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“SRK is not my backslapping buddy”

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by lara, May 22, 2008.

  1. lara

    lara Jodi No.1

    “SRK is not my backslapping buddy”

    Karan Johar talks about how he can say, ‘Oh, shut up!’ to buddy Gauri Khan, but wouldn’t ever dream of saying so to SRK

    Back to Section Stories Posted On Friday, May 23, 2008

    • You turn 36 on May 25.

    Must I be reminded of that? I can’t believe I’m inching towards 40.

    • But life begins at 40, doesn't it?

    That’s the biggest lie said by people who can’t accept that they are growing old. I’m older, and hopefully wiser.

    • Has the film industry made you wiser?

    It has toughened me for sure. I only pray that I'm not making the wrong decisions.

    • You seem to be making all the right moves.

    Right now, I want to expand my production house.

    • Were you pompous as a child?

    In fact, I had a huge complex because of my weight. Today, I’m so gregarious because I have overcome all my insecurities. I feel good about interacting with people. I can’t let my life be like an open book as there are chapters I don’t want anyone to read. I have many secrets.

    • You go all out for Shah Rukh Khan. Recently, you came back all the way from Miami to attend his first IPL match and postponed your own film to accommodate Aditya Chopra's film with SRK.

    Yes. But isn't that a given in any friendship? Shah Rukh is like family for me. I'm quite petrified of Shah Rukh and he knows it. He is not my backslapping buddy. His wife Gauri is the one who is more of a friend. She's the one I can say, ‘Oh, Shut up!’ to but even in my wildest dreams, I can't imagine telling SRK to shut up.

    • But, will SRK do as much for you as you do for him?

    I want to reach a point where I don't expect anything in return. I have full faith in my relationships and believe that they will never disappoint me.

    • So, you want to be Mr Congeniality?

    I used to be like that in school. I had this craving to be loved, maybe because I was the only child. Today, I've made up for those lonely years with rock-solid relationships. I have no shortage of 4 am friends.

    • But, don't you miss that one special person to share your life with?

    Last year when I spoke about this, Farah Khan made fun of me. Yes, I'm lonely and single but I'm looking for love. I'm waiting for love to happen to me this year. I know I'll find the right person very soon.

    • You're looking out both for love and a new home?

    Well…my mom wants both. She first wants a house with a sea-view.

    • Is Khan about the Muslim identity and the isolation of the mainstream Muslim?

    I'm just making a film. I'm not doing it to be radically different. It's a film full of emotions with a bit of my unusual style. But isn't it time I started getting out of the safe zone at 36?

    • So, this is a mature Karan Johar speaking?

    I don't know if it's maturity or plain common sense. All I know is that while shooting an item song for Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna I was so f*****g bored! My choreographer Farah and I felt I had become mechanical. I needed a change.

    • So, no more formula-based films from you?

    My Name Is Khan is an exciting project. For the first time, I'm directing a film that has characters and situations I'm not familiar with. I think I'm the wrong man to direct this film.

    • So who do think should be directing My Name Is Khan?

    Mani Ratnam, Rakeysh Mehra or Raju Hirani but certainly not me. But, I'm hundred per cent sure I can pull it off.

    • Can you ever make a film without Shah Rukh Khan?

    I wouldn't like to think about it. Of course it can happen. One can never predict where life will take us...

  2. SRKfanforever

    SRKfanforever Well-Known Member

    Very nice interview...
  3. Leyla

    Leyla New Member

    AW: “SRK is not my backslapping buddy”

    Thanx for the interview Lara:thumb:
    Karan is great, I love him as a director!
    I wish him to make many more movies with Shahrukh... They´re just a great team together:rolleyes:
  4. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    That was the most interesting thing to me in this interview. I was a bit surprised by it (not the part about Gauri)
  5. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    great interview by Karan.
    I love him.
    he has a lot of respect for SRK, I can understand that.
    I wish their friendship forever
  6. starstar

    starstar People are not perfect (except when they smile)

    Karan is a Sweetheart :kiss::kiss:
    The amount of respect he has for Shahrukh is amazing and truly touching. He looks up to Shahrukh as he would if he had an elder brother. I even feel he considers him at a higher level than just an elder brother.
    I wish this beautiful relationship they're sharing will last forever.
  7. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    uuuuuu very very interesting interview
    thnx alot, Lara :thumb:
  8. Agadka


    completely agree :thumb:
    very nice interview, i like Karan more and more :D
    his a person his friends can count on
  9. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    awww! :kiss: so sweet! i really like Karan! he is just a sweet person and good friend

    Karan is scared of Shahrukh! :lol: i so can imagine
  10. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    thats interesting
  11. rahulsn011

    rahulsn011 Well-Known Member

    karan is quite good at interviews!!! I enjoy his intake on things!
  12. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    I love Karan! He has such a respect for SRK!

    And the most interesting about the article is that he mentions exactly the names of directors with whom I wish that SRK would work!
    Mani Ratnam - after Dil Se I am waiting for another project of these 2.
    Rakeysh Mehra - would be so interesting to watch this collaboration.
    Raju Hirani - maybe not a Munnabhai ;), but some other interesting project would be really nice.
  13. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    Thanks for this great interview Lara! :hug:

    Oh Karan... you are so right!!!:peep: :rolleyes2::eek:

    Karan is such a sweetheart... I really like him!!! :heart:
  14. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    waiting to watch your film karan
  15. Tanjusik

    Tanjusik New Member

    It's so nice interiews!
    Karan is so great!!! I like him very much!!!
  16. maira

    maira SRK-fanatic

    i was actually rather annoyed @ this part!!..simply coz i;v alwayss heard SRK say this!!...if SRK says life begins at 40, so it does!!...:rockon:..... dont care what karan saysss..:p..:lol:...

    thankss for sharing Lara!!..:D:thumb:
  17. dilos

    dilos Well-Known Member

    I love Karan and he is the one made me love Bollywood films..and now when he says he has to be different and the item song is F..g boring ..I feel disapointed ..
    he maybe feels he needs evalution in his style ..but kind of bashing his own style is no use.... he sounds like he knows what he wont do but he does not know what he will do..why talking about other directors who could be better for Khan ... whenever he speaks about Khan I feel something is wrong and missing in this project ..this maybe why it cant take off ..

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