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“There Are Only Two Khans,”

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Alana, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. Alana

    Alana New Member

    “There Are Only Two Khans,” says SRK
    Faridoon Shahryar, IndiaGlitz [Saturday, October 14, 2006]

    “There are only two Khans…Genghis Khan and Shahrukh Khan…There’s no other Khan,” said Shahrukh Khan at the Tag Heur Don party in a seven star hotel in Mumbai. SRK knows how to promote himself and no wonder he continues to remain the badshah of Box Office. The question asked by an overzealous journo was asked in response to Salman Khan applauding ‘Don’ at ‘Jaaneman’ party. “I am looking forward to ‘Don’ as my father had co-written the film,” Salman had said.

    The news channels are already in an overdrive comparing Shahrukh with Amitabh Bachchan’s original and now with Sallu. In a Star News survey yesterday, Salman beat SRk by a 55/45 percentage of SMS voting in an impromptu popularity poll. Shahrukh continues to be the biggest draw abroad while Salman rules the hearts of masses in India. Sallu Khan’s reach is massive overseas as well. In other words, this Diwali, it’s going to be a stiff competition between two heartthrobs. Trade analysts are saying that both the films are going to be having an 80% opening and if both had released separately, the collections would have been 100%. Nevertheless, with a long Diwali weekend followed by Eid on 25th October, the ticket counters shall continue to sizzle.

    So, who will take the cake this Diwali remains to be seen…King Khan SRK, Sallu-Akshay or will Munnabhai Sanjay continue to enjoy public patronage especially when the film has been made tax free. These are exciting times for Bollywood.

  2. Nisha_SRK

    Nisha_SRK Ullu-Club-Member

    Re: “There Are Only Two Khans,”

    Thats right! There's only Shahrukh and no one else! :rockon: So what if Salman beat him in some poll, Shahrukh still rules!
  3. 1Feyenoord

    1Feyenoord Member

    Im a big fan of Sharukh but why is he being so arrogant? First he says he is Ronaldino of Bollwood and now he says he is THE ONLY KHAN...
  4. Alana

    Alana New Member

    Nice that you see it my way...........he is arrogant and he knows it. (there's a show where they accused him to be arrogant ten years ago)

    But for me this is not a bad habit.....arrogance makes a man sexy. So I think to be arrogant is a compliment.......

    But ok.....the interesting thing is, that nobody get upset wehen he says such things.......it seems to be ok, he can do everything and people like it....so why should he change it.
  5. ashiq

    ashiq New Member

    He is not arrogant. SRK knows how to work the media and he does that on purpose. His confidence is not to be taken as arrogance plus his remarks are always said with tongue in cheek and humerous manner.
  6. ashiq

    ashiq New Member

    that's why no one gets upset by his remarks, because they know his wit and they know him personally down to earth, contrary to being arrogant.
    he is known to be the most humble and modest person in bollywood, how is that being arrogant? he knows saying that provokes the media and thats his way to be witty about it.
  7. sofya

    sofya Well-Known Member

    He IS the Ronaldino of Bollywood:D he's been known to be the Baadshah or the King of bollywood, he just changed the terms to Ronaldino as a joke. I disagree that he is arrogant, he is actually the only one that could say this and get away with it because everyone knows him and knows he is modest as a person. plus, he is the best in bollywood, so he only said what's already been known to everyone, its a fact.
  8. ashiq

    ashiq New Member

    who is Genghis?
  9. latenebreuse

    latenebreuse mad about SRK

    Re : “There Are Only Two Khans,”

    oh God ! please don't come back with that!! Srk arrogant?? well you need to know the guy more than that I think..don't take what the medias publish as it is...some sentences may sound "arrongant" when you take them out of their context ...I mean look at him when he says these things ..the way he says its...and especially WHY he says it..don't take things just like that and judge the man..

    anyway for me he's the most humble actor I've ever known..and this by facts , not only sentences picked by stupid journalists and published to....well I'm not sure of what they really want ..the only thing I'm sure about is that they really have problem with the success of Srk !!
  10. avggomez

    avggomez New Member

    its just the way he is. didnt he say once that people use to call him brash and all. so that his way. i'm sure he didnt mean ut in a bad way. he knows Aamir and Salman are also good actors.
    its just promotion i guess!
  11. Alana

    Alana New Member

    I hope this is not a real question, but you mean it ironical....

