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All about Shah Rukh Khan and his 'Jabra Fan'!

Discussion in 'Fan Music' started by roger, Mar 22, 2016.

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    All about Shah Rukh Khan and his 'Jabra Fan'!
    March 22, 2016

    Rarely in the history of Hindi cinema have we come across a full-fledged feature film, starring one of the topmost superstars, bereft of songs. Music, as we know, plays a vital part in the success of films and India's global super star , King of romance, Shah Rukh Khan has been the face behind countless memorable and chartbusting composition.


    When India's premier production house, Yash Raj Films announced FAN to be directed by Maneesh Sharma of BAND BAAJA BARAAT fame starring, Shah Rukh Khan, his fans were over the moon. But when we came to know that it would be a song less film (a story that we broke last December), we were left bewildered and wondered whether it was wise on the part of the makers to make a movie starring Shah Rukh Khan without any songs.

    However, all are apprehensions were laid to rest when we first heard the FAN anthem, ‘Jabra Fan', which released on 16th February. Composed by Vishal-Shekhar, who have been lying low for quite a while, the song hooks one instantly. There is a direct connect that one feels with the song. The tune is very easy on the lips and highly addictive. The arrangements yet again simple, very desi and not very grand. So much so has been the impact that the now top star, Ranveer Singh, a self confessed SRK fan, has put up his own tribute version on YouTube!

    Seldom does a song warrants so many versions but when its as catchy and as rhythmic as ‘Jabra Fan', and its Global superstar, Shah Rukh Khan the face behind the track, it's only natural that we have as many as 8 different versions of the song in different Indian local languages. Music knows no language and all the versions, sung excellently by famous artists strike an instant chord, and one feels like singing along with all of them. Here is a list of all the versions.

    Song Lyrist Singers Varun Grove Nakash Azi
    Jabra Fan (Hindi)

    ghaint Fan (Punjabi) Shailender Sodhi Harbhajan Mann

    Jabardast Fan (Bhojpuri) Ranju Sinha Manoj Tiwari

    Jabro Fan (Gujarati) Roshan Thakar Arvind Vegda

    Jabraa Fan (Marathi) Guru Thakur Avadhoot Gupte

    Byapok Fan (Bengali) Priyo Chattopadhyay Anupam Roy

    Takkara Fan (Tamil) B. Vijay Nakash Aziz

    Jabar Fan (Odia) Varun Grover Biebhukishore

    There is superb Arabic version as well and a remix of all the versions and one simply enjoys all.
    FAN was always an experimental film, a daring and a bold attempt, but we are sure that 'Jabra Fan' which has become a sort of an anthem, (its popularity is such and its only increasing) that the song (and versions) would surely prove a plus when FAN releases worldwide on 15th April.

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