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A Second Chance

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by Bolllysrk, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    This is my first story so let me know if you would like it to continue. Its inspired by a few characters of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. Their chemistry on screen is undeniable but they haven't done a serious romance as such, therefore this is my take on a more intense romance.
    My Characters are Naina Sharma [​IMG]
    And Samar Malhotra

    Chapter 1

    A friend’s wedding is never the occasion to run into your ex, but unfortunately that’s exactly where she was, and completely trapped. An entire night of awkward staring and avoiding was in play and they had silently made it a point to not even recognise each other. Naina Sharma whole-heartedly believed that she was over him, and it had been way too long for her to still somehow care about him, but his first glimpse brought back everything. Their memories from being best friends to lovers, their deep-rooted love and care to obsessive passion, all flashing in a matter of seconds. She saw it all flash before her eyes as he came in front of her nearly after 5 years. At the age of 29 she was a successful attorney working for a top law firm in New York, everything was on track and exactly how she wanted it. But somewhere inside the end of her relationship with Samar was one of the most disturbing periods of her life. She didn’t like thinking about it let alone discussing it with anyone. It was best to put things to rest.

    Naina then tried to sneak another glimpse, he didn’t come alone and then she thought why would he? He was handsome enough to make any girl go week in her knees, and apparently even the blond that was hanging of his arm. Naina just turned away in disgust before the blond got a chance to shove her tongue down his throat.

    Samar Malhotra was the son of her family’s closest friends; He was her long time best friend/crush before they ever became romantically involved. Samar was 6 years older than her but that never stopped them from being friends, instead she found admiration in his maturity. A hotshot investment banker wasn’t too bad for a career topped off with his brooding looks. She saw that he was growing a stubble these days; it probably intensified his looks beyond anything and made him all the more irresistible. His personality still allured to be magnetic, and everyone knew that either he was a great catch for women or they were a great catch for him. Naina just couldn’t believe how messed up their lives had truly become that they were at a stage where they refused to meet each other’s eyes.

    It was his turn to look at her, trying to pull away for his date he made his way to the bar. Getting his favourite scotch on the rocks, and then drowning it immediately down his throat he tried to wash away her face, miserably failing. She was far sexier than he remembered, her chocolate brown curls cascading down to her tiny waste, her face radiating more than ever, and her smile still as infectious. He didn’t want his eyes to pull away but he knew he should, she was never going to be the woman he could love, not after what she did. Some things were better left untouched, and in the past 5 years he thought he had succeeded. It didn’t surprise him to see her in the big apple because her ambitions were always wild and he knew she had every capability of making it big, he admired that about her at one point. But he never thought he would bump into her here either. Her sari was hung dangerously low with her back nearly entirely exposed. Her blouse could mistakenly be called a bra with glittering sequences on it. He didn’t realise how much skin show did she started to invest in her life these days, how desperate was she? He always remembered the shy girl who was conscious of anyone giving her a look; today it looked like she wanted any attention that was thrown at her. The royal blue colours though always looked ravishing on her light caramel skin, her eyes still big and wide reminding him of the innocence she held within them.

    The clock was striking 2:00 am and the phere had begun, the pundit had started his mantars and Naina wouldn’t lie to herself but she felt sleep slowly taking over her body. To her surprise she saw Samar seated exactly opposite her for the ceremony, his eyes this time boring into hers. She tried looking away but realised he wasn’t giving up. She saw that his date had already left which was some sort of a relief. It probably hit her then that he must have been there from the groom’s side since she knew that her friend knew nothing of Samar as they met after her break-up. The ceremony neared the end but Samar’s gaze didn’t leave Naina, it was as present and intoxicating as any liquor. She was glad that she didn’t have too much wine tonight or she was sure she would have gone up to him and made a fool out of herself.

