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Breaking News: SRK detained for questioning at US airport

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by sheruka, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    exactly :pound::pound::pound:
    a fake wannabe accent :rofl:
  2. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    Real victims of the VIP syndrome

    Arun BothraFirst Published : 26 Aug 2009 12:19:00 AM ISTLast Updated : 26 Aug 2009 12:44:13 AM IST

    Many of our countrymen were outraged, at least according to electronic media and its unending SMS surveys, by the ill-treatment meted out to Bollywood super star Shahrukh Khan. Some ignorant and possibly arrogant security officials detained him at the Newark airport in the US for two hours in the name of a security verification that could have been easily avoided by a mere ten second Google search with his name.

    Like all of us the US government seem to have felt bad about this unpleasant incident. Their ambassador to India has uttered some nice words about Shahrukh Khan describing him as a welcome guest to his country. But about the actual incident they have only said that the matter is being looked into and details are being collected. But have you seen any action, corrective or punitive, against anyone on ground till now? The answer is a ‘no’ for now and if Khan fans are expecting an Indian style ‘Mafi mang nahi to vardi utrawa dunga’ type action, they are grossly mistaken and sure to get disappointed in the coming days.

    In fact, the American security officers who were involved in this over-hyped incident can rest assured that they will not be punished as long as they have followed the prescribed procedure.
    After 9/11 the US has put rigorous systems and procedures in place especially at their airports and with a specific focus on the non-white people. We do not have details of these procedures. But if they have gone by the procedure, then the officers can sleep peacefully without bothering about any comments from our all-knowing TV anchors or Indian community in the US and even the Indian government. If the rules actually demanded such long verification of anyone having a particular name, surname or any other detail, no harm is likely to come to the enforcers. The system they were trying to protect, will protect them for sure.

    Now visualise a similar scenario in our country. Had there been such shabby treatment to a celebrity with much less clout than Shahrukh Khan at some Indian airport, the officers involved would have been suspended the same night. Not many would have bothered about their intentions or the prescribed procedure. In our country celebrities of various weights and sizes and many legal, illegal or traditional VIPs keep bulldozing their way into the security rings every day. This birthright of theirs is taken for granted by them, by common people and worse by the security apparatus as well. India has also a better security set-up but these systems are mostly meant for common people. The insulation of VIPs from security drills continues unabated. They can beat any security system or at least the person who tries to enforce it on them.

    Within our system we have interesting counter mechanisms to neutralise the regular security set-up. The VIPs can always have bodyguards who make sure that their protectee can flout the rules at airports or other secure areas. They can have big passes pasted on their car windows or dangling around their necks. They can have shining nameplates and big (mostly illegal) red beacons on their vehicles that can intimidate any security mechanism. Remember the then Haryana Chief Minster Bhajan Lal’s car entering into a secured route in Delhi and coming face to face with the car of none less than visiting Russian prime minister. As a result of the security goof-up the then commissioner of Delhi police Ved Marwah was transferred. Many more were punished in the administrative action, which was actually a face saving diplomatic exercise. What happened to Bhajan Lal? Nothing of course.

    Such is the VIP mania in our country that not only mobile companies but our transport departments also sell ‘VIP numbers’ at a premium. Thus you can the number ‘0001’ for your car and obtain a temporary VIP status that can save you from obeying traffic rules. A sticker with words like ‘Press’, ‘Advocate’, ‘Police’ or even ‘Army’ can always be handy with various degrees of effectiveness. Our semi-literate constables can be easily frightened by these tags.

    In fact, police and other security personnel are real victims of the VIP syndrome. You cannot have a better prey than a policeman to prove your rating on the ‘VIP Richter scale’. What can be better than taming the tamer? Thus if one can jump a traffic light and still intimidate some poor policeman with a hoarse ‘don’t you know who I am’, he can claim to be a real VIP.

    Recently in the US, President Barrack Obama criticised a police sergeant James Crowley of Cambridge area for arresting one of his friends and Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates. On this the police chief of the area called the media and openly defended the officer and his action. How many senior officers can stand up and do this in our country even if they are convinced of the legality of an action taken by their own men? How many can survive such a misadventure? In fact, such was the outrage in the US that Obama had to almost apologise to the officer. To rectify his mistake he personally called up Crowley and invited him to the White House for a beer. Can we ever think of such scenario in our country? A sub-inspector of police versus the executive head of the country. In India, in a similar situation, the officer would have lost his job. He would have been declared guilty much before any inquiry.

