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10 dances that made you flock the theatres

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by nita_aceh, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. nita_aceh

    nita_aceh New Member

    10 dances that made you flock the theatres
    Exclusive by Joginder Tuteja, IndiaGlitz [Thursday, January 19, 2006]

    Songs and dances - these are the two factors that have made Bollywood what it is today. 2005 was an exceptionally good year when it came to the dance numbers. Some of them were highly innovative, some trendsetters, some formulaic and some highly stylized - all in all a treat for the moviegoers. And yes, not to say that some of them were more than 90% responsible for the movie's success at the Box Office!

    1. Dus Bahane, Deedar De - Dus

    There was a temptation to put this number 'dus' times in the Top 10 list but then others also deserved a chance. 'Dus Bahane' was such a rage from the first 20 second promo itself that all roads led to the movie when it released. The song was highly responsible for one of the biggest openings in the history of Bollywood and is still played today across the country. 'Dus Bahane' has now become a trendsetter of sorts and sky rocketed Abhishek Bachchan's career graph. Another song in the movie that created waves all over was 'Deedar De' which is again a hot favorite for dance floors and stage shows. Glamour, funk, glitter and some unique dance steps made 'Deedar De' another super hit show.

    2. Kajrare - Bunty Aur Babli

    Does 'Kajra Re' really need an introduction? When the song was heard first after the audio's release, it sounded a bit..ahem..ordinary! How the critics and the audience were conned by Yash Raj Films that came up with a hardcore 'masala' dance number choreographed on the father-son pair of Bachchans with Ash as the center of attraction. Everyone was in for a pleasant surprise to see Ash in a completely different persona. With the beats becoming popular by every passing day, the song took a meteoric rise soon. The track is still in hot demand nation wide and has placed itself in the history books as one of the most successful choreographed number ever.

    3. Kaal Dhamaal - Kaal

    After watching the movie, many believed that 'Kaal' started and ended in the first five minutes. And that's because the number 'Kaal Dhamaal' came during that duration. Question on everyone's lips was whether SRK and Malaika would be able to recreate the 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' magic and what they got in return was much more than. A colorful'n'shining number with great choreography and some good body show by both SRK and Malaika, the song literally created a 'dhamaal' and was a lot responsible for movie's theatre and audio sales.

    4. Right Here Right Now - Bluffmaster

    This track came as a big surprise in the fag end of the year. Sippys withheld the trump card with them till the movie's release was just in sight and the subsequent unleashing of this hip-hop number swayed the nation away [or at least the cities!]. A groovy music video-ish number that was another hit dance track in the kitty of Abhishek Bachchan, it boasted of tight close-ups of body and face rather than a wide angle view of lavish sets with 30 dancers in the background. The uniqueness of the choreography gave it an international look and the hip music by Vishal Shekhar and good rendition by Chota B and Sunidhi Chauhan only enhanced the impact.

    5. Title song - Salaam Namaste

    Unlike 'Right Here Right Now', this was indeed a number that was shot on a grand scale with much more than just 30 dancers in the background! The beach sequence was a unique experience for the Bollywood followers and the funky tune only helped the cause. Saif's bare body act coupled with Preity's perky persona took the number to greater heights. The song was also shot imaginatively that made it worthy for a big screen experience.

    6. Kaisi Paheli - Parineeta

    Rekha re-established her 'diva' status once more with a selective cabaret number that she did exclusively for this Vidhu Vinod Chopra movie. Such was her impact on the screen that even a macho man like Sanjay Dutt was visibly blushing in the lady's presence! Choreography was in true 'Moulin Rouge' manner that gave the setting some authentic European feel. If there has been a laidback seductive night club number in 2005, it has to be 'Kaisi Paheli'.

    7. Aap Ki Kashish -Aashiq Banaya Aapne

    How could a song look so good on screen inspite of no real dance and running around the trees? Ask the people behind 'Aap Ki Kashish' and you would know how! Threesome of Emraan Hashmi, Tanushree Dutta and Sonu Sood merely roamed around the streets of London and sat in the parks but the camera placement and the delicate body shaking was so addictive but one couldn't help but love the song playing on screen. Also the concept of three lovers exchanging much more than glances was a delicious treat for those who have followed Bollywood song'n'dance routine closely. No doubt the VCD/DVD of songs and movie is selling briskly till date.

    8. Fir Raat Kati - Paheli

    It’s a common feeling that the dance was just killed as it came only during the closing credits for the movie. Since in India the movie hardly evoked any interest, by the time the movie ended not many people had enough patience to spend another 5 minutes to watch the 'kathputli' number get over. The song was imaginatively shot with some extremely difficult dance steps made to look easy by SRK, Rani and a horde of background dancers. The song could have gone a long way if it would have been incorporated in the middle and the movie would have had a longer run.

    9. Jaan Meri Jaa Rahi Sanam - Lucky

    One of the most conventionally beautiful looking Indian song to hit the screens, 'Jaane Meri Jaa Rahi Sanam' boasted of some rich colors, glittering costumes, a certain 'thehrav' in the proceedings and beautiful pairing of Salman Khan and Snehal Ullal. The song looked as innocent as it sounded and some good Indian movies by the lead pair and number of background dancers only made the song look rich. This was one of the best sounding tracks of the year that was presented equally good on screen.

    10. Ada - Garam Masala

    Two men having fun on the beach couldn't have looked better than 'Ada'. The chemistry shared between Akshay Kumar and John Abraham was much more noticeable than the foreign models that numbered in dozens. Again this was an instance of a dance number that didn't really have any 'dance' moves per se and was choreographed quite 'differently'. Emphasis was on 'adas', funny body language, rhythmic moves and 'acting' that worked perfectly for a song of this genre. Imaginative sets on the beach [noticed the big transparent air ball engulfing a model?] were other highlights of this eye candy number.

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  2. SRKJR

    SRKJR RK Film's Student

    i have to say i snuck into Kaal and watched SRK's song then left.
  3. nita_aceh

    nita_aceh New Member

    that is different one of Shahrukh
  4. jgeo6737

    jgeo6737 New Member

    Hi all...In my case i actually went to watch it just for kaal dhamaal!!!
  5. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Thanks Nita. :)

    Anything with Shah Rukh makes me flock to the theater...it also makes me do other things.:p;)
  6. Mazerq_j

    Mazerq_j Well-Known Member

    LOL kalee same here ... anything and everything about him is enough to make me flock to the theater. and yaaa do other things to LOL

    thanx nita :)
  7. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Lol! Hell yea!:p
  8. Yummur

    Yummur ~punjabi kudi~

    shahrukh's songs are always AWESOME! :)
  9. filmifan

    filmifan bhangraholic nattu

    i went to see Kaal mainly for srk's spot as well.

    as far as Paheli, somehow i doubt having Phir Raat Kati in the middle would have helped the box office. besides, we know that even if they had, the media would have then complained about THAT. :mad2:
  10. kanika

    kanika New Member

    i never leave my seat unless the titles roll and the screen is completely black
  11. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

  12. nita_aceh

    nita_aceh New Member

    u r welcom Kalee.............:)
  13. nita_aceh

    nita_aceh New Member

    yes Meghna...........
    i also like that song, but so sad................. u know what i'm talking about
  14. Astri

    Astri New Member

    Kaal Dhamaal is terrific!!!! Shahrukh looks a little bit different than usual. So energic and so HOT :faint:

    Thanks Nita.
  15. nita_aceh

    nita_aceh New Member

    welcom mba Astri................ :)

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