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    Ok guys, I m also trying my hand at a fanfic... srk is in it of course, but i chose not to label the female as any actress, so that any one us can imagine any one we want to in her place. im telling you guys now, that i dont write as well as wafa didi or priya, but i just randomly started to write and thought i should share it with you guys... i dont know how it will turn out to be but i hope u guys like it :eek:


    Intro: This story is about a sentimental girl that had big dreams of her own. She had no one to call her own, and hence lived alone in a small apartment right outside of the city in Mumbai. She kept to herself and didn’t go out of her way to speak with anyone. People sometimes didn’t even realize she was around them; that’s how quiet she would be. She always kept this faint smile on her face, which made people think she was either quite happy or lonely. She never really reacted to anything and went on with her life as if there was nothing else to do. But one day, she stumbled upon a special someone that changed her forever.

    download link on pg 73!!!

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  3. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    It was pouring outside and I really didn’t want to leave the house. It was the peak of the monsoon season, and this is when I would miss being in the US, reason being that there was no such thing as the monsoon season. But I have to do what I have to do. I got dressed quickly for work and not so fancy because there was no guarantee that I would stay dry in this weather. I made sure that I had everything I needed for backup: umbrella, extra shoes, something to eat, and my mobile. I ran to my car and it didn’t surprise me that it wouldn’t start. I took out my umbrella and walked as fast as I could through the disgusting mud piles to the closest bus stop. I got onto the coming bus and realized that I was already covered in mud. Sad thing was, that since the people in the office knew me so well, they kept an extra pair of clothes for me along with something that I could wash up with.

    I ran into the office and went straight into my cabin so that I could change clothes. It took me all of ten minutes when my mobile rang. I went to go pick it up but it came up as an unknown number. I didn’t bother with it. I sat down at my table and started to take out all the pamphlets and papers regarding the new deals in travel. If you hadn’t figured it out by this point: I work for a travel agency as a travel agent. Every day was like any other, but there was something different about today. I knew something was going to happen; you could call it instinct or call it insanity. I used to tell Gita that. She worked in the cabin next to me and dealt with all the transactions. Every time I would tell her about this feeling that I had, she always had a smart reply for me and today was nothing different.
    “Gita, Im telling you. There is something new today.”
    “Sure there is: you’re still wet.” She laughed.
    While she kept laughing I had a customer walk into my cabin. He was a tall and dark man with a slim but fit figure. He had this aura about him that was quite charming. His thick black hair seemed to shine with the fluorescent lights in the office. He had innocent brown eyes, which Gita would have called the typical “bedroom eyes” of which I had no understanding. He had a very cute smile that would make any woman weak in the knees, but not me. I wasn’t interested. He seemed to know what he wanted and sat down across from me, ready to get to business.
    “Hi…uh, I needed to book a trip.” He said nervously.
    “Sure sir. Where would you like to go?”
    “Rajinder Nagar in Delhi.”
    “ Sure sir. We have a train, which leaves every day at about 7pm We also have a domestic flight via Air India or Indian Airlines that leaves at about half past 6 in the morning.”
    “I think I would rather go by the train.”
    “Sure sir. How many seats shall I book?”
    “Well, that depends.”
    “Depends on what sir?”
    “Are you willing to come with me?”
  4. Michelle


    hey sonal,am genelia.n its a brilliant start.:thumb: i liked de way u described srk.:rockon:
  5. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    thanks genelia....:peep:

    welcome to the forum :welcome:
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    thats great sonal !!! keep up the good work dear.:thumb:
  7. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    thanks didi.... :p
  8. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    ok here is some more... not really finished or anything... but just something i did now:

    I stared at him in bewilderment. I mean was this guy crazy? What was I supposed to say?
    “Uh…I…. excuse me?”
    He laughed (and of course Gita nearly fainted), “I was just kidding.”
    I smiled. “So how many seats will that be?”
    “Sure three. Anything else?”
    “Well I could reserve one more just in case you decided to come.”
    “You can go to the counter, and they’ll have your tickets ready.”
    “Thanks,” he said as he got up. He extended his hand expecting a handshake from me. I held back and smiled, and Gita gave me the look of death.
    “Enjoy your day sir.”
    Sadly, this guy was the only customer I had that day. My days passed more or less like this. I sat at the desk all day waiting for something interesting to happen. I guess today wasn’t one of those days. I kept staring at the clock and anxiously waited for my lunch break. I figured I would go to the shopping center across the street and do some window-shopping; it’s not like I was hungry or anything. Gita had just come back from her break and was going to take over for me while I went out.
    “How long will you be?” she asked.
    “I don’t know. Why? You just came back from lunch.”
    “Just asking yaar. I mean what if prince charming comes asking for you again?”
    “Gita, I told you to stop with those jokes. I don’t like them.”
    “C’mon yaar, lighten up. I mean he was really cute. I think you’d like him.”
    “Great! I didn’t know that you actually thought!”
    “Shut up and go already.” She growled. I loved doing that to her. We shared a very weird friendship, but it was good. I mean, ultimately if the time ever came that we needed each other, we knew that we could depend on each other.
    I gathered my stuff and walked across to the local Shoppers Stop. They had some kurtas on sale and I thought I’d check them out. The store for some unknown reason was really packed today. Then again, Valentine’s Day was coming up and people were doing some last minute shopping. I gathered some kurtas to try on and walked over to the fitting area. Luckily one of the stalls was open. I didn’t notice the other person running for the same stall and we smacked into each other while trying to get in.
    “Excuse me madam, I was here first.” He said. He smiled at me and started to laugh.
    “Well, I think God’s trying to tell us something.”
    “You?! I mean sorry, what are you doing here sir?”
    “Sir? You can all me Shahrukh. I needed some lunch…although Im not so sure about the shirts.”
    “Oh. I wanted to check out a few things myself.”
    “Nice… so are you planning on sharing this stall with me? I mean we just met and all, I though we’d at least wait for the second date to do anything like this.” He laughed.
  9. Michelle


    thnk u sonal.n de other part ov de story where srk n kads :bump2: in2 each other is funny.n her frendship wth her frend is reely cute.keep posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    thanks yaar... so i guess ur imagining kadz in it as the girl? coz like i said, anyone could be the girl :p
  11. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    I can’t believe what he said, but sadly enough I blushed. Gita should have been here to see this. He smiled at me and came closer.
    “Instead of changing together, why don’t we try lunch first?” he asked.
    “Uh…I don’t know. I mean I should get back to work.”
    “Sure, ok I guess. How about dinner then? Ill pick you up from work and we’ll go from there.”
    “Uh… I…”
    “7pm then?”
    “Great! Ill come get you.” He said as he walked away from me. I cant believe I was acting so stupid. I couldn’t even open my mouth to say, “Maybe next time.” Yeah, Gita really should have been here. Now Ill have to hear a lecture from her when I get back to work. But now…how am I going to go to dinner with him? I mean this is going to be my first day with a person I hardly know. I mean yeah, you go out with someone so that you get to know them, but I don’t want to know him; Gita does. I laughed at myself. Yup, Im so good at digging a hole for myself.
    I walked into the office about a half an hour early and Gita had the biggest smile on her face. It looked as if she knew everything already. Then I looked at the person that was sitting across from her.
    “Yes sweetheart?”
    “Don’t call me sweetheart!”
    “Then call me Shahrukh.” He laughed. (and Gita fainted yet again)
    “What are you doing here?”
    “Well bye the looks of the way you answered my dinner invitation, I though you would try to avoid me. So I decided why not come here and just wait until you’re done?”
    “Are you stalking me?” I cant believe I said that…He walked closer to me and was standing so close, that I could see his small chest hairs.
    “Do you want me to?” He asked seductively. I glanced over at Gita, and she was flat on the floor. And of course I wanted to laugh, but I couldn’t. You can imagine the situation.
    “I have work to finish.”
    “Ok, then Ill be waiting outside.” I wanted him to leave.
    “I might take some time…you know, I may be even very late.”
    “Its ok sweetheart. Take your time.” He called out.
    “Don’t call me sweetheart.” I muttered to myself.
  12. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    I tried to take as long as I could with my clients but for some reason, I couldn’t push until past 7pm. It was already about 6 and I was done. Gita would catch all the incoming clients and even told me that she would take over for me. She wanted me to go so badly and I wasn’t willing to. I tried to make up an excuse like, “Oh I didn’t bring a change of clothes.” But of course being the friend Gita is, she went out and brought me this black dress. I mean it was very nice. It had thin straps, with rhinestones embroidery along the front, and a low back (but not too low): still something I wouldn’t wear. Shahrukh even had enough time to go back home and get a black tux. Yeah so there was no way that I was going to get out of this mess.
    Shahrukh came inside and saw me hiding behind the desk. He came behind it and crouched down besides me and I didn’t even realize he was there until he whispered in my ear.
    “What are we pretending to look for?” he whispered. I bumped my head on the top of the desk and he cried in laughter.
    “You could have at least asked if I was hurt you know.”
    “Why should I ask if I knew it hurt?!” he laughed. ( I was waiting for Gita to faint again…looking at his dimples)
    “So sweetheart, are we ready?” (I thought I said not to call me that but…)
    “YES!!! SHE IS!!!!” screamed Gita. (I wanted to kill her at this point).
    “Good Ill get changed and ill be back in an hour.”
    Gita took me to the back room and helped me get ready. Only I know how nervous I was. I mean I had never gone out with anyone before. And I just met this guy today. I mean, Ill admit to you guys (not to Gita for apparent reasons) that he is cute, and charming; although I hate it when he keeps saying sweetheart, but I can bear that. But this all happened way too fast. Gita finished my hair as fast as she could and when I looked in the mirror, I have to say, she did a very good job. But I was still feeling uncomfortable in the dress. She told me how to act like I was used to it and Ill tell you, it wasn’t working. In the meantime, Shahrukh had already come to get me. He was waiting outside, in his black, (rather cute) BMW Z3. (I love this car!)
    Being the gentleman he was, he came out of the car and towards the steps of the building. He held out his hand like he was some prince charming and I was some princess; he held my hand and guided me towards the car. He opened the passenger side door and before he let me in, he turned to Gita.
    “Thanks Gita. She looks extremely sexy.” He winked at her. I turned bright red. He turned to me and said, “I mean rather attractive.” He smiled. I sat in the car nervous like anything and waited for him to come inside. We drove off in complete silence and it was killing me. I mean, none of us would say anything. Occasionally we would look at each other and smile, but that was it. I couldn’t help staring at the way he looked. I mean he was wearing the nice black tux with the red border with a satiny like collar (on the blazer) and I have to admit he looked hot.
    “So what type of food do you like?” he asked me. (What a way to start a convo I thought)
    “Um, anything as long as it doesn’t move and it’s thoroughly cooked.” He smiled. (Gita had to have fainted at this point.)
    “That’s a good start. I guess I like the same.”