    You might not have noticed but such scenarios do not crop up much in our country. Reason is not far to fathom. Many of our police officers are smart enough to understand the situation. They know well that there is a rule of law in the country. But they are clever enough to read the situation — when one has to look at the rulebook and when to look at the person. They also understand that laws are there to be enforced economically and most importantly with due diligence and discretion. The laws are to be enforced on whom it is not only possible but also perfectly convenient to enforce. The mighty ones can always be offered a smart and spineless salute and shameless grin.

    http://www.expressbuzz.com/edition/...ukh Khan, Mafi mang nahi, Shahrukh Khan, Bhaj
  3. souad1

    souad1 New Member

    sick people who think it's publicity, and even if it was, at least it opened many people eyes on what is happening to muslims in the US,i con't believe how people get the worst from everything.
  4. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    “Shah Rukh Khan does not need this kind of publicity!”
    Wednesday, 26 August, 2009

    In a tell-all interview with Masala!, Shah Rukh talks about his US airport ordeal and deals nimbly with the many questions and accusations being flung at him...


    What exactly happened at the Newark airport?

    Instead of following the procedure of iris and finger scanning, they took me to a secondary immigration room for questioning. The promoters of the show, for which I was going to Chicago, said I was an actor and one of the immigration officers, either an Indian or Pakistani, said, ‘I vouch for Shah Rukh Khan’. But I was still asked to wait. That was really embarrassing.

    Then they started asking me strange questions. They questioned me on the movie that I was doing, the producers et al. My answers did not satisfy them. Then I gave them the name of the US firm with whom we are planning a deal. Then they asked me for the number.

    There were some Indian airport managers who recognised me and they went and talked to their supervisors and came back to me and said that they were feeling bad but this was routine procedure, since I have a common name that was popping up in the computer.

    They wanted to check my baggage, which had not arrived till then. So they checked my hand bag. They asked me where some money came from.
    I told them that I had earned it. After some more questions I was released.

    They finally did not do the retinal and fingerprint scan and I did not remind them either, lest this led to more questions.

    I landed at around 12.20pm and came out at 3pm. Finally, after the session, I told them that I would like to make a call and enquire about my baggage. They did not allow me to make any call before this but they finally let me make a call.

    I quickly sent messages to some of my friends. I was obviously disturbed. So I didn’t even thank the officers and just left.

    Will you avoid travelling to the US now?

    Not at all. Even during internal flights I was taken aside and asked to remove my shoes and clothes. But I understand why they are doing this.

    Is this a publicity stunt, as your movie is called My Name Is Khan?

    People who think negatively will feel that it is a publicity stunt. My film is releasing after eight or nine months. And you know that the publicity of a film is done three months prior to the release. So where is the question of getting publicity out of this? And honestly, it is not a matter of pride either for my country or for me personally that I was detained. Shah Rukh Khan does not need this kind of publicity.

  5. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    he keeps repeating that MNIK is releasing after 8 or 9 months :jaw:
  6. donshema

    donshema SRK is my Family

    taking off his shoes and clothes, how humiliating is that.........no one deserves to be treated like that.

    I really wish that MNIK would be like a pomp in the faces of those people,and may be change something after all.
  7. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    maybe it is
  8. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    DETAINED! So What?

    Just why was SRK expecting special treatment in the US? Masala! looks at the tamasha...

    Parts of India are suffering from drought. The Swine Flu is spreading. The economy is still reeling under the effects of the recession. But what is India most concerned about? Shah Rukh Khan’s detention! As the accusations and comments and explanations flow, no one emerges in the right or wrong. SRK may have had a better chance at being in the right, if he had stopped himself from reacting petulantly at first. But all the backtracking it’s-not-about-me-but-the-procedures comments from him now will not undo the embarrassment he has created for himself by exaggerating his 66-minute long ordeal.

    So we at Masala! decided to sum up the hoopla and ask the question that is bothering us most – Is the US Immigration hired by SRK’s publicity machine? Ha! Kidding! The question that bothers us truly is, is all this noise being made because the US immigration system with its checks is wrong in itself and smacks of discrimination, or because Shah Rukh Khan and his fans feel that the star himself was discriminated against?