    Then she decided to look back at him, it didn’t soften his gaze but it brought back more and more memories by the minute. She could sense their nights of passionate sex and love making as if it were yesterday, as if in all these years no one ever came close enough to him. She would lie to herself that having sex with anyone was the same thing, but deep down she knew it wasn’t. What her and Samar had was much more. The bride and the groom finished their seven sacred circles but Samar and Naina refused to let anything distract their silent walk down memory lane. She saw though the harshness of his gaze that he hadn’t still forgiven her, she knew he probably never would either but there was nothing she could do about what had been done. She made a hard choice and she stuck with it, even if the consequences meant loosing him.

    The ceremony ended and everyone showered the new couple with flowers and blessings. Naina knew it was the time to make her way home, she saw her wrist watch and noticed it was nearly 3:30 am. It would be near impossible to get a cab at this time, and especially in this part of the city. The bidai was quite emotional even though it didn’t hold any significant meaning to her in todays day and time, but the parting away of a daughter to a new life was an important rite of passage. Naina quickly collected her things and made her way downstairs to call up a cab, not realising that Samar was right behind her.

    He spoke clearly but authoritatively like he always did, “don’t wait for a cab, I’ll drop you home or where ever you need to go.”

    She turned to look at him the closest he had been tonight, like age had only made him so much more handsome than he was, but she collected herself and realised she couldn’t rely on him, not anymore.

    “I’ll be fine, you go ahead.”

    He wasn’t impressed, “just walk to my car and I’ll drop you. It too late and I don’t need anything to happen to you tonight.”

    She was getting irritated, “I think it’s best if we continue to ignore each other like the rest of this night, its better for both our sakes.”

    She walked off to the other corner of the street, but Samar wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He walked up right behind her and maybe the alcohol took over him or his irrational mind but he forcefully grabbed her wrist and made her look at him. “Stop being a dammed feminist for two seconds and listen to me for the sake of your own safety!”

    He almost hissed every word, and then he realised that her eyes were glistening. She wasn’t struggling anymore so she obediently followed him to his car. He opened the door for her to get in and then something hit her sight, it was a pendent dangling down his mirror. She knew without touching it that it was the one he gifted her on her birthday and the one she angrily threw at him on their last fight. He still had it in his car as a reminder everyday, how much had she hurt him she thought.

    He sat down with her and started driving, “where do you live?” he asked.

    She looked at him patiently and then looked back ahead, “Brooklyn.” He nodded politely, and continued to drive.

    He spoke again, “how have you been?”

    She smirked, “seems sort of irrelevant to ask doesn’t it?”

    He wasn’t amused, “I don’t see why?”

    “We spent an entire night ignoring each other Samar, I would say it’s pretty irrelevant to ask now.” She didn’t want to talk more than she had to.

    He couldn’t take her attitude anymore; “well maybe you should have thought of that before you decided to abort my child, and that too without even telling me that you were pregnant.”

    Her heat skipped a beat, and he cringed in regret for letting his anger get the best of him. A death silence awaited them.
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  2. franny

    franny smile!

    Yessss another story here, awesome :clap2: i must say i love the beginning of your story....there is a lot of love between Naina and Samar and also bitterness too ;) hope they will work it out but we will see that through the story won't we? :lol: can'y wait though....so please update fast because i love love love it :p more when Samar is so intense and sexy as you describe it....and with stubble too :D yummyyyy :hungry: waiting for more

    And welcome here :love:
  3. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    Thankyou so much !!!! is it possible to somehow edit the thread, i realised i made a few mistakes ?
  4. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    ok i came here rather irritated abt the fact that u kind of advertised ur fanfic on mine's thread, BUT this is outstanding! i was totally taken aback and really surprised! really loved the beginning and am really waiting for more! now how abt another bonus chapter :biggrin1: hehe
  5. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    First of all i sincerely apologises about making you feel that i wanted to advertise my fic on your thread! Its just its not a very active account thats why i thought i would see if someone is interested in reading this! but thank you for the kind words!
  6. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    Chapter 2

    Silence awaited both of them, he wanted to kill himself for reminding both of them of all the pain they suffered, and she wanted to jump out of the car because she didn’t want to deal with him at all. No matter how irrational they felt inside they weren’t going to do anything stupid, at least now. She stayed quiet at first while he cursed himself.

