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A Second Chance

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by Bolllysrk, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    i love Samar :love: :love: what a great guy, after what she's done to him...he must really love her a lot! thnx for the quick update :hug: keep'em coming! :bounce:
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  2. franny

    franny smile!

    i love that they are making a try to understand each other and solve problems :) Samar is one great guy, didn't expect him to forgive her so easily but he is right....he has to move because thats life, one cant live in the past :) awesome chapters :) hope you post soon
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  3. Neeran

    Neeran It's only us!

    Here is my feedback as you requested:

    Love the story so far! Very well written and quite compelling yet simple narrative as the story itself sounds so believable and anyone can feel for. Must say I feel sad for Samar at the moment more than Naina somehow...He seems the one who suffers a lot during their 5 years departure than her...plus losing his baby without even being informed and all. But looks like Naina is in more complex thoughts regarding Samar and herself. She is in the zone of trying to protect her identity yet drawing back to Samar's embrace despite him taking the wrong road to have her back.

    I could see the story exactly as it's translated into an intimate mainly two people's film and still being interesting.

    Would love for you to keep updating regularly without much delay if you could. I'm quite integrated as I could easily see SRK doing such role. Try not to take much time please....so much wait always get me bored and I must confess as of now I get excited everyday to read what happened next to your story. Thanks.

    Sorry, if I don't comment much and gave feedback. I sometimes don't know what to say in response to a chapter rather just replaying with a thank you click showing my likeness. Regards. :)
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  4. Clarisa

    Clarisa Member

    omg omg plz update soon!
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  5. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    don't worry she will realise why he is so great soon too!
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  6. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    He has waited 5 years so its not that easy how he is forgiving her, but its the right step because he can't have everything. He needs her consent as well, i hope ur liking the story!
  7. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    Thankyou so much for such Kind words!!! It's just i hv read so many fanfics and i feel the woman characters really need much more depth and strength, i feel that in most of Shahrukh's films the women have that upper hand so to say, it felt right giving Naina the upper hand in this story! So please keep giving your feedback, it helps with the direction of the story for sure!!
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  8. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    Chapter 9

    After hours of finally reuniting at many emotional levels and at the least in the physical sense Samar rolled off Naina to crash his head on the pillow. Was he amazed by what had just happened; absolutely. But what made him happier was that there was a chance at getting so much more than this. He knew that there was a larger chance at a brighter future between them now. Trying to even their breathing and constant panting, Samar finally uttered his first clear words of their moment, “That was fu*king amazing.” Naina smiled out as well and then turned her head to face him, “I know right, just like wine some things get better with age.” She turned her head to look back up again with glee, while Samar placed himself on top of her again, “I don’t know if that’s a dig at my age or a compliment to my ability.”

    She grabbed his neck and pulled him in for a quick kiss, “hey I’m complimenting your age and your ability. It’s the highest compliment of all.”

    Samar laughed and swung Naina so she was lying on him instead, easily using his chest as a pillow she laid comfortably.

    Samar spoke, “all these years when we were apart did you think about getting married?”

    Naina looked at him while he looked up to the ceiling, “to you, no.” He laughed, “but I did think about it, though no one I met came remotely close to it. The relationships I was in were good but I out of the three only one had the potential of marriage, and things didn’t really work out between us.”

    Uneasiness came into Samar as Naina talked about her past, his grasp on Naina became significantly stronger. “How come things didn’t work out.”

    Naina looked down and traced her fingers on his chest; “he could sense I didn’t completely love him. And that’s where I want to drop this topic.”

    He looked back down and didn’t push the topic further, “are you thirsty, should I get you water?”

    She pushed herself a little higher; “I’m absolutely fine,” kissing him she laid back down. “Can we get some sleep please, I don’t even want to look at the clock right now.” Giggling she closed her eyes, Samar kissed her forehead lightly, and comfortably drifted of to a sweet slumber in a long time.

    Waking up Naina couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed, the sun rays drenched the room completely, and the empty spot next to Naina. Clenching the sheets at first Naina saw her lingerie on the floor. Picking it up she dressed herself and noticed that Samar had left his shirt on the bed with a note.

    It looked good on you the first time I saw it

    She smirked as she read it and then put on the shirt. Walking out she noticed Samar as usual sipping his coffee and reading the newspaper, until his eyes laid upon her.

    “I knew that shirt was meant for you.”

    She laughed, “what’s the time?”

    “12” he said casually.

    Her eyes widened, “don’t worry I called your work place and said you were sick and couldn’t come in today. Nothing to worry sweetheart.”

    She closed them in relief, “I’ve never done this.”

    He pulled her hand to make her sit on his lap, “what me? or lied at work?”

    She playfully answered, “you I’ve done, lying at work that’s new for me.”

    “When did you get the reading glasses?” She asked looking at his reading glasses; they made him a lot more mature and even a little more sexier than he already was she had to admit.

    “What can I say, I’m getting old. Though I thought the red frame was supposed to make me look young and hip, not too sure about it now.”

