying up funds for the other projects for many NGOs who are dependent on donors? money.

    ?I am afraid our ongoing projects may suffer because of the relief that is offered to the tsunami disaster,? says Ingrid Srinath, the CEO of CRY.

    ?Tsunami relief is the need of the hour. But that does not mean that a child is not dying of hunger elsewhere in the nation or has not dropped out of school because of lack of money, she says.

    Srinath says that after the Kargil war, the Orissa cyclone and the Gujarat earthquake, organisations like hers were thinking of shutting shop because of lack of funds.

    ?There was severe shortage of funds because many of our donors contributed to the big causes. It meant that several of our projects were affected. In concrete terms, it meant that many little girls had to stop going to school in many parts of the country or many more children remained hungry,says Srinath.

    CRY funds several projects across the country. This time, too, it has started,? says Srinath. I have already received a request that asks me to split the donation between tsunami relief and one of our projects,? she says.

    Perhaps when SRK speaks, people will listen.

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  3. Shabana_SRK

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    interesting..looking forward to it :)
  4. shublee

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    ^since its posted in Oldies Is Goldies section i think this event has been done and over with a some years back
  5. Shabana_SRK

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    :lol: yes i guess i wasn't paying attention !
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