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“I spent sleepless nights wondering how to break it to Shah Rukh" Farah

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Rajshri, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Rajshri

    Rajshri Well-Known Member


    November 4, 2010


    Undoubtedly, there’s change in the air in every which way.

    The nameplate once read Farah and Shirish. Now it reads: Czar, Anya, Diva before the original two.
    Farah Khan, the 2000 updated version of Manmohan Desai, has this fondness for terrace apartments. This one looks like a playpen right now – as boisterous, as blissful as one.

    Farah promises herself that she must go and see Sanjay Dutt’s babies, they’re still in an incubator. Sanju has recorded a funny five-line narrative at the beginning of Farah’s latest film Tees Maar Khan. And Anil Kapoor has put in a cameo, dancing at the Oscars with the Slumdog children.

    Tees Maar Khan – Farah’s third film as director. Will it be a hat-trick for commercial cinema’s first outstandingly successful woman director? Tees Maar Khan is also Farah’s first step outside Shah Rukh’s comforting Red Chillies protection.

    Husband Shirish Kunder and she had to set up their own home banner Three’s Company to make this film. Shirish – in the credits as editor of Farah’s films – turned director with Jaan-e-Maan, a failure. Farah explains how they divided Tees Maar Khan between them: “The story, screenplay and dialogue are his, Shirish had worked on it for two years, his brother Ashmit collaborated with him on the dialogues.

    When I got the script, I could’ve started shooting from the next week itself, it was that complete with dialogues and camera suggestions, like a tight Hollywood script. Although I lent my name to the company to set it up, he handled the entire production. We had to set up an office, get an EP, accounts crew, office staff, do a recce. Shirish did all of it.

    “I have always been cost-efficient as a choreographer or director even when I would do films or songs for Red Chillies or Dharma Productions or Ramesh Taurani. On our film, Shirish told me to shut up and ask for what I wanted. I never worried about any of these things which is why we were able to complete the entire movie in just 58 days. It went like clockwork. Left to me, I would have gone over-budget on just the casting while Shirish was clear. ‘You are a big director and they want to be in your movie, so let me deal with them’.

    He’s been really efficient in keeping it within the budget we had. At the same time it is a big-looking movie. I wanted a train, we got one built for something like `1 crore, we made artificial tracks, a full train that looks real. I wanted it all in that valley in Malshet. I wanted an aeroplane and didn’t want to shoot in one, so we got one made. Whatever I wanted, I got.

    “Of course I got it all with Shah Rukh too. But with Red Chillies I had to control the cost. I was like the producer while Shah Rukh would go, spend karo, spend karo!

    “I have shot the film, Shirish is doing the editing, the background score and the title track. He had already done it when he was supposed to direct the film. I really liked the theme track he had composed which comes at various points. I was upfront with Vishal-Shekhar about it and they were very sweet about it. So actually Shirish has done more for Tees Maar Khan than I have. I have only gone out and executed his script.”
    Then why didn’t he simply direct it himself? (Read between the lines)

    “Sometimes I feel it has nothing to do with the script. Shirish had no ego about it. We sat down and he said, ‘This script has been lying here for years, I’ve worked on it for two years. You know it is a fab script, a commercial hit film. But nobody wants to make it with me.
    If you go even with a newspaper cutting, they will say ‘yes’ without bothering to read it’. We were very pragmatic and decided that instead of just sitting and crying over it, I will direct it. He said, ‘I will produce it since nobody else seems to be interested in producing our movies’. It’s not like I went out (of Red Chillies) to some other producer. I did it because it was for our production house.

    “Now we are rolling. In January 2011, Shirish will make his film Joker, by the end of next year I will make another. We’ve had so much fun producing it ourselves, we’ve also realised that it’s not really rocket science.

    It will only get better and easier. By producing our own movie we’ve also realised the kind of money we can make (on the table itself). And the company is called Three’s Company which is for our babies.”
    Tees Maar Khan has been co-produced with Akshay Kumar’s Hari Om production unit. A joint venture so compatible that Joker too will be with Akshay as the leading man and co-producer.

