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Best Friends

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by maza, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. maza

    maza Well-Known Member


    Characters :

    Kajol as Siya
    Shahrukh as Ayaan
    Madhuri as Kiran

    Genre - Romance , Comedy , Drama
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  2. SRK_FAN1

    SRK_FAN1 Member

    WOW! I love all three of them and the names are awesome especially Ayaan hehe So excited for the story :D The cover is perfect :D
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  3. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    thank you let me post the first chapter for you :)
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  4. SRK_FAN1

    SRK_FAN1 Member

  5. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    Chapter 1

    “finally you are going to tell her” Siya sighed she felt relieved….

    “yes finally!” Ayaan said smiling “and you are going to help me GOT IT!” he was excited and she could see in his eyes ….

    “that’s great!..awesome..” she said reading her book she had a test tomorrow…

    “Stuart!... I cancelled my important meeting and came here to meet you but you are busy in reading” he sighed..

    “lair!” she squeezed her eyes…”you came here to discuss your love not me”

    “yeh..yeh!” he said embarrassingly it was the truth that he came here to tell Siya about his plans…she was what he needed most at that time a great support though she was nine years younger than him..but they were best of friends….she understood him more than anyone else….Kiran, Siya and he used to study In the same school..he still remembered she was so small and used to come to them in her breaks but she was so intelligent that she always looked bigger than her age….and he had to admit he was more embarrassed in telling people that he had such small girl as his best friend…she broke his chain of thoughts..

    “ahh what would I do?” she said reading her book….though she was happy inside that Finally he had decided to tell Kiran after so many years of hiding…

    “we will do some preparations so for that you have to get ready..come get up!” he said pushing her up…

    “ oh wooo!..wait Mr.Romanitc” she cracked a laugh…”for that you have to br” but before she could complete….he cut in…

    “you would get bribed” he winked and smiled softly “ now go and wear something good” he saw her from head to toe as she got up….

    “you always have a problem with my dressing” she looked herself she was wearing a long t shirt with some cartoons printed on it with shorts and she loved them “ahh I just look best what ever I wear” she shrugged off… “wait for me Downstairs and tell dad and mom we are going to prepare for your date” she cracked a laugh again and disappeared in to the bath room…he just shook his head and made a list what he wanted to buy for Kiran…


    “ok mom!”..she said eating the last piece of her sandwich “we will be back soon” she grinned…Nisha just smiled at the kids…

    “ok siya don’t be late and Ayaan take care of her” she smiled at Ayaan..

    “Aunty don’t worry I will take care of this little devil” he ruffled her hair and she just squeezed her eyes at him..”you ruined my hair style” she said brushing her ponytail with her hand..”now lets go” she held his arm like a child and started dragging him..

    “ok aunty take care!” he said turning to Nisha while trying his best to keep up with Siya who was pushing him outside…he did not know how he was always surviving with this little Staurt..but their friendship was the most unusual one she was totally a spoiled kid but at the same time so ambitious, bright and almost perfectionist in her life on the other hand he was reserved and mature just like his age…

    “I am hungry Ayaan” she said holding her stomach “ please feed me something or I will faint soon” she held her head this time and swing around..”omg I am” she fell on his arms acting to be fainted..all the shopping bags fell on the floor as he held her sighing…

    “Siya!” he saw her hopeless “people are watching us please behave” he said slowly..and made her stand straight...she just pouted…”fine then we have already bought every thing , the ring , balloons , chocolates and every thing” now lets go she saw him picking up the bags once again..

    “ok lets go baba!” he could never get annoyed at her it was her usual childish behavior…

    “you are sweet” she held his arm as they approached the exit of the shopping mall…


    Thanks for reading
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  6. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    Great start!
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  7. SRK_FAN1

    SRK_FAN1 Member

    Awww! I just love their friendship. They are so sweet and funny. lol, I like the nickname he has for her. It reminds me of Stuart little lol Siya is such a great friend to help him prepare for the wedding, right? But what if Kiran doesn't return his feelings? This is so interesting. I can't wait for more :hug:
  8. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    Thank you for reading :hug: :hug:
  9. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    yup its a story about mostly friendship and you have to wait for the third best friend lol :p oh yes Stuart little was the inspiration behind the name i love the character and Siya seems to be like him hehe you will know the rest soon :D
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  10. SRK_FAN1

    SRK_FAN1 Member

    I love stories about friendship. After all, love is friendship ;)
  11. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2

    “This is yummy!” she said finishing her burger “ I am full” she grinned and saw Ayaan whose meal seemed to be totally untouched…she knew why he was so lost in his thoughts..he was looking nervous through out the day…he even seemed nervous while picking up the right ring for Kiran…

    “Ayaan are you not going to eat your meal” she smiled at him and he just looked up..”yeh I am just I will eat” he said while taking a sip of his drink..she did not know what to do to cheer him up and finish his nervousness he was her friend and she was so happy that finally he would get his love after so many years…she could even see him confessing his love to her sister…

    ”this is going to be awesome” she said to herself and grinned while day dreaming about her two best friends getting married and then their kids, her niece and nephews playing with her…”omg mind boggling!” her smiled widened when one of her niece pulled her pony tail out while playing with her…Ayaan watched her amused..she was crazy but this much, he could not think… she was day dreaming don’t know what?…

    “Siya!” he called her and tried to smile and she just snapped back to reality…

    “Ayaan! Are you ok?” she said while watching him frowning…

    “no I am just a little” she cut in quickly..