    since i dont write that well and i dont know how to describe anything... this was the tux im talking about::behindsofa:

  13. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    The drive felt like it took hours when only we were driving for about ten minutes. I wasn’t even keeping track of where we were going (just in case I decided to come back myself). We pulled into this grand hotel that was in my opinion 7 stars. There was a nice man that came to the car and asked Shahrukh for the keys to the car. He then came to the side, which I was on and helped out of the car. Shahrukh extended his arm so that I could put mine around it and then led me into the hotel.
    “This place looks expensive.” I said nervously. I was getting the chills.
    “Well you don’t get good quality for a cheap price. And besides I wanted to take you somewhere special. You know, a special place for a special girl.” He smiled. (Gita are you reading?)
    “If you don’t mind me asking, how many girls have you used this line on?”
    “(laughs) Cute. Actually you’re the first one.”
    “Really? Looks like you’ve had practice.”
    The concierge welcomed us and led us to a table for two. I looked around and couldn’t seem to find any other people dining. It was weird to think that besides the staff of the hotel, I was alone with him.
    “Shahrukh, how come there isn’t any one else here?”
    “Because I booked the whole place. I didn’t want to be disturbed.” His gaze was making me nervous.
    “Oh how nice…” I muttered.
    “I hope Im not making you nervous.”
    The waiter came to our table and asked if we wanted any drinks. Shahrukh asked for the drink menu and asked the waiter to come back.
    “What shall we order? Wine?”
    “Uh, no sir. I don’t drink. A Pepsi would be fine for me.” He laughed when I said that. I know I sounded like an idiot.
    “First, sweetheart, don’t call me sir. Secondly, I guess the Pepsi will be fine too.”
    He ordered the drinks and we waited patiently. We looked at each other occasionally and smiled. He placed his hand above mine and smiled at me. He came closer to me and… That was it for me, I couldn’t take it anymore!
    “Look sir, Im very sorry but I can’t do this. I don’t think Im ready.”
    “What’s wrong? And I told you not to call me sir.”
    “This is all too much for me. I mean, you’re acting as if you’ve known me for so long!”
    “How is that?”
    “You’re touching me.” He laughed.
    “You’re joking right? I mean all I did was hold your hand.”
    “The way you held it. I mean you were squeezing it. Look, I can’t do this. Can you please take me home?” He looked disappointed.
    “Sure. If that makes you feel better, I will.”
    He took me home and didn’t say a word to me in the car. But the thing that bothered me was that he smiled the whole ride home. We pulled into the driveway of my building and he just started to laugh. He was laughing uncontrollably.
    “What are you laughing at?” I yelled at him.
    “Nothing yaar. I mean you actually believed that I booked the whole place?”
    “What? You were lying to me?”
    “I wasn’t lying. I wanted to seem romantic. Ok, look: I know I came on a bit strong. But thing is, that I really like you. And I want to be able to have a chance with you.”
    I didn’t say anything. I was too nervous and embarrassed at the same time.
    “Shahrukh, you’re a sweet guy. I mean even Gita loves you and she doesn’t even know you. You would be able to get any girl. But I don’t think Im ready for all of this yet. Im not the regular type of girl that goes out on dates and has boyfriends. Im a simple girl leading a simple life. Truth is, I never was really exposed to any of this. I like to stay to myself. I don’t want you to feel bad and I don’t want you to think that this was all because of you. It’s me and Im not ready yet.” He smiled; his eyes were glowing in the moonlight. His hair was so shiny that it nearly looked blue and the fact was, was that I wasn’t able to stop staring at him.
    “Well then I guess only one thing can come out of this date.”
    “What’s that?”
    “You could call me in for coffee.” We both laughed. He wished me a good night and kissed my forehead. I got up to get out of the car, and he followed me to the door. He gave me a hug and waited until I opened the door.
    “Shahrukh, um… you want to try this again some other time?”
    “You’re actually willing to go out with me again?”
    “Yeah. I mean why not? I don’t want to be lectured by Gita every day you know.”
    He laughed. “Sure Ill stop by and we’ll see.”
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    Sonal this is a fabulous story:thumb: ! Keep it comin'!:)
  15. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    thanks ananya... i wasnt sure as to keep posting... but ill post more later
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    Gr8 story! U gotta post more soon gal! Keep it up!
  17. sonal