    HALA*SRK Pagal of SRK!!

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    All of which clearly indicate that her sparkling debut association with Shah Rukh is finito. Farah shrugs, “The only Khan I rely on is Farah Khan, I am Tees Maar Khan!”

    A 3-minute theatrical trailer is ready and will be screened with Golmaal 3 and Action Replayy. “When we got our first censor certificate for our trailer, we were so excited. Shirish said, ‘I’m going to print it and put it up on the wall’!”
    Let’s move deeper into her striking out on her own, leaving the security umbrella provided by Shah Rukh Khan and his Red Chillies for her first two films as director. The grapevine says that when her husband was kept on hold forever and needed to get going as a filmmaker, Farah had to take a tough decision – of moving out of comfort zone.

    Now that they have produced Tees Maar Khan on their own, will Farah ever go back to SRK?

    “It makes sense now to make movies only for Three’s Company. It’ll be a bit of a demotion if I go back to directing a film for someone else. Unless it’s for Steven Spielberg or James Cameron.

    We’ve set up a good production house, hopefully Tees Maar Khan will also do very well and people will want to work with us. It’s also a great feeling to know that your IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), whatever you are working for, is for your kids. As a mother somewhere that has changed me.
    “But my leaving Red Chillies happened by default, it was not planned. I spent sleepless nights wondering how to break it to Shah Rukh. What was I going to say to him? Last year this time I was definitely not getting any sleep.

    “I was also having sleepless nights over, ‘Should I, shouldn’t I? What am I doing?’ But I was not insecure. As I said, producing a film is not rocket science. My sleepless nights were only about how to break it to Shah Rukh, he’d been my friend for years.

    “I finally did what my conscience told me to. I think I did what was the right thing to do. It was not an action I took on my own, it was a reaction to generally what was happening. I did what was the right thing for me, for my husband and my family. I could’ve happily stayed and not rocked the boat, and everything would have been hunky-dory. But I had to do what was right.”
    How did Shah Rukh take it?

    “When I met him, he was very good about it. I’m sure he must’ve been shocked by what I had decided but he handled it very well. He said, whatever Red Chillies can do, we will. I will always pray for your film. I remember the date: it was November 17, 2009.”

    How much has changed since that day?

    “A lot. We’ve met only once after that at Bobby Chawla’s (room at the hospital).”
    Was it a difficult decision to take? Did it help to have Akshay by your side when you no longer had SRK?
    “Most definitely, it was absolutely important to have a big actor with you. When it is your first production, it helps that your main star is your co-producer. And Akshay is the most professional actor in town.

    He will come on time, he will do what it takes. I have pushed him to the extent where he has waited while I finished the work of junior actors before him. He never once had any ego problem. So it was definitely a huge asset to have Akshay with us. Also to do the deals and get the best terms for the movie.

    “In Red Chillies, I was never involved with the deal making. Here too, Shirish and Akshay did it all. But I was kept in the loop.
    “Katrina came into Tees Maar Khan because she wanted to work with me, we’d been talking about it even after OSO. For this movie I thought we’d find a new girl. We didn’t have much time, Akshay had given us dates immediately. We finalised things with him in November and we were ready to start from March 1. For the brief on the new girl, I would say, someone like Katrina, someone like Katrina.

    When I met Katrina, I wondered, when the original herself was available, why someone like her? I have presented her in a completely new way in Tees Maar Khan. She’s one of the most hardworking actresses I’ve worked with, always wanting to improve herself whether in diction or dance. It was a pleasure to work with her. I’ve told her that next year she shouldn’t do any movies. Just perform to ‘Sheela ki jawani’ and mint money.

    “I have to thank the press for Salman coming into the movie. For months I kept reading that Salman will be in a song sequence and there was no such song being planned. He met me on Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega and I said, everybody’s going on so much, why don’t you really come and do it? He said, chal, tell me when you want my dates. It was as simple as that.”