    “I think you know why I didn’t tell you, and yes I did think about it before, hence you and me were over.” She said it with such a coldness that it was hard for him to digest. Was the idea of them having a child so disgusting to her?

    He stayed quiet for the rest of the trip and as they got closer to her city he asked for an exact address and directions. Nearing a relatively new building Samar saw the newly built apartments and expecting one of them to be Naina’s.

    She said her thankyou and moved towards the door when he spoke again, “I would have never forced you, you know?” He said it with the most sincerity.

    She looked into his eyes not sure if it was the truth or not, “no you would have emotionally blackmailed me instead.” She flatly stated.

    He closed his eyes in pain, realising how low he was in her eyes, how could she not trust his love and that it was meant all for her before anything. “I stayed shut up in front of our families for your sake Naina! I wanted to marry you the minute I told you that I loved you; you said you needed time and I waited without questioning. I waited and kept waiting while you did what ever you wanted. I’m sorry Naina but from where I’m standing you emotionally blackmailed me.”

    Naina who was about to leave his car couldn’t help but let tears escape her eyes, why did he have to do this now and after 5 years. He grasped her wrist and yanked her body to face him.

    “If anyone deserves an apology then its me Naina, you ruined me.” He whispered nearing her face.

    His eyes scanning every corner of her face, trying to ignite every inch of her body with his eyes.

    She finally gathered all her courage to speak up, “what did you expect Samar, we break the news to our parents saying ‘we’re pregnant.’ Huh? I was for fucks sake 24 years old! I had an entire career ahead of me, and a life that I worked my ass off for. I didn’t spend my years and my education all to give up for something my parents invested their life in, something I invested my life into. How the **** is it is fair that you get all you want, being successful and rich topped with a trophy wife and then an automatic kid? ARE you seriously that delusional as a man to ignore that women too have dreams apart from running a home? Because if that’s the case then THANK GOD I LEFT YOU WHEN I DID!” She screeched out her words so it would hurt him hard.

    He was dumbstruck at her outrage but more so at her own delusional state of fabricated mind. Her belief was simply to make Samar the villain of the story, probably making it easier for her to digest. “I wouldn’t have made you do anything except carry that child safely to term, I would have given up my entire life so both your dreams would come true.” He stated it quietly and flatly.

    She was lost for words for sure, but not at all convinced. “Please! This is just a way to guilt trip a ‘selfish’ women like me. Let go of my hand Samar, we were done a long time ago.”

    He didn’t let go; instead he let a tear drop from his eyes. At this point she felt like she lost absolute control over emotions, screaming at him was only to reaffirm everything she wanted to believe. It was all in her head because she knew he loved her very much.

    He looked down and then slowly back up at her, moving in closer and diminishing the gap between their foreheads he whispered, “I can’t.” He wanted nothing but to kiss her lips after all those years, just to feel her warmth all over him again. A part him so desperately wanted to but so much was stopping him as well, knowing that this was going to go nowhere.

    Suddenly he let go of her hand and without even thinking Naina ran out the door to her apartment. She didn’t wait for him to utter a word and banged his car door as loudly as she could. Leaving him cursing out loud in his car. He hated that she had such a strong pull over him still, he hated that he probably loved her even after what she did. This wasn’t right and neither fair on him, he believed that he played the cards correctly, that he deserved better didn’t he? Why the heartless ***** who refused to believe him even now?

    He drove for a little while thinking that he was headed back home, realising that he had unfinished business with Naina to tend to, which couldn’t wait a second longer. He parked his car in a nearby alleyway and then pretended to be a drunken idiot to get past the main security to open up. He had memorised the room that had lightened up when Naina ran towards her apartment so he could roughly guess her apartment. He took off his jacket and untied his tie to breath before doing this, and then he knocked.

    Naina was sitting in her room trying to unpin her sari from her shoulder while contemplating all that had gone through the evening, finally managing to get the pin out she relieved her fingers before going any further. And then she heard some vigorous knocking, thinking that it was her neighbour since her bell hadn’t gone off so she walked over to open the door. Only to be shocked by his presence. There he stood in his crisp white shirt that dangled a tie around its collar with a jacket over his arm. She honestly didn’t know how he got in and she certainly didn’t want him there, but there was no stopping him. After a few seconds he made his way into her apartment.