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    thanks shibani.... :p
  18. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    thanks shibani.... ill be posting some in a bit
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    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    I walked into the flat, and sat by the window watching him walk towards his car. He stopped before he got in and looked back at me through the window. He gave me a loving smile and waved.

    I couldn’t sleep that night. I stayed up thinking how I actually had the guts to go out with a guy that I hadn’t even known. I mean for me, this was a big step. I mean he was a nice guy and I did feel bad about the scene I created in the restaurant, but I don’t know…I don’t think I was ready. But now, all I can think of was the way he smiled at me. It was as if he wanted to say, “Don’t leave me. Give me another chance.” I wanted to call him. But I didn’t think that was a good idea.
    I got up late and apparently I was going to be late for work. I ran into work as soon as I could but it didn’t matter. No one was there: we had no clients and everyone was just sitting around as if nothing was happening.
    “Good morning Gita. What’s wrong? How come its so quiet?”
    “Don’t know yaar. I mean it really isn’t traveling season, so we have no one here.”
    “Great. Then what shall we do all day?”
    “Oh yeah, I just remembered. Your boyfriend left you a message.”
    “My boyfriend?”
    “C’mon. The sexy guy you met yesterday.”
    “Gita…he’s not my boyfriend.” I blushed.
    “Sure, sure. Well he called you for lunch today. Mind if I come along?”
    “Are you serious? And no you can’t come.”
    “Why? Something personal?” She laughed.
  20. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    im typing this right now.. so i dont have much right now...

    “Gita, shut up.” I sat down at my table and listened to the recording.
    Hey sweetheart, it’s me. Thought we should try lunch. Don’t worry about last night. I wont do something stupid like that again. Call me na…we’ll just hang out. Ok? Call me before 1. Ill see you later…bye the way Gita, if you’re listening to this, make sure she gets the message please? Or I won’t show you my dimples.
    I smiled listening to his message. He was a sweet guy, but for some reason I still couldn’t understand as to why he wanted to be with me. Anyway I decided to call him.
    “Yes, sweetheart. I see you got my message.”
    “So what do you say? Lunch?”
    “Um sure.”
    “Great Ill come get you.” I can’t believe I set a date with him again. But this time I thought it would be safe if he came to my house instead.
  21. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    I did some work on the computer and set up some new deals on the company site. That needed loads of updating and I thought since I had nothing to do, I should do that. Bye the time I finished I didn’t realize that Shahrukh was already sitting in my cabin, right in front of me.
    “Oh Shahrukh. Im sorry. I was busy---….”
    “It’s alright yaar. I walked in quietly. I should have said something.”
    “No…it’s ok. Give me just a minute, Im almost done.”
    Gita walked into the cabin with the biggest smile on her face.
    “Hi, Gita. How are you sweetheart?” He smiled and she nearly fainted.
    “Im fine sir. And you?”
    “Doing great. Will you join us for lunch?”
    “Oh, no sir. But thanks. You enjoy each other.” She smiled.
    “Gita!!!” I screamed. “What is that supposed to mean?” Shahrukh laughed like no end.
    “No I didn’t mean it that way yaar…oh forget it. I have some work to do. Bye guys.”
    I turned to Shahrukh with a red face. He couldn’t stop laughing.

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