    How did Akshay take it when you first went to him? You’ve always been known as a Shah Rukh person.
    “Yes, that’s true (I was a Shah Rukh person). When I first went to him, I think Akshay was stunned. But to his credit he never once asked me what went wrong with Shah Rukh, he never once went, tell me, tell me.

    I narrated the idea to him and when he heard it, he said, I’ll put in the money, we’ll do it and we’ll sell it. We worked out a deal where neither he nor I took a fee. We worked it out in such a way that whatever we sold the movie for, we got our fee and more out of it. Within a week, we had worked it all out.”

    Aren’t you missing Shah Rukh Khan?

    “The first three days I was out of my comfort zone. I’d worked for so long with Shah Rukh that to work with another actor took me a while. It took Akshay also a few days to get into the act. But there was a moment, one specific moment on the fifth day of shooting in Malshet when Akshay slipped into Tees Maar Khan.

    From that fifth day to the end, he was so perfectly Tees Maar Khan that you will never again ask me, ‘Why Akshay Kumar as Tees Maar Khan?’ He is Tees Maar Khan. Even if you see the trailer, you’ll feel that we first took Akshay and then wrote the film for him.”
    Miss Shah Rukh as a producer?

    “I missed him more as an actor for the first three days. As a producer no, we were just as efficient. We were all very organised, very planned. I’m in any case very organised, Shirish even more so.

    Even on Main Hoon Na and OSO, after editing, he would check the subtitling, the sound. I would rely on him for the final checking of sound. Business, he completely handled. Akshay also did the selling, he was very much involved with it.”
    So you’ve tasted blood?

    “Now we’ve become vampires!”
  3. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    oops, sorry, we did it the same time... :p
  4. sonataca

    sonataca SRK's Mommy

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    Well...I don't know what to say...like I have said before, I don't agree with her decision.

    I could actually see her change of behavior when TMBM had won an award last year and the award was given to both her and Shah Rukh but Shah Rukh was not present and she did not even thank him, she just thanked her husband...pretty sad...

    HALA*SRK Pagal of SRK!!

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh


    It happens some time ;) one min between us :D
  6. coolcat

    coolcat Well-Known Member

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    Am for sure not going to see TMK it's look sooooo silly it is typical Akshay kumar silly movies pleazzzzzzzz guys support SRK don't watch TMK
  7. Anjali72

    Anjali72 Thanx Shah Rukh!!!

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    Totally agree with you Shublee. Will never ever understand her decision!:confused:
  8. sonataca

    sonataca SRK's Mommy

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    I do want to say one more thing, Shirish came to Farah's life a lot later than Shah Rukh. I understand that family is first but that does not mean you forsake your old relationship and that too of a friend like Shah Rukh who even hosted her baby shower, gave her two big breaks and done so much more.

    Very ungrateful of her. :mad:
  9. Chamz

    Chamz Well-Known Member

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    I'm shocked......don't know what to say........can't believe she is same Farah who used to say SRK is the most important man in her life........SRK even did her kanyadan
    it's shocking to see how much people can change....
    I feel so sorry for ShahRukh..he did lot for her but she...
  10. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    thanks for agreeing with me, i didnt have to do the work of writing anything :humble:

    anyway, i dont have anything to say to this article or this woman
    i see a lot of ungrateful words/phrases and sentences which make me go :tsk: every 1 second
    having the go ahead by the producer himself to use as much money to perfect your vision is a bad thing now.
    wah, kya zamaana aagaya yaar :clap2:
  11. fanjinlb

    fanjinlb Member

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    How many people can not waver in the face of interest?I am disappointed her.She hurt him.Damn!
  12. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    Till now I thought that the friendship is still there at least....
    Now, when she herself confirmed it I AM SHOCKED! I mean seriously, cant believe this is the lady who used to say that shahrukh is her best friend and she will never make a film without him
    forget the film part but , the man who did so much for her.....she just left like that (according to my point of view) Its very disappointing and Ungrateful of her to do that..I can go on and on...I still remember that at D'Decor Press Conf shahrukh said so nicely about her and he stayed stay calm....ah!! she is the one to break the relationship...what more can I say.....But for now will say only, I like her dance moves but I will never forgive her for what she did to ShahRukh.
  13. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    Remembering the date: How did Shah Rukh take it?
    “When I met him, he was very good about it. I’m sure he must’ve been shocked by what I had decided but he handled it very well. He said, whatever Red Chillies can do, we will. I will always pray for your film. I remember the date: it was November 17, 2009.”