    Masala! says

    Most of the hype is about SRK. You, I and almost every Asian, including former President APJ Abdul Kalam, has had to go through intense questioning! So why is everybody so upset now?

    What happened in those 66 minutes?

    SRK, who has been a regular visitor to the US for his film shoots (including My Name Is Khan) and shows, was headed to the US to take part in the Indian Independence Day celebrations. He was entering the country at the Newark Liberty International Airport.

    On arriving at the Newark Airport, SRK’s name flashed on the immigration official’s computer.

    He was then asked to accompany the officials to another room for reasons the US Customs and Border Protection agency would not specify. SRK says, “I was waiting for my bags... I thought it was nice of them to take me to another room... but that was apparently a second check. I had my papers in order. I was really taken aback.” He adds, “I did not want to say anything just in case they took everything wrong [sic] because I am little worried about Americans, because they do have this issue when your name is Muslim.”

    Apparently some of the immigration officials did try to explain to the others that SRK was a big name in India but the procedure had to be gone through.

    There were other people ahead of SRK in the room and as a result, the process of checking and immigration took a while. According to the US officials, SRK’s stay in the room was extended as the airline had failed to load his checked luggage on the same flight.

    Finally, SRK was allowed to make a phone call. He called up Congress MP Rajiv Shukla who alerted the Indian consulate in the US which stepped in to sort out the issue.

    SRK had initially claimed that he was detained for 90 minutes. But the officials have stated that it was just 66 minutes.

    SRK’S Comments

    What SRK had to say soon after his experience...

    “United States does not lead an isolated, parallel-universe existence and there is a whole world which makes all the good and bad that is happening. So if we are scared of violence and terrorism, all of us are responsible for it. It’s not that the world is [responsible for terrorism] and America is not.”

    “There are some routine security measures – they check your finger prints and scan your retina. But the routine security process was not followed. Instead, the authorities asked me bizarre and irrelevant questions. I am not trying to make a point here, but why were security measures not followed?”

    What SRK had to say after cooling down

    “If a ‘tit for tat’ policy was to be followed, then I’d love to be allowed to frisk Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox.”

    SRK also stated that what happened with former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam and Continental Airlines was wrong, as he was a world leader. But the same does not hold true for him. He added, “We need to forget about it and move forward. This should die today. . . or maybe tomorrow.” He also stated that he would visit America again, if he had to, for work, “but I will go less often”.

    “Security of any country is important but caste, religion or race shouldn’t come in the way of security measures. You may call me a mega star, but basically I’m just a normal guy. But I’m lucky that I have access to friends in the [Indian] consulate whom I could call up. But there are hundreds of others who don’t have this facility.”

    Will My Name Is Khan benefit from the publicity?

    SRK has gone out of his way to dispel the notion that the whole detention was a drama to focus attention on his film My Name Is Khan. He said, “I hate people who rake up religious issues for their personal gains. I don’t want to sound pompous here but I don’t need publicity to promote my movie. I am too big a star for that.”

    Masala! says

    Not sounding pompous in the least bit there, sweetie.

    What others say

    Ambika Soni, INDIAN Information and Broadcasting Minister: “I am of the opinion that the way we are frisked – for example, I too was frisked – we should also do the same to them.”

    Shekhar Kapur, filmmaker: “I believe what happened to Shah Rukh was a huge blunder, but what happened to our Abdul Kalam [he was frisked before boarding the Continental Airlines in Delhi] was far, far worse… [And now Ambika says we should respond with a tit-for-tat.] What are you going to do, Ms Soni? Interrogate every American citizen arriving at our shores for an hour and a half? Or wait for Brad Pitt to arrive here in India?”

    Priyanka Chopra, actress: “Shocking, disturbing and downright disgraceful! It is such behaviour that fuels hatred and racism. SRK’s a world figure, for God’s sake.”

    Masala! says

    Considering that SRK wants to frisk Angie and Megan, we at Masala! volunteer to frisk Brad. Let’s do it for the country girls...

    Would Brangelina be treated this way?

    Let’s presume when arriving in India, Jolie’s name popped up on the computer due to her frequent visits to Iraq and Afghanistan and the immigration official did not question her further because of her celeb status. Would you say that the official was doing the right thing or do you think he was putting the country’s security at risk?