    “Samar this isn’t the time nor place, please leave and don’t make this more difficult then it already is.”

    He didn’t utter a word, yet he stared at her. Her sari was barely hanging on her shoulder and her eyes were only on him.

    He smirked at her then, “make me.”

    She was annoyed and angry, this wasn’t how men were supposed to behave and especially men that respected women.

    Her eyes went back up at his open buttoned shirt; everything about Samar screamed sex at that very moment, but she had to deviate her mind no matter what. He couldn’t possibly be here just for that could he?
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  7. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    u missed the point yaar, i told u i loved ur story! :lol: haha. and it's ok :p ok now reading the next chapter! :typing:
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  8. franny

    franny smile!

    there's so much chemistry between those two characters :) it feels from the way you write it :) they have to deal with their feelings now that they met again and that won't be easy...hope they get their second chance :) awesome chapter, waiting for a new one :hug:
  9. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    this is HOOOOOOOOOT :flame: i'm sorry but Shahrukh is already "sex on toast" as he put it in that tinkfest :rofl: so my mind is running wild here!
    heartless b**** is what i would call her as well :tsk: what is wrong with her? how could she give up a baby with this man!! omg. i really need to know more abt her but seriously??? she's crazy :loco: and omg the chemistry is !!!!!! just breathtaking. this story is gonna be the end of me lol.
    dear i'm glad u decided to post this here! :love: pls update soon na :p
  10. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    Thankyou!! Can't wait for you to read more!
  11. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    Oh really glad you enjoyed it ! Though i know she seems cold but she isn't all that bad! I think she had a point of view as well thought she went about it without telling him which is wrong. And she was awfully young so i don't think in the long run she would have been a good mother anyway. Though i'm glad the story interests you and i can't wait to update!
  12. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    Chapter 3

    She stood there ready to slap him hard across the cheek, had this man no self-respect? Turning up uninvited to a women’s house at nearly 4 am in the morning.

    “Say what you have to say and then get lost, my tolerance for your bullshit is usually quite high but forgive me if I feel a little intruded upon right now.”

    She wasn’t going to give up so easily and she had to make it clear.

    “I thought I’d make a few things clear, you know so I don’t leave anything out.” Samar had confident in his voice and attitude on his lips, this slightly worrying Naina.

    “My parents have been calling me relentlessly, you know same old get married already, you’re getting older by each day blah blah.”

    Naina’s eyes perked up, “What does this have to do with me?” She asked in concern.

    He smirked in return, “Actually allot, you see your parents have been quite eager too, apparently about you getting married as well. So naturally they’ve been trying to match us up for a while, don’t act too surprised I’m sure you know about this.”

    She did, her parents were obsessed with the idea of her marrying Samar, and offcourse he was the ideal son in law in every aspect for them. She simply cringed at the thought now and wavered the conversation each time so they wouldn’t keep annoying her.

    “I still don’t see the point of this conversation.”

    He didn’t stop smirking, “Oh don’t worry you will. Tomorrow I’m going to call up my parents and tell them that I’m finally ready to get married, and since they love your family without a doubt they will try and push me to marry you.”

    Naina was having a hard time processing everything he was saying, if he said yes clearly the pressure on her from her parents would drastically increase. This was something she definitely didn’t need. She stayed quiet and let him continue.

    “So when my parents clearly try and push me to peruse you, who they most likely think I have in my mind anyway, I’ll tell them that I will agree to marry into your family but not to you and instead to Riya.”

    Naina’s face dropped and jaw lowered, he had to be playing a sick joke. “What in the fucks hell are you on about? Have you lost your dammed mind, my sister really! You want to f*ck my sister? Seriously Samar you take disgusting to a whole new level with this?” She was louder and louder by every word. She couldn’t believe that he was proposing this preposterous idea! Riya her only sister was two years younger than her bestest friend in the world. Plus Riya knew about Samar and her relationship, though not about the abortion, that was something only meant for her alone except Samar’s gaze came over Naina’s credit card statement to blow everything over.

