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“Shah Rukh Khan” Naam Toh Suna Hoga!

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by tasifa, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    From a fan's blog. Very nice.

    “Shah Rukh Khan” Naam Toh Suna Hoga!

    SHAH RUKH KHAN. Even on its own as word, it has an incantatory power. The man, who has been the cynosure of all eyes ever since he stepped into the film industry. Almost in every home there is a wall with SRK’s poster. For the youth, he is an idol, and for a mom, he is the son she wished she could have.

    SRK is the skyscraper that stands tall, the phoenix which rises from the ashes and the canon that booms. He is solid, hardworking and focused. God has created you not just to act in movies but to give common people like us a peace of mind and joy in our life that no one else can provide. Something inexplicable, something divine, something beyond the unrealistic statistics and the plethora of adjectives used to define him describe SRK’s genius. Every action, every emotion of his has resonated with our heartbeats and his achievement with our glory. I have felt Shah Rukh Khan’s pain when he dealt with bruised body, battered soul and ungrateful critics with silence. My generation that was born around SRK’s debut has not experienced the dark era of India. All I have seen is resurgence and prosperity, with a share of trademark disparity and the fairy-tale career of SRK. His acting has weaved magic, and the country, so thirsty for some surreal entity, has found her solace. He has not only erased a million sorrows, he has breathed a fresh hope and pure joy in the average Indian’s life. His boyish charm, pure innocence and dreamy demeanour has mesmerised people all these years. In a nutshell, he can single handedly elevate the entire nation. That is his strength. That is his aura. It is not just about praising this man’s greatness it is about getting inspired by his good deeds. Yes, he is an inspiration, an inspiration to millions of Indians exhorting them to rise above mediocrity.

    I am indeed lost for words trying to explain the genius, elegance and sheer power of one of the greatest actors ever born, Shah Rukh Khan. Those that aren’t Shah Rukh Khan fans struggle to fathom exactly what SRK means to so many millions. He is very much a part of the national consciousness. All those who criticise Shah need to understand that SRK has to be “experienced”, not examined. Do that and you will know what this man is.

    To be a fan, to have watched SRK’s magic through my teenage life, to find that reliable, intimate familiarity. It has been bliss.

    Thank you SIR. When I go up there in heaven (presuming I do!), I would sit besides the Almighty and tell him with extreme pride and honour that, “Once upon a time in a magical and mysterious land of India, there lived a wizard so powerful, he could conquer the nation with his acting. He was Shah Rukh Khan.” :’)

    12 letters of love are in his name:
    S is for Superb
    H is for Heart
    A is for Adorable
    H is for Honorable
    R is for Respect
    U is for Unbeatable
    K is for King
    H is for Humble
    K is for Kind
    H is for Hamahama (great)
    A is for Amor (Love)
    N is for Your Enormous Heart!

    By Zaid ;)

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