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Banner for Lida - make your choice

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by tixa, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    :eek: :eek: oh wow lida wht can i say? im speechless:hail: :hail:
    u and wafa rock:rockon: :rockon:

    thank u sooooooooooooo much for evryting!

    well done to all those who participated:thumb:
  2. tixa

    tixa New Member

    Thank you Lida for your nice words! I just wanted you to have fun with it and make you happy and i´m glad that i reached my aim! :love: Thank you for everything that you do for us. I wish you, that everything that you wants will work out fine! May all your dreams come true and the goddess bless you! I´m really looking forward for his autograph, but as i said, the main aim was to show you, how much we are greatful for the thinks that you do for us!:hug: I would be very happy,´if i would be able to see your show, but unfortunately we in germany are not able to see your show. :Cry: mmhhh, i hope the next thing i´m working on will be as good as the calendar for you and SRK. :heh: Take care of yourself and may the goddess light your way where ever you go! (As you see, i´ve a little different religion! :D ) Thanks for your kindness!
  3. srkandrea

    srkandrea srkandrea

    AW: Banner for Lida - make your choice

    thank you lida, for all that you have done for planetsrk and that you like all our banners we have made for you. i think we all have a lot of fun to do it for you. also i am with tixa, wish you all the best for your future, may all your wishes comes true. i hope that we have the chance to see parts of your show in germany. may be that someone post it in the hall of fame, that would be nice, because we here are not able to see it.
    i am looking forward to the autograph from shahrukh and i hope that he will like our work too.
    take care of you
  4. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    Thank you very much Lida for your kind words! We as planetsrk are really grateful for everything you are doing for us and feel blessed to have you and Wafa with us! :)
  5. latenebreuse

    latenebreuse mad about SRK

    Salam dear Lida
    it's real pleasure to read your sweet words..we're very touched and glad that you like the banners ..you mean a lot for us ..thank you for being so kind and for all you did for our Dear planet..we can't express how much we respect you and love you..you are great human being and we're sure you're great as professional in your work too, and even we'll probably not be able to see your show we're sure that it will be great and so we wish you all success but above all this we wish you Joy and happiness wherever you go whatever you do :kiss: :hug:
  6. sanjani

    sanjani Ullu-Club Member

    Thank you, Lida and I am very happy you like those banners so much!!! :)

    Wonderful for everyone to see them someday in your show!!!

    Great work, girls!!! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  7. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    Salaam namaste Lida Jaan :heart:

    We can't possibly thank you enough for all that you've done for all of us here at PlanetSRK... we truly appreciate all your support, effort, and dedication.:hug:
    Your beautiful words mean so much to us and touched us deeply :kiss:... we're a very happy that you love the banners and it was a real pleasure making them for you.
    You've already done and still continue to do so much for us and it was about time that we did something in return to show our gratefulness.
    Btw. if you ever need any more banners or anything else just let us know.;)

    :eek: Wow, I'm so excited that Shah Rukh will get to see our creations as well... that's truly wonderful... this will not only show him how talented the PlanetSRK members are but also how much we love him and how much he means to us.:love:
    Shah Rukhji is truly a neverending source of inspiration, he brings out the Best in all of us.:thumb:

    Once again a very, very, very BIG "Thank You" to you, Lida, and to Wafa Didi... for making all this possible for us. :grouphug:

    We love you... and may Allah always bless you.:pray2:
  8. tixa

    tixa New Member

    Hey wafa, should we send you the banner we like to have signed by him per mail? :hug:
  9. sanjani

    sanjani Ullu-Club Member

    @ Wafa

    And: Can I have one too :confused: :confused:
  10. deewani

    deewani BOARDBEAST

    Dear Lida and Wafa...
    Sorry, but my english is not so good...
    What can i say??? Nothing!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  11. Lachchi

    Lachchi Well-Known Member

    Hey !
    Wow I `am happy for all they have created the wonderful Banner.
    I`am think you became a wonderful memory for your work;)
    Great job :thumb: :thumb:

    I wish Lida a sussesful and happienes life......she and Wafa are wonderful persons.
    I `am proud to be a member of this Forum.:first: ..I like it to be here :grouphug:
    God Bless
  12. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    Good question Tina, thankfully you asked before I did... didn't want appear too pushy... but I'm very excited about the autograph !!! :eek: ;)

    Also don't want to end up clustering Wafa Didi with a bunch of mails.:rolleyes:
  13. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    Thanks Lida for your kind and sweet words!

    We have to thank you and Wafa for all you have done for us! :hug: :kiss:

    Here is my little personal bonus! I hope you like it!

  14. KhushiDreamz

    KhushiDreamz G.One Squad Member

    Here is one for you Lida..thanks for everything..hope you like it ;)

  15. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    :eek: Wow, I love this one, Nicole... beautiful choice of pics :heart: and the colour is great !!! :thumb:
    That's definitely the Best one you've made so far !!! ;)

    @ Khushi: Yours is also very beautiful... Shah Rukh looks so cute !!! :heart:
  16. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    Awwww... Thanks Gai! :hug: :kiss:

    I was totally bored today.... That's the result! ;)
  17. srkandrea

    srkandrea srkandrea

  18. josh

    josh Member

    I thought about trying to make a banner too.
    I would like to have an autograph too.
    But after taking a look at all of your works I have decided not to try it.I can´t do such great work as you do. :(
    I´m so jealous that I get tears in my eyes. :Cry:
    What is the saying:We couldn´t have all.

    But I congratulate you all for the great work and the support from Lida.
    Be proud that you have such a talent.

    You make so many members from PlanetSRK soooo happy.Therefore I will thank you because this people are beautiful and nice.And I like them all very much.
    There is a thread here named:I´ll give this flower to...
    I will give a lot of Flowers to you for your support to Planet and all who make this like a 2 home for me.
    Please send SHAHRUKH my greetings and tell HIM that I say Thank YOU to HIM too for being always such a amazing human being.

  19. tixa

    tixa New Member

    :doh: Oh stop, go on! Try out and show us! :nod: We all started and even we produce sometimes something that is not so good. Only who starts walking , can reach his destination! :thumb: :heart: Want to see something from you! :D
  20. KhushiDreamz

    KhushiDreamz G.One Squad Member

    You say it all Bettina now Josh go into the action:photo:

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