  9. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    i freakin hate Masala, they like to blab alot
  10. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    who the hell want to frisk brad?:puke:

    The two article from Masala is nothing new than what was already said before and Meshanna was contacted and wasn't available for commnets.
  11. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    i was like, did Mish write her name by mistake here? :suspicious:
  12. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    When Ash was not-so-sweet to journos!
    New Delhi, August 25, 2009

    Aishwarya Rai does not seem to be in her right frame of mind these days. Is it her illness which is taking a toll on her? Recently in a press conference, Ash was not her composed self and seemed irritated with most of the queries.

    The actress felt that the SRK detention drama was blown out of proportion. She felt it was his "personal" issue.

    "Some people decided to give their verdict, while others tried to be judgemental. Why this issue is dragging on and is being made a part of extensive discussion is beyond me."

  13. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    what illness? stupidity? :confused2:
  14. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    I am not surprise by her stupid commnet. Just like herself, she and her whole crazy STUCK UP FAMILY I am sure thinks this way about what happen to Shahrukh. MAKES ME SICK.:fencing:

    I guess Shahrukh comment to her will be the same like what he said about Amar Singh who is also sick and still felt the need to run his STUPID mouth:laser::fencing:

    She is not feeling well like Amar Singh and is still so evil. When will they get well seeing that they are evil like this...they devil don't heal people...:rolleyes2:
  15. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

  16. prilvsrk

    prilvsrk ♥tere liye♥

    Shah Rukh Khan gets ridiculed on US television?

    26 Aug, 2009 12:00 am ISTlRenuka Vyavahare /INDIATIMES MOVIES

    The American press seems to be high on crisis management after Shah Rukh raised the issue of his detention in front of the Indian media. They are thus ridiculing SRK as their defence mechanism!

    American political satirist cum tv host Jon Stewart on his show ‘The Daily Show’ mocked SRK by showing clips of American news channels which claimed that the custom officials at the New Jersey airport didn’t recognize the actor!

    Jon further mocked SRK by saying the actor may have denied that it was not a publicity stunt for his forthcoming film ‘My Name is Khan’ but then the way he went on talking about it could make for a good emotional picture in itself.

    Echoing Jon was Indian American journalist Aasif who sarcastically said, “Shah Rukh is the Hugh Jackman of Jaipur, Bruce Willis of Pondicherry, Tom Cruise of Mumbai and Brad Pitt of Bollywood, and have you seen his Om Shanti Om?

    Omar Qureshi, Editor-in-Chief, Zoom tv channel strongly criticized Jon’s statements by saying, “Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Shah Rukh Khan were in Dubai for Planet Hollywood’s launch and Shah Rukh gathered more fans than the Hollywood superstars. Americans are used to laughing at others and making money out of it, they laugh at themselves too, and this is just one of those instances.”

    Trade expert Taran Adarsh reacted to Jon’s statement by saying, “If you poke fun at SRK, it only shows how dumb you are! It’s like Americans asking you if Taj Mahal is in China or Italy! Most of the American press is dumb and the way they have been reacting to SRK’s episode is shocking as we give them so much importance when they come to India inspite of the fact that most of the Indians don’t know how Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise looks like.”

    Mumbai Mirror’s Entertainment head Indu Mirani said, “Everybody should just move on as this issue has been blown out of proportion by both the parties. Bollywood has always looked up to Hollywood with a holier-than-thou attitude so it’s not their mistake that they don’t do the same. Everyone should just move on.”

    All said and done we’d suggest one thing to Jon, he should actually see SRK’s films to know that he doesn’t deserve to be compared with any Tom, **** and Harry of Hollywood.

  17. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    **** and Harry of Hollywood.

    whats the stars for? :confused2:
  18. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    4 stars so BRAD:puke::laugh::D
  19. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

  20. sonataca

    sonataca SRK's Mommy

    And they contnue and continue...like I said before, the media is earning a lot of money and ratings thanks to Shahrukh and blaming it all on Shahrukh for making this a publicity stunt.
    Those who know how the media works SHOULD understand for whom the publicity has been made.
    Only idiots would believe Shahrukh did it for publicity of MNIK.

    Shahrukh didn't take a big microphone out and start yelling to the whole world that I got detained, US security is BAD, THEY SUCK EGGS!

    C'mon, open your eyes people!

    Just because Shahrukh is an actor doesn't mean he's acting all the time. Then there should a question mark on all professions, what kind of work they do to earn money?

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