    “nervous!” she held his hand which was rested on the table…

    “yeh pretty much!” he admitted smiling…

    “Don’t worry every thing will be fine” she tried her best to convince him that dee will return his feelings for sure…

    “I don’t know Siya!” he said sighing….” She is always so quiet and mysterious”

    “and that’s why you fell for her right” she grinned..it made him smile too..

    “yeh you can say that” he shrugged off but some where Siya was right..she knew him more than himself…

    “she loves you Ayaan trust me I can see that how she is around you” she said trying to cheer him up..

    “I don’t know Siya” he shook his head…

    “you know what I was thinking how would your kids be?” she said happily…

    “Siya” he saw her with wide eyes…

    “yeh I am sure they are going to be beautiful” she chuckled “ but hey one of them should be look like me since I am going to be their Maasi..haha!”

    “you are impossible Siya” he said suppressing his smile…

    “I am the best!” she cracked a laugh and he just rolled his eyes…and started to play with his spoon once again…"ahh" she saw him totally disappointed…”ufff this boring Music” she said to herself…while Ayaan seemed lost once again…”I will be back” she said getting up” and he just looked after her “Siya where are you…” but before he could complete she was already gone…

    he just saw his plate, his food was almost cold..he really wished that Kiran would love him just like he does….where did she go?..he looked for Siya who just got disappeared in the corner of the restaurant….he watched his wrist it was almost fifteen minutes and he did not feel like eating so he decided to look for her so they could leave but as he stood up…Siya appeared from the corner she had vanished a while ago…

    she had a big grin on her face suddenly the music changed to a dance number and she started dancing on it…he just looked towards her with wide eyes while she did every step with so much enjoyment and pulled some of the couples to dance with her too…soon the whole restaurant was dancing with her on the song in sync and he had a big smile on his face….

    the song ended and every one clapped including her…her sweet yet childish smile just made his day…she was trying her best to make him happy and he was so fortunate to have a friend like that…she approached him smiling…

    “so how was that?” she said a little bit out of breath after all the dance…instead of answering he just held her in his arms tightly…

    “you are my best friend Siya and I love you for that” he said feeling content and happy…that he had her…she just rolled her eyes and smiled…

    “its ok Ayaan tell me something new” she shrugged and patted his back a little….


    “dee!” she shouted watching Kiran who was pulling off her gungroos off…

    “Si” she exclaimed watching her little sister…”how come?” she hugged her gently…

    “actually I went for shopping and look what I brought” she said getting aside “ tan ta rayyy!” she stretched her arms towards Ayaan who just appeared from the door…”See is not it good?” she said cheekily and kiran just smiled at Ayaan…

    As soon as he approached her…he said nervously..“Hi!”..he smiled watching her beautiful face..every time he saw her it seemed he was looking at her for the first time…

    “how are you Ayaan its been a while since we meet last” she smiled and her face became angelic…he just felt mesmerized by it…they were always like that shy with each other..like they were meeting for the first time…Siya just rolled her eyes at their silly behavior…


    Thanks for reading
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  12. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    Can just see them being shy with each other....
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  13. SRK_FAN1

    SRK_FAN1 Member

    I just love Siya's and Ayaan's friendship. They are too cute for words. I love Ayaan as a shy guy. He is such a gentlemen hehe And siya...I just love her. I like how full of life she is. She is also a fun friend to be with. I liked how she cheered him up. And now, the quiet and mysterious Kiran is here. Loved their first meeting. It was sweet! I want more. You hear me, more more more. I am loving this already. Perfectly written :D You are amazing :hug:
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  14. raksha anantharam

    raksha anantharam Well-Known Member

    Wow.. Awesome story mazi.. update soon :)
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  15. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    i am glad you can imagine them :hug: thanks for reading :)
  16. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    i too love both of them and so kiran i am glad you liked it :D will update soonish insAllah but one chapy one day :p :p
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  17. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    i am glad you liked it Raksha thanks for giving the support always lots of love :hug:
  18. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    i am glad you liked it Raksha thanks for giving the support always lots of love :hug:
  19. Alvida?

    Alvida? Member

    WAH,,,i like this pic ,and i love madhuri ,kajol,,
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  20. SRK_FAN1

    SRK_FAN1 Member

    I want more :D

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