    Say what you want, see it how you want, think what you want.........for me he is arrogant and I'll never change my mind.

    It's not such a cheap arrogance.........nothing like I'm better than you. His arrogance has style and of course he's a great human being. He knows where he came from and where he wants to go. He helps where he can and supports others without his name is mentioned.
    For me arrogance is a habit which only a few people are allowed to have, people who worked very hard and reach a very high level only by this hard working. Without the help of a name or someones money or whatever (like Baby Bachchan, he has the support by his fathers name) Shahrukh came to Mumbai as nobody and now he's the best. So I think he has all right to be arrogant.....and as I said.........arrogance is the non plus ultra for me, that makes a man sexy, maybe, when I wouldn't have this impression I wouldn't even recognize him.
  12. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    you want to see arrogance? try to talk or meet other stars like Arjun rampal, John, Aish, Rani, Preity, Saif to name a few. They are truly arrogant.
    but almost everyone met SRK commented that he is the most down to earth person.
    you can think whatever you want michaela, we know its not true coz we know SRK.
  13. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    legitimate question and there is nothing wrong by asking Ashiq.:thumb:

    Genghis is a mongolian politician and leader of Mongolia he united many tribes in E. and centeral Asia under one identity Mongols.
  14. Alana

    Alana New Member

    What is so wrong with being arrogant? I know he's down to earth.....I see it in things he does...........it's a defination of what arrogance is......and I'm tired to explain it every time (not only here).

    maybe you read my explanation of arrogance again and than you see that I don't see anything bad in it. After all, I'm not the only person who sees it this way.

    Maybe the other stars are "truly" arrogant, but for me there's arrogance and arrogance.......and when I'm honest and wathc the one or other show, I haven't the impresseion that these persons are arrogant. And it's not so that I think Shahruh is arrogant in every situation, but in some and I think he has the right to it.......he owns it.

    But ok.........we see it different and so I accept your points of view and your mine.
  15. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    whatever or however you define arrogance, the initial comments were meant as derogatory being arrogant, which is not true, not acceptable nor agreed on.
  16. Alana

    Alana New Member

    Where is such a comment? I don't see any......
  17. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    Especially Aish! .... ok... Sorry...I don't want to discuss this here... It's only my opinion!

    On the other side... she's a woman... beautiful and very successful... and in my view, she has the right to be arrogant... but I don't like her way how she is arrogant... I've my own definition...!

    And yes Wafa! Only who has met SRK in Person, knows that he's NOT arrogant at all!

    :thumb: That's absolutely right!

    Thanks Alana for posting! :)
  18. serenity

    serenity New Member

    Alana, in an another article you posted "I live a dream...." this was stated:

    "He oscillated between being slightly arrogant, "I know of only two Khans, Genghis Khan and ShahRukh Khan!" to a more modest, "I am just an actor who happened to be at the right time and right place. I am living a dream."

    so you see he was just saying that as a joke and throwing a comment about another Khan, otherwise he modestly added that he is just an actor who happened to be at the right time...

    Why do people pick on his confidence mistaken as arrogance and turn the other cheek on his modesty when he many times said he was not a star, is "just" an actor, he wouldn't do better than AB, etc... ? when in reality he is the biggest star.
  19. Alana

    Alana New Member

    I haven't this impression because of this article.........it has nothing to do with this. I have this impression since I'm a fan of him..........I'm a fan of him because this little arrogance. I love the way he is.........so don't understand me wrong the whole time.

    And for Aish......I saw some minutes of KwK with her and I agree with Nicole in this case, she is indeed arrogant........and she is it in a way I don't like. After this some minutes I could little understand why so many people don't like her..

    And Nicole how long was your "meeting" with Shahrukh...........
  20. dilos

    dilos Well-Known Member

    I totaly agree..well said

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