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A "new" Asoka?!!!

Discussion in 'Asoka' started by Meghna04, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Cristina4him

    Cristina4him Inspector number 8

    OMG! Richard Gere?!!NO!NO!NO!:brick:
    Shahrukh all the way!!:p PLEASE:p
  2. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    i found out on tv yesterday that Ajay devgan is playing Asoka:confused:
  3. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    No way !?! :scared: They must be kidding right ???
    I hope it's just some much belated 'April Fool's Day' joke !!! :suspicious:

    Was it in the news and on which channel did you hear about it ???

    I still don't get why they have to make another Asoka ??? :confused:
  4. Basma

    Basma Active Member

    ridiculous. ajay as asoka? he doesn't have the charisma that srk has.
  5. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    well im confused and want to hear confirmed news i havent read this anywhere and this film maker said he wants to make a film with shahrukh so this is really confusing i dont know what tosay
  6. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    heard it on star news or zee tv...cant remember:eek:

    its the director of bhagat singh who will direct it forgeot his name
  7. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    Could it be Rajkumar Santoshi... and didn't Ajay Devgan also play in 'Bhagat Singh' ??? :confused2:

    Still... I don't like the idea of another Asoka at all. :tsk:
  8. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    yes ajay was in the lead in bhagat singh i also like ajay for a long time.

    but i also think there should not be another asoka i dont like the idea at all maybe its a different project and storyline but the media is insisting on it to be asoka lets wait till confirmed news and im hoping its not another asoka
  9. Shilpz

    Shilpz Well-Known Member

    Oh no Ajay Devgan as Asoka?! :scared: He's a good actor, but I really can't see him playing Asoka :nono:
  10. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    Yes... same here... I don't have a problem with Ajay at all... I just can't imagine him or anybody else as Asoka. :tsk:

    For me the only Asoka was, is and always will be :hail: Shah Rukh.
  11. Shilpz

    Shilpz Well-Known Member

    :amen: I soo agree! :thumb:
  12. sanjani

    sanjani Ullu-Club Member

    You are sooo right, Gai! :nod:
  13. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    I think we should start a petition...
    'Shah Rukh is the one and only true Asoka and we neither want nor need a new Asoka !!!' :rolleyes: :p :D

    Well... I don't care who's starring in a new version (except it's Shah Rukh, of course :love:) nor who's directing it...
    I certainly won't watch it. :tsk:
  14. luxia

    luxia I'm demented...

    Ridiculous idea - new Asoka? sheesh :crazy:

    There is only one Asoka! (and I don't mean the historical figure - who cares about him anyway? :p)

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