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Asoka -- the Movie with promo

Discussion in 'Asoka' started by Meghna04, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!


    trailor http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=IIB1WZvuXE8

    Year: 2001
    Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Danny Denzongpa, Ajit Kumar, Rahul Dev
    Director: Santosh Sivan
    Producer: Arclightz & Filmz
    Music Dir: Anu Malik
    Lyrics: Gulzar/Anand Bakshi
    Filmfare Awards
    -Best Cinematography
    International Indian Film Academy
    -Best Cinematography
    -Best Actor (Jury) -Shah Rukh Khan


    Asoka traces the life of Emperor Asoka, the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya who ascended the throne of Magadha in the 3rd century BC. To extend the borders of his empire, Asoka waged one of the bloodiest wars in history with the neihgbouring kingdom of Kalinga, leaving it ravaged and devastated. Confronted by the aftermath of his conquest in which hundreds of thousands lost their lives, Asoka is overcome with remorse and renounces the path of war to dedicate his life to spreading the teachings of Budhism across the world. This is a story based on legends. This film does not claim to be a complete historical account of Asoka’s life but an attempt to follow his journey.

    Songs from Asoka:

    Song: Aa taiyar hoja
    Singer/s: Sunidhi Chauhan & Chorus
    Music Director/s: Anu Malik
    Lyricst: Gulzar

    Song: O re kanchi
    Singer/s: Shaan, Sunita Rao & Chorus
    Music Director/s: Anu Malik
    Lyricst: Gulzar

    Song: Raat ka nasha
    Singer/s: Abhijeet, Chitra & Chorus
    Music Director/s: Anu Malik
    Lyricst: Gulzar

    Song: Roshni se
    Singer/s: Abhijeet & Alka Yagnik
    Music Director/s: Anu Malik
    Lyricst: Gulzar

    Song: San sanana
    Singer/s: Alka Yagnik & Hema Sardesai
    Music Director/s: Anu Malik
    Lyricst: Anand Bakshi

  2. cute_srk

    cute_srk Well-Known Member

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    Thanks for the info Nicole...it's useful, i already have the movie,lol.
  3. meena

    meena Well-Known Member

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    i have just watched this movie for the first time and i loved it so so much :D
  4. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    I love this movie - be it for SRK, for the customs, art direction, the historical facts behind it, the music - there are many reasons! But for me surprisingly, the one important reason I loved this movie was the fact that there was no word of English - which is of course logical due to the historical setting! I have nothing against this language - but I do not like if languages are anglicised (for that reason I admire the French who are trying to keep out foreign terms from their language).
  5. gtdevil07

    gtdevil07 New Member

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    i love this movie, it was really nice.
  6. agacia

    agacia Bollywood Dreamer

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    I have seen Asoka many many times. A story of love, passion, devotion, betrayal, fury,devastation, murder...it has all the ingredients of a great story line. Although I'm not the greatest fan of Kareena, I think that she is perfect in her role.

    A very complex role of SRK. As Asoka he went through a few transformations in his role, from an arrogant, ambitious but innocent young man, to a sensitive, soft hearted man in love, to an evil, murderous emperor, and finally to a broken man.

    "Only the dead see the end of war"-Plato

    Love this movie:)
  7. Mia

    Mia New Member

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    I love this movie! I saw it 3 times already and I will see it again...
  8. ecko

    ecko New Member

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    My second top SRK movie, strangely enough the ones I prefer didn't do too well in India.:ohwell:
  9. haseena

    haseena Tere Liye

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    I :heart: this movie. Asoka is my all time fav movie and will be forever. i have seen this movie more than 20 times :) and will keep watching it. The songs are amazing and unlike some movies one never gets bored of liseting to the songs of this movie or watching the movie....and SRK's performance was brilliant in my point of view this is a master piece...
  10. Marvin

    Marvin New Member

    AW: Asoka -- the Movie

    A great movie. great acting, great scenes - as well as
    a beautiful scene how to tell a girl that you love her.
    But I really dont understand why this movie happened
    to fail in India???? :doh:
  11. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    I saw this film for the first time today. It was so beautiful, the story just took me away for those 2hours and 45 minutes. Even I really don't like Kareena I think she was quite good in the fighting scenes. Shahrukh was of course great as always, but I think as an actor this was one of his top performances. I also don't understand why it didn't do well in India.
  12. Saran

    Saran New Member

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    This is one of the best movies he did. I love everything connected with the movie.
  13. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    I think I read somewhere that as a big part of Shahrukh's fan base is young, they apparently don't relate to this sort of historical story (???) Just a theory I guess.

