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5 Reasons to watch 'DON'

Discussion in 'Don Media Reviews' started by Kalsoom_24, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. Kalsoom_24

    Kalsoom_24 New Member

    5 Reasons to watch 'DON'

    By IndiaFM News Bureau, October 26, 2006 - 09:50 IST

    Don has released. And it has released with a bang. With record shattering collections behind it, Don is a tremendous hit. But the big question, Is the new Don worth watching? Well yes it is definitely worth a watch. And not just once, the film is so good that you can watch it over and over again without getting bored and without feeling even once that this film is a remake. It is a film definitely up to the mark of the old Don. We tell you 5 reasons out of the many we thought as to why you should watch Don.

    Shahrukh Khan

    The new 'Don' starring Shahrukh Khan in the lead role is a modern and stylized version of the old one. Once again, viewers will be enthralled by King Khan's performance. It is definitely fair to say that SRK has done justice to Big B's character in the 1970's classic. Sharukh has given one of the most stylish performances of his entire career and this role played by Shahrukh will go down as one of his better roles essayed. The energy Shahrukh puts in the role makes the new Don a movie not only to be enjoyed but to fall in love with again. Hats off to him. If you thought he could only play romantic leads, watch Don for him as an action hero. He is just perfect. No other actor could have played Don so well after Amitabh Bachchan. It would not be wrong to say that Don could not be Don without Shahrukh.

    Boman Irani and Arjun Rampal

    We get to see yet another fabulous performance by Boman Irani. After roles like Dr. J. Asthana in Munnabhai MBBS and Lucky Singh in Lage Raho Munnabhai, Irani manages to pull off a flawless performance as DCP DeSilva who is also Vardhan in this movie. The portrayal of Boman as Vardhan will definitely make people sit up and wonder that Mogambo and Gabbar are not the only villains who spit venom. Boman’s portrayal as Vardhan is equally evil and after Don, we will love to hate him. Not only his flair for comedy is superb, but him enacting DCP and Vardhan has won him more fans hats down.

    The movie also stars the man who has so far worked with perhaps the most beautiful women in the industry – Arjun Rampal. Good looking as always, Rampal gives a performance, which will help him hold ground in the industry for a very long time. Jasjit is suave and he is on a roll. Arjun Rampal is perfect for the role. Watch him in the scene where he confronts Don and you will know he is just the right cast.

    The Plot

    The 1978 Amitabh Bachchan flick Don, undoubtedly, had a unique storyline and grabbed the audiences’ attention right from the first scene to the last. No wonder, Farhan (whose father had co-scripted the original film) was so inspired from the film that he wanted to recreate the magic of the original for the present generation audience. So Farhan gets the credit to make the first official remake of a film in India – a trend that is quite popular overseas. But not only did Farhan recreate the film, he took it to a different level altogether with the new twists and turns that the film offers. Don is fine-tuned not just technically but also in terms of its script. So even if you have seen the original, be prepared for some new surprises here. The climax of the film will leave you spellbound.


    Well, it is a known fact that any Bollywood movie is incomplete without its songs and dances. 2006's 'Don' completes this requirement, too, with amazing remakes of the songs from the old 'Don'. Shahrukh's dance along with the beats of 'Khaike Paan Banaras wala... ' is unquestionably the best-performed song in the movie. Also, Kareena Kapoor's amazing dance and glamorous get up in the song 'Yeh Mera Dil...' brings back old memories of Helen. These classics have been recreated perfectly and have been placed perfectly. But wait. These are not the only two songs you should watch the movie for. If you enjoy them thoroughly, wait till you hear Main Hoon Don, Morya Re and Aaj Ki Raat. They are gems too and are of equal pleasure to hear if not more than the other two old classic remakes. The background score of the film just adds to the experience of watching Don.