    She laughed again, “they look good, and the red does weirdly suit you.”

    He brought his hand to engulf her waist, “last night was amazing.”

    She smiled with a little blush, “It was, and I definitely don’t regret it.”

    Samar remembered his opposite assumption last night.

    “I should definitely be heading back home now, I will have tones of work left over if I don’t.” Naina tried getting up, but failed as Samar pulled her back down.

    “Today I need to say something to you Naina,”

    She waited and he stuttered but got his grasp right to say what he had wanted for a long time. “I want the baby because I want you, not because I want to punish you.”

    His voice stoped as the words had finally came out, Naina’s heart missed a beat and then her eyes glistened. She let the tears fall and didn’t care how many there were, and then she simply threw her arms around Samar to hug him like she used too and had found everything she wanted. She had to say the words now, she had to say them because she meant them right now in this very moment, “I love you Samar, I always have.” He smiled in victory, he had accomplished what he had set out to do, win her all over again, and he realised that with the right words it was possible. His arms at that moment didn’t want to move and ever let her leave him again.
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  9. franny

    franny smile!

    yay she loves him ....thanks for making her say it :lol: Samar is a great guy, she's so lucky :) awesome chapter but too too short...need more :eyebrows:
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  10. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    AHHHH! i'm so happy :bounce:
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  11. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    :pout: really missing the story
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  12. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    I'm sooo sorry for the delay!!! I will update ASAP
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  13. Clarisa

    Clarisa Member

    its been too long plz update soon
  14. Clarisa

    Clarisa Member

  15. Clarisa

    Clarisa Member

    ok plz dooo this is one of the best i hv read!
  16. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    I am so so sorry for the delay, unavoidable things happened and hence it took me so long, but i am posting the next chap UP!
  17. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    Chapter 10

    She finally got back home that evening, even though a large part of her wanted to stay with him. Getting back home she realised something weird, the light of her guest bedroom was turned on. She never thought she even went in that room let alone turn the light on before leaving. Getting a closer look she walked forward only to see her sister unpacking her bag and then screaming at the sight of seeing Naina.

    “AHHHHHH, I missed you so much!” she screamed in excitement.

    Naina was simply dumbstruck she for a moment had thought some intruder had gotten into her apartment, finally sighing in relief and excitement when her sister appeared.

    “I missed you too Riya! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

    She laughed, “well the best thing about having a key to your sister’s apartment is that you can give her a surprise when ever you want. Though I thought Samar might crack it and tell you!”

    Naina was lost , “wait he knew that you were coming?”

    “Yeah I told him last night, he told me you were with him so I assumed you would stay the night and that would leave me a window of opportunity to get into your apartment!”

    Naina laughed, “I can’t believe it, he didn’t even hint it that you were coming!”

    Riya raised her eyebrows, “well my dear sister he was clearly busy with other things.”

    Naina couldn’t believe but she was blushing, and that gave Riya even more leverage to tease her more.

    “Oh just stop it Riya.”

    “Grow up Naina, I have known about the two of you for such a long time, I couldn’t believe that you broke up with him and then didn’t speak to him for 5 years! That must be some kind of love that you decided to jump right back on marriage wagon straight after getting back together, btw thanks for informing me? I had to find out from Samar that you had said yes to him! Seriously so disappointed Naina! I should have heard this from you, you’re the closest person in my life!”

    Naina felt so bad and guilty but it wasn’t in her control, Riya had no idea what the actual circumstances even were, and under what pressure had Naina said yes. None of it was ideal to tell Riya.

    “How bout I make some much needed coffee and we talk about this over that?” Riya agreed, and Naina got busy with the coffee.

    They both sat drinking from their mugs on the plush carpet, Riya didn’t waste anytime, “we don’t have enough time for shopping so all your outfits have been ordered and I though we could shop for lingerie.”

    Naina just stared back at her, “what do you mean they have been ordered? How could you do that without even asking me? I mean I am the one getting married?”

    Riya raised her eyebrows again, “didi where the hell are you these days, last time on the phone you told mumma to tell me to take care of everything! I did just as she told me! Plus you don’t actually believe with the time left now that you would even get anything custom made!”

    Suddenly it hit Naina that she indeed had told her mumma, all in anger because she hated the idea of the wedding. Now she had no choice but to go by it!

    “What it’s only hitting you now? Seriously what have you been doing, there was a time all I ever heard from you was ‘call back later, in the middle of work’, you’re seriously going to have to prioritise after you get married!”

    “I know,” Naina replied quietly.

    “I ordered Manish Malhotra for the wedding, it’s a navy blue lehnga and a Sabyasachi Sari for the reseptions. I ordered a few extra pieces from Manish for the mehndi and other functions so you can pick I hope that doesn’t sound so bad?”

    Naina sighed in relief at least Riya knew the designers she liked, “I guess not, it could have been worse.”

    “Have you made honeymoon plans yet? Or are we already celebrating?”