    I love it too, I've just watched for the 3rd or 4th time. Its beautifully shot and such a touching love story (same here for Kareena, not keen on her but she's good in this). Arya's death at the end is very moving too.

    Re: Asoka's character, I did feel he changed from nasty to nice, then back and then back again a little too quickly, but what the heck...

    It was also a bonus in the film that our gorgeous man runs around in very few clothes!!!:D :heart:
  14. nainital

    nainital New Member

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    Why would young peolpe not enjoy a historical story? A well told story with a great and good (even sexy) looking actor is always worth watching. Actually, I would love to see more historical Hindi Movies ... and I'd certainly enjoy Shahrukh having another go at one. I think, he looks fab in costumes (... well, he always looks fab *gg*).

    ASOKA is one of my favorite movies ... production value (great producer!! *g*), direction, music, acting, story ... everything is so wonderful!! Pity the film didn't have the success it deserved. But 9/11 destroyed any hope for that, too ... (Last pages in the book "Asoka - The making of the film") Very sad! They should re-release the film ... I'd certainly storm the cinema!
  15. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    Hi Monique, welcome to this wonderful planet.

    I don't know why that was the opinion of the writer. I think it has enough plot, colour, action, romance, plenty of blood and gore and a hint of sex to appeal to almost anyone. I'd certainly welcome more historical films (though I'm not a young one).

    What is the reference to 9/11? I haven't seen the book so don't know what the connection is.

    Btw, srk looks great in eyeliner and jewellry. Some scenes he looks so beautiful it almost hurts.
  16. MarjorieGK

    MarjorieGK Ullu-Club-Member

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    What more can I say? I totally agree with you.
    Asoka was one of the first Bollywood films I saw - right after KHNH and K3G - and I was first surprized by SRK's role (how little I knew about SRK's roles then :) ), but then I absolutely loved it. SRK won my heart forever with his performance - his Asoka was so convincing throughout the movie.

    As for Kareena, I didn't like her before watching Asoka, but her performance was very, very good. I liked her especially in the second part of the film.
  17. junibrown

    junibrown New Member

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    After viewing this film I remember thinking, "Finally, Shahrukh has been given a film role large enough for his acting talents!"

    I love this films anti-war, anti-hate message. What struck me most was a person's inability to forgive and what happens when one lets hate overtake them completely. Very powerful film.
  18. haseena

    haseena Tere Liye

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    I couldnt have said it better :thumb:
  19. idontlove

    idontlove New Member

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    this first film i saw shahrukh
    so i love this film especially
    at that time i even thought kareena kapoor is beautiful
    but now madhuri is my best love actress
  20. nainital

    nainital New Member

    Re: Asoka -- the Movie

    Hi Chris,

    sorry for taking so long answering your question ... this planet has too many countries, cities, villages ... I sometimes get lost *gg*

    About 9/11: in the "ASOKA" book (which is no longer available, unfortunately.) Shah Rukh writes on the last pages about the PR-campaign in the US for the film. As him and Juhi had put all their money into making this wonderful movie they really needed to get all the media attention possible. On 9/11 there was meant to be a press conference in one of New York's major hotels (I think the Four Seasons or Astoria?). All the press was assembled ... and then those airplanes hit the WTC ... After that, obviously, no-one was interested anymore in ASOKA ... and what's worse, with Shah Rukh being a Muslim, he had a hard time travelling to the Toronto Film Festival afterwards, where ASOKA was meant to be srceened.

    9/11 was a terrible day (I happened to be in New York, I remember it very well!) and I don't want to belittle the human tragedy ... but I feel so sad for Shah Rukh that - of all days - it had to be this day when he presented their wonderful film to the western media.

    After that, I think Dreamz Unlimited was more or less bankrupt ... Chalte Chalte brought some money back in ... but ASOKA must have been a great loss financially ... and not only that: I think this would have been HIS hour. Without 9/11 ASOKA could have made it to the Oscars, I'm sure ... but, that's life.

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