    Slick Direction and Camera Work

    The direction and camera work of the movie is impeccable. The film has a rich feel and is of international standards. It would only be right to say that the film is made on international standards. The locales of Malaysia only add to the rich look of the brilliant film. A great deal of attention has been given on the technically advanced look of this movie in particular. Small details such as mobile phones, luxurious cars, and laptops have been well taken care of. The fast moving pace in this film has been maintained and yet not overly done. The producer seems to have left no stone unturned to make sure the film has a rich feel overall. Watch out for the never seen before action sequences. They are the best to come out from Bollywood. Farhan has captured every moment he visualized and you can say that from the outcome of the product. Fantastic. We need more of this Farhan.

    The reasons to watch Don are plenty but the bottom line is that Farhan Akhtar's 'Don' produced by Ritesh Sidhwani is a must see film, and is thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining for both audiences – those who have seen Chandra Barot's 'Don', and also those who have not. If you miss out on this, you will definitely miss out on something worthwhile. WATCH IT NOW.

  2. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    th xkalsoom!

    No other actor could have played Don so well after Amitabh Bachchan.:thumb: :biggrin1: :biggrin1: :biggrin1: :biggrin1:
  3. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    Imo, SRK has not stepped into AB's shoes. He has completely redefined the role and made it his own.
  4. sanjani

    sanjani Ullu-Club Member

    Can't wait to watch it.....:nod:

    My DVD is on the way....!! :high5::D
  5. goldenrusty

    goldenrusty New Member

    enjoy it brita, it's such a wonderfull movie:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  6. SRKnKajol

    SRKnKajol SRKAJOL no.1 JODI

    that movie was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yea i agree wit poonam...srk has definitley not stepped in to Bachchanji's shoes...he redefined the role to fit him.....but BOTH of them were just amazing!!! Main Hoon Don!!
  7. haseena

    haseena Tere Liye

    now this is what i am talking about :thumb:
  8. orenama

    orenama New Member

    I love this movie too, its one of my favorite srk movies of date.
  9. Mazerq_j

    Mazerq_j Well-Known Member

    yup exactly! :D and he did it brilliantly
  10. Pinky Iqbal

    Pinky Iqbal SHAHRUKH LOVER

    1st reason coz shahrukh is in the movie. 2nd reason shahrukh is in the movie 3rd reason dat shahrukh is in the movie 4rth is dat shahrukh is in the movie and 5th reason is dat shahrukh is in the movie i think dat much reasons r enough .hahahahahaha
  11. haseena

    haseena Tere Liye

    ahahahhaha very good Asma...u got it!!!!!:D
  12. MarjorieGK

    MarjorieGK Ullu-Club-Member

    I watched the movie again, and I liked it even better than the first time. What can I say: the best SRK is "bad SRK" :) (now I have to update my list of favorite movies)
    I'm obsessed with music from the film. My favorites are: Khaike Paan Banaras Wala (of course!) and Morya Re - listen to them all the time.
  13. Ximena

    Ximena Addicted to SRK

    ok I totally agree.
    I watch it by my self, then with my mom then with my dad. all just excuses to see it over and over again. I bought the DVD and the soundtrack I love Ye mera dil, Khaike Pann Banarasvala and of course Main hoon Don
    Just like Marjorie I play them day in and day out . there in my computers in, my MP3 player and in my stereo

    and like most girls i also like the "bad Don" he is sooooo sexy"
  14. MarjorieGK

    MarjorieGK Ullu-Club-Member

    Oh, silly me! :) I also loved Boman Irani's role as DCP DeSilva/Vardhan. Both he And SRK were very, very good.
    Next week I'll force my nephew to watch Don again with me :D
  15. srk-nihal

    srk-nihal Winning Hearts

    Absolutely right :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: Hats off to King Khan :yo: :yo: :yo:
    Thanks Kalsoom
  16. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    Shahrukh deffinetly styled the new DON perfectly!
  17. f khan

    f khan Farah Khan

    I will you my 5 reasons.
    1. Shahrukh.
    2. shahrukh.
    3. shahrukh.
    4 shahrukh.
    5. Shahrukh.
    i think these are reasons do we need more?

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