    Naina blushed again, “what’s gotten into you?”

    Riya laughed, “You’re such a teenager! You’re clearly enjoying the sex then aren’t you! I have had a dry spell for too long.”

    They both burst laughing, it had been a long time since the sisters could just sit and joke around with each other; just be the best of friends.

    Few days had gone by and Naina was working like a machine back at work. Though what pissed her off was that Samar hadn’t called. It was more annoying than anything but to her it was like a game at this point, who would pick the phone up first and admit that they missed each other. Riya after work had kept Naina busy with lingerie shopping, for some odd reason now Naina didn’t mind at all; in fact she was even enjoying herself. They made other wedding arrangements, officially applied for her leave and then even enjoyed driving in her new car. Though Samar’s call was still bugging her, why hadn’t he just call?

    Driving back home that night she wanted to take take-out, so Riya could be spared cooking for night even though she loved it. But calling Riya to ask what she wanted all she got in reply was, “just come home dinner is taken care off”. Once again leaving Naina no choice in the matter as she headed home. Reaching her apartment she sensed a difference from the door, she heard music and laughter, entering in she saw Riya and Samar happily chatting away at the kitchen counter while he was busy cooking.

    Naina just smiled in aww, this was going to be her family, or it already was.

    Samar saw her come in, he noticed that she looked drained out and tired, but she was smiling at his presence for the first time and that made his heart swell. He smiled in return while Riya went straight to orders.

    “Okay since you have eyes you can see that dinner is being made by none other than my soon to be brother in-law, while you should clearly go shower and join us when you look more presentable.”

    Samar just laughed and Naina stared her down, “more presentable Riya, I’ll show you presentable.” Naina chucked her car-keys aiming straight at Riya’s head. Riya ducking just in time and Samar took over to calm them down.

    “Ok you shut up,” pointing at Riya, “and you look gorgeous but dead so liven up a bit.”

    Naina just laughed, “still not smooth Samar, its still an insult by comparing me to a corpse.” She headed to her bedroom to shower off her exhausting day.

    Coming back she had a white casual dress draped on, while Samar and Riya were busy setting up the table. The two really got along well and realised that Samar could never marry Riya, he loved her like a sister and had things reached that level they would have been dam awkward. During all this Samar saw Naina in all her innocence and purity while she came towards the dinning table to be seated.

    Popping down the dinning table chairs she looked up to see Samar who was seated opposite her, while Riya was sitting to her right.

    Riya was quick to bat off, “the two of you love birds have to keep your eyes on the food, not each other.”

    Samar smirked and picked up his wine glass, “I have my eyes on my meal Riya, I wonder where you’re staring.”

    “oh Shut up!” She smirked in a reply.

    Samar lifted Naina’s glass and started pouring her wine, she politely accepted.

    Then he spoke, “you’re awfully quite tonight.”

    She replied, “Tired at first but now completely surprised to see the both of you here, the apartment’s never felt this lively before.”

    He was then concerned, “everything ok at work?”

    “yeah, yeah don’t worry. Just allot to do before I take my leave.”

    Then Riya interjected, “takes me to the next part of the problem, where is your honeymoon in all this? You took a week off after the wedding right?”

    Samar was quick to answer, “don’t worry about that, its my problem and I have it all sorted it out.”

    Naina just stared, she had taken the week off, but she thought they could use it to get used to life living together after getting married, clearly Samar had made plans already.

    They all enjoyed their meal from there on as well as the conversation they had that evening. Each other’s company and more importantly their love for each other was what shocked and suprised her.

    Riya then headed off to bed, “you two kids be nice and keep it PG rated, while I try and sleep.” They all laughed and she wished them goodnight.

    Samar took some more wine over to the couch and guided Naina over to it. Crashing down first and then dragging Nain to sit with her back against his chest they snuggled up. Sitting in absolute silence first and then finally Naina spoke up.

    “You know I was waiting for you to call.”

    And he smirked behind her back, “and I was waiting for yours.” She elbowed him in the chest, and he fake ouched in return.

    “Seriously Samar I was.”

    He grabbed her by the waist, “I rocked up at your place, that’s so much better.”

    She persisted, “Still! I waited!”

    He then went close to her ear, pressing up against her back to the point where she could sense his heartbeat. “I am completely and hopelessly in love with you Naina, whether I call or not, you’re all that goes through my mind.”

    She turned her head to kiss him as he finished that sentence, slowly and burningly their kiss heated up. She pulled back to whisper, “I’ve waited all night to do that.” He brought forward his forehead to rest it on hers.
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  18. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! FINALLY u're back! :love: i just love this story! u really need t keep updating please. it's great work! :bounce:
  19. Imanek

    Imanek Active Member

    superb chapter i love your story can't wait to see what's next but please update more often we are dying to read the next chapter very good work
  20. Imanek

    Imanek Active Member

    superb chapter i love your story can't wait to see what's next but please update more often we are dying to read the next chapter very good work

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