    That tells me she is still hanging onto this event in her life! One only remembers dates like this, when they are life-changing!

    I am saddened. I hope they can still be friends in the end.
  14. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    I know I was shocked initially but I think Farah still holds SRK dear in her heart. She hasn't claimed big things in her interview or made weird remarks (which is what I always expect - with Farah talking, it's sparks flying!). And I agree with what MaryAnn said...

    It's sad that this happened but it's her decision for herself. I guess that fact that both SRK and Farah haven't spoken badly about this decision ever, speaks a lot of the respect that's still there. I know SRK will maintain it; hopefully Farah does so too and doesn't get too carried away in a bid to promote TMK.

    Finally, this interview made me really sad. Felt like I was going through the same pain - at least it sounded that genuine to me. I pray for their friendship to be just like before. It's professionally a very tough decision and it seems to have affected some personal stuff too (and especially since Sirish is more an Akshay-Salman fan!). :(
  15. gauri_fairy

    gauri_fairy mahzabin

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    Read the interview a while ago. I was hoping the reporter to ask her "Do you miss Shah Rukh as a friend?", after he/she asked as actor and producer. I'm shocked and saddened with Farah's behavior. As much as I know Shah, he would take anyone's personal decision in good spirit. While, I don't understand why Farah made it such big a deal? She was the one who moved on, and she is reacting the most. I think what bugged her the most is that Shah refused to do the movie. I was shocked when I heard Sanjay Dutt's voice in the beginning, and Salman giving a cameo! She didn't ask shah to do anything? I'm shocked with her behavior. I just hope Shah is fine, he did a lot for her, now if she wants to forget everything it's her choice.
  16. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    it saddens me too to see this happening between two friends but I don't think farah handled it well. if she had the good intentions she should have gone to SRK and talk to him FIRST. not do everything behind his back then go tell him after the fact.
    SRK is very professional and will maintain respect by not speaking about it. Farah didn't say in bad terms either but its not in her favor to do so either.

    I feel she has used SRK and Red Chillies as stepping stone, gained the experience, exposure and name then went ahead to do her own projects with her husband. shirish really waited 5 yrs, coz no one would do it with him? really? :rolleyes: and if she hasn't done much in this production as she claimed shirish done everything, then what's the point of having her? why leave RC/SRK?
    now akki is "most professional actor in town"?
    crocodile tears and ungratefulness, if you asked me.

    I too will not go watch her movie, not because I don't want to support farah, because I will always support SRK.
    after what he has done to her, he deserves more courtesy and respect than this.

    what does "tees maar" mean, anyways?
  17. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    her explanation of befriending salman is LAAAAAMMMMMEEEE :rolleyes:
  18. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    Literally Tees Maar Khan means someone who has killed thirty men. In many stories, mostly those of Sheikh Chilli, Tees Maar Khan is a man who pretends to be a tiger of a man claiming he has killed thirty men, though it doesn't seem so. Hence, when you talk of the actual meaning of the phrase, it's used for someone who says he has done something really big, something worth being proud of, though it may not actually be so. :D

  19. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    one more thought, like jaya said; she better not use SRK's name in a bid to promote her own films. she is not a very smart woman; I understand you have to please your husband and think of your family, but you don't have to poison nor dilute your other friendships, particularly as special as SRK who took her as family.
    well, its her loss not SRK's. with this behaviour, she never been a "friend" IMO.
  20. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    Re: Farah on Shah Rukh

    ah, I see. kinda like the fishermen stories :p
    but how does the "khan" fit in all this? or just a figure of speech?

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