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    DM-yWYIV4AAH9wN.jpg Screenshot_20171114-035628.jpg BYJU'S_1.png BYJU'S.png
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    IMG_20180916_041754.jpg IMG_20180916_041751.jpg IMG_20180916_041746.jpg IMG_20180916_041742.jpg IMG_20180916_041417.jpg IMG_20180916_041413.jpg IMG_20180916_041400.jpg IMG_20180916_041322.jpg IMG_20180916_041317.jpg IMG_20180916_041312.jpg
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  4. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    IMG_20180916_041256.jpg IMG_20180916_041251.jpg IMG_20180916_041245.jpg IMG_20180916_041239.jpg
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    Ouch! He does this nerdy old avatar very well. Not sure I’m ready for it. :fear:
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