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    Ali Fazal, better known as Joy of " 3 Idiots" even more than a year after the movie was released, is now looking forward to his next movie, " Always Kabhi Kabhi", which has been shot in Lucknow extensively.


    But Fazal is still enjoying the relative anonymity in public spaces. "People still don't recognize me, more so since I have shed a lot of kilos for this movie and have a clean-shaven look. The freedom that I have been enjoying in public places, I fear it will be gone once the promos of my movie go on air."

    Fazal plays the main lead opposite Giselle Monteiro in Roshan Abbas's "AKK". "Roshan had to work a lot on me to ensure that I looked like a typical Delhi school-going guy. But being a Lucknowite, I had a tough time mouthing Dilli ka lingo," he says, adding that Shah Rukh Khan, whose production house is producing the film, plans to come to Lucknow for the promotion of the movie. "From what I know, SRK will come to Lucknow!" he asserts.

    Talking about the shooting at La Martiniere Boys College, Ali says, "While everyone knew that Roshan is from Lucknow and has studied at La Mart's, kisi ko yeh pata nahi tha that I am from Lucknow too. But once the cast and crew got to know that, they made sure I acted the perfect host to them. Not only did I take them to see various monuments in the city but I also had to order special Lakhnawi dishes for them. It was quite a task!" he laughs.

    Telling us about his role in the movie, Ali says, "The movie deals with the school lives of two class XII couples and with the issues of students, the masti they have during their school life and school-time romance."
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    SRK wants 'Always Kabhi Kabhi' to be controversy free

    By: Mauli Singh Date: 2011-02-22 Place: Mumbai

    Shah Rukh doesn't want any controversies rocking his next production, a teen flick

    Shah Rukh seems to have had enough of controversies. He is making sure that his forthcoming next Roshan Abbas' directorial debut Always Kabhi Kabhi doesn't get into that space.

    Though the film is about Delhi school kids and is based in the capital city it has stayed away from talking about an infamous MMS scandal. Roshan says, "We haven't delved into the MMS territory.

    We wanted to make a feel good youth centric film. One of our writers had also suggested incorporating the Valentines Day controversy where a few couples were banned and beaten up but we refrained from using any such scandalous incidents. I know films like Dev D talked about it but ours is in a very different space."

    Roshan informs that his producer Shah Rukh Khan was very clear from the beginning to make a positive film on today's youth. "Shah Rukh and I had a lot of discussions during the scripting stage.

    His point was 'lets concentrate on the positives. This generation is the hope of the future lets keep the hope of it alive.'

    He wanted the audience to leave theater with a smile He said Red Chilles is known to make wholesome family entertainers and I fully value his opinion and I guess that will also help us getting a wider audience."

    He describes the film as "a simple, sweet coming-of-age story about today's youth and communication gaps they face with their parents and how they resolve it."

    The movie is based on Roshan's play Graffiti which he had staged in New Delhi in the '90s and is talks about high school students and stars newbies Zoa Morani (daughter of Karim Morani of Morani Bros who handle SRK's shows), Satyajit Dubey (grandson of theatre stalwart Pandit Satyadev Dubey), Giselli Monteiro (she played Harleen in Love Aaj Kal) and Ali Fazal (played suicide victim Joy Lobo in 3 Idiots).
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    "His point was 'lets concentrate on the positives. This generation is the hope of the future lets keep the hope of it alive."

    I can hear in my head him saying that! He is always trying to be so positive.
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    @chandu28 - Do you know from where you got the article from?? Please post it thanks!
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    Taran Adarsh tweeted awhile ago -

    Eros will release Roshan Abbas's 'Always Kabhi Kabhi' on 17 June. Shah Rukh Khan produces the film.!/taran_adarsh
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    "Shahrukh didn't want actors to ape him" - Roshan Abbas

    One thing that the makers of 'Always Kabhi Kabhi' were clear about from the very beginning was that the focus of this campus entertainer would stay on the young ones which comprised of actors like Zoa Morani, Giselle Monteiro, Ali Fazal and Satyajit Dubey.
    "It is their film and this is how 'Always Kabhi Kabhi' would be rightly projected", says Roshan Abbas, the director who makes his debut with the film, "In fact I remember an instance when I was narrating the film to Shahrukh Khan. He suddenly started enacting a scene in his own manner. However he didn’t want any of the kids to see what he was doing as he wanted them to bring their own grammar. He didn't want them to ape him."
    While each of the actors eventually brought to fore his/her own style, from the creative perspective both Shahrukh and Roshan were convinced that 'Always Kabhi Kabhi' had to take an out and out commercial route.
    "That was a given", smiles Roshan, "I come from space of cinema which is commercial with songs and dances. The difference that we wanted to bring in though was that all of it had to be a little more believable. Today's cinema is anyways evolving and being real is the in thing. Of course you can have those huge glamorous sets but eventually I wanted them to live in their own existence. They couldn’t be fake."
    Well Roshan, we hope the film actually turns out to be just that i.e. an absolute original and believable sans anything which is fake.
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