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All that Glitters is Gold Sometimes

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Members' started by SRK Pagal, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. SRK Pagal


    Spoiler Warning!!!Review from a unbiased SRK lover

    Before the show ​

    I didnt like MHN that much but I expected to like this movie atleast a lil bit but after hearing the storyline I really wasn't interested n thought it would be kinda weird ,cheesy,only food for the eyes with songs n costumes not a good movie but said to myself i definitely wouldn't like it but would c it for SRK. :wub:

    I went like half an hour early n there was a huge line already and I and evryone else who went with me had to push and shove among all the desi peepz to get inside + people were saving each other seats when it was a first come first served basis since they told us to cut the tickets online ahead (they were a lot!) or we wouldn't get any tickets but they sold the tickets at the door....I got okay seats BUT the show started half n hour late.I was pretty pissed at the organizer after all this.

    Story,Direction,Costumes,Sets,Scenary, Songs

    Farah has done an outstanding job.I found this movie to be way better then MHN in all levels + the story was a lil different n was told really well. Something great about her movies is at the end she always shows every1 who worked in the film to all the technicians and art production peepz which is really very nice and kind of her to show all the really important people behind the scenes without whom the movie wouldn't have been possible.For me I felt like it was a tribute to Bollywood in the 70s.

    Deepika's costumes were to die for specially the one she wore when SRK first saved her, the black one , yellow polka dot dress, & pink lagenga she wore in the first scene. Everi1 who wore a sari in Deewangi song oman i want all those sari's specialy Rani's blue one so bad.Manisha Malhotra,Karan Johar and whomever else might've designed the outfits were geniuses.

    ALL throughout the movie the sets were so beautiful specially that whole lil town square with all those buildings and the mansion where Shanti got burned in.I would love to live in such a gorgeous house but I would be scare too lol :looney: All the scenes and background were so well filmed and extremely lively and colorful looking.

    Dhoom Tana- I was like " how did they get all those old 70s actors with Deepika in the same screen?? " ( i'm amazed my lil things.cant u tel? ;)). The most colorful song of all and I didn't like the song that much when I just heard it before but definitely one of my fave songs off the soundtrack now.

    Deewangi-I loved the end of the song and how it was cleverly put in and made sense in the movie.Ofcourse all the stars looked fabulous.

    Dard-E-Disco- Again very cleverly put in and made sense why it was in the film coz I was wondering how it went with the movie coz i thought it would just be like in the beginning of the film like Kaal Dhamaal was.Ofcourse no words or no need to describe SRK :love:

    Ajab Se-So beautifully sang and picturized.Extremely sweet.I loved it that they played it when Deepika first gets out of the car.

    Dastaan E Om Shanti Om- Song itself was so haunting and JUST MEZMERIZING. Shaan has done it again.I loved how this one song told the whole story of the movie.I'v listened to it so many times after seeing the movie I will scream if i hear it again now.

    Jag Soona Soona Lage-Another beautiful song and soooo sad.Picturization was amazing also.

    Main Agar Kahoon-I love the beginning.I JUST LOVE THIS SONG:crazy:!!!!


    Arjun Rampal- Very different role for him.Not his best performance but well done.He should do more roles like this that really shows his acting and not anything to do with his looks or body.

    Kirron Kher-I always love her in every movie.She was fantastic as usual.

    Shreyas Talpade- He has such great potential.Wonderful performance.I look forward to watching more of his future movies.

    Deepika-I wish her voice wasn't dubbed although I didn't really notice during the film but remembered afterwards.There wasn't much acting for her to do but she was great and I never really liked her B4 or find her all that attractive.SHE'S GORGEOUS :angelwings: !!! WOW!!! Well atleast onscreen in this movie she was. She n SRK didn't make a bad pair.

    The Best 4 last.SRK: Not an award worthy performance but a extremely well performance that wasn't to the point of overreacting. I loved his whole attitude of " yrd i'm the son of superstar." and his bratty attitude.Hilarious :D Kinda of like the bad guy attitude. He looked older in this film and I could see some wrinkles and aging in this face but I'm glad I saw that because I dont always want him to look or be portrayed as somone who always stays in young and lookz hot n great onscreen.

    Fave Scenes

    -SRK starts dancing at like the end of DT song and Deepika starts laffin n waves to him and he has to get carried away
    -Bhagoooooooooooooo!!!!!! :help: (enough said :sing:)
    - Uh ya I always have liked older woman ( it was like his childhood friend's mom.) and then Arjun screams
    -I dont give a damn to Arjun in the theatre with the red seats when they're watching the film alone together and Arjun decides to go back to USA.
    -Kirron Kher crying out and him gettin in the car and later saying ofcourse every woman wants me to be their son
    -He realizes its his real mom and his best friend Pappu and comes back to the place where they still live
    -Totally classic Filmfare Awards in real life...Abhishek man nominated for Dhoom 5 n he wasn't even IN IT! :rotfl: :rotfl: n AB senior saying he doesn't even know of Om Kapoor.
    -The end even though it was sooo sad that the real Shanti didn't come back n just vanished after waving a lil to Om Kapoor :-( :-(
    -I think it was in the roof...SRK tells Sandy why its important to him for her to act like Shanti

    Overall I was very entertained and wasn't bored at all throughout the movie. It was worth the money for the movie but not the crappy stuff to go thru to go c the movie which was the organizer's fault.
  2. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    thank you anika for the review :)
    but it was very hard for me to read and you have violated a major thing in the forum; language.

    Please copy/paste your review in Microsoft Word or Outlook, use "check spelling and grammer" and correct all the "wronglish" (Wrong English) words you had; c, n, peepz, thawt, etc... please mind your English when you post in the forum, many of us here speak English as 2nd language and will not understand it. more importantly, we want to speak/read proper English for others eyes like SRK when he reads it.

    please edit your post, thanks. ;):)
  3. SRK Pagal


    Its Aanika Wafaji ;).Welcome :) O sorry I copied and pasted since I wrote it originally for another forum.I will try my best to go back and edit all my words.:thumb:

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