    Samar was as calm as the still ocean, not knowing when he would be outraged, “Well at least you haven’t lost all your emotions.” He flatly stated.

    For Naina as if shit had hit the roof, she simply took a step forward and brought a swinging hand to slap his right cheek hard across the face. As if the sound had echoed in her living room. Naina didn’t feel as if that slap was enough to showcase her resentment so she went a step further and grabbed his neck thinking along the lines that she could choke him. She hadn’t even applied any pressure on his neck before Samar grasped her wrists with simple action of his arms.

    “Now you listen to me carefully, what is going to happen is exactly what I told you! So don’t worry there isn’t a change in the plan except if you decided to open your little mouth up you’re parents will find out about everything that happened between you and me and hence they won’t leave you with a choice but to marry me.”

    She knew the second he said those words she was very much stuck with no choice Either her sister got married to him, which would kill her in the process, or she told everyone about their past and then she would get married to him and then once again be killed in the process. Either way she was going to die. His grasp on her hands hadn’t loosened even a little; they were almost burning her wrists. His face so close to hers that she could feel his breath wash over her, that familiar feeling taking over her all over again.

    Samar closed the distance once again, his forehead resting on hers, “ Naina, Naina, Naina.....” He whispered slowly.

    “I’m done waiting Naina. Now its up to you to make a sacrifice for me. The decision is entirely yours. Tick tock.” He threatened.

    With that he let go of her hands and walked over to the door to let himself out, while Naina gravitated towards the ground to welcome a pool of tears. She didn’t know how long she stayed there but eventually as the sun rose up she ended up back in her room and somehow asleep. Letting tomorrow handle tomorrow’s dramas.
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  13. franny

    franny smile!

    ahhh he's a jerk too :lol: he doesn't give her any choice hehe she has to marry him now :) how manipulative of him, i guess he just want to taake revenge one her because of the abortion :) ahhhhh i love how this is going....update soon so i can stop chewing my fingernails out of curiosity :rofl:
  14. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    MARRY THE MAN ALREADY! :lol: this girl is mad yaar :loco: i'm telling u! hahah. i love his plan :rofl: this is getting so interesting :popcorn: do continue :p
  15. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    Thankyou!!!!! Hope u like whats next!
  16. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    Haha, well its going to be an interesting road thats for sure! Hope u enjoy the next one!
  17. Bolllysrk

    Bolllysrk A LONG Way

    Chapter 4

    Waking up the next morning felt like the entire world had experienced an earthquake. Thankfully it was a Sunday so she could be at home to collect her thoughts on whatever happened the night before. She felt quite annoyed that it was already 12pm when she woke up, her day felt like it had already slipped away from her grasp. She had always been an early riser and an organised person, almost always.

    5 Years Ago

    “Naina you drive me crazy, you know that don’t you.” He whispered in her ear and left a trail of kisses down her long neck. Both laying nude and wrapped in each other’s arms, on his bed. It was 6 in the morning and she had no intention of attending class today, because instead she had an appointment much rather too important. Samar had no intention of letting go of Naina that morning either; the weekend was the only time she would secretly spend in his apartment with him. It had been a month since she last came, her rigorous hours attending classes and assessments kept her away too long. She looked paler and weaker from all the stress, and this was their only ‘alone time’ for which he was grateful. He dipped his head lower to kiss her intensely. Moving himself on top he hovered over her, “I just wish you move in with me, you have no idea how much I miss you when you’re not here.” Finishing the sentence somewhere in-between the kisses. She kissed him back every time, she loved him and there were no two questions about that. But she couldn’t ruin the hard work she had put in to make her life and career come to this stage, and he would never understand that as a good enough reason for to get an abortion, especially when he had been proposing for much longer. This didn’t mean that she loved him any less, it just meant that she also loved herself, and there was nothing wrong with that. A woman can’t simply make someone else happy if her own happiness wasn’t met, and this was defiantly not going to make her any happier. She didn’t have to be the torch of the sacrificial women; her parents raised her better than that. This world had made her better than that.

    “Naina whats wrong, why are you so quiet?” Naina just tried to smile it away, “I’m just drooling over what I see.” Samar laughed, “I know you better than that, the college stress getting to you? Colombia’s no walk in the park so I get the pressure you’re under. Plus you work yourself too hard, I didn’t worry half as much as you.” Her eye’s perked up, “says the man that went to Yale?” she sceptically stated. He kissed her forehead, “says the man that loves and worries about you more than anything.”

    She pulled his head down and kissed him and then rolled on top of him to straddle him.

    Samar smirked, “I see someone’s eager even after last night, I didn’t think you’d have it in you to wake up this morning, let alone go for another round.”

    She fake frowned, “you wound me Mr Malhotra. Are you just making excuses because you don’t have the energy? I for one have an endurance to beat, ” she finished with a smirk and a kiss upon his chest. He acted almost as if his ego had been shot, letting Naina make her way up to his lips he automatically took over c. That morning was the last time they made love.

    Just as they exhausted themselves out, she pretended to get ready for an extra class but instead took the cab to the abortion clinic. Her consciousness trying to reassure her that one-day Samar would understand and forgive her.

    Back to the Present

    From her brewing coffee to going about her day as normally, Naina did everything. She even tried getting ahead with some paperwork for Monday, but her mind was only on one thing, what would Samar say today. Her heart at times would palpate with fear and the wrath she would have to face from her family if she was forced to tell her them about their involvement. All her mind did was race in every direction and open ever possibility to get out of this situation. Samar marrying Riya was out of question, cause she wouldn’t stand him being a part of her life yet sleeping with his sister. It was just too much; this is where she realised that she may have to surrender, if that was even an option.

    Pulling out her phone she did the one thing she never imagined herself doing, calling Samar. She wasn’t even sure if his number was still the same but she called it anyway. Only 4 rings later Samar picked up, “I’m guessing this is a way for you to negotiate with me?” Without even greeting he knew that it was her and he knew her reason to call.

    She almost froze on the phone, partly because she didn’t know what to say anymore but then again she did. “Please don’t do this.” She just begged.

    He wasn’t smiling as he thought he would be to see her in defeat, he was just numb. “I don’t think I can Naina, you put to many holes in my heart and instead of filling them up I want to puncture some in yours.” She was genuinely scared at what he was capable of at that very moment. “If the end result is going to be me marrying you Samar then don’t drag this out painfully with my family. You want me to suffer right? Then torcher me but don’t involve them; it’s not fair at all. I’ll marry you whenever and however you like but just drop this.”

    There he had Naina exactly where he wanted, trapped in her own head and heart. He was glad that he didn’t have to painfully drag this out with her family, they treated him like a son and they surely didn’t deserve it. Samar couldn’t do that to the people who he called parents.

    He paused on the phone and then spoke, “I guess I should inform my parents that you and me are getting married shouldn’t I?” He sarcastically spoke and then continued, “and you should break it to your family too, I mean we are trying to make this genuine aren’t we.?” Naiina could have punched him in the face if he was in front of her; he wanted this to play out in front of his parents as naturally as possible. When in reality things couldn’t be further away?

    Naina couldn’t be colder in that second, “yeah, I suppose. Well I have a wedding to plan speak to you later.”
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  18. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    what the hell :ohwell: i don't get this. where is he trying to get with this marriage? i'll have to wait and see! but how short this chapter was :pout: nevertheless glad u posted it so soon! :bounce: more please
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  19. franny

    franny smile!

    actually i can understand her a bit....in this modern days a woman has the right to decide if she wants to become a mother at a certain time in her life and a woman has the right to pursue opportunities in the career she has :) the only wrong thing she did was not telling him ;) and now he wants to get back at her for the heartache she gave him...can't blame him though :nod: yaar the chapter was too short :D want more
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  20. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    how abt an update ? :